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Here are pics of the amenities on our private land, Zupera, in SecondLife. We're located on the Blake Sea, which is a huge and navigable ocean we play on and explore all the time, sometimes in our 120 foot yacht.

Click for larger versions.

Here's our beach dance and fire area, where we dance like nobody's watching, with gorgeous lightshows, while yacking away on our HD Audio:


Here's our undersea Fae Healing Stone Center, where we have VERY powerfully flowed healing currents to those in the center, below the rotating stone sphere. The energy can ramp up here to remarkable levels:


This is our "inworld" G Space Group Meditation Center, complete with a circle of "lotus cushions," where the energies can build to some pretty astonishing levels. The floor and ceiling are actually moving plasma with multi-colored sparkles:


This is probably the most beautiful undersea dance floor in all of SecondLife. Here the party magic gets raised to beautiful heights, and the music is always superb:


Here's a part of our undersea art gallergy:


This is our waterfall lagoon, with a cave, pool, hot-tub, and sand:


Most of us would give pretty much anything to have a treehouse like this one, complete with outdoor loungers, sofas, bed and hot-tub:


And this is the waterfall lagoon, with the sounds of the waterfall and jungle birds, and our pet swans and a blue heron that strolls around on the other side:


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  • I found the link, under gatherings. I look forward to joining the gathering this Thursday-:). Thank you.
  • You might also have a look at this thread, which is where most of the pics of our parties are posted:

  • Yeah...there's been a few changes. It's up under the GATHERING tab. It is such a blast, and it's an excellent learning tool.

  • Jason, this seems wildly fun. Now where is the virtuality tab?
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