Suggested Reading

It simply would not be possible for you to comprehend the full scope of what we're doing without having read, and absorbed as much as possible, these first three sources. They'll trigger all kinds of memories in you and bring a breathtaking depth of understanding.

Strongly Suggested

 Lyssa Royal – Everything she’s written. This material is the best and most accurate by far for learning about our galactic history, and therefore why we’re doing what we’re doing. This is way fun stuff, very activating, and will trigger tons of memory codes inside you.

 Dolores Cannon – At least The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. This is how Wanderers/Volunteers find out who they are, where they’re from (generally speaking), and you learn tons from a fantastic array of people from all over Creation. This material is so much fun, activating, enlightening, and is also designed to trigger tons of memory codes inside of you.

 The Ra Material - - important to understand why this Earth cycle is just a blip on the radar of the larger cycles, and how the New Age movement has been steered, for many, in a controlled direction. You could spend years reading this stuff, but some of it’s pretty eye-opening.

 Tales of Mastery - Our own Tales of Mastery & Imagination will help you to de-emphasize your small local consciousness and the temporary vessel, this body, that it inhabits.

Less Strongly Suggested

I was guided to the books below to find within them pieces that were designed to trigger fuller memories in me of how it all really works. This is essentially how I discovered that the ABS was to be our practice, and pretty much all that was needed, to do what we must do. Having said that, however, there is a lot of powerful information in the works by these authors, perhaps the highest level of which is the material by MG Hawking, which is all new. It’s badly done and probably self-published, and is pretty disorganized, but it doesn’t matter. It introduces some powerful stuff that is fun, very activating, very instructional, and happens to coincide with much of the teachings that have been around for a long time. We should also mention that most of what you’ll find in the reading below is actually set down as a kind of abbreviated compendium of everything that could be read and discovered in the below materials.

At the bottom of these I include some scientific books, as they were far more responsible for my tearing through to enlightenment than any spiritual teaching.

 Max Freedom Long – This man spent his entire adult life decoding the Huna system. It’s way fun stuff, but is also a lesson in the psychological landscape that still knows more than any modern Western system ever will, at least pre-shift to the new continuum! If you were to eschew our system and work to become a powerful healer, and perhaps even Master, you could utilize this understanding all by itself.

 Merilyn Tunneshende – This woman is being groomed in the Toltec/Olmec/Mayan tradition of Shamanic Dreaming and Sacred Sexual Practices. She asserts that much of what is being disclosed as never been disclosed in any public way, and that to me is suggestive of very powerful stuff afoot in our world.

 MG Hawking – All his material is pertinent. One of the things that makes his story so much fun, and so compelling, is that he is clueless about the fact that his entire experience took place in a reality just beside this one. We will not be surprised if he winds up as a member here.

 Joseph J. Weed - This man is a Rosicrucian who divulged many of what they would call secrets in Reader's Digest forms in a series of books. The Rosicrucians are one of the groups who kept (what used to be) the secret teachings alive and well into modern times. There's some good practice suggestions in this material.

 William Walker Atkinson - This guy was one of the early 20th century "mystics" who finally got identified as the author of the famous The Kybalion, which is a compilation and summarize version of the 7 basic principles of creation. This book was then largely plagiarized by The Summum organization, located in Salt Lake City, who despite that has some pretty up there stuff going on:

 Amazon Search - If your thing is to "manifest the life you desire!" then a search for Richard Dotts on will produce all his books and suggested authors in that whole "It Is Done!" crowd, professing to divulge banned secrets and all that self-serving stuff. Please know that we don't adhere to that level of thinking, for when you flow with ease and grace along Creation's mighty rivers, trusting Infinite Intelligence to see to your needs, "manifesting the life you desire!", especially in a world that is fading away, becomes the stuff of grade schoolers.

 Julian Barbour - The End of Time - This isn't a reference to the end of the world. It's a beautifully presented scientific/physics (but nontechnical) reference to the end of time as an agreed upon constant in this hallucination. And understanding that there are no objects, or things, but ongoing processes, it's easier to make the leap to understanding how to manipulate it.

 Joseph Mazur - Zeno's Paradox: Unraveling the Ancient Mystery Behind the Science of Space and Time - Zeno was the ancient Greek philosopher who knew space and time were a sham and wrote extensively about it at that time. You'll instantly recognize him as being the source of the fable of the tortoise and the hare. Once you see that space doesn't really exist without you to see it into being, it all falls apart.

 Amit Goswami - The Self-Aware Universe - The title says it pretty much completely.

 KC Cole - The Hole in the Universe - So, so, so beautiful, when understood.

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