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PLEASE NOTE: These are in limited quantities, and we might not see them again, not in precisely this way or form.

As has been the case since February of 2015, more gifts from the Merlin Collective continue to precipitate into our hands and use. I have mentioned elsewhere that Merlin’s own teacher has also stepped in to guide at least one operation I have going, but can’t publicly talk about, but clearly the energy of that immense being is also in what we’re seeing come through.

The first two of these alchemies have actually existed for more than two months, but they are so big and potentially intense that we decided to keep them under wraps until we could more thoroughly understand them, especially one of them, Shadow. We’ll talk about that one secondly.

This first one we’ll call Empathia. As is often the case, I have to be taken through certain kinds of experiences and “lessons” in order to facilitate the bringing through of whatever is next, and so people like Merlin, or St G, or whomever, will step into me and take over and in doing so gift me with whatever upgrade is coming that would then lead to the production of an alchemy.

This particular lesson was about empathy. I’ll go into detail here because it is given in the context of our alchemical journey. Empathy is much more than our standard definition, which is, simply put, “feeling what others feel.” The more esoteric, deeper and broader, understanding of empathy is feeling what everything feels. But it’s less about the objects, meaning people and trees and stones, than it is about what lay underneath these false images. It’s actually really hard to explain, and so far I’m not doing a terrific job of it. But if you feel what everything feels, you are far less inclined to allow harm to be expressed through you, because you have an ever-present sense of how you affect the energetic sea you’re moving around in. Since we’re never not, not for one second, with our own thought, feeling and emotional energy, qualifying, filtering, and modifying the energy we’re swimming around in, this awareness couldn’t possibly be more crucial on one’s path to Mastery.

But we can take that train of thought farther down the tracks. If you’re in an empathic mode with everything, then you are aware of it as an energy first, and an object (such as a person, which is a surface phenomenon) secondarily. In order to gain the permission, the “security clearance,” to modify spacetime, there must be present an awareness of how that might affect all energy with which you are empathizing.

An increasing sense of the above information also increases the knowing that all of this is in your head. How large your head is is one of the recurring questions, and that is of course all about acceptance. And if it is in your head, then you can change it, but not without a deep connection to the responsibility associated with it. This is precisely what was meant by the little guru boy in the movie The Matrix, when he said something like: “There is no spoon. It is only yourself that is changing.” If you’re in empathia (coined while writing this) with everything, then you’re in effect not just ONE with it, but you ARE it. That being the case, then you might be gaining the awareness, and the attendant responsibility, that you can change it.

What wisdom is all about is the discernment as to needed change, because in actuality nothing needs changing. The wiser you are, the more you leave everything alone, and come to realize that you would never use your higher abilities for anything on this level, yourself included. These are some of the conundrums we will address if we decide to go forward with these Esoterica Workshops, and it appears that we will indeed.

This presents a challenge on precisely what one would use such powerful new abilities for, and this is one of the dangling questions always left by so-called Masters, such as those found in the likes of the MG Hawking material, the St Germain I Am materials, and the Baird Spaulding books.

The timing of these alchemies can’t be ignored, as I have made overtures to begin workshops for the deep esoterica of the Masters, as it were. In those workshops, we would in fact refer to the information given in this write-up.

The second alchemy, Shadow, plays right into this. The reason it does is that it MAY actually connect you to the Shadow People, who are so deeply embedded in everything in our timeline/universe, and in fact predate almost everything, it’s truly astounding. It’s a level of being that is far from pleasant from the perspective of most people, especially lightchasers, and though they can’t really hurt us, if allowed enough leverage into our beingness they can disrupt the smooth-going of daily life, and for perhaps longer than I, or anybody else, would want.

What’s important to understand with this, is that embedded deeply within your own psyche is your Shadow Self, your dark side. When I use the word “psyche,” I’m using it in a sense that means the everythingness of you, since all everything is is actually just phenomena “appearing” from within your own psyche. On those levels, it isn’t just your psyche, but the psyche of everything. So if we were to discuss self-mastery and the deep esoterica hard-coded into this reality, we would naturally have to discuss the overcoming of fear. It’s important to understand that fear won’t go away, because we live in a sea of it, but can you stop fearing fear? In other words, can you move through it without caring about it? It’s like saying “Who gives a damn if I’m afraid? I certainly don’t.” It isn’t a matter of conquering fear. That’s just dumb, since you empower whatever you fight. It’s a matter of dismissing it as irrelevant.

So then the question goes like this. Suppose I were to ask you this: “Hey, would you like to start down the path of the deepest esoterica in this 3D system, in workshops?”

And maybe your answer would be, “Of course!”

“OK, good. To begin, we’re going to have to have you call forth from the deepest recesses of your own being your Shadow Self, your dark side, and with it quite possibly the ancient of ancients Shadow People. You will have to face that Self, and maybe the Shadow People if you let them in, and embrace and incorporate them. How does that sound?”

