Gathering is a crucial part of what we do, because our energies merge and amp up the group and every individual. It's all giving to all for the sake of everyone. Each participant in any gathering mathematically squares the energy potential. It's our very JOB to bring people together, and so that's what we do! We love to make friends, and everyone in The Superbeings is just family anyway.


On announced Sunday mornings Mountain Daylight Time we gather together in conference calls. These sometimes involve "trips" to other planes of existence, semi-hypnotic exercises, mind-opening conversations, questions and answers, and healing on all levels with every call, sometimes spontaneous healing on miraculous levels. We also have regular classes and workshops.

Check the Events Schedule for all of it.

You can access the conferences by phone OR computer, but not both. Here are the details for the conferences: 


This is the best way to go, by far, because it's high res audio. Go to https://meetings.dialpad.com/room/jd137 (input whatever you want, but only your name is required, and please do type your name or we'll hang you up) - MUST have microphone and speakers


US Domestic 801.512.0283 (no PIN needed) - long distance charges may apply for landlines.

International Callers: https://www.dialpad.com/features/international-conference-calls (a list of local numbers for your country) - at the prompt, dial 8777417335# for our conference (no PIN needed)

World Clock: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/full.html - so you can sort out the time zone differences as compared to times in Colorado


PLEASE NOTE: We really don't do this anymore except for a few of us. We just couldn't get anybody other than our small group to do it, and it's really too bad because this is a truly amazing experience. In any case, if you'd like to get with us, then go ahead with all of the set up stuff as outlined here, shoot one of us a message that you've offered "friendship" in SecondLife and we'll include you in our parties. We had one just recently, September 2, 2016, and it was just amazing.

Everything you need to know to get set up in SecondLife is under the Gathering tab >> Virtuality and HD Audio.

We try often to get together on our beautiful beach in SecondLife, called Zupera. SecondLife is an online virtual metaverse which has become one of the most powerful tools we have, especially for energy work. We do this because we have friends all over the world, and this is a way for us to be "virtually" together for group communion/meditation in a truly high energy "location" on our own paradise beach. Make no mistake, this is second only to being physically together, and see below for our Summer Solstice gathering in 2015.

We also have parties in SecondLife where we have so much fun it is truly amazing. Everything is free to set up, and is relatively simple. Zupera, our virtual land, is available at all times for anybody to go to anytime you like. We have jet-skis, windsurfers, hang-gliders, racing boats, a dive platform, scuba scooters for our undersea wonderland, a huge and gorgeous tree house with a hot tub, a waterfall spring for floating and lounging, a waterfall lagoon for lounging, our VERY powerful SecondLife G Space (see below for the non-SecondLife G Space), which is a Gazebo from another reality with meditation cushions. Here's some pics of our gorgeous seaside paradise, marina and lagoon so you can get a feel for it all. 

We have one of the most beautiful and psychedelic undersea dance floors in all of SecondLife, and our beach dance floor is also beautiful. The music here is always excellent. Some of us use it for our music source.


Under G Space you'll see a link to what it is and G Space Today, which is a reference to the image changing every few days. If you're a member here, you'll see in the lower right corner a chat feature. That shows how many are online. Maybe you can get someone to join you in G Space, because the power of it is amped up three times by each participant. We will also use Sunspace for these gatherings, which is very powerful, and which you can find under TOOLS.

As we grow this group, there will be daily group communions in G Space.


Some of the ladies like to get together in SecondLife to go clubbing, or to hang out, or just talk and share and commune. We play "dressup" a bit, sit together in hotsprings, go shopping...whatever. Mary will make periodic announcements for these.


Until the last few months we had these Friday night gatherings pretty regularly, but so few people made the effort to join us, so it's not so frequent. We still have them from time to time, and we'll send out notices from this Website for them.  But even if we don't it doesn't mean you can't have one yourself. Feel free to use Zupera for anything you like. Some of these have been more fun, more mind-blowing, more fantasy-psychedelic-immersive and visually stunning than almost anything a group of people can do together that is NOT in the real world. Indeed, MOST of this can't be done at ALL in the real world, making it doubly astonishing.

Some of us are inworld as early as 7 pm MDT, just to hang out and kinda get ready for the night. Often we use this earlier time to give tips about the Firestorm Viewer and how to use it. Partyers drift in all night long to join us, and it's not unusual for for the party to go on for seven hours.

We simply cannot emphasize enough what this is doing. Just join us ONCE and you'll find out for yourself. To get set up, just reference the info under the VIRTUALITY tab.



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