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We'll start this page with two things that virtually everybody on Earth has hung up in their energetic bodies/systems. The energy work needed to clear them isn't necessary on a daily basis, but certainly the first one, having to do with cusswords, has everything to do with willful control of your expressions. They're mentioned on this page because they are a very high priority.

The first one is to clear your subtle bodies of all the sludge that has accumulated from the use of cusswords, which are extremely hard on the heart chakra, and therefore the heart itself. Go here to get that work started.

The second thing you need to know is that you have hooks of sexual energy in your pelvic bowl from literally everybody you've ever been with, unless you have done deep clearing and cleansing work to be free of it. If not, go to this symbol, which is the Source Code symbol for sexuality, and ask to have your pelvic bowl scoured and purged of all that old and dormant sexual energy. Do stay and be with the symbol for five or ten minutes. Play with it, deepen the contact, and accept that the work has been initiated.

If your desire is to be entrusted with ever greater Wisdom, which culminates in Mastery of this particular density, these are all a matter of personal choice.

 subtle body clearing work (ongoing, because it’s added to daily)

 breathing, meditation and mental and physical practices

 master your expressions (and visually engulf all damaging expressions within white flames)

 accept (even love) everything, from one moment to the next, just as it is

 remain calm and clear

 free yourself of every dependency (deeply examine your relationships)

 try at all times to increase awareness of everything as being intelligent energy

 listen to everything, and everyone, with open grace

 walk boldly away from ignorance, pretense, dishonesty, greed and manipulation

The state of being you are after is to be free of thinking altogether, except of course when it is necessary to think for any purpose or task. If you're flowing with the Mind of the Infinite, the only thing you really need to be doing is listening.

Now let’s break all these down, and elaborate, to bring increasing illumination.

Don’t be alarmed by what we’re about to say, because it finishes well. It’s just crucially important for you to understand that it’s not possible to perform supernormal abilities on Earth as they have been described…you know, the miracle level stuff like flying and teleportation. That isn’t what 3rd density Earth is for. Earth is a classroom for 3rd density evolutioners to move to their next stage, the 4th density, in which these abilities are in fact a way of being, and that really is about all there is to it.

But Masters have been allowed by higher level people/intelligences to perform this kind of stuff throughout history mainly as a means to demonstrate what is possible, to open minds, and to distribute energy and codes into the collective consciousness grid. In other words, the abilities are a tool for service in the present global project, to help the evolutioners to make the choice of evolution or repetition. You might get a kick out of the fact that there are many many very powerful “magicians/miracle workers” out there who haven’t the slightest clue that that’s what they’re here for.

So how have so-called Masters (which of course includes us in past historical contexts) done these things? It’s pretty straightforward: they opened windows into higher realms where those things are natural parts of being and performed them in a slightly different reality, temporarily created, here. In other words, for the miraculous event itself, we/they temporarily merged at least two continua in an isolated location, or point in spacetime here on Earth. The energy to do it was applied on the higher level and then stepped down to be an action on this one.

We’ll leave it that, since that will become discussions for ABS graduates, or if that’s not your path, for you to figure out through the practices and suggested reading.

Now the question becomes, “Well, how did we do that? How did we merge continua in this isolated way?” And the truth is that that’s not the best question. The best question is, “How did we reach the levels of understanding needed to have those abilities be an automatic extension of that understanding?” See what we mean? And when you ask the right question, you get the right answer. See? It isn’t about what you can do, but about what you know, what you understand, and that boils it right down to what we can help with here in our abbreviated Mastery System.

To reach those levels of understanding takes Mastery of Self, and that is all there is to it, it really is. BUT, everything can be broken down into sub-contexts of that basic concept. Mastery of Self is in fact how you earn the engifting from higher level Teachers/Monitors of more responsibility, which is the same thing as Wisdom, which is the same thing as Understanding, which is the same thing as Knowing, which is what is needed to merge two continua in an isolated and temporary way in order to perform what are thought of as miracles.

So let’s break it down.

Mastery of Self takes

--- mastery of thought, which takes

----- being conscious at all possible times of all your expressions, and through that

------- recognizing those that do harm and transmuting them with white flames, which leads to

--------- making the recognitions more and more automatic through habit, and through that

------------ Mastery of Self is thus being achieved in grades, or degrees, which leads to

--------------- increasing diminishment of the small programmed conscious self, which leads to

----------------- the ability to see through the hallucination you have believed all this time, leading to

------------------- the needed Unity in Self to open a space in which two continua may interact, and

--------------------- voila! Master level abilities


Simple, huh? OK, off you go then! Juuuuuust kidding. There’s more, of course. First, Unity in Self refers to the union of your own higher level you with this body, which is becoming increasingly free of the quite limited consciousness that has been at its helm all this time. Since this entity exists in the continuum where (what are defined by 3D Earth as) miracles are part of a way of being, you are doing nothing but bringing the you for whom it is natural more fully here, and by that automatically being the portal, or put another way the potential spacetime (bending) event. Yes, this is about being the spacetime bending event.

