A pretty good read, not particularly enlightening or ground-breaking, is Power Versus Force by David R. Hawkins. In it there were enough anecdotes to piece together the simple mathematical truth of Truth, and that’s that Truth remains Truth in spite of what you yourself believe. It just can’t be changed, or reduced, or modified to fit one’s worldview.

They used muscle testing to ask questions, and the sample of people (if memory serves something like 2500 people sampled) queried was pretty convincing across a broad range of issues and philosophies, and their track record for accuracy was remarkable. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it, but the one standout message for me came from the very short story I’m about to paraphrase.

They took a couple of hard-core, neo-Nazi, skinhead, white supremacists off the street, separated them, and then proceeded with their test. They explained muscle testing to them, which just happens to be a pretty dang good method for retrieving information, especially in the hands of the right practitioner. They explained that their subconscious minds knew what was in the envelopes even if they didn’t, and that their subconscious minds might actually disagree with them in some ways.

To each they handed a manila envelope containing a picture of Nelson Mandela, which they of course couldn’t see. They both muscle tested quite strongly.

They were then handed a manila envelope containing a picture of Adolf Hitler, which, again, they couldn’t see. They both tested quite weakly.

I wish I could remember what happened after they were shown the pictures, but I have a vague memory of them having something of an epiphany. It may have been explained to them that despite their beliefs, what they got brainwashed into believing, another part of their own consciousness knew the truth of the matter.

That part of our consciousness, of course, doesn’t even perceive reality as we do.

Moral of the story? Truth is Truth, while the beliefs of your conscious self, if you still have beliefs, are probably beside the point. The reason that is so is because your beliefs would have been derived from a completely false virtuality, the fictitious Earth Plane, to begin with. Indeed, Earth exists in its present state because everybody on Earth believes it into its present form.

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