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Gathering is a crucial part of what we do, because our energies merge and amp up the group and every individual. It's all giving to all for the sake of everyone. Each participant in any gathering mathematically squares the energy potential. It's our very JOB to bring people together, and so that's what we do! We love to make friends, and everyone in The Superbeings is just family anyway.


On announced Sunday mornings Mountain Daylight Time we gather together in conference calls. These sometimes involve "trips" to other planes of existence, semi-hypnotic exercises, mind-opening conversations, questions and answers, and healing on all levels with every call, sometimes spontaneous healing on miraculous levels. We also have regular classes and workshops.

Check the Events Schedule for all of it.

You can access the conferences by phone OR computer, but not both. Here are the details for the conferences: 


This is the best way to go, by far, because it's high res audio. Go to (input whatever you want, MUST have speakers to hear, but if you want to be heard, you'll have to have a microphone). 


US Domestic 801.512.0283 (no PIN needed) - long distance charges may apply for landlines.

International Callers: (a list of local numbers for your country) - at the prompt, dial 8777417335# for our conference (no PIN needed)

World Clock: - so you can sort out the time zone differences as compared to times in Colorado


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