Superbeings Project Outline



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On this site you'll find out what is really happening on Earth and why, and how we as a growing group of superbeings are in this to be instrumental in the outcome and its planned success.

For about 80,000 years, we have all (which includes you) been involved in a carefully orchestrated evolution, set to reach a challenging point of transition, an evolutionary leap into a 4th density continuum, now and in the coming years. It has galactic genetic implications. The last such evolutionary leap took place when Neanderthal man gave way to homo sapiens sapiens, and in some places on Earth that transition took no more than two generations.

To cause that relatively rapid evolutionary leap, our heliosphere (the Solar System’s “atmosphere”), in its ponderous transit around the galactic core, entered and started to react with a higher energy zone in galactic space. This zone and its interactions with our Sun were the deciding factors for what kind of human would be needed to carry through from that time to now (with a few tweaks in between) essentially forcing that last major evolutionary leap.

9243051898?profile=originalAs planned and on schedule, we are once again entering an even higher energetic zone in galactic space, another step up (like the one from Neanderthal to present human) in frequency, codes and energy, essentially forcing this planned evolution to yet another step higher. This necessitates the adaptation and mutation of a higher level human, a 4th density humanesque which will be a new race birthing into that already existing 4th density world. The more people we train to do what we're doing, the more rapid the transitional potential, and we are told that this one can, theoretically, take place in the blink of an eye. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, and by no means will everyone make the jump, but we intend to do everything in our power to increase those numbers and to shorten the transitional phase, which is one of the very definitions of what we are – and in fact what you are – doing here in the Earth 3rd density system at this time.

We are attracting some very special people from all over the world, all of whom are on Earth at this time for this very purpose, and only a few of whom are yet aware of it. The first part of our job is to make them aware of it, which is about awakening them to what they already are, and turning their focus, in a group-mind way, to our massive and beautiful objective: to train them to be simultaneously aware in two completely different worlds, and through that bilocated conscious conduit be instrumental in collapsing the spacetime matrix. 

This Earth experiment is unique in the Annals of Creation, which is why there are trillions upon trillions of people throughout the Cosmos excited as they watch it unfold. We are galactic architects and builders, evolution theorists, reality engineers, and we’re in bodies now working in partnership with our selves which are not in bodies in order to experience what could be the most astonishing event in galactic genetic history.

Even if our mission is not your mission, there are some very high level tools on this site free to use, and some potent alchemical products that work wonders in effortless clearing of subtle bodies and putting you in direct contact with higher intelligences. Plus it’s just plain fun to hang out with us.



  • Covers the basics of the project, including the vested players, both in and not in bodies
  • The need for funding
  • It’s time to awaken the Superbeings

The Heliosphere

  • The high-energy zone in galactic space into which we are presently transiting as a deliberate part of a great evolutionary plan on Earth

Galactic History

  • To understand why this evolutionary plan was implemented, an overview of galactic history is necessary, as Earth is designed to iron out some 100 million year-old polarity problems


  • To help during this most difficult transition to a higher density plane, a call went out to all of Creation for beings from higher levels to come help – The Superbeings


  • Everything this project is about is to facilitate open and clear contact between the 3D Earth level of mind, and higher levels of mind, dissolving the partitions between levels of consciousness and thus accessing consciousness far beyond the limited parameters of 3rd density

The Superbeings Project

  • The project itself, how it does what it does, including alchemy, the ancient science of the Sun, our own Suprasensory System Training, all-important gatherings, and the potent Mastery Section

But It Doesn’t Really Matter

  • In the ultimate scheme of things, none of it matters - it’s all Mind, and nothing more, just a dream, and so there has NEVER been anything at stake, no real goal other than experience, and so the true goal is to see through the hallucination that is this Earth Virtuality, to gain freedom from programmed thought, and that all by itself is the first step to attaining True Mastery of this energetic gestalt we call 3rd density Earth


This is a story of the Superbeings as a project to be implemented at this time. It was designed in partnership with people who are not in 3rd density bodies but operate on higher frequency perceptual planes. These are people, many of whom are just other versions of us, who are heavily vested in the outcome of the Grand Experiment happening right now on Earth, which has been underway for about 80,000 years.

The reason we are so heavily vested is because there are galactic evolution implications involved which could in actuality make sweeping changes through the galaxy itself. Although Earth is a minor outpost in a low traffic area of the galaxy, it was selected for many reasons to carry out this plan, not the least of which being that it had the right genetic material to evolve the right physical body for the third, and final, phase of the 3rd density cycle of this experiment in evolution. In addition, our solar system is remote, which augmented the planned necessity of aloneness and thus reinforcing separation, and timings of our solar system's intersections with zones in galactic space were perfect for major incremental leaps in this planned evolution. 

One of the reasons we're called The Superbeings is because those who planned and implemented this vast and beautiful galactic level experiment are of course also in bodies at this time to see to its success - that being us -  and to avail themselves of an amazing experience at the same time. That's what we always do. It's why we invent these games (realities, worlds, continua, etc.) to begin with. Such a concept could be likened to a video game creator/programmer who creates an amazing video gaming experience and then animates the avatar, or character, in the game to fully appreciate the creation, its richness of experience, its emotional power, and so on.

It's now time for those Superbeings to awaken to what they are, and for many of them to come together and help to cause something extraordinary: the collapse of the spacetime matrix on which this continuum  (used in place of world, reality, realm, level, whatever) is constructed.

The main topics of this document are:

  • why galactic history is critical in understanding what's really happening on Earth 
  • the Volunteers/Wanderers here to help 3rd density humanity graduate to a 4th density continuum, and who are not actually of this evolutionary experiment (and this means you)
  • how open and clear contact with non-terrestrial beings, including our other selves working in higher planes, is actually the highest priority function we have
  • how training you to be simultaneously aware in two different worlds will help us to strengthen and widen the bridge we’re already consciously building between 3rd density Earth and an absolutely magnificent 5th density world
  • how the compartmentalization of consciousness is the very definition of present reality, and is essentially the barrier preventing open and clear extra 3rd density contact
  • how The Superbeings Project fits in and intends to accomplish massive things with respect to collapsing spacetime (the Dendera, Egypt, Zodiac calls it a "discontinuity")

If you don't "resonate" (a worn-out term) with what's written here, it's possible you're just not ready for it. That isn't a slight to you, we promise. It's just a statement of the fact that information is as powerful an alchemical "substance" as there is on Earth, and beneath the words of this document is a far more powerful current of energy, codes and frequencies speaking to a more primary level of mind in the totality of what you are.

To understand the purpose, power and potential outcomes of The Superbeings is to understand what's really happening on Earth (and not many by percentage actually do). And to understand what's really going on is to understand galactic genetic history and how a species was designed to iron out some ancient polarity issues among galactic humanoid species dating back a hundred million years.

As it all turns out, Earth humanity, homo sapiens sapiens, is the most recent culmination in this continuum of a way to genetically assist the rest of the galactic family through the DNA, allowing DNA to be the processing mechanism to iron out these differences. And we are part of a galactic family who's been involved in this experiment fairly consistently since the plan's inception more than 100,000 years ago as time is counted here.

