Juva Peak

Juva Peak - $69
4 Ounce Spray Bottle

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Juva is a peak mental and physical miracle-worker. This spray liquid is extracted from a montmorillonite clay source right here in Utah, and contains almost all of the 70 plus elements in the source clay, but this extracted material is m-state, those same elements but in a high-energy state. It's stunningly effective at maintaining your brain and body at a peak level of performance and health. These types of clays have been consumed by aboriginal peoples all over the world for thousands of years, and for the same reasons we present it now, for powerful healing on many levels, and peak physical and mental performance, especially mental clarity and mental drive to get things done. For this last part, it's truly amazing.

It comes in a four ounce spray bottle, which should last one to two months at 15 to 25 sprays a day, but we suspect you'll find many other uses. Animals LOVE this product, plants too. A day's spray dose will:

  • initiate deep healing
  • clarify and empower your mind
  • raise your physical energy, strength and stamina
  • elevate your mood
  • increase your sex drive and libido, maybe significantly
  • make you want to get things done - NOW

The real power of Juva is that it sustains these peak performance levels all the time. If you're not at your peak, no matter the reason, it will sooner or later get you to your peak and keep you there, so you wind up with the same energy at midnight as you have at noon, but it doesn't disrupt sleep - it enhances it. Since beginning its use, I've had an added benefit. My psychic-ness is expanding noticeably all the time, and my crown chakra is always open, especially when I put a few sprays right on it.

This one is for everybody, which is something I've wanted to create for 18 years. Over that time I've made some awesome stuff, but for what this does this is a pinnacle of my work. I've wanted to create a peak mental and physical performance product that entire time, and did make many, but they either weren't for everybody, were too hard to make in quantities, or some other minor or major problem that kept them from wide mainstream distribution.

As for healing, it starts its work in the endocrine system. It's healing capacity is something we're only beginning to understand about it, but I personally feel there is very little that it can't do in that department. It makes sense that it would start in the endocrine system as it is the translative mechanism between the nervous system and the organs. It must be powerful pineal gland food because it is definitely increasing my...it's almost like saying my "holistic awareness," and in that way it's definitely connecting me in a far more comprehensive way to the non-physical subtleties of awareness that can only come from telepathic level flows.

It's becoming increasingly well known that peak health is a result of atomic, molecular and cellular conductivity, with bio-electricity being the conducting current. The higher the conductivity, the more the body mechanism is filled with electric, photonic, light, leaving very little room for imbalances or unhealthy cells. In truth, no parasitic organism can even tolerate highly conductive and thoroughly hydrated cells, so its approach to holistic health balance is its strongest feature and maybe its biggest surprise so far.

Here's what our superseer had to say about it:

The first thing I noticed is that it made me feel calm and moe together. It did this within the first ten minutes of using it. I also noticed more mental focus and togetherness with my thoughts. As an example, it was easier for the right words to flow through a conversation with someone.

About an hour later I had a strong motiviation to get some things done. What's interesing is I was motivated to get going with something right now. Once I started I naturally carried forward to completion with what I was working on but I have alwyas had a slight issue with the first step and getting started. I was extremely motivated to just take the first step on everything I needed to do! Once again, after taking the first step, it was easy to just follow it all through to completion.

After about six hours I stopped everything and checked in to see how I was doing with it. I felt great! It was emanating from somewhere deep but it was like a wellspring of "feeling great" was at my core.

Human alignment is always something to work with because we are subjected to so many different energies throughout the day. I feel as though on mnay levels I am being aligned to what is best for me. Or at least I am being given the motvation to stay in a more aligned space. It's a little early to tell but I feel there is a much larger picture to this whole experience and I have only begun to understand some of the preliminary steps that have been set in motion. I feel a stable sense of inner strength pulling towards a level of third density balance that coincides with multidensity balance and the separation between the two is becoming very integrated.

It provides a very stable and positive strength at a deep physical level. This deep level may be the very foundation of where the physical universe manifests. In other words, a very basic and fundamental energetic matrix from which all physical emerges. Each physical being can take this clay and shape it to whoever and/or whatever they may be. It's as if someone says "here...have this extra...and do whatever you will with it."

It sure does feel good to have this extra...this "feeling great" that never goes away once you're in the flow of it.

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