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Your purchase supports The Superbeings Project in every way, which means that it also supports its members, if even in some small way. It's an investment you make into the research and development of future  bio-technologies of all types, including alchemical. Any support given is deeply appreciated.

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These are not presented as any sort of progression. They can be obtained in any order you desire and according to what you feel you need. The explanations below refer to the higher scopes, purposes and capabilities of these noble substances, BUT there are also physiological attributes and properties as well. You can read about each's physiological function here and mouseover Bodylight Line (which we hope to incorporate soon here. The Bodylight Line is all the same pure elements but prepared differently than this Helios Line, which are on a much higher level, but can still be effective cellular nutrients on a physiological level. The Bodylight Line is for true beginners on the alchemical path.

Another quick note. The FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) has not evaluated any of our products on any level, for any reason. Everything said below has no analytical proof of any kind but through the experiences of users and the information derived by us and the superintuitives with whom we consult. There are significant health benefits to be derived from these in these subtle forms, but for obvious reasons we don't publish that information. Better and better health is a by-product of resolving various issues on non-physical levels of personal being, and it also helps to facilitate the merger of your higher-density selves, but mostly because the source patterns deep within your psyche/inner being have been cleared away by these alchemies. If you would like more information on health benefits, do a simple Web search for the element followed by the words "health benefits": i.e., "gold health benefits."


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These would be roughly the equivalent of Innerphaz under the Blue Emerald line, but have much greater latitude for adjusting themselves and can therefore be on a higher level if needed. You could say that the gold and platinum, being a sort of tandem first step at The Superbeings, are to set the tone, establish a foundation, and begin increasing the body's frequencies and qualities of energies, of which there are many. Many of us continue to use these periodically even after seven months (the gold now for more than a year). These also start peeling back the karmic layers and get in their to start dislodging and releasing all that old toxic fact, all these alchemies bring about the release of everything that is no longer needed. These will get the DNA started towards age reversal, as many users can attest, strengthening the body, expanding consciousnesses, increasing reflexes and balance, and opening more acute situational awareness, and higher, or expanded, awareness potential. Both of these sequester unspent energy into an internal store, and which can be drawn from on demand, sort of like recycling, and when that store is empty, they utilize energetic sources surrounding the body, and from within, to supply energy-on-demand for any taxing mental or physical task. For gold specifically, the health benefits in various subtle forms is an eye-opening list, no doubt. Gold is often referred to as the "condensed rays of the Sun," but it's also true that each of the elements we work with correspond with a ray, or specific light spectrum, even if that spectral type is not detectable with any type of modern equipment. Gold, even just the metal, has a wonderful balancing and calming effect. It's at the center of it all, like a nucleus, and in some ways could be said to be the King of the other metals, but it's more like a sibling-ship. Where the Sun is concerned, gold is the black hole at the core, and gold ultimately is the overseer of this entire phased process and its individual elements.

The Platinum Ray, which we have very effectively embodied into this liquid form, is hugely regenerative at the cellular level for anything that uses air. It's universally known, throughout Creation, for this capacity and is used on many worlds and even nonphysical realms just for that. This regenerative capability begins, of course, on subtle levels of being, especially in what is called the lightbody ("lightself" is a more accurate term). All of these are sources of energy for the lightself, but not all, for example, are as thoroughly regenerative as platinum. The Platinum Ray itself is increasing in popularity as a New Age buzzconcept, and is searchable, and many results will come up. It's something of an insulator, creating a field around the body that toxic energies would find difficult to penetrate. It's also involved in processing Sunlight as a nutrient, and makes the skin more resistant to burning (yes, you will get a deeper darker tan!). Platinum, a very shiny metal, works like gold in bringing a shining and confident you to the surface, and also builds an inner strength that equates to your recognition of that true inner beauty. In the same way that a star, like our Sun, has nuclear fuel that is constantly burning from a source within, platinum tends to create this expansive reaction within you, giving you an exuberance, an inner thrill, an energy, that you might not have felt since being a child. Gold and platinum like each other a lot, and potentiate each other in the alchemy of the body in ways that we could be years in understanding. For this reason they can be used together.

These two are each in 2 ounce atomizer spray bottles.


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The Rhodium and Osmium are both so powerful dosages are just a few drops, which could make a half-ounce bottle last a couple of months or more. The Rhodium and Osmium are labor intensive, take a lot of time, and are all around difficult to make correctly, thus the price is higher and the quantities lower.