You have probably noticed we have been using "density" in place of what New Age thought calls "dimension," and this is because "dimension" is completely wrong. The reason for that is on this 3rd density level of perception, there are a limitless number of 3rd density dimensions, just as there are on every density level, such as a limitless number of 5th density dimensions. So there is no 5th dimension, but we’ll be getting more into that as we go along. It's an important distinction and must be adopted in thought and word for those who intend to take this seriously.

You have probably also noticed that we've been using the word "people" instead of "alien," or "ET" or any such ideation because if they are aliens, so are we, as are you. In fact, if they are aliens, then so are what are erroneously called Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels. They are just people, Archangels are just people, some of whom even refer to themselves as One People. 


As a preface to galactic history, we need to touch on what's happening now with our heliosphere, as it will come into play in the following narrative. Because we are entering a higher-energy and -frequency zone in galactic space, the entire solar system is changing, especially the Sun. The heliosphere is like the solar system's atmosphere, and in the past twenty years has grown to several times its normal size, growing to increase its envelope of protection. All of Earth's sibling planets are heating up - our own planet is heating up. The Sun's behaving in increasingly unexpected ways, and both Saturn and Jupiter have exhibited signs that have many perplexed. Global warming is happening, yes, but not because of pollution.

The reason this is all happening is because the heliosphere is reacting to the stepped up energies. Everything needed from those interactions is getting through, essentially forcing an evolution of everything within the heliosphere, in keeping with the actual plan. Those interactions could be likened to our magnetic poles ionically reacting to incoming solar energy to make the Aurora and Australis Borealises. Now just visualize such Earthly interactions, like the borealises, but on the scale of the entire solar system.

This is important to get clear about right from the start: this is a forced evolution because of the position of the heliosphere in galactic orbit, which is in part why Earth was selected, as mentioned, out of several candidate planets, to carry out the current experiment in planned and forced evolution.


There are some very good, and extraordinarily accurate, books out there which give a wondrous depiction of our galactic history, and so for the sake of this description we'll keep it to thumbnail detail. For much greater detail, which will probably trigger some memories in you, the best book out there is called "The Prism of Lyra" by Lyssa Royal. Highly recommended reading – in fact crucial if you want to know the details of what has always been going on.

First off it's crucial to point out that in all experiments throughout all of Creation having to do with spirit (intelligent energy) fragmenting itself into separate self-sentient, self-aware and self-intelligent entities such as humanoids, two polarities are required: negative and positive. The negative polarity can be described in terms of character trait as "selfish," or in today's buzzword parlance "self-serving," or "service-to-self." The positive polarity can be described in terms of character trait as "selfless," or in buzzword form, "service-to-others."

In mathematical and physics terminology, the selfish polarity represents contraction, destruction and control. The selfless polarity, in mathematical and physics terminology, represents expansion, spontaneous creation, all giving to all. Both polarities are required for balance in the equation of One. This is why the selfish path exists all the way into the 5th density cycle of the full evolutionary path. Yes, the Dark, what Earth humans might call "evil," exists on the level of being that the New Age movement erroneously refers to as the 5th dimension, which is their vague idea of a post-physical utopic paradise where all live forever in peace and harmony. Well, guess what, war exists on the 5th density level too. Of the many deliberately programmed myths The Superbeings will dispel, this is one of the important ones.

To flesh out all possibilities of experience with these two polarities coexisting in evolutionary form suggests a mind-boggling array of stories. These stories are the chapters in a huge galactic book, and the present Earth story comes along as a single chapter something like mid-way through the book, and however minor it may appear on the surface, the Earth Chapter could actually turn out seminal in the largest scheme of things.

These stories involve war and incredible hardship, control, slavery and the instinct for freedom that make Earth's brutal story look like a Disney movie. All of the galactic history is contained in our homo sapiens DNA - we have all that memory, and much of our fiction, such as JRR Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Gene Roddenberry and many others are actually true stories.

Very few evolutionary experiments throughout all of Creation require no genetic manipulation, meaning that virtually all species everywhere make their biggest evolutionary leaps through planned genetic manipulation. Naturally, no species can be made aware of that manipulation or it would spoil the story's best parts and thus the experiences we crave. Almost always, the evolutionary leaps are made by combining the genetic material of two or more species, which is precisely what happened when homo sapiens off-shot from Neanderthal using Pleiadian genetic material.

Over a few hundred million years, as iteration after iteration of humanesques have descended through genetic offshoots from the beginnings in this galaxy of embodied experience, or spirit-condensed matter, each of those branches has evolved in its own way according to two main variables. These are: the planetary environment chosen to host the experiment, and secondly choices made by the host planet's entire population on levels of mind that usually are not available at the most surface conscious levels, similarly to the way we have almost no conscious access to the collective consciousness here on Earth. To take this a tick further, everybody on Earth is involved in making global decisions on trajectories and events that determine those trajectories from levels of mind/consciousness very few are even remotely aware of on waking conscious levels. In other words, the real you does all its best and most effective work while you're completely not conscious of it, including while you sleep (and we realize some reading this are conscious of that fact). As we go along, we’ll elaborate more on that because it is exceptionally important to understand that particular part of it all.

It’s time to make you aware of a useful expression: "social memory complex" is an expression used by a 6th density collective beingness called Ra, which is not a reference to the Egyptian Sun God, although this Ra did work directly with the Egyptians. This collective is the source of the astonishing "Ra Material," or "Law of One." "Social memory complex" can be defined as any group of beings who start an evolutionary process together and proceed from beginning to culmination all together, as a group or population, arriving in non-physical experience together functioning as a single mental gestalt preparing itself to move to unfathomed levels of comprehension in the bottomless rabbit-hole of Infinite Creation, the 7th and 8th densities. Ra, as a collective entity which has previously been in the form of billions of physical bodies, is now at the completely non-physical 6th density level in the evolutionary path, reaching down through the levels of density to speak to us at this time. We define "social memory complex" now because the Ra Material is such strongly recommended reading, and we want to be consistent to avoid confusion, plus we will be using the expression more in this narrative.

The Ra Collective contacted me at one of our summer gatherings in Summer of 2010, triggering a very powerful experience, one of the most powerful of my life. They identified themselves as Solima for reasons we've never bothered to figure out, but it's certainly something to do with identification with Sol, as the ancient Science of the Sun is a major component of The Superbeings, and which is described below.

The Earth experiment is one such social memory complex, and right now only about half the population are members of that evolutionary complex, while the other half are superbeings here to help out in this transition, most of whom will be going home, to their respective home continua, after the transition is complete. If you are reading this, you are about 99% likely to be one of the superbeings here to help out.

