Blue Emerald Line


A L K H E M - This is where it starts - at least alchemically - to get your frequency on the rise and to condition you at the cellular level for higher and more primary frequencies. This is all about purification, and purification is about removal, and densities and blockages are what are removed. Even though this is the starting point, this is very powerful alchemy, and must be treated with honor and respect, like any intelligence. This alchemy is your friend, your mentor, your guide, your sibling, so please treat it as such. Athough the powder is a stronger form, some people resonate more with liquids. Again, just use your intuition.

As it is now known that cells communicate via photons, or light, which was well known to the ancients, upping the volume and amperage of that light/electrical communication takes you closer to alignment with what we call Lightself (which we prefer to lightbody), and we don't say "your Lightself," or what some might call "higher self," because it's more accurate to say you are its quite temporary densebody. In any event, another way to name this being is to say True Self, and what stands between you and it are your beliefs, your programming, and all the karmic, emotional and thought densities lodged deep within the folds of your incredibly vast psyche, accumulated from embodied experience that predate even the first humanoids on Earth. You are a galactic lifestream, and Earth is only a very small part of your experiences.

Alkhem gets your cells quivering at a higher frequency, reduces the surface tension of the cell wall, and makes hydration much more effective. This facilitates your transition from "copper wiring" of the nervous system to wiring with fiber-optics, able to flow 1000s of times more information.

Once in your proximity, it immediately begins the process of seeking the fictions that stand between you and your truer form and phasing them out. It's not necessary that the removal and/or transmutation of these barriers be experienced on a conscious level - in other words, you might just wake up to a different world one day without having to go through any of the pains of reliving the emotional event that installed the fiction to begin with. Very few of our users feel only a little physically or mentally by using it - but they do notice that their world is different every day, sometimes profoundly, as they move deeper into the experience of the activation of your prewired power codes, and the downloads that happen because of that activation. Most users, however, feel something profound almost immediately, often starting with the purchase itself.

These falsities - let's call them programs - are hung up in your system of being, including of course in the marvelous virtual machine you think of as your body, often manifesting as disease or other such discomforts. It's important to know that you, the version of you reading these words, is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you're aware of in the entirety of your system. And so you are essentially aware of about 1/1000th of what could be removed, unless you have done quite a lot of clearing work.

This is about purification, and purifications is about removal, and once such "programs" are no longer hung up in your system of being, purifying you (which includes the virtual machine that is your body) your body can begin to tap into dormant resources, resources you don't even know about, that translate into strength and balance. In a relatively short period of time of using these alchemical outputs you'll find yourself more present in your body than you've ever felt, and your physical and mental energy reserves will be a marvel for you. At the same time, your chakras will get opened, balanced and tuned, and your crown chakra will open and lay the groundwork for your blossoming Cosmic Consciousness.


L U M I N - The first thing Lumin does is balance your subtle bodies, causing alignments that are conducive to further density clearing, building on Alkhem by going deeper. Then begins the flow of information specific to you, an increasing quantity and quality. To achieve that balance, much must be let go, only in most cases you won't have to let it go consciously. Let's say that you have a dear friend you've found out drains you of energy, and it's a virtual certainty that you do (or someone else you are close to). Well, in the olden days (like the '90s), you'd have to let go of that person and proceed through some emotional event. In the case of the use of Lumin, you will be shifted in a way that your energy will no longer be available to this person and they'll just drift out of your life to go feed on someone else. Or let's say you have a density lodged in your system from a past life. Lumin loosens that stuff without your conscious participation.

The long and short of it? You simply cannot enter higher spaces and subsist in those spaces with the usual crap hanging all over your system of being. And, even more exciting, is that it prepares you perfectly for what is to come in the Helios Line, and as we move forward into these exotic metals' subtle forms, and because of them we're now being led to some truly and demonstrable superhuman capabilities - what I like to call the superarts.

Since it defies analysis, several superintuitives were asked what it consists of, and the answer was always platinum, rhodium and iridium in incredibly high frequency states. One of these superintuitives went on to point out that these metals are themselves undergoing a transformational tweak through me as a means to apply their innate properties to the DNA/RNA of the modern human, and what the human mechanism is to become in those who use it.

This alchemy links one with a dimensional rift that allows some very high level beings to send these energies through an inter-dimensional portal, which is actually the substance. These high level beings are above the Ascended Masters realm, but in alignment with their energies. These high level energies can have a sleepy effect on some due to the higher energies.

At the lower frequencies we have the physical organic system. A step up from there brings us to the chakric system which also coincides with kundalini. Above this there is the light column system, and a large leap above this is an energetic framework. The light column tends to lead one to what is called these days the higher self (which is a very limited and little understood reference), so the energetic framework is at a much higher and different dimensional frequency so as not to confuse someone as they are heading up through the energies. A balanced link to higher self is vital - without the internal guidance everything falls apart.

This is a full circle alchemy for me, as it is made through a procedure that produced the first truly alchemical product I ever made in 1997. But this is so vastly superior to that first product that it's like comparing coal to a diamond. It makes nothing but sense that it would be a circle closing medium at this time, as an important component in the coming global consciousness changes, and for those of us in The Superbeings it represents a significant early step towards True Mastery, and we're not talking about the law of attraction wishing well.