RHODIUM - Bless its heart, just wants people to get out in the Sun. Both it and iridium interact with vitamin D in ways modern nutritional science doesn't know about, and together they do whatever needs to be done in their tandem capacity. Rhodium is anoher element in these subtle forms that has high level research behind it, but which is largely unpublished. However, there is more and more anecdotal evidence and research being published all the time on the Web as to its health benefits, which are undeniably considerable. We have recently been told some things about it we don't dare publish, but would be willing to cover in one of our conference call gatherings. Edible rhodium is found in many plants, one of the most important of which being aloe vera. It is now know that between 5% and 10% of the matter composing the brain is rhodium and iridium in forms equivalent to what we have here. In addition, quantities of it are found in spinal fluid, and in the spine we have what the Hindus and Buddhists call the Nadis, which are channels of energy. Ida is the upflowing channel, and Pingala is the downflowing channel. In the Western alchemical tradition these are depicted on the caduceus, with the wings being symbolic of flying psychically through realms made possible by alchemical progressions. There is an indention at the top of the caduceus staff (or rod), between the wings, with often a sphere (or other shape) within it. This is again a reference to the Holy Grail shape with the pineal as the stone, or sphere. Rhodium is the downflow channel, and is therefore very grounding, anchoring, and even more importantly, centering. Iridium is the upflowing channel, and if one were to reach a non-gravitational state, or levitation, it would be because rhodium and iridium have reached optimal coherence in these channels and combined their properties into the neutral Sushumna Nadi channel. This centering/grounding property is also why the absolutely wild osmium had to be tempered with it.

In Egypt, we used rhodium and iridium in our bodies to collect and optimize X class and even gamma radiation to create the necessary fields and internal energy to basically disappear in a flash of light. We would return, yes, but we would also use other elements to set the pathways of where we would astrally go. Piles of white powder were found in an Egyptian mountain temple near Serabit El Khadim, with all kinds of alchemical iconography and gear, such as a metallurgical crucible. What's confused so-called mainstream pundits ever since the discovery is why was a crucible found in a religious temple? It's simple. Our religion in Egypt was alchemy. What we find stunning is that as popular as Egypt is in New Age Thought, how could so few people be aware of its most important aspect by far - alchemy? Rhodium is also a super brain food, honing synaptic firings and nicely tonifying our grey matter. In that respect, you can find great mental clarity, power and even strength in using it. Because of its anchoring effect, it also avails you of the use of Earth energies, which blend with the various field resonances such as the Schumann Resonance, and the magnetic fields and energies created by the Earth-Sun interaction.

OSMIUM - This is wild stuff. Some of this has to be related in story form, as much mythology is told from a human standpoint where gods and demigods are actually planets and other being types that we know well as friends. As an example, Sir Isaac Newton decoded Greek Mythology for his alchemical recipes (yes, Newton was an accomplished alchemist and belonged to the secret organizations we mention here and there on this site). Osmium somehow fell out of the good graces of Helios and is therefore kept on a pretty short leash, a leash made of gold and platinum. It's fairly easy to suspect that the short leash was needed because of osmium's potential to be "crazy, wild, even uncontrollable," and it's always bucking and straining against that beautiful chain in an effort to express its frantic creativity. And all this in spite of the fact that osmium was somehow involved with igniting the Sun in its foundational formation. On non-3rd density levels, it can exhibit potent magnetism, both attracting and repelling, and this magnetism can be compared to magnets on our level. When you try to force like poles together you never know which random direction the other magnet will fly off to, often spinning. So the trick with osmium is to take that unfettered wild power and tame it, bring it under control. This is done with rhodium, and it can also be deliberately contained within a field made by, for example, platinum. If there are two metals that could be considered the psychedelics of the mineral kingdom, they would be osmium and iridium. If you were on any sort of quest, Helios Osmium would be your guide. Once osmium's chaotic potential is rounded up and brought into control, it turns its raw power towards making everything work harmoniously in your life...if you let it. The one thing none of these substances can do is overcome your own habits of disruptive and disharmonious thinking, but they will all be involved with the transmutation of the deep patterns that give rise to such pointless use of thought, which is actually more powerful than action. There is much yet to be discovered about this substance, and we're counting on all of you to help with that. Osmium is also thought to be toxic, and there is a form of it which certainly is, but not our form of it. Lastly, Osmium can be the rabbit hole, and something we've come to understand about it is that it has no ceiling, nor other words it's ready to go as far as you can go no matter what level you're on, including the non-physical.