As does any family, this galactic family has had its differences in opinions and ways of life. These differences can always be distilled down to the two prime polarities: selflessness and selfishness. This has resulted in fantastic wars which make ours look quite tame by comparison, where entire planets were destroyed, or were made to be penal colonies and prisoners of war encampments. Both sides have maintained their point of view pretty much from the beginning. One side seeks to convince everyone of the virtues of being controlled by managers who truly feel their system is best. The other side seeks to openly and freely give, embodying the virtues of unfettered expansion and creativity. One side can't accomplish complete control so long as the natural need for freedom is the ideal. The other side, often imprisoned (by belief alone) in this controlling mental construct, will fight for its freedom for all the reasons we see in every story ever lived. And they are, in the end, just stories with no more meaning or impact than any novel.

We are of course talking about the age-old battles between the forces of light and the forces of dark, expressions we don't subscribe to at all, as from our perspective One is, in fact, One, exclusive of nothing. This is so important to understand it’s worth emphasizing: in the balance of Creation the “dark side” is every bit as necessary as the “light side.” In the process of merging with the inner superbeing, everyone must remember that we, the Superbeings, don't choose sides, but endeavor to be the balancing point of the two, what Eastern thought might refer to as the Middle Path. Many of us have long since moved through the polarities phases of the standard evolutionary path, as these are generally resolved in the 6th density cycle.

As various social memory complexes (which is also another way of saying "timelines" or "continua") advanced along on many worlds, many of them in a main hotbed of warring factions, the Orion System, it became apparent that no resolutions were immediately apparent to cause the two polarities to co-exist among their galactic neighbors. To narrow it down to something a little more specific and closer to home, one of those humanesque "factions" came to Earth on many occasions, gathering genetic material from Earth's dinosaurs to play with the creation of a new species. That faction's installed manipulative patterns are still meddling with the Earth consciousness even now, and those who went to war with them to free some of their distant cousins were heavily in on the present homo sapiens design, the Pleiadians.

This brings us to this experiment. Calls went out from the hearts and shared-soul level intelligence (the collective consciousness) of various social memory complexes to galactic (even universe) creation and management level beings to come up with a plan to resolve, one way or another, these polarity differences embedded deeply within the DNA of millions of generations of humanesques. The plan’s conception stages went something like this: We need to develop a social memory complex into which we can bit-by-bit introduce all the DNA in the galaxy, and then run that social memory complex through the full evolutionary path to achieve the desired resolutions, thus essentially changing the DNA of the galaxy itself (a bigtime oversimplification, but a still valid synopsis).

Earth, and several other candidate worlds, had the necessary raw material and environmental conditions, but Earth won out because of earlier genetic manipulations that were more conducive to the successful outcome of the plan. Additionally, Earth's solar family was particularly well positioned in its galactic orbit to intersect with plan-defined energy zones in galactic space, with higher frequencies, energies and coding in perfectly aligned stages. Our solar system's travel in galactic orbit also meant that each of the three 25,000 year mini-cycles of a full 75,000 year 2nd/3rd density experience would nicely mesh with three full precessions of the equinox, giving the entire massive plan a set schedule to adhere to. We planned it this way in order to give ourselves sign-posts for the most propitious timings.

It's important to note that the evolutionary leap from Neanderthal to homo sapiens took place over as short a time as two generations in some places on Earth. The coming evolutionary leap has only one core optional element: the time it takes to make it. We're the ones who decide how short a time that will be, and that is determined solely by the number of people who get trained to do what we’re already doing. This leap will be made and absolutely nothing is going to stop it. One of the standout features in the planning is that we set it up as a guaranteed success, but allowed enough variation in the storyline trajectories to make everything appear to be pretty dire here in there throughout history, most especially recent history with the advent of nuclear weapons. After all, a social memory complex must believe that something is at stake, even if that's never true, and it isn't. Nothing is ever at stake. If a stage play gets a bad review and fails, you move onto the next play. So the point is that it's actually possible to make this leap in the twinkling of an eye, but we'll be getting to that soon enough. 

So, our experience right this second on Earth, temporarily wearing these 3rd density bodies, is that we're at the end of the 3rd density cycle of the full evolutionary path from 1st density through to the 8th density, although this experiment officially began with the 2nd density. Although we'll be covering it in more detail below, it's very important to interject at this point, again, that half of the population are the evolutioners, and the other half are here to help the evolutioners.

The reason to point this out right now is so the reader can carry forward into the rest of this narrative the truth that all people being born at this time are helpers – absolutely no 3rd density reincarnations are taking place at this time. All incoming 3rd density body-wearing people, the helpers, are from the 5th through the 7th densities, pointing out another myth to dispel. The myth is that seekers must continue to seek and strive and try to become something better, higher, and so on (a clever distraction of the controlling faction). But virtually all seekers are the helpers, which means that they are already way beyond what they think they’re striving towards. To bring this True Self to the surface is but a process of triggering the deep memories.

When Superbeings members increasingly realize this, it will become a most powerful current of energy for the group. The reason for that is a couple of things: first that it is such a relief to make that realization and find out that you’re here to help and have always been doing your part without even knowing it, and secondly it is such a waste of energy to continue to strive towards something you’re already way beyond and have nothing to actually DO but awaken to that fact. Getting a group consciously into “help mode” on a global scale instead of “strive mode” for control faction-planned programmed thinking in self-improvement pursuits will generate incredible energy to direct to the evolutionary leap process.

In that respect, the only people for whom it is about personal growth are the actual evolutioners, and most of the human potential movement information, such as the myth called Ascension, is something that won't have any meaning in their lives until they are well into the 4th density cycle thirty thousand of their years from now, when they will be contemplating, and preparing for, the phase-shift from physical to non-physical being. This is something you did millions of years ago as time is arbitrarily counted here, thus the chase for the lightbody is also just a dangling carrot put there by the controlling faction. However, since we already know how to do this and are in the process of recalling those memories, all indications point to us probably having reason to do it again as a group down the road, possibly during the discontinuity. Our Awareness Bilocation System is already bearing out many of those details for those of us who are properly trained, and that training is available here in The Superbeings, as already mentioned.

We sincerely don't mean to downplay the importance of the role of the self-improvement "industry" since it's instrumental in the conscious awakening side of things, and we ourselves are obviously a player in it. And without seeking nobody would be finding any of us and our energies. We simply wish to point out that it's not actually as much about self-improvement as it is about the underlying energies, frequencies and codes flowing through its superbeings players to be distributed into the collective consciousness, often having little, or even nothing, to do with what they’re offering. The sole reason for every self-improvement concern out there is to increase the harvest of the evolutioners, and that is precisely all there is to it.

What do we mean by “harvest”? The connotations of the term may not be good according to popular concepts of what that term means, but it's the correct term. A “harvest,” according to the Ra Collective (or the People of the Law of One) and all other beings involved in harvests all over Creation, is when a social memory complex of people in a given experiment graduate to the next density cycle. Each graduation is a “harvest.” What is going on now on Earth is the Great Harvest, and that is as simplified as it gets.

