Split Awareness Visualization

This one is designed to help you to visualize yourself outside yourself. With enough practice with this one, second awareness will just plain happen, and that’s a pretty big breakthrough.

Again, it’s very simple. This one is to be done seated, preferably with your head resting against some pillows (or whatever). The explanation of why this is useful is on the page for First Awareness Meditation.

Use some alchemy, sit down and get comfortable, put on your eyemask, and begin breathing deeply and evenly. By now, you’re probably aware that Oval Breathing can be added to this one as well. With your eyes open behind the eyemask, begin by being aware of a “you” standing six or eight feet in front of you. Don’t inform this imaginal you. Let it inform you. With time, and with you staying in observer mode, how it actually appears might begin to “flesh out” for your imaginal vision.

Then begin visualizing you, the one sitting there in visualization meditation, as though you were looking out through the other you’s eyes at yourself in visualization practice. Continue that for as long as you can, or like, but not to exceed ten to fifteen minutes.

If the visualization of yourself isn’t as clear, vivid or detailed as you like, try closing your eyes.

Always bear in mind that clear and vivid visualization might not be your thing, and that’s all right. That in no way will inhibit what you are able to do with the ABS. Another thing to bear in mind is that no matter what, these visualization meditations are going to generate much psychic-pranic energy to be directed, distributed or stored.

Also bear in mind that there really IS a you standing there in front of you, and the more you see through its eyes, the more you become integrated with it. Because it exists on a higher energetic plane, its very currency is energy. When you are looking at yourself through its eyes, you are feeding much clear and pure energy to the you that’s visually meditating. This energy enters through the crown or at the center at the back of the head and will likely gather at your third eye.

It’s a closed-loop system, and is very powerful. It’s you feeding you, and you becoming increasingly aware of the you feeding you. It's also pretty danged fun.

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