I suspect that we would instantly lose at least half of those who thought they might like to start down that path due to fear alone, and the truth of it is that you can NEVER get the “Modify Spacetime Clearance Badge” if you turn away due to fear, because a) those who are fearful are also the most harmful, and b) Mastery is not available to those who don’t face and embrace their own darkness. These are the features, and the hallmarks, of all ancient and powerful systems of magic and sorcery. Like we’ve said elsewhere, Mastery is precisely the highest level magic and sorcery. If we all decide to do this, we will be introducing you to forces of nature, “gods,” as it were, that will succumb to your will provided you are pure enough for them to give you their attention.

In that sense, these alchemies work at opposite ends of the spectrum. If you acquired Shadow, it’s possible you won’t face any shadow anything at all, but that would very likely have everything to do with your unreadiness to face it. If you are going to involve yourself in our upcoming “Mystery Workshops,” they will start with the issue of fear and the full-hearted loving of one’s darkest Self and the acceptance and embracing of all your demons.

In an unknowable region found somewhere between ultimate empathy and one’s Shadow Self is the Middle Path, and the Middle Path is as stated in many places around here the most powerful path, because it is the one that is incapable of judging, as judgment is the act of doing harm. It’s the space that is in the eye of the storm. It’s the position of the pendulum when it is headed in neither direction but has come to a standstill for an immeasurably small interval of sequential time. It is the silent pause at the juncture between the in-breath and the out-breath. Empathy is diametrically opposed to judgement, because it becomes eminently clear that you would be judging only yourself.

To earn your Master Pin, you’re going to have to be on the Middle Path, committed to neither the “light” nor the “dark,” able to regard ISIS with the same opinion as you hold for Buddha. When you can be pulled in neither direction, you are nothing more than energy modifying energy, which remains unqualified by your judgments, but blossoms into something commensurate with your purity.

Now for the happy – well, happier – stuff. This third alchemy is Sunshine. As I explore this stuff with the abilities the stuff itself is giving me, I’m finding out again just how unbelievably brilliant our discarnate helpers are. It goes something like this. Figuratively and symbolically speaking, Shadow is at one extreme of the spectrum, and Sunshine is at the other extreme. In that unknowable region mentioned above, the gray area, the null space, is the Middle Path, and Empathia is the “arbiter,” the diplomat, the envoy, between the two extremes. It HAS to be, because while the battle might rage between Light and Dark, Empathy must feel deeply for them both, must empathize with the agendas and situations, and be utterly free of judgment.

Sunshine feels wonderful to use. It’s so mood elevating, and puts you in touch with the type of beauty in everything that just hangs your mouth open. It’s also very mentally clarifying and physically energizing. It’s deep, and potent. Empathia lights up the empathic ability in a BIG way, and in this context it’s a lot like saying that True Empathy is just another way of saying “psychic,” as that is precisely what it has done for me, and is in fact doing for Mary, and for me, significantly. There is a huge difference between getting mental psychic impressions, and actually feeling them. Seeing them is to be uninvolved. Feeling them is to BE them. To feel it is critical, because it’s the feeling center that is used to bend a spoon. Empathia will bring to you information and impressions you won’t be able to explain, but you will definitely understand them. Shadow puts you in touch with your shadow self, your dark side, but if you’re in full embracing and acceptance of that you, then the Shadow People will find no way in to bother you or disrupt your life. They’ll find no leverage.

So it’s clear this is about balance. You might find yourself unaccountably angry or something with Shadow, but we’ve already given all the tools necessary to capture, cleanse and transmute all toxic expressions. When you make a ceremony of facing your dark side, it becomes magnificently beautiful. When to do that, you’ll know. You’ll know because you’ll have a strong sense of a presence that can feel frightening. When mine came knocking I recognized it, as I’ve done this before, but this was way bigger. It was frightening, yes, but I wasn’t afraid. I knew what needed to be done, and that was to “face and embrace,” which really should be your mantra.

If it gets to be too much in any way, shape, or form, that’s why you have a family of 70 or so of us in TSB to help you out with it. You have all the support you need.

Just a few drops of each is plenty, and for me it started with Empathia. I’d seek that balance first. Then I’d use Shadow. Then I’d use Sunshine. It’s possible that if you were to use Empathia first, then maybe a week later use both Shadow and Sunshine at the same time, you might just automatically balance everything, but if you did that to avoid facing your own dark self, then that will come back on you with more force than if you just went with it right out of the gate. We’ll cover all this in a weekly conference.

These are obviously very advanced, and we leave it to you to decide whether or not they’d be a waste in your system, meaning whether or not you’re ready for them. We also leave it to you on which to get, as we feel that each, or any combo, would present actions, opportunities and effects which operate independently of each other. In other words, if you turn away from Shadow for whatever reason, there is no reason to think the others won’t have their effects, although without Shadow there is no way you’d reach the levels of empathy that are possible.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that we’re perfectly aware some of you have already “faced and embraced” your dark side. For you, all these alchemies will do is bring a much deeper and higher synchrony to all your many levels. We’re also perfectly aware that many of you have reached the point of seeing fear as irrelevant and are thus able to move through it. I reached those levels long ago, but these alchemies still deepened me into a wellspring of Wisdom, of True Understanding, that I hadn’t expected at all. We’re also perfectly aware that not all of you are ready for this, BUT, having them around would definitely hasten your preparation process. We’re also perfectly aware that there may be no need whatsoever for you to “face and embrace.”

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