So if you are drawn to something in the personal growth arena, of course do it, but understand first and foremost that you are doing it to increase the harvest whether you know it or not, and secondarily, in doing for all else, self is simultaneously expanded. You, me, everyone around us, are working on the selfless side of the two prime polarities. Selfless by definition is “neither thinking nor acting on behalf of self.” A very high level being once told me, “the less thinking and acting according to self, the more everything you become.” This is a hard-coded and mathematical “proof” in the fabric of Creation, the Wisdom of the Ages, in fact. Becoming everything is the ultimate becoming, and is in fact what all are headed towards no matter what density level our countless numbers are on.

We'll point out now that despite the fact that we seem to be here for the sole purpose of helping a planet's population through a pretty rough transition, as so far presented, there are truly incredible potentials for our group, and others like us, made possible by this quantum leap that are too detailed to go into in the scope of this document. In other words, there is the potential of an almost unfathomable opportunity. We'll obviously be discovering more about all this as we continue to build and strengthen the bridge between here and the 5th density world we’re already working with.

Let's emphasize where we are. This is where we get to give an accurate description of the phrase "End of Days." For the fear faction and those who believe their propaganda, the sky is falling, all is lost, God's judgment is at hand, the Reptilians and their implants are going to enslave you, Planet X is closing in for Armageddon. It’s a total load of malarkey, all of it. Make no mistake, the fear faction's been around forever, feeding off the fear it so enjoys creating. We love and accept them, have nothing against them and do not judge them. They have every right to be here and at least try to impose their agenda. But to us, the phrase "End of Days" means to us only one thing: "Next Beginning."

So here we are, at the end of the 3rd density evolutionary cycle. Earth is actually done with its part in this. Gaia has already graduated to another 4th density planetary body in her own evolutionary path. Fascinatingly, she is to be the mentor of the incoming planetary intelligence taking over the Earth body, which will be used for yet another 3rd density phase of a whole different social memory complex. What we're all doing right now is trying to wake up the evolutioners enough to get them to leave the stage, even if you are completely unaware of that fact with your surface consciousness, and this awakening is taking place in large part on their levels of self, or consciousness, of which they are completely unaware.

This brings us to the main thing we all came to help, believe it or not: to get the evolutioners to choose one of the two polarities, selflessness or selfishness. Once the choice is made, they become part of the Great Harvest, thus leaving the stage in the way most desired by all involved. This has been accomplished in large part by bringing more illumination into the Earth System to balance light and dark polarities, setting up more conducive conditions for them to make the choice. Remember, this choice is something you did so long ago your own social memory complex wouldn't even bother to count it as history.

Once that choice is made, their next step is obviously the 4th density cycle of the full evolutionary path. If they refuse to choose, and many have already and continue to refuse, on another level they opt out and are taken to another continuum where they may continue in 3rd density reincarnational experience. It is only in the 3rd density where this choice is made. It's at the close of the 3rd density cycle where social memory complexes divide into two paths to experience both 4th and 5th densities on positive and negative trajectories, the two sides separate from each other, and then recombine in the 6th density to share, as One People, their experiences of the two trajectories. Present day Earth is a precursor environment for the positively oriented - or selfless - trajectory for the coming 4th density cycle.

All 3rd density evolutioners who have made the choice and who are transitioning out at this time are in something like astral planes resting up, recharging, getting a ton of spirit body cleansing, and are awaiting 4th density bodies to incarnate into, and which are being designed, tested and perfected right this second. At some point not too far down the road, all 3rd density evolutioners will all have exited the stage, leaving only The Superbeings. Because we will no longer be hampered by the necessarily limited level of perception of the 3rd density evolutioners, dismantling this continuum will be increasingly easy to accomplish.

Homo sapiens is not the right physical body to use for this next cycle. Why is that? It's simple. The zone of galactic space our solar system is now entering is too high in frequency for homo sapiens to withstand the entire journey through. We're fine now…it's why there is so much awakening going on. Thus, against probably almost everybody's dearest egoistic wishes, homo sapiens is headed for extinction, and much sooner than you might like to believe. We know how disappointing this must be for the crowd who believes they’re going to merge their physical selves with their lightbody, ascend to the fictitious 5th dimension and forever dwell in paradise, but truth is truth and myths are myths, and nothing can change that. As already mentioned, the bodies to be used in the 4th density cycle are being engineered even now, using our genetic material and blending it with the genetic material of another species. The next cycle humans will have vastly increased awareness over those of the present cycle, matching the decreased density of that continuum, catalyzed by this higher energy galactic zone interacting with our heliosphere.

Certain levels of that greatly increased awareness is in fact attainable in the here and now, which is what all the great sages and magi throughout history understood and were in fact here to (often quietly) promulgate, which is why we are also a Mystery School built around our Awareness Bilocation System. The difference between the two continua is that in the here and now mental plane it can require much work, focus, discipline, all that, to reach those expanded states of awareness, and in the next continuum it will be the natural way of being, from birth, which is why we are the ones bridging the gap between the present “physical” density and the next “less-physical” density.

This is important to understand because awareness is another way of saying "more senses," and "higher sensitivity." With more senses comes perception of more of what is already there. So you could say that, in a very real way, the 3rd density evolutioners are, with their perception, their level of awareness, their senses, holding the present continuum, meaning Earth as it is now, in form. Once they've exited the stage, it will become much easier for us to finish the job.


We’ve already covered quite a lot with regard to the Wanderers – meaning you, the helpers. But this part of it deserves its own section.

Virtually all evolutionary experiments throughout Creation, infinite in number, at some point or other require some kind of help during crucial transitional phases. Very seldom are worlds and their inhabiting social memory complex populations able to make evolutionary transitions without help, especially those poised for drastic evolutionary leaps, such as it is with Earth at this time.

Because Earth is a free will system, beings of all types have always been able to enter this system and experience it according to their choosing, as is ultimately their right. Because this present Earth experiment is an important one for galactic evolution, the various confederations of worlds have varying degrees of adherence to non-interference policies. But there are factions, with their own confederations, who reject the authority of such confederations and proceed with the implementation of control elements from levels of mind removed from our conscious level. Put another way, beings of all types are free to enter this system and experience it in their own way, but from the perspective of the main confederation nobody has a right to interfere with it. Nevertheless, there has been significant interference by the fear faction, those who seek to control.

Such measures have ultimately plunged Earth into periods of darkness, such as the Dark Ages in Western Culture (i.e., Europe). These implementations are from and by the selfish faction, but have in fact served the experiment well, probably much to the chagrin of the fear faction (provided their arrogance and self-importance don't stand in the way of their recognition of it). This is one of the great ironies...everything the so-called "dark" has done has played right into the hands of The Plan. It's obviously a huge mind behind all of that, one that has Infinite Capacity to recognize the nuances of those energies.

In order to be selfish, you have to have power, and power from the selfish standpoint can only play itself out in controlling others. That fear-based need for control has taken many forms, as you know, with many being almost unimaginably brutal. Maybe it's worth noting here again that such conditions on Earth pale in comparison to the brutality experienced as a daily routine in many other worlds, of which we have memories in our DNA and did in fact directly experience. Yes, of your millions of lives you experienced at least some of these timelines.