I N N E R P H A Z - The Innerphaz experience can be somewhat similar to the process of realizing there is more to reality than what your five physical senses can gather and process, but since you wouldn't even be reading this without some notion of that being true, then it's useful to add that you would become more aware of it with a truer and higher sense. Naturally some have known this all their lives but many make an increasingly conscious transition to this. Even though you might acknowledge intellectually that there could be a universe raging just beyond your senses, becoming more aware of it in your inner/higher senses is a different story. Once this barrier is crossed it can open a doorway to new vistas of wonder as your higher path begins to emerge. Innerphaz helps you to transition across this varyingly difficult barrier. Beyond that barrier is the blossoming realization of how multidimensional senses work and therefore how perception on other levels is formulated and observed.

Since the conscious self, the you reading these words, has almost no access to what is really going on in higher consciousness spheres (well unless you're a truly gifted psychic seer, of which there are very few), much of the incredible complexity of the work being done is either incomprehensible, inexplicable, or just plain can't be seen (I for one, as of this writing, can't see it). We rely on a friend who is certainly among the most gifted seers in the world while still being human in a so-called physical body, and his description of what on higher spheres of consciousness was a kaleidoscopic wonderland of overlapping complexity in descriptions of fields, waves, geometries, outer superconsciousness, and the list goes truly on and on.

The most recent news with this one is that it was reintroduced as a liquid instead of a powder, and had in fact gone to a completely different level after our trip to Jupiter, and so many of us, who'd used it as long as two years before, actually went back to it because of its staggering power and its detailed-oriented work in balancing the many selves within which you subsist. It does almost none of its work in the so-called physical, but all the work that it does with our other selves bleeds into the so-called physical, changing the world for us.

Having reached this point with these alchemical progressions, you are a more openly intuitive individual, using it more frequently as a tool. You've also developed a quite intimate rapport with these products and understand, at least to some extent, how one gives way to the next for further bridge-building.

There are just so few ways one can explain that each of these steps links the user to a higher level of information either contained within or linked to by your DNA/RNA and how they communicate with the "unseen" DNA of Everythingness, if you will. How that information is "brought through," or encoded, is determined by two main factors: 1) you and what you need, but very likely according to a much higher you, and 2) the element used in the manufacture, as its crystalline lattice structure is the sacred geometrical form through which information traverses from one plane to another. Innerphaz could be said to be a bridge between Plasmatrix and Phasix, but it really is much more than that, most of which can't be definitively described, but can be metaphorically illustrated. And we try to do that wherever possible.


P H A S I X - This beautiful pure white alchemy (it's purity is completely beyond this realm) materialized out of nowhere (true story), directly on the heels of Innerphaz. They were almost the same event, but not quite. Although platinum and gold are still being used in Phasix as the geometric gateways and bridges to what is to come, we're told that what it contains are substances that are not of Earth and there are no Earth terms which can be applied to these cosmic elemental presences.

Don't be surprised if your skin begins to emit a floral essence, and be equally unsurprised if someone remarks on your glow. After a rather protracted and bizarre process I was guided to implement, it "snows" out of solution in such a fine form that it can't even be felt with the fingers. It's like dry pinkish-white paint. It is flavorless and reminds one of powdered sugar without the sweetness, and does cause the golden nectar hormone-of-light combo to flow, which is produced by the endocrine glands in the head. This melange of hormones, as discussed elsewhere, can be tasted in the back of the throat and floods the body with light-bearing ambrosia.

Like the rest of our alchemical materials, it exists on multiple planes, and in multiple universes, at once, but much deeper into the workings, and is "touched" by a beingness of beings we're told exist on a level above Archangels (hey, it's what we're being told). This beingness of beings was described as "soft" and yet unbelievably powerful in what Its/Their function is, and It/They have come along just in time for what we as individuals and as a group will be doing, which should positively amaze you should you in fact be ready to hear and accept the information. You could say its primary purposes for the local you and the environment within your rather substantial reach is the merging of polarities, the automated purification of expression, the erasure of outmoded patterns in the mental environment that is the Earth plane, and the phasing-in of purer patterns in that same mental Earth plane framework.

Our superintuitive friend and member, who is one of the highest vibe, balanced and clean-living people anywhere, worked with the Phasix experience for almost three months, which should be plenty indication for the complexities and "spatial domains" Phasix gives access to. Here is how he described it. "Phasix gives you a bar. It holds you above the bar so you can understand where to go, how to be and what some or all of "it" is. Massive balance occurs as many life issues resolve. The power of operating at elevated frequency levels becomes very apparent. These personal spaces are not just multidimensional, they are also multispatial (parallel spatial phases) and require much concentration on many levels to be able to maintain. It's not necessary that they be maintained, but if with your inner sight you are perceiving self in another spatial domain, staying there takes much practice. It's like learning anything difficult, but after a while it becomes automatic, even instinctive. Phasix helps you to see all the components and how they fit but it's up to you to maintain it. Phasix connects through one of the most complex concepts on the Alchemical/Spiritual path. The perception of multidimensional multiphasic personal space."

For some, even if you're not yet equipped to experience what he described above consciously, if appropriate it will install in you the programmed potential for later activation. If it doesn't, it might require another course of Phasix sometime down the line. For others, it might not open those spaces for conscious observation, at all, but for most it will have given the experience to a deeper version of your subconscious being.

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