Pole Star Meditation


This is a pretty powerful meditative technique we borrowed from Mantak Chia. This is a photo of Polaris as an extended exposure, so you can see that everything rotates around it. It's in the center. All of the curved lines are stars being made into curved streaks by the timed exposure of the camera. The reason for that is that Earth's axis points right at it, and therefore the rotation of Earth is what moves all of the "heavens" circularly around Polaris (the Pole Star) at a central point. The Earth's axis is a microcosm of a much larger axis, and this is a simple and clean way to tap into the axes of Earth and, larger, the galaxy.

Find a way to sit with your back facing North, although this isn't crucial. Then place your attention on Polaris, the North Star. It's not necessary to know precisely where it is, but it's due North and just a little less than half-way to the top of the dome of the sky. If you walked out and found it, and then went and looked a half-hour later, it's the only one that would be in the same place in the sky. It's easy to find. Just do a Web search with these words: "how to locate polaris."


You'll be able to feel when you've connected with it, and then make the connection with Polaris function like a beam into the chakra just above the curvature on the back of the head, the Bindu. Putting your attention there will also announce the location of that chakra after a minute or two (unless you already know where it is). This chakra is just one entrance point for a certain quality of energy. Sit quietly with your eyes closed in that connection, and let that beam also be an axis that is essentially parallel with Earth's axis, or pole (that runs right through Earth), and thus your connection with Polaris is a pole that runs right through your head. If your head were tilted forward, that beam would enter at the Bindu and emerge through your third-eye.

Breathe evenly and deeply. After a few minutes, connect the Bindu chakra with your pineal gland, and then your pineal gland with your third-eye. Check the illustration. The shape of the cup isn't right, but that's OK, just the connections are necessary, especially when you recognize that there is a triangle connecting the bottom of the cup with the two chakras.

Now set the cup spinning. You'll feel it. If you don't quite get it at first, just keep at it; you'll get it, and you'll feel it. As for tipping the head forward, you might feel the intensity of the connection increase that way. See how it feels for you.

Sit this way, with your attention on the spinning cup only, for 10 to 20 minutes. Do this whenever you feel called to.

This one is also astonishingly effective, powerful and deep when done with your eyemask. Many people report the spinning of everything with this meditation, like the room, the chair, etc.





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