Because the pendulum of light:dark swung so far to the side of the dark, the shared consciousness of the planet was pulling, literally tidally, at the very seams of the world, meaning that dark was fixed and fighting to hold sway, while light was waking up in spite of everything. This tug-of-war has brought Earth to the brink of massive, even total, destruction on more than one occasion, which raised some major alarm bells across the galaxy and beyond. And this despite the fact that this experiment was a planned success - it was still dicey, or at least seemed to be. 

Because so many worlds and species are so heavily vested in this particular experiment, a call went out to all corners of Creation to ask for help in bringing more light, light codes, higher frequencies, advanced knowledge, and so on, into this system to balance the equation between light and dark. It has never been, is not now, and will never be about the light winning the ultimate battle, despite what the Bible says and the Lightworkers would have you believe. That balance has been largely struck here, no matter what the evening news, a fear faction tool, wants to program you to believe.

The peoples who answered that call began coming in waves. To the Dolores Cannon school of thought, they are Volunteers. To the Ra Collective (or Solima), they are referred to as Wanderers. To learn Earth's ways, these Wanderers had to be schooled, about half through direct experience of embodiment on Earth. These were all, almost without qualification, the great teachers and sages throughout history. There are other being types that are also here and have been among the great teachers and sages throughout history, but it isn't necessary to cover those concepts in the scope of this document.

A big part of the reason the scales of light:dark had to be balanced is because there wasn't enough awakening happening on more surface levels of consciousness to help facilitate the choice between selflessness and selfishness. Let's be very clear about this: the Wanderers aren't here to encourage the evolutioners about which polarity to choose, only that they make a choice from one of the two, thus increasing the Great Harvest. 

There are now about 1 Wanderer per one 3rd density evolutioner, and roughly 3 to 5 non-terrestrial people working with pretty much each and every one in a body, whether helper or evolutioner in body. At this time, about 25% of the 3rd density population that must choose, or repeat 3rd density, has made the choice. Estimates from the various councils and confederations that we work with are that as many as 75% will have chosen by the time this Earth stage is actually finally exited by them and the background scenes and props all taken away. This is considered a very successful harvest.

Let's give an example to help bring home the idea. In Ra's own social memory complex, where 3rd density was actually experienced on Venus, only 1 out of 6 were "harvestable" before Venus was no longer to be used in that capacity, and many from their social memory complex wound up needing to repeat the 3rd density cycle somewhere else.

One of those "somewhere elses" happened to be here, in our 3rd density cycle on Earth. This is a perfect opportunity to include a bit about the nonsense of time. Ra's 3rd density cycle on Venus was millions of Earth years ago from our present perspective, yet when the harvest took place, some of those to repeat 3rd density chose Earth and came pretty much straight here, from what we falsely perceive as millions of years ago as time is arbitrarily defined on Earth. This kind of stuff happens all the time, everywhere in Creation.

We the Wanderers have actually performed our function very well, most without even knowing what they are. In other words, all that was crucially necessary for them to do was to have a body to use and then through that physical instrument flow higher frequencies, codes, knowledge, etc., into this system to help, as stated, balance the equation. It has never mattered, at least critically, that any of these beings be even remotely aware of what they are and what they have always been doing. Indeed, in most cases keeping us in the dark about what our inhabiting Wanders/Volunteers have been doing all this time served a practical purpose, and that is to have kept our conscious level egos from interfering with the real work.

This is a point well worth clarifying. Let’s say you’re someone who is awake enough to be consciously involved in repairing Earth grids. It’s possible that you are in cahoots with the inhabiting Wanderer/Volunteer, but it’s also possible that while you’re doing that work, the inhabiting Wanderer/Volunteer might be involved in balancing the energies in a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. That being is just using your body as the means to be here. The more awake you become to that fact, the greater the potential of integration of that intelligent essence with this physical form. The greater the integration, the more of its knowledge and abilities you’ll remember. We should also point out the fact that the vast majority of the bodies being used by Wanderers/Volunteers aren’t awake at all, and this is probably our biggest challenge. On the surface they’re lawyers, sociopaths, Wall Street tycoons, used car salesman, sexual predators, you name it, and are absolutely clueless that a being inhabiting their body is doing the real work all the time while the surface self remains in complete amnesia as to what it came here to do.

It should therefore be obvious that we can seriously amp up the power of this whole undertaking by waking everyone up to this fact and getting everyone focused on the actuality of what we’re doing, using The Superbeings as a way to gather and get on the same page. So just being here amps up your capacity to do what you're here to do. Having said that, though, you do have a choice to engage in The Superbeings on a deeper, much more front-line level, where you would be consciously assisting in strengthening the bridge between Earth and the 5th density world we keep mentioning through our Awareness Bilocation System. This also helps to increase the harvest because the bridge we're presently creating between the two dreams is getting wider and more stable and is therefore flowing into this system ever increasing awakening, thus decreasing density.

This is very important with respect to The Superbeings, as it is now time to begin awakening the Wanderers/Volunteers who have thus far not begun to awaken to what they really are inside. Even more importantly, it's time to set the record straight with what is really going on so they can begin to focus their thoughts and actions on something that is actually true. In both cases, the reason this is so big is because making someone consciously aware of the work they have always been doing without knowing it makes it so that they can begin to consciously direct those enormous energies. Adding the surface conscious factor to the equation seriously amps up the power, most especially in strengthening the bridge between the two continua. 

So yet another purpose of The Superbeings is to disabuse the Wanderers/Volunteers of the various myths that have been imposed upon them, such as the myth that the entire planet is going to ascend to the 5th dimension. The Ascension Myth is one that was invented and promulgated by the controlling faction (what we’ve called a couple times the fear faction) in order to dangle a carrot and keep the Wanderers/Volunteers confused as to what is really going on, and thus keep them from focusing on actuality. Because most of the Wanderers have never been able to fully adapt to this density, in their deeper psychic recesses they want nothing more than to leave this dense and brutal planet. Thus the Ascension Myth was very clever in playing upon that deep desire to leave. Another of the cleverest implementations of the controllers is the strenuous emphasis on personal growth. That way they are able to keep Wanderers/Volunteers thinking in terms of service-to-self, as already touched on above, instead of thinking almost strictly in terms of global assistance.

Think of the power of what we're talking about here. If you can get a person with a Wanderer/Volunteer living inside them to understand that he or she is already a being of such immensity, knowledge, wisdom and power, then personal growth becomes something of a trivial enterprise, since all they are here to do is help in the personal growth of others. What personal growth then equates to, in our math, is dissolving the barrier between the small surface conscious mind, and the mind of the indwelling superbeing that they already are. Admittedly, there is much in the personal growth industry designed to do just that, but few of them actually know that that's the actual purpose of their systems.