So, the first items of priority this entity wants you to do is everything in your power to a) gain mastery of all your expressions, and through that, b) get empty and crystal clear, and through that c) see through the hallucination, and through that, d) see in the way and with the scope that this entity sees.

This being conscious at all possible times is actually a choice that can be made in any given moment, but more explanation might help. There is so much overlap with all these concepts that it can be difficult to present in a linear way. So it might be best to present it in the form of a case history in story form. We realize fully that this has all been said in other ways in other places here in The Superbeings, and in a lot of other places, but deprogramming is incredibly difficult and to attain it repetition is a most powerful tool. With this in mind, you could therefore say that deprogramming ourselves is in fact the highest priority.

We’ll call our heroine Surely. She’s a normal lady living a normal life in the US, but she has some truly challenging difficulties in health and with her son, who is a drug addict. She has read everything on the Law of Attraction so she might manifest the life she desires, like the books say she should, manifesting abundance…all that stuff on that mostly self-serving intermediate level. For her, none of it worked, so she spent an inordinate amount of time in forums with like minds trying to find out why the Law of Attraction does nothing for her. In fact, it repulsed her and she couldn't put a finger on why that is. So let’s break it down.

What Surely hadn't known until recently is that she had an accumulation of lower energy densities, programs, beliefs, and so on, all hung up in subtle bodies, and even selves. She had also been unaware of the fact that those lower energy and often emotionally empowered “thoughtforms” are in fact what keep her seeing the world in the very limited way she does, and which also cause and guide her every expression from one moment to the next. They are the underlying patterns, and molds, of her every expression. She’s also been mostly unaware of the fact that all of these often emotionally fueled densities, programs, and beliefs are actual living and self-aware entities. Because of these entities, she has anger issues, and the expressions fueled by her anger add to the thickness and strength of the wall of thoughtforms through which she already can’t see. The problem is therefore clearly a vicious cycle which adds and adds and pretty much never takes away without deliberate, conscious, powerful work.

She’s also been mostly unaware of the fact that a thought has energy all by itself…it is energy, and emotion fueling that thought makes it all the more potent and real on this 3rd density level of being. Because of the emotional component behind the thought, the wall that prevents understanding – and thus seeing through it – is made all the stronger and thicker.

And with her son’s drug problem there is catalyzed within her a great deal of guilt. She feels as though she’s failed him. Because of the anger, she has heart problems, and because of the guilt and shame she has digestive problems. And because of the digestive problems, she’s overweight, yet another way for her to feel badly about herself, adding to the thickness and opacity of the “shame body” and the “inadequacy body.” Another thing she is completely unaware of, but will soon become aware of, is that she has a being inhabiting her body, a Wanderer/Volunteer, who has never not done energy work through her since the age of seven, working mainly in the corridors of government in the US.

She was guided to the Law of Attraction world in order to replace her attention on misery with the potential of solutions, to the potential of a way out of her dilemmas. Her True Self and other "monitors" blocked her "It is done!" commands, and cleaned up the energy and put it to good use. They did this because had she received what her small conscious mind was programmed to want, she'd have steered herself completely into yet another maze leading essentially to nowhere, but at least there would have been more money to enjoy that dead end. It's too difficult a path to get people off of, as the intoxication that comes with manifesting money hides the fact that they're just in a different maze and it has actually accomplished nothing, nothing with any Truth anyway. Her guides planned to have her sojourn in the Law of Attraction be a short one, just long enough for her to recognize there must be something more. They knew that it would cause her to be more receptive, because desperation leads a person to be willing to try anything. It was at that moment that it became time to open her more to what she is, so the many off-world people involved in her development sent her a dream, which causes her to do a Web search, and through that stumbles across The Superbeings. The reason her time has come is that she is to become a teacher and travel the world talking to people while the purer level (less dense) person living inside her continues to work energetically with government officials in other countries.

At The Superbeings, the first thing that stands out for her is that she has to get free of all the past accumulations of thought and emotional expression, well unto embodiments reaching into tens of thousands of years in various points of historical context of what is falsely thought to be the past. She is staggered by the idea of how much there could be. What she finds out is that the alchemies available at The Superbeings are the Great Purgers of that stuff, and it works just as efficiently as the person is ready for, as too much too fast can present their own problems. And the higher the alchemy, the deeper the work, and so it’s easy to understand for her how it can take time.

It’s a huge revelation for her that all that stuff is what catalyzes her present modes of thought and attendant emotional expressions. She has in fact wondered why it’s been so hard for her to get hold of her thoughts and emotions, and now she knows why, which actually helps her to be more patient and forgiving towards herself, which helps tremendously in these processes. Finding out that it will be drastically easier for her to become increasingly conscious of her expressions just by getting rid of the accumulations is gigantic for her, and putting it to the test she finds out that it’s actually true, which makes her happy, and this also helps tremendously in these processes.