HELIOS METEOR - This is interesting stuff. It's not so much that it's on a particularly high vibrational level, so much as it is an effective key to unlocking partitions between levels of consciousness. It's probably best to spray this one just above your head and on your shoulders, and maybe around your body a little. This one was finished just in time for the pretty drastic X class solar storm of September 12, 2014. We ensnared those incoming waves with it. We will carry forward those frequencies by "seeding" succeeding batches witb this original "X class batch," or until another suitable X class solar coronal mass ejection takes place with which to upgrade it. As stated elsewhere, the pineal gland is partially composed of magnetite crystals, and the liquid crystalline nano-particles in this solution are mainly magnetite. In this way it is a pineal gland food - not directly to the physiology of the gland, but through its surrounding chalice-shaped field. It might possibly also actually reach it physiologically, amping up those magnetite crystals within the gland. One of our favorite beings, who works through a magnificent temple on inner planes of existence, one of 64 levels of temples, told me this about the meteor that I used: "Yes. It has so much information, one could say it is from a whole other universe. A whole other blink of the eye of Shiva, as it were. It's an emissary bringing a different possibility through the alchemy, with a different possibility from the timeline that one could say we're currently on. It can can bring back together that which has been torn apart. It has codes to undo something that should not have happened in this timeline, and it will undo it. It will defragment it in the sense of bringing a sense of wholeness, releasing us from the prison of separation that Earth has been encrusted within." We therefore did in fact use it on the 2014 Fall Equinox in an extremely powerful defragmenting event within the ripples of time to iron out some disruptive syncopations installed there eons ago. It's worth mentioning here that we make very little descriptions of our most powerful work available publicly, but we do share that information with graduates of the Awareness Bilocation System training because it's so important for the coming discontinuity. Finally, this stuff has the capacity to open you right up, and immediately, to contact with higher consciousnessess, to all the 3rd density discarnates who work so tirelessly to establish systems of open communication and mental merging. This one could be the best of them all at that.

The Rhodium and Osmium are in 1/2 ounce bottles with droppers, and the Meteor is in a 1 ounce bottle with an atomizer sprayer.


We have big private and commercial wholesale discounts available. 



RUTHENIUM - This one comes in a 1/2 ounce bottle. One of the very first things that stands out with Ruthenium is rather abstract, and that's that it radiates on the etheric a glowing deep pink color. If anybody comes up with more on that, please let us know. Another thing that stands out with Ruthenium is that in a Scientific American article it was stated that when single ruthenium atoms were placed at the ends of a short strand of DNA, it becomes 10,000 times more conductive, in effect becoming a superconductor. In addition, a major American pharmaceutical company announced that ruthenium corrects malformed DNA. Malformed DNA is a direct reference to physiological conditions that run counter to how the body and its systems should function most naturally and therefore most effortlessly.

Most of what follows is from our superseer friend and member who helps with more complex and higher level glimpses of the alchemical materials. This is from a recorded conversation but edited for flow and clarification.

Ruthenium works its way through the outer fields and how those tie to both, and are sort of in charge of, the so-called reality system as we see it, our world, and the underlying system where flow, templates, raw information, codes, and so on, can be accessed. Ruthenium starts in those outer fields and makes the necessary adjustments in the connections between the underlying flow and this level, the one available to our five normal senses and our conscious minds. Some people...their systems are more limited, especially in higher sight, and so there is a greater willingess on the part of both sides, meaning reality and that which projects it, to automatically handle some or all of those functions and connections.

And it's not necessarily expanding someone's connections to make them bigger, it's more removing impeding energies and balancing those conduits to make smoother whatever is supposed to be going on in their life. Whatever is supposed to be going on will happen with or without Ruthenium, but it will make it much more fluid, balanced and even peaceful. Let's say someone's going to get a new car, and they find themselves involved in something of a hassle with the salesman, then the financing. But a few days of Ruthenium before car-shopping and everything goes off smooth as silk, and this is because it is working in outer energetic fields which then make adjustments to the conduits between the realms, I guess you could say, this one and the energetic one which gives rise to this 3rd density level simulation.