I'll give an example. You're probably aware of the movement that started out as "The Secret." This was a movement designed on higher levels to play upon the greed of the people it would attract. Most of the followers of "The Secret" and the rest of the books that followed it are Wanderers/Volunteers, but the state of their own consciousness expansion wasn't nearly sufficient to just come right out and tell them this and therefore they don't need "The Secret" at all. So what's the best way to attract people? Money, or in New Age parlance, Abundance. In so doing, the real purpose was successful, which was to awaken a large group of people to a larger potential reality, turning them into seekers.

While "The Secret" worked pretty well in that capacity, the sudden onslaught of psychic intent-noise being slung around for needful purposes (or the perception of need) made a huge mess on psychic, or astral, levels. That mess was easy enough to clean up and manage, and so the positives of allowing "The Secret" into the world outweighed the negatives. Another thing the vast majority of Wanderers/Volunteers is just plain not ready to hear is that the continuum they are helping the evolutioners towards has no form of money at all, and that they therefore are instrumental in holding in form the obsolete monetary system. And so trying to manifest money using psychic energy is just strengthening the problems we’re busy trying to dissolve.

When the job is finished, the Wanderers/Volunteers will all go home to their respective home worlds. In fact, when the job is finished everyone will go where they're supposed to go, in literally millions of directions, so it's worth emphasizing again that 3rd density Earth is done. Everyone is leaving, and nobody's coming back. Wanderers/Volunteers may choose to continue on in the evolutionary path with which they've been helping, but it's easy to assume that very few, if any, will. Many of their surface conscious selves will not have awakened, at all, by the time it's time for the inhabiting being to go home. Isn’t that interesting to deeply contemplate?

At this point it's important to note that pretty much everyone on Earth, evolutioner or helper, is in contact, mostly without conscious knowledge, with non-terrestrial peoples more frequently than you might imagine, many of us daily, often taken right out of the body even while awake and functioning during the course of a normal day. There are many ways to recognize when this is taking place, and our tools are breaking down the barriers so that we can bit by bit become conscious of even those events.

As often as not, we are being taken from these bodies by our own kin, from our home worlds, for a visit and recharge, sometimes as a reminder of the commitment we made to help here. So compartmentalized is consciousness, that we are virtually all unaware of these contact activities, with but a few exceptions. The so-called "alien abduction phenomena" is one such "group" who are being allowed to recover memories of their experiences so that the rest of the world can be made aware of what's happening on that particular front. These "abductions" are agreed upon on levels of mind that actually count, and have been going on for millennia.

This brings us to the part about Contact.


To talk about contact, we have to start the discussion with the partitioning of consciousness.

"Apocalypse": in the original Greek, it means "dissolving of the veils." This quite naturally has led pretty much everyone into assuming it was a reference to the veils between worlds, or (erroneously) dimensions. As you know, Abrahamic religions define "apocalypse" as "Armageddon." Nothing is further from the truth. What "apocalypse" really means is the dissolving of the veils that exist between the layers of consciousness. The homo sapiens consciousness was deliberately compartmentalized after the fall of Atlantis because Earth was moving into a specified area of galactic space, similarly to now but an actual step backwards, which was going to cause a fall in consciousness. Since this is a free will continuum, it was also an ideal opportunity for some malevolent "factions" to mess around with a few things, not the least of which being timecodes. This further crystallized the artificially constructed veils between levels of consciousness.

The beginnings of this fall in consciousness spawned greed and hunger for power and other self-serving energies which then led to the destruction of Atlantis, which was really just a part of a bigger plan.

After having the one waking conscious mind separated into at least two different levels of consciousness associated with three brainwave states (beta, alpha and theta), there was now a layer of mind that could more easily be encoded for perception of what is essentially a simulated reality, a virtuality. Yes, this world is a simulation. All worlds actually are, no matter what level they’re on, but this one is markedly more artificially generated according to an agenda. It's partially been about control, as most of you know, but at the same time this virtuality and all its industrial and technological advancements has been nicely fertile and conducive for what this experiment set out to accomplish to begin with, and which is as of right now a relative success.

One of the most amusing aspects to consider is that this world, which is the same thing as saying this consciousness, is the sub-reality, and not what we mistakenly call the "subconscious." Put another way, our waking conscious selves, the you's reading these words, are the subconscious of the far larger and truer consciousness into which we are all expanding, just as your own lower self, or subconscious, has very limited capacities in comparison with yours, such as fully developed reasoning. It is very much like Nesting Russian Dolls, where one sphere of consciousness is within another, which is within another, and so on pretty much ad infinitum.

Although way oversimplified, I’ll use myself in example, presented in order from small to large. There’s my somewhat animistic and elemental lower self we call the subconscious, then the me writing these words, then the Wanderer/Volunteer using my body, then the me who sits on the galactic council with whom we constantly work, then the me in the 5th density world we’re visiting, then the supraconscious and self-actualized True Self which is the “soul” of all the me’s. That being is one which you, I, and everyone else reading this could be parts, in fact probably so, which is what makes us family. And even it has a consciousness within which it is nested. Of course it continues infinitely.

While the veils are unquestionably dissolving faster and faster, these other yous for the most part cannot communicate with the you reading these words in any way but in your dreams or meditative states. However, another way to open those communications is by using our tools and training, because the frequencies, or wavelengths, of their perceptions are in a range that matches our brains' theta range, where our tools and training put you. This theta range is where an entirely different reality exists, underlying, infusing and encompassing this "fake" one our senses are so severely limited to, and more importantly programmed by.

Now let's sort something out for clarity, and to add to the understanding of some of the info above. Abductees, in the experience of those "taking" them, are actually willing participants in a huge project, that of engineering the next humanesque species. From their point of view, these aren't abductions at all. The abductee’s surface self is almost always outraged and fearful, feeling as though they've been taken against their will and violated, when in fact the truer, more actual, them enthusiastically agreed to it. This is why the people "taking" them are so nonplussed and perfectly astonished every time their work is met with tearful and terrified screaming, because the person they're in communication with is the one who enthusiastically agreed to it. Why are the abductors in touch with that level of us? Because they exist on a level of mind, or wavelength, that corresponds to our dreams, which is actually a 4th density plane. That’s why there are so many abduction experiences that are so like dreams.

So, it would logically follow that if you want to make all contact be a conscious experience, then you'd want to dissolve the barriers between levels of consciousness. This is happening globally, but we have ways to tremendously accelerate this process and make it be part of daily life. Everything we have, do and offer here is for that very purpose. The "abductees" who have become aware of the fact of their enthusiastic volunteerism and contact on levels of mind that actually matter are now choosing to consciously experience it absent the fear, and therefore are willing participants. Without the powerful expression of those emotions pouring into, and sometimes overwhelming, the 4th density mental space (in the theta range of existence), the procedures are much smoother and easy going. Believe it or not, the people doing the "abducting" find the experiences to be difficult, often as difficult, as the humans do, sometimes even more so, as human emotional energy has the power to actually temporarily shatter their reality, for which they have many safeguards in place.

