Chakra Cuning 2

This one's significantly different, and quite a bit more powerful. Here we have two symbols overlapping, so that you're opening, balancing and (sometimes) charging two chakras at once. The trick is to go stereoscopic with your vision, as with the other, and then place your attention on both chakras simultaneously. If you don't know what's meant by stereoscopic view, go back and read it there.

When you get to the third one down, which is the 8th chakra and solar plex, you can locate the 8th chakra anywhere between 8 or so inches and 20 or so inches. For the next one down, which includes the 9th, you can locate it anywhere from 24 inches to six feet, maybe more. And for the last one, the base and 10th, you can locate the 10th wherever you are guided to or wherever it announces itself.

After you have gone stereoscopic and stayed that way for a minute or two, close your eyes if that helps you to better visualize (or locate) the chakras.

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