Then, in a private session with someone at The Superbeings, she discovers the fact that her son’s drug addiction is due partially to how she sees the world. She discovers that his experience is his choice, not really any of her business, and that if she could only see through the hallucination she would have much compassion for his – and everybody else’s – choices, which opens her to a capacity to flow an ever-increasing volume of Love for everybody and the honor she feels for their choices. She discovers this requires letting go, surrender, and this causes her to argue that she can’t abandon him in his hour of need. She ties this to the idea that she has no right to be happy, not with him so unhappy in his condition, as that happiness, despite itself, also engenders in her more guilt, which also must be purged and cleared.

She discovers that if she can be free of the thought and emotion expenditure, which are lower energy conditioned responses to her son’s problems, she can become lighter, freer, happier, more joyful, and a greater beacon of light in the world. She discovers that she and her son share a cesspool of misery, grief, guilt and shame, and do nothing but enable each other to remain wallowing in it. With this she begins to understand that if she is to be an example, her own shining health and happiness might just cause her son to ask how she is doing it, and mostly why she’s happy when he, her son, most certainly is not.

Within a year, she has found out, through direct experience, that how she now sees the world has helped to elevate her son out of the addiction. In other words, the world changed for her, and since her son is part of the world, he changed right along with it. Seeing how her life had changed, he set his mind on becoming like that. She further discovered that getting firm control over all her own expressions has changed how she sees the world. And most importantly, she has been engifted with a greater scope of responsibility by loving and less dense (invisible to her) people, her guides and helpers, of whom she has become increasingly aware, which translates to Wisdom. With Wisdom comes much greater awareness, and with this she has developed a sisterly relationship with the higher level Wanderer/Volunteer living inside her, who is dedicated 24 x 7 to doing energy work for the elevation of the planet’s 3rd density population through its governments while she herself goes about all her own work.

What she was happiest of all about was learning that she had never been in control of anything about her life, because her life is a part of an unimaginably vast Whole in which everything moves according to the volition of everything else, and that despite her own blindness and suffering and stumbling and trying it all moved the way it should and in fact always did, despite her attitude towards it all. Her attitude towards it, her beliefs, were the only fictional elements in the Whole and how it moves. Her greatest relief came from her Surrender, when she gave in and consciously began flowing with that Wholeness, which opened her to higher minds and ever increasing creativity. The moment she felt the True Surrender actually happen, she wept from places inside her she didn't know existed. Through this very necessary emotional process leading to her recognizing such immensely deep places inside herself, made her aware of how to be in touch with those places anytime she liked, which she found very empowering. 

In lifting her blindness, another of her greatest sources of happiness now blooms from the fact that the only choice she truly has at her disposal is her expressions, precisely which expressions she allows to bloom from within her into the world, and in this knowing she has discovered what power really is. And because she is becoming less and less susceptible to their blindness-causing power, she is being given, piece by piece, the Keys to the Living Cosmos, and with those Keys she is learning bit-by-bit to BE the power she can be entrusted with. Through all that, she has learned to be dependent upon nothing but herself, and this is the most liberating thing she has ever experienced, and her gratitude for that knows no bounds, and this pours from her and powerfully affects everything she rests her attention upon.

Through all this, she looked back on her time with the Law of Attraction crowd, and while grateful for the stepping stone, she could clearly see now how that school of thought in and of itself further inhibited true liberation, as people are programmed to want what they don't need, thus keeping them trapped by it.

Because she has become dependent upon nothing but herself as an expression of Infinite Awareness, she ended her marriage because she began to see that among the subtle manipulations of her husband the most powerful was the way he used her dependency on him against her, to prey upon a weakness. This was also the open door for him to feed on her energy, her vital lifeforce, making her health issues more difficult to overcome. Her lighter and stronger body now enables her to travel with great physical energy and stamina throughout the world, spreading her energy, love and message.

Also, she now moves through the world perceiving everything as nothing but intelligent energy, all of which she now knows is even more aware of her than she is of all of it, and because of that mutual recognition, she knows that all of that energy comprising everything of this world loves her, trusts her, and awaits her loving and heart-centered command.

Because she has found out that everything is intelligent energy, and nothing more, she has also to her great humor found out that she has always been the dupe, the mark, in a fantastically elaborate prank, and that everything was in on it, everything was the accomplice, even her son who himself was completely unaware of his own duplicity (but his time is also coming). To remind herself constantly of this universal fact, she keeps an artistically beautiful Tarot card with her at all times: The Fool.

Because of it all, and she’s perfectly aware of this, she has become a fount of Love holding within it the potential of a billion Suns. And she knows this. And it propels her with ease, grace and power through this living sea of energy information.

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