The 4th density continuum on which these experiences are taking place is almost as malleable as our dreams, and so the nature of the "abduction" experience is literally being changed on the spot by many of the human players to a much more pleasant experience.  In short, they're becoming more lucid in those dreams and are choosing to enjoy it, which changes the experience not just for themselves, but for the non-terrestrial people conducting the experiments, right down to elements of their own world changing. This in turn is greatly accelerating the species engineering project itself, because the human players are now more naturally becoming aware of the scope of what they're involved in, and are honored and excited by it.

Because so much fear is being processed out of the collective consciousness through this relationship between humans and the Visitors From Within, the bandwidth between this continuum and the deeper/higher continua is widening, literally daily. As well, the widening of the bandwidth continues to open this continuum to levels of being where the fiction of time doesn't exist. So it's not so much that time is speeding up as it is about dismantling Earth's artificial concept of time, which we then perceive as speeding up. It's a useful analogy, because anything that is exponentially increasing or decreasing is going to reach a critical phase, and will either implode or explode. What we have coming is an implosion...the collapse of spacetime in a zero-juncture between two continua, where a shift is being made from one into the other.

So, time does not exist as we understand it, at all, and therefore time travel is itself just the act of looking into events that are happening right now in a different experiential context, like being in Egypt. But everything is happening simultaneously, and so it's not travel through time, but the accessing of simultaneous experience in varying contexts.

This is precisely why Einstein's equations basically de-emphasized time, and threw it in with space to recognize spacetime. Trying to turn time into a workable 4th dimension in 3rd density space is beyond absurd, which is what science did to corrupt Einstein’s theories. What we have is a clock-face with hands and underlying machinery that moves, but there are no numbers nor incrementing lines.

This brings us back to the magnificent Zodiac shield fashioned into the ceiling of a temple in Dendera, Egypt. It depicts each of the signs of the Zodiac in expected stylized fashion, right down to matching the symbols used today. It's a typically beautiful work of Egyptian art. What has many baffled is lying between the signs of Pisces and Aquarius, an "artifact" that has been described as depicting a mysterious "discontinuity." Being very high practitioners in the magical arts at that time, which included decoding the heavens and especially the cycles, and thinking, of the Sun, we were perfectly aware of this "future" discontinuity, and in fact planned to reincarnate in order to experience it directly, even to cause it. This discontinuity is what we're talking about.

The 3rd density Earth experience will become but a dim memory lodged in the collective galactic DNA, and the evolutioners will go on to become the level of people who go onto help newly inaugurated social memory complex experiments during what might be trying transitional times. In other words, the people we’re helping will one day be the helpers. This might even include the next one to be hosted by Earth, and they will be in this position because they will have become something of an authority having gone through it themselves, just as we have.


This brings us to the project itself. Let's look again at the discontinuity in the Zodiac in Dendera. It's always interesting to consider that predictions are made, but rarely is it considered that such predictions have to be carried out by people. They always are, of course, but are those people aware of it? Not often. And that points out another potential powerful element: The Superbeings group will consciously and deliberately be a causal catalyst of the discontinuity. Not that it really matters, but we're being told that it is a primary causal element. Once you've been trained in the (we'll spell it out again, to be sure) Awareness Bilocation System, you will have no doubt as to why that is, and this will be due to your own direct experience.

The councils and various confederation "delegates," and even called-in experts, with whom we work basically tell us that a blink of an eye transition is possible, and that the only determinant as to whether or not it actually happens is the number of people involved in it and actively engaged in consistent use of its advanced tools. In that way, it's up to us all to do what we can to get more people involved and to commit ourselves to what The Superbeings is doing. Getting such a commitment from the instant gratification Western Culture mind is not an easy thing to do, but we have patience, and we ourselves are very committed and dedicated to what we must do.


How we are doing that, even right now, is with alchemy and other tools. Alchemy throughout history has always been used by its highest level practitioners to give clearer access to non-terrestrial beings. The reason for that is simple: the very act of it is like downloading and incorporating into your experience knowledge, abilities, memories and senses from minds that are able to perceive on much larger scales. If all of this is about the expansion of consciousness, and it is, then the best way to do that is to merge our consciousness with more expanded consciousnesses in order to create something entirely new from the combined essences of both, which is the very definition of alchemy. That is, the blending of two or more things to make an entirely new thing. Even the alchemists in Europe, like the Bacons and Dees and, even earlier, Da Vinci, were all about that contact, which is why you see in a lot of classical art depictions of UFOs. Da Vinci himself was in direct conscious contact with these non-terrestrial peoples.

The United States of America was planned to be the new Atlantis in the corridors of these secret colleges long before Columbus was commissioned by them to essentially claim the land. These same secret societies, the ones working for the benefit of Mankind, had made journeys to the new world already so many times Columbus was actually using one of their maps. America was to be the light that would lead the world into the new age, and was planned and implemented by, basically, us on multiple levels of being. All of this was planned in conjunction with the same people with whom we work at present. We say all this because it's important to understand the conscious and open partnership between we in 3rd density bodies and our partners who are not.

To further illustrate, the Renaissance was engineered by non-terrestrial peoples, once again us, working directly with secret societies, to create great works of art and constructions which contained alchemical secrets in often subliminal renderings. And these secret societies were perfectly aware that they were consciously, deliberately, often ceremoniously, working with non-terrestrial people. This is what the sorcery of the Knights Templars, as an example, was all about, and their inner circles were very high level practitioners of what these days would be called magic, but for them was just high esoteric science, or the secret arcana. Those men and women, who once again were us, accomplished feats that would blow you away, and which we will once again be doing routinely.

It's probably time to point out that rampant fear-mongering, general paranoia, has lumped all secret societies into the "evil" and "enslaving" category. It's not true. On levels of world management, we have very powerful people working on the side of the so-called light within secret organizations. They of course are perfectly aware of their counterparts, and the Big Game on Earth is the game of chess between the two sides. Some have called it the Master Game. What the other side doesn’t yet know, or refuses to acknowledge, is that it has already lost. People like us work in different, but sometimes similar, capacities, just as often behind the scenes, but in many ways with equal or even greater power. The Superbeings is one such very powerful foci of psychic energy.

So, believe it or not, the purpose of the secret societies working on the selfless side of the equation has always been to maintain open and clear contact with non-terrestrial peoples, even though the members of most modern lodges are absolutely clueless about this fact, even their 33rd Degree members. If you look hard enough, you see the effort, that of open and clear contact, embedded in almost everything. This is why there is such an inundation of UFO and other paranormal shows running on virtually every channel these days.

For obvious reasons, the faction forever seeking to impose control has done everything in its power to make Earth humanity: 1) fear this contact, 2) relentlessly ridicule anyone who claims contact, and 3) through these and including other methods, mess around with various forms of wave frequencies to impede this open and clear contact, HAARP being an excellent example.

