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As you might be already aware, symbols can be very powerful. Some of the most penetrating deep psyche work by psychological pioneers such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were about symbols, their meaning, and their power, especially from the archetypal level of mind, which is the domain of the Mind we are all about deepening your connection into.

These symbols are from such an archetypal level, and are containers of information, even libraries of information, and so the sheer depth, breadth and scope of these symbols we haven't even yet scratched the surface of, but have derived some surface 3D meanings and actions after working with them for quite some time.

By action we mean that by working with them, they will reach into your deep psyche and effect work on the levels of energy and deeply seeded patterning, unraveling the tapestries which serve to stimulate the kinds of thinking which are so quickly becoming obsolete. This in turn frees you from that patterning, causing you, as is so often stated around here, to be a clearer and clearer vessel for the blossoming from within of Metaself.

They are best understood and worked with on an intuitive level. Said another way, you might think that you have an area you yourself feel strongly about changing, such as Relationships, but Metaself knows which symbol and all its layers of meaning must be worked with, and in what order, and it's through your intuition that Metaself speaks to you.

As you might already have surmised about The Superbeings, there isn't anything about it where we tell you what is what, no doctrine, no dogma, but we offer the tools for you to make the entire project be an experiential unfolding of your own potential, where your intuition is the determinant of how the tools are used and what meaning is derived from them. In that way, you are also developing your intuitional capacities. In this way, you are ultimately the source of a given symbol's meaning, and if you approach them with an empty mind and an open heart, you will see how they show up in your life, and in a fairly short period of time, sometimes immediately.

These symbols are also used in the PRISM Oracular System, which is a highly advanced oracular system that knows what areas need to be addressed, and also goes about doing the work. PRISMs are a service and can be ordered.

So, let's get to it, shall we? The procedure is for you to start with an empty mind. You can do that through our Chakra Cuning, or you can use the Quiet Mind tool linked to below, or both. Then, when ready, you'd scan through the thumbnails and locate the one symbol that stands out more than any other for you. Chances are, the aesthetic appeal is how you do it in the moment, as your True Self knows how to appeal to your sense of beauty. Whichever one you choose, click on it. You'll be given the full-sized version, but each of those has a watery effect you can play with, interact with, to deepen the contact between your waking conscious mind, you, your personality, and the deeper, higher, superbeing.

Then you have nothing to do but to BE with it, to be open and receptive, with a clear and empty mind. Play with the watery symbol as though daydreaming, and be open to any information that might come through specifically for you and what you might need to know about this or that.

If you know of an area where you know you need to work, go ahead and click the symbol to address it.

Try not to overdo it. They can be very powerful. Work with it for a few minutes, and then stop, once again using your intuition for this length of time. For your next session, revisit the same symbol and use your intuition to see whether or not you're finished with it for at least the time being. If so, move onto a different symbol using the procedure above. Each of the full-sized interactive images has a link to a mobile version, which is just a static image you can save to your computer for printing, or for off-line use.

Session Preparation:

Quiet Mind / Chakra Cuning

1 - Creation/All That Is 2 - Astral Plane 3 - Forward Thought/Action
4 - Relationships 5 - Throat Chakra 6 - Envy/Jealousy
7 - Inner Strength 8 - Gravity/Weight/Burden 9 - Sacral Chakra
10 - Sexuality/Libido 11 - Third-Eye Chakra 12 - Solar Plex Chakra
13 - Vision/Eyesight 14 - What If?/Sheer Potential 15 - Release/Letting Go
16 - Pain/Suffering 17 - Manifestation 18 - Anger
19 - Skin/Outer Covering 20 - Love 21 - Language/Code/DNA
22 - Pure Joy 23 - Heart Chakra 24 - Psychedelic Experience
25 - Physical Body 26 - Guilt/Shame/Regret 27 - Energy/Activation
28 - Definitive Thought/Action 29 - Crown Chakra 30 - Mental Clarity
31 - Centeredness 32 - Networking 33 - Root Chakra

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