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9243068475?profile=originalThat you are here, reading these words, means you’re aware there is a massive, potent, rapid and exponential human transformation fully underway on this planet. We’re right in the middle of it. We are right this second entering a higher energy, higher frequency zone in galactic space, and this is scientific fact. It’s a planned evolution, with planned and inevitable success, with tens of billions of beings involved, many of whom are in fact our conscious, and openly communicative, partners in planning and implementation. This all equates to radically powerful energies entering our world, our consciousness and our bodies. Flowing, absorbing and utilizing these energies in a balanced, graceful way, while also purging all the stuff that can’t be taken into the new world, is a larger and more challenging process than most people know.

This is where our simple, clear, easy-to-follow program comes in: The Simple Truth: Fast Path To Freedom, which is where you'll want to start. What that program is and does for you is at the basis of everything we're about, and we promise you, you want to put it to use.

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Ultimately, it’s about the expansion of consciousness, because the process of transformation is about awakening to knowledge and wisdom secreted away deep within our own bodies, psyches, and energetic fields. But simultaneously with expansion of consciousness we have to purge all of the tons of stuff we all carry around in our deep psychographic landscape, raising our frequencies to facilitate the inflow of our own higher selves, or what we often call Metaself. As said, The Simple Truth is the place to start.

One of the most effective tools are our Puramyds. They are like having a genii at your fingertips, the mastery of energy at your beck and call. They clear and purify everything, making life smooth and easy, while opening you to higher levels. Go here to look into those. 

Our Merlin Power Stones are so powerful it's ridiculous, and they'll put you on your highest, most effortless path, clear it of all obstacles, and keep you there. They reach into the core of Creation, into the Godhead, and flow from there into your hands and use. Go here to look into those.

This purging has been the key reason for alchemy for 80,000 years, and it takes a high level practitioner to accomplish it in the most potent, yet balanced, ways, and we have been here doing this for ALL of those 80,000 years. You have been steered here for a reason. Maybe you’re ready to move forward with true power?

It is your higher selves we are in touch with, who we talk to and work with, and in almost all cases they want nothing more than for you to get started in the ways you are most ready for.

Here at The Superbeings you can dip your toes in to test the waters a little, or get as deep as your hips, or you can dive completely into the Rabbit Hole and go so deep it could amaze you, maybe even shock you. Any questions you might have, ask them in the Discussion Forums. Because what we're doing is so powerful, your comfort and ease is our highest priority.

Testing the Waters – You found this site for a reason, likely because you belong here whether you fully realize it or not. It's likely you're part of the plan, and if that is true, just being on this site has already initiated deep level changes in you that when fully realized will be immense. But we understand it takes a bit to get acclimated, to feel comfortable, and we also perfectly understand that all expansion is about readiness.

Click around and do some reading. A good place to start is with Our Mission. If you’ve read that, then the next step would be to get the juicy galactic-genetic details and implications in The Superbeings Story. It will tell you precisely what we’re about in detail, and it’s quite a story. To fully understand our mission, The Superbeings Story is indispensable. If you’ve read that and it gives you at least a little internal charge, you know you’re in the right place. To get further acclimated, you can hop into the forums and ask questions, get to know some people (really, we’re family), take part in our Weekly Conference Calls and Dare to Share phone gatherings. You’ll find all that under Gatherings in the main navigation tabs at the top.

A Little Deeper – You can look into our free and potent tools, which includes Source Code, Chakra Cuning, Meditations, PRISM, and more. That’s all under Tools and Sunspace in the main navigation at the top. Under My Stuff you can put together a profile, or under Social look through members and start making some new friends, which in many cases you’ll have a déjà vu-like familiarity with (you probably already are). The Alchemy we create is stunningly powerful, especially for deep clearing work, and is of the old school, part of a current of alchemical lineage running back through and even predating Ancient Egypt, which at that time hosted the most accomplished alchemist-magicians and their Sun Kings in the known world.

It's well worth mentioning how a medium level alchemy of ours measured on a Bovis measurement device. The Bovis Scale is a system of measurement for telluric and lifeforce energies. A piece of organic broccoli, for example, will measure as high as 15,000 on the Bovis Scale. One of our medium level alchemies measured almost 4 million, which should give you an indication of how high and potent this stuff is.

A strangely little known fact in new age circles is that alchemy quite like what we have played crucial roles at crucial turning points in human development throughout history, perhaps most powerfully in Egypt, where we, the court magicians/alchemists, for example used rhodium and iridium, and X class solar flares, to temporarily disappear and travel astral levels. The alchemy is the most efficient and direct way to accomplish what we’re about around here. If you did nothing else, the alchemy would be the one thing to do.

Also under Social is a full complement of socially-related functions, such as Live Chat, Blogs, Events, Discussions, and so on.

The Full Dive In – You’d start with this page, because it is the very definition of what we, and for that matter you, are doing in this virtuality at this time. It's a very powerful document and will require several readings to tap into the sub-flow of its consciousness. You could have a look under Mastery, which is a way to quickly understand what that really is and means, and how to achieve it with the critical understandings and recognitions. And it isn't what much of the new age community thinks it is. This includes the Awareness Bilocation System, which is the absolute centerpiece of The Superbeings’ primary objective: to get a group of people simultaneously and consciously aware in two different realities, this one and an incredibly beautiful 5th density realm we’re already interacting with, meeting beings, making new friends in another world, basically functioning as Advance Ambassadors.

Let it all be about fun. That’s what we do. Fun is in fact one of the most important energies we have in these transitional times, and we are as fun-loving a crowd of folks you could ever run across.


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