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9243065895?profile=originalLike all of our documentation, it is here for you to accept and put to use, really any way you like. We expect nothing of you, and we don't seek to impose anything on you. It's all here for your consideration and expansion.

It's important to know that you can choose to go traditional routes to Mastery without joining with us in our prime directive, and all you'd need to get started is in this area of The Superbeings. The traditional route is, however, more arduous, disciplined, time-consuming and has no guarantee of success. Or you can choose the much easier, more efficient, quite modernized route, our way, which guarantees success in getting pure, clear, empty and free through The Simple Truth, and secondly through a high level Mastery element: being simultaneously aware in two completely different continua. Obviously, everything you'd need to go our route is also in this area of The Superbeings.

Whichever way you choose, everything we offer will help you tremendously along your path to ever-increasing awareness, wisdom, peace and power.

We also fully acknowledge that any reader could be more knowledgeable, more practiced and/or experienced on everything below than we are. All we've put together is what is working for us, determined through actual experience.

THE SIMPLE TRUTH: FAST PATH TO FREEDOM - Get this book, a powerhouse of Truth.


After putting The Simple Truth to work, you might start getting your feet wet in these documents, and if drawn to them, get started in using our alchemical products.


Your conscious waking self is a leaf in a stream. You can fight it all you want, or you can just float along with ease and grace upon those mighty loving currents...


This is the absolute centerpiece of The Superbeings. To do what we’re doing, to accomplish what we’re accomplishing, to become an active beam or stone or brace in the bridge we’re creating, this is an unavoidable requisite, and is ultimately all the mastery practice you need, although the other practices and exercises linked to below can greatly augment the efficacy of this system. You’ll see that ABS is below in Meditations/Exercises. This is because it is the MAIN exercise. Obviously, if you were to forego that training you could put everything else here to fantastic use, and please feel free to do so. The training is required only if you want to help us widen, strengthen and stabilize the bridge between the two continua.


The use of alchemy is also an unavoidable requisite IF you are going to visit the 5th density planet, Xupra, that we're visiting through our ABS program. You can get started in the ABS course, however, beforehand and get to the requisite alchemy by and by. The reasons for this are hard to explain without spoiling the experience of your ABS training, so we’ll have to suffice to say, for now, that it’s 1) about purging your many subtle bodies and subconscious of all the stuff standing between you and True Self, and 2) preparation of your astral body (really, bodies) for what we’re doing. By the time you have finished reading the Wormhole Documents, this last part will make a lot more sense. And one of these intelligences in on all the execution of these marvelous substances is Sol, the Sun. These are also designed to open you, step-by-step, to ever greater expansion of awareness, so even if you decide to not help us with the bridge-building, these alchemical products will get you to some pretty high levels and expanded awareness.


An important part of our job is to keep our vital lifeforce “store” topped up as much as we possibly can. The mental and physical exercises/practices below can help with that. And on the Daily Living page (synopsis below), there are some ways that this can be done by replacing wasted thought and emotional energy with re-directed, or corrected, thinking and intent.


This is a sort of quick reference reminder for the very basic principles and practices of normal everyday thought, which if adhered to as consistently as possible will raise your frequencies incredibly and put your “monitors” on notice that you have earned the right to be engifted with greater scopes of responsibility. This last sentence will make perfect sense once you’ve been through the Wormhole Documents, and please understand that by “monitors” we’re not referring to us, at least the us that are here in bodies!



Keep the energy moving, wherever and whenever possible. You all know the benefits of exercise and so we won’t go deeply into that. I like a mix of Qi Gong’s Eight Brocades and the Five Tibetan Rites, with some Yoga mixed in. I walk whenever I can, and work out at the gym. Do a search for “eight brocades” on YouTube and you’ll find some good ones. Go with the one that stands out for you. If you do a Web search for “five Tibetan rites” you’ll come up with a few results too. If you decide to incorporate these into your routine, there might be important elements to the technique left out of the instructions, and so ask about that in a forum. Obviously walking is one of the better exercises there is, maybe the best, and doing it certainly tunes and balances the chakras. And alas, who could forget about belly dancing!


If you’re a practitioner of sacred sexuality (tantra), then obviously this part is superfluous for you…



We don’t tell anybody what to do, ever, but what do we need to say here? Everybody knows there are some drugs that just plain shut down one’s ability to access higher centers of awareness. Usually, plant allies don’t, and in fact may be helpful in reaching through to lower astral levels, as you probably know, if they have been properly cleared and blessed. But they will interfere completely with an ABS session, and so that should tell us something. Alcohol in excess can also shut down that access. There are a rare few people in the world who are not thrown out of balance with any of these substances, and if you’re one of the stalwarts with this constitution, then more power to you! Party like a rock star! BUT, alcohol, most opiates (even natural) and most narcotics (even natural), no matter how stalwart you are, will keep you from at least clearly accessing those higher centers.

For our purposes, that clarity is a very good thing and is in fact a high priority.

Having said all that, we ourselves are known to party a little. Also, in some people caffeine can also be something of a hindrance. 






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