There's something specific about eyesight with Ruthenium. While this is true for other physiological functions, it seems to have eyesight as one of its higher priority capacities. From a scientific 3D perspective you can't pin it down because it doesn't have any direct correlation with the physical, but when you go into the dimensional "bands" and look at it from the knowing standpoint, it's right in the middle of getting everything organized so that it can flow correctly, but you wouldn't be able to observe this or know this unless you really backed out over somebody over a month and a half or two and just really look at their life and compare it to what it was before, and see what a difference it makes. And of course each person's unique and so you have that aspect of it too, but because it's working in what are more or less generic template-like fields, it's going to have pretty much the same function but be different only in matters of degree, such as how open and balanced one person is compared to the next person, who might not be.

IRIDIUM - This one comes in a 1/2 ounce bottle. Before I turn it over to our superseer, I'll mention that Rhodium and Iridium have long been thought to work well together, which is all discussed in the Rhodium writeup above, but Iridium also works spectacularly with Palladium, which is explained below.

I went out through the energetics that the Ruthenium is working with, and then there was an open and empty space, almost like a mental buffer zone, and then all this other stuff was out past that, which is not part of the local self. So where the Ruthenium is working on parts of you from the outer fields inward, the Iridium is something totally different. With that you're getting into some very complex dynamics and just hidden aspects of what reality really is and how it can work.

The Iridium's pretty far out stuff. It can be really complicated to work with. If you can be very clear and deeply intuitive with its capabilities and how to work with it and them, then all right. But because it's giving access to the nuts and bolts of everything, what it's all made of and how it all works, you could get in trouble real quick with it if you weren't using it with clarity and understanding that you are working with something that can do things like this. So it's about reverence, and respect, and your full attention, and the built-in safeguards will walk people through it without them knowing or seeing what's going on so long as they're sincere and in a surrender mentality.

In general, people have to have a certain level of surrender, or even total, on a spiritual path in order to get to the place to where they would have access to this type of stuff. But someone who has gained access without the openness and neutrality of surrender could get themselves into some trouble with this stuff, and it could go unnoticed for a while. Of course it wouldn't be anything we couldn't do something about after the fact, and so it's important that those who've graduated to this level, this Iridium, be very watchful in their day-to-day lives. It isn't that anything could get in and manipulate or control or anything like that. It's more about someone who's on a magical journey and is too hasty and rash and lacking even basic wisdom, and is gifted with higher sight so that they can see where they've wandered to, and could suddenly find themselves in something of an energetic and tricky maze.

So we have these mechanisms out there which are completely differentiated and separated from what Iridium is and does. But what this crazy powerful stuff actually is is the most complicated skeleton key you've ever seen, which opens all these locks to sophisticated energies and codes, and stuff even more exotic. So it really can open things that pretty much nothing else could open and give access to...well, instead of little parts of it one at a time and individual aspects, it's instead like getting whole access, like a whole package or system. And the Iridium would help someone with a quite developed sense of higher sight to understand the complexities and workings of one of these whole packages or systems. That way, with a person like that, they can see how it can be put to use, like the Iridium clarifies a highly technical instruction manual so that you don't implement something you shouldn't or what you're not ready for.

Now ultimately, to achieve being able to perceive something like an ultimate reality, you have to move past the Iridium into deep deep esoterica, which all has tight security and isn't going to allow passage very often, but the Iridium is a pass to go into it. Not very many people, even high level gurus, ever wander into this kind of stuff. They stay out of there on purpose. It's only a few that would ever go in there, and of course they're gonna be really high level beings anyway, but with the Iridium it takes a lot of the sting out of it and makes it a lot less complex. And I think what would help with that also would be Ruthenium for a few days because it would sort out anything that might be off with conduits to and through the outer fields.

Rhodium can also have a strong role in this. It's like saying the Iridium is a gigantic lightning storm that's out of control, nonstop strikes all across the sky, and Rhodium functions in the capacity of a lightning rod, and it tones the whole thing down so that it can be handled, even grounding it, in a way. There will be some people who have access to the types of subtle awareness you'd need to know which door you're unlocking with the skeleton key, and can therefore actually bring into themselves and negotiate that intense lightning storm, but most should want the Rhodium at least a full day before using the Iridium if they want things to be mellower in their handling of the energetics. So it's probably a good idea to suggest that everyone use Rhodium for a day or two beforehand just to make sure that the days after the use of the Iridium are proceeding smoothly.

I'll note at this point that just getting into its proximity, many users experienced massive adjustments and shifts.

