Helios 7 Rays

7 Rays is a quite mystical and powerful combination of alchemical gold and the six platinum group metals, platinum, rhodium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium and palladium. For those of you who have all these, and you should, then you could mix this on your own, but it would not be the same as me doing the alchemical blending.

There is still so much to learn about this material on invisible levels, and so far we only know that it was completely guided, that it has to do with an alchemical tradition dating back to at least the Egyptians having everything to do with properties of the Sun, and that it’s some way or another related to the 7 Rays of the Sun. If you do a search, you might come across The Solar Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. Whether or not any online information pertaining to this higher-density organization is legitimate or accurate, we haven’t yet had the time to research. But I know there is some correlation, as I have been involved in the alchemical thread the whole time and know that many of that Brotherhood were in bodies in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, doing similar things for similar reasons as everything we’re doing now.

$42 - 1/2 OZ BOTTLE

Our information tells us that anybody who has used Helios Gold & Platinum can use this one after a period of “field acclimation.” We’re very sorry about the price, but if you knew how difficult it is to make these, and could really see what it does through all levels of being, you’d see that it’s priced 10 ten times too low. Plus, only a drop or two, or a spray or two, is necessary, and there are maybe 150 drops in a half-ounce bottle. As I figure out simpler methods of manufacture, the price will come down. In addition, it’s in quite limited supply and the next round of it could be some time down the road. It’s literally about making the time to actually work on it.

In an ABS Session to the Fifth Density world we’re building the bridge to as we speak, Mary formally met with a translucent energy sphere who informed her of the crucial importance of the alchemy for the Realm-Bridging aspect of the whole Superbeings Project. We will be finding out more about that, but the gist of it was the critical step of building internal geometric networks for reasons we have yet to explore. My personal advanced feeling about it is quite simple. We’re building something like a Merkaba in order to shift our consciousness to this 5th density world at the time of the Discontinuity.

We also had one of our close friends, an extremely clear and gifted superseer, take a quick look at it, and here’s what he wrote:

I can see immediately it pushing the limits of spiritual perception. These energetics begin lighting up in the prefrontal cerebral cortex with a stimulation based alignment focus. They also light up for the inner spinal column. On the esoteric side they light up in the 14th through 18th chakras pertaining to self-preservation of light based stability.

Let’s begin with the process of how the 7 Rays Alchemies assist at this time.

The whole of existence [from 3rd density perspective, meaning our perceivable universe] has become confusing as many intense alignment based adjustments have occurred over the past few years. It has become more difficult to stay completely open simply because forward momentum has built up driving us toward heavy balance and alignment in our self aspects which are experiencing more toward the root based experiences of self support and success in the established economy. This driving has created difficulty in keeping one’s self aligned with the more esoteric aspects of self and maintaining the necessary balance to do so while focusing high level energetics and intuition toward lower vibrational aspects of one’s self. It can only be assumed that some rotational process is at work here allowing some to stay completely disconnected to maintain the larger scope balancing missions. These individuals too can benefit from 7 Rays too in that they help smooth, clarify and integrate multidimensional access.

Quite simply the 7 Rays Alchemies will:

Balance all endocrine processes and alleviate stress from the pituitary gland, free up mental space by quieting the mind but in a way that does not disturb mindful thinking, set in motion the cessation of disruptive elements in life that are working against you, generate large fields of serene space in all areas you normally occupy, redirect negative energetic attacks from discarnate energies to ground, hold a positive light based boost to your soul framework keeping you secure as you push through the things necessary to find harmony with finances, work, home life and relationships, and finally and most importantly stay out of the way of your transformational process and remain in the far background helping to keep key self directed alignments in place.





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