2 Ounce Spray Bottle - $54

Heartwave is a very advanced and powerful watery substance that has everything to do with the heart on many levels of being. It’s only (well, mainly) for those who have been through our other levels of alchemy, most emphatically the Lapises (Merlins) and everything leading up to them, and have either graduated from ABS or are actively involved in the ABS Training. If you meet those two criteria, go ahead and order it, but for nongrads we might still have to scan you before shipping. For orders that come through, or requests for a scan, from anyone who feels they have to have it without - what we would consider to be - prior preparation, we’ll gladly scan you. The reason it’s possible it’s for you without this loosely “cut-and-dried” system for determining that (as outlined above), is that the Real You could be on the required level without you even knowing it (or maybe you do know it). Just shoot me a note at jason@thesuperbeings.net for the scan.

Now for the little story behind it.

These days, with the quite high level alchemies being made around here, true magic happens - impossible events - in these processes, and in one such process a black material came into being. It’s as black as the void, and in fact is the void, and when looked at by several visual intuitives they’ve said it’s pretty much a black hole in a beaker.

On and off over the years in all my studies and practice of High Alchemy I’ve encountered differing opinions, mostly modern, as to what the “real thing” is in alchemy. Some think it’s from gold and a deep red, like menstrual blood (well beyond the Red Lion), others a white powder, others a burnished-rust colored powder (all of which I've made), and others a jet black substance that was actually behind the name of what is now called Egypt.

The minute I saw it, I felt strongly that I had the legendary black powder sitting there in that beaker. I didn’t pursue it informationally for a bit since I was heavily involved in other alchemical operations, but when we finally got around to looking deeper into it, it was indeed the legendary material that existed in the High Mysteries prior to even Egypt.

Merlin, once again, was behind its appearance. That was going on two months ago. Since then, I’ve been guided only to change its water, meaning that I haven’t dried it, and won’t, and it just seems to want fresh water. One day a couple of weeks ago I decided to test the water for dissolved solids, and because of what that revealed it wasn’t a decision on my part but obviously a guidance from the Merlin inside.  It contained a stunning presence in parts per million of dissolved something.

Then I diluted it to about 400 parts per million, and then made that number be the baseline for further dilution. In adding more distilled water to that baseline source beaker, the parts per million actually climbed, which told me that some alchemically magic was happening, as something was crossing from the “other side” and infusing that water. I’ve seen it before in other operations and so it’s easy enough to see when it happens, especially when measurable with accurate instruments. By then I was feeling under instruction, and so I took that water as the source for what we would introduce and began to dilute it to the prescribed 200 ppm, and that’s what we have available, and it is awesome.

In speaking with one superseer, he said “The black stuff is a black hole, and it’s pulling into it everything on many levels. What’s wild about the water, is that’s where it gives it back, at least some of it back, but what it gives back is now on a whole different level with a different vibe. I’ve never seen that in any of your alchemy before.”

The other superseer, having spent time with me on Xupra and who does in fact have an avatar body there, instantly recognized it as the water from the 4th Waterfall at this particularly gorgeous location that has seven waterfalls and a collection “lake” at the bottom of them. These represent all things pertaining to 7 throughout the pertinent “spheres,” if you will, but for our purposes they are a great way to cleanse and balance the chakras just by getting into that collection lake using our ABS method to translocate our consciousness to there.

So, in short, the black powder served as the portal through which the vibes, properties and capacities of that waterfall are brought through and infused into the water we have here. Since Xupra is a high suboctave fifth density planet, we’re therefore bridging into here some very high level stuff from there. And it has everything to do with the heart. Whatever the heart needs. Be it cleansing and balancing, physical repair, opening, empathy enhancement, emotional upgrades (from the baser human ones), surrender, you name it, it will handle it, so long as it has to do with the heart.

We don’t know whether or not the black stuff will itself wind up to be offered, as it seems more than just possible that it’s to serve as the portal for other alchemical outcomes down the road, literally as a method. I think we’ll know when the time is right.


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