The Rhodium isn't going to change its potency or the volume of information or whatever, it's just going to tone down the voltage, or amperage, and help to ground it. Now, obviously, not everyone is going to even get to the voltage element, but some people are going to like the high voltage electronics. So you can compare the way Rhodium works with Osmium. The Osmium can be downright dangerous, energetically speaking, without the Rhodium, whereas most of the higher energy aspects of Iridium could be negotiated without it by the right person.

It's plain to see that we're very particular about the full range of a given substance's properties, capacities and capabilities, and this is in direct proportion to the responsibility we maintain about it all. The above write-up could be intimidating, but if you're still drawn to it, then there's a reason for it. Just be patient, watchful, open, other words, just be ultra-conscious to see what flows into your world once you get it in your possession. Treat it like a hair-trigger explosive that loves you deeply and you'll be all right. With any questions, please contact us.

PALLADIUM - This one comes in a 1 ounce bottle. Right out of the gate what has to be known about Palladium is that it can empty your head, like immediately, which makes it a very powerful ally for quick and deep meditation. It's especially good at promoting the type of awareness that becomes second level awareness, because the conscious portion of you, the fake you reading these words, must be absolutely still, meaning absent or subjugated, for the relocation of non-thinking awareness in other levels of mind.

That being said, there is nothing better than alchemical preparations which work together in powerful ways. In this case, we'd be talking about how well Helios Iridium and Palladium work together. While the upper reaches of Iridium can be like a sky-filling electrical storm, Palladium can take all that raw electrical power, change the type of electricity that it is, make it more coherent, modulate its waveform, balance it, and helps in the distribution of it through everything electrical in both the physical and non-physical bodies. And it does it completely without effort. They potentiate each other. So two drops of Palladium becomes four drops in effect from a single drop of Iridium, as just an example. In that way it's very calming. Through the electrical system, it can calm the adrenal glands, as an example. This makes it an excellent balm for stress in general, and especially stressful situations. In that respect, it could also help with blood pressure when the cause is stress.

Even without Iridium, Palladium lights up the entire nervous system in this modified electrical way, helping everything to connect more efficiently, and so, as an example, it could improve coordination for athletic type activities, or Martial Arts of any kind.

It's very good for left brain stuff, like math and logic, but not to the detriment of right brain stuff. It doesn't busy the mind by any means, but does make it work better for problem-solving, critical thinking, language acuity...really everything around cognitive function and analytical thinking. If you took an IQ test one day and started a week long course of Palladium, your score would go up a few points.

Wildly, it's also very good with opening telepathic and empathic channels, and so it's a great one for maintaining a mode of analytical thinking while at the same time optimizing whatever telepathic level you are on, while helping to increase, or widen the bandwidth of, that type of channel. That's a huge thing around here since what we're doing with the alchemy, SS Training and other tools is make it so we're conscious on two levels of mind at the same time, what's called first level awareness and second level awareness. To do this, you have to bring about a high level of coherence between the hemispheres, and to be both totally conscious in this fake spacetime level of perception and in a completely other level of perception simultaneously is the ultimate goal of all high order mystical traditions.

It brings about an upgrading and balancing in the solar plex area, which is a bundle of nerves called the celiac ganglia, or plexus. This helps in the flow of physical energy, not necessarily or just from a muscle fuel standpoint, as an example, but energy enhancement through the quality, quantity and balance of the electricity generated by this Palladium within itself as it gets put to use by the body. This electricity is an upgrade in voltage, or maybe better said, amperage, and in the type of electricity it and the body generate together.

Let's see if we can give an example of the type of balance we're trying to describe. Let's say you're undergoing some sort of energy work by a legit practitioner or someone from a higher perceptual plane, like our many 3rd density discarnate helpers. This can cause a spike in the body's overall energy, even in the subtle bodies. Palladium provides a smoother conduit for any kind of energy work and helps to distribute it efficiently and in balance. How that also helps is that there would be less concentration, or visualization as an example, for the energy flow and distribution. You could say that it gives a little bubble to be in a high energy place without the effort necessary when you're working in different areas or "spaces."

There are similarities between the type of electricity being generated in the Earth's ionosphere and the way new electrical output is being generated in the body by this particular Palladium. It does it physically, and in the subtle bodies, like in an aura, and especially in the nervous system.

It has much to do with vision, but so far it's hard to pin down what that is other than that you might have an improvement in peripheral vision. It also decreases photosensitivity. It brings balance to the endocrine system, and thus to hormone production and internal chemistry, which is interesting since the endocrine system is the set of glands that functions in a communicative way between the organs and central nervous system.

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