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PLEASE NOTE: We no longer do these. It's all been incorporated into Imagi, our online manifestation engine. It's a web app, usable by smartphone or desktop browser. It's simple to use, very powerful and effective, and you can program anything with it. We leave this page up so that members can find Imagi

Around here, we live in a pretty magical world, and the stuff we do, use and have truly works. As always and as has been said elsewhere on this site, it is up to you to accept or reject what we say, but as always use your intuition to determine if something is for you.

PRISM is like having an oracle that also does the work that it predicts is needed, and causes stuff to shift and change with great but subtle power. In other words, it essentially tells you what you need, and then goes ahead and starts the work on it. This is Infinite Raw Power that can only be limited by you. It is composed of 33 symbols that were given to us through some pretty high level beings. One of our long-time members called them hyper-sigils.LINKSInstructions
Sample PRISM
Sample ResolutionIt really shouldn't be any surprise, as symbols lie at the foundation of our psyche, and the deepest depths of our collective psyche is essentially the fountainhead for the world that is interacted with by the senses to assemble surface level information. These are beyond the archetypal so deeply explored by Carl Jung, or maybe another way to say it is that these are the archetypes of our Earthly archetypes. The symbols themselves are what we call Source Code, which can be found under tools and can be worked with at any time, symbol by symbol.The way it works is that we will cast your symbols, somewhat like a Tarot, I Ching, or Runes reading. The difference between those systems and PRISM is that PRISM, as said above, does the work it "sees" as needed. We will then make your PRISM and post it as a clickable image, giving you a link to your personal PRISM. It's easier just to show you what we mean. Here's a sample PRISM image. You will then write your own what we call Resolutions. This is much less a reference to something like New Year's Resolutions than it is to optics, like focus, or sharp clarity, as in TV or computer monitor resolution.The conceptual framework here is of course that of a prism, being that white light (Oneness) enters the prism and refracts into the seven colors of the rainbow. Obviously, these seven colors are going to be associated with a chakra and/or a property or trait (emotional content, for example), all of which are locally represented by symbols. The oracular session is then called a PRISM, which illustrates that One is refracted in you in multiple prismatic tones, traits, emotional content, and so on, figuratively and literally associated with the ruling chakra/s, and through the use of PRISM you bring that refracted multiplicity closer to One, or One Light.The symbols themselves are causal to the action needed. Each symbol represents an entire library of information deeply embedded in Creation as fundamental building blocks of reality on many levels, and each library can be drawn from on multiple levels of being. The symbols, once energized, then do the work on the causal planes and the effect bleeds into our 3D physical domain according to the pace at which your own inner guidance dictates.Our progressional Helios Alchemy does all the same things in terms of purification (recalling that purification is nothing but removal), but the difference is that the alchemies, by the time you reach the higher levels, will have put you in touch with a greater variety of groups of intelligences working through the alchemies to have access to this plane. PRISM, on the other hand, puts you in touch with an archetypal mind, the True Self, which is more like a single entity on an "inner" plane. The fact is that PRISM and the alchemies work very well together, not the least of which reason being is that the alchemies additionally raise the frequencies and energies of the physical vessel very rapidly, when appropriate, complementing the action of PRISM. As well, while the alchemies can work on shared consciousness levels, group mind type stuff, PRISM is your means of handling vestiges of things more specific to you.The references to optics are deliberate. What we mean by that is that the better your resolution, optically speaking, the clearer your vision, or the clearer you are, until crystal clarity results. In addition, a word part of "resolution" is "solution," and it in fact has that precise meaning with regard to PRISM. So "resolution" and "solution" are in effect the same thing. PLEASE don't let your mind think this is like a New Year's Resolution.When you get your PRISM, the practitioner has already activated it, has set things in motion and changes are already taking place, but it isn't fully activated until you yourself are finished with your own investigation, are satisfied with what you've learned, and are ready to fully activate everything in it that can be activated.It's useful to sit down and write your Resolutions based upon the guideline information being given by each symbol. This will make all the sense needed to you shortly. If you'd like to look at a sample Resolution click here.

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