Now, where alchemy is concerned, we'll have to get a bit esoteric to get a point across. If you look at a block of gold, you're seeing what it looks like here, but not what it looks like there, on a non- or semi-physical side of the dual equation. When you break down the metal-to-metal bonds of gold, making it so that its lattice structure is no longer metallic, you have in effect transmuted that metal into a non-metallic substance. In the most secretive levels of science, in those corridors that are kept so secret from even the visible military-industrial complex, they are performing this research knowing perfectly well they are dealing with an entirely new phase of matter.

This is alchemy, and which is what I've been doing since about 1997.

Having done that here, transmuting any given element from metal to, say, powder, you've also simultaneously "evolved" its form there. Its form there can be used by non-terrestrial people to gain access to our level of mind here. Remember, they are working on wavelengths that correspond to our brain's theta frequency, and so the alchemy serves as a bridge between consciousness realms, as it were. We have hooked people up to EEGs and got baseline wavelengths of brain activity. We then gave them some of our alchemy and their wavelengths dropped into the theta range within seconds, and this while they were wide awake and chatting sports scores. Putting ourselves in the theta frequency range is helping in a small way to do that to everyone else, thus dissolving the partitions in consciousness.

Perhaps the most salient and powerful point to be made about the alchemy is that it turns the average Westerner into a transmitter of codes and energies on par with lifelong meditators, mystics and even so-called Avatars. This makes it so that you can go about your busy and bustling Western life and still work very powerfully - just by being - literally on radiating levels even above what are called Ascended Masters. You could go into a cave and meditate for seven years in order to have that sort of light-producing output, or you can use our alchemy and get there in months.

It also so happens that the species engineers (a group another version of me is a member of) are using my alchemy to help in designing electroplasmic templates for the new species. They are also helping in the design, frequencies and crystalline structures of these alchemies, for these are the variables that determine the types, qualities, properties, and so on, of the energies and information coming through these consciously created portals.


The Holy Grail is symbolically many things, as you might know, but at the foundation of all legends, myths, stories, grail quest allegories, and so on, is the fact that it is the electromagnetic, photonic, mini-field, shaped like a chalice, in which the pineal gland rests. This is one of the most basic elements, and well-guarded secrets, in the mysteries and mysticism stretching back to the antiquities even before the beginnings of Lemuria and Atlantis. The pineal gland is the gateway to contact, and this is the reason that its deepest secrets were held so close and dearly by, you guessed it, the secret societies. This is exactly why the controlling factions have implemented so many ingenious ways to encrust this fabulous gland and close it off from a far larger reality.

What's important to understand about this is that the pineal gland is almost completely inaccessible to anything physical, meaning something that can be ingested some way or another. It's a very short list of things that can nourish that very particular gland. But it can be highly accessible through fields, and only when such fields can naturally, in rhythm and harmony, mesh with the chalice cup surrounding it, which is also its security apparatus. The frequencies of brainwave activity change the properties of that chalice-shaped mini-field, changing the parameters of access through the pineal gland.

The reason this is important for the present discussion is that one of the often predominant constituents of the pineal gland are magnetite crystals, which radiate electromagnetic pulses. The chalice cup is one of the results. We have an alchemy containing a bio-absorbable form of magnetite, and that particular alchemy definitely opens the user to higher contact. It's fantastic in that way, in fact, by just spraying it over the top of the head and letting its "fairy mist" settle over your fields, which is just another way of saying aura and other subtle bodies.

All of the alchemies amplify various morphogenetic and electromagnetic fields to help in syncing up with Earth’s fields, such as the Schumann Resonance. This counts for the Sun as well, as its light spectra and plasma emissions can be collected, adjusted and put to use by the alchemy working in perfect synchrony with our physiology. Also, there are places on Earth where there are magnetic anomalies that essentially remove all distance between here and the Sun. And to make a point: if you were to deliberately go out of phase with 3rd density, to disappear, and this is a scientific technique practiced even today, you’d be doing it with an electromagnetic field, and so the Merkaba, as one example, is actually a field.

Now to the ancient Science of the Sun. The Sun's current sheet is only 10,000 kilometers thick, but extends well beyond Pluto in total diameter. The current sheet is not particularly high in electromagnetic or -plasmic energy, but because of its sheer size the entire solar system is configured around it, including the heliosphere, and the entire thing, taken in whole, represents an unfathomable amount of energy. The current sheet rotates in undulations, sort of like a serpentine sine wave, and Earth intersects with it several times a year, and tracking that is itself an esoteric science that can be taken advantage of alchemically. Those undulations are what the ancient peoples could see, and so the current sheet is actually the Plumed Serpent, or Dragon God, that exists in the religious or spiritual iconography of many ancient peoples.

So, as an example, when I am given a prompting and an idea to produce some alchemy, I'm being prompted by a higher someone, probably an alchemist, who knows that an Earth-current sheet intersection is underway, or conversely has just ended. Bit by bit I'm opening the necessary senses to know it for myself, which is an indicator of my own awakening memory of latent knowledge and abilities. Throughout history, all true alchemists used their own alchemy to unlock doors to libraries of guarded information, the protected secrets. All of the alchemies are designed to unlock, and users walk around within often huge fields, most without knowing it, helping to awaken everyone who gets anywhere near them.

The superscience of the Sun is what we practiced in Atlantis, through Egypt, and in secrecy all the way to now. After the fall of Atlantis, we then spread some of this knowledge into lesser civilizations all over the world, most notably in China, North Africa and South America. The Egyptians, and Toltec/Olmec/Maya, achieved deep penetration into the esoterica of the Sun and how to manipulate mass/energy from a causal standpoint in parallel with the Sun's Intelligence. The Maya were especially gifted with understanding the Sun's many cycles and how best to utilize them...and as we all know, to make calendrical predictions which led, in one case, to the near hysteria, and hope for the fictitious Ascension, over December 21, 2012.

It's probably worth mentioning that in the months prior to December 21, 2012, we were in touch with many of the Ascension Crowd and basically asked them how they intended to accomplish this Ascension - what their method or technique was. Of course the answer was pat: we don't have to do anything. Archangels and Ascended Masters and the galactic core are going to do it for us. This brings us to an ancillary purpose of The Superbeings: to continue to unlock guarded libraries containing the needed information to implement a technique to de-phase here and animate, at least for a time, a non-physical vessel removed from this continuum. We did this all the time in Egypt, using Alchemy and the Sun, and there are many shamans the world over that do this even today.

Much of the esoterica of mass and energy in this local space begins and ends with the Sun, but with very strong nods to the orbiting family of planets, where in some duties both Jupiter and Saturn can rival the Sun in pound-for-pound influence (for instance Jupiter's oversight and influence of 666 carbon), and we already know that Jupiter is a Great Guru because we are at present learning from "him" and the people who use "him" to teach, but we'll leave those discussions for the project itself. The Sun has commerce with intra- and interuniversal balance at its core, where it "borrows" from the vacuum a type of matter/antimatter which becomes its nuclear fuel.

The reason this is important goes back through the ages of all the Sun Kings. The early Christian fathers, as an example, were extremely intelligent, often conniving, well educated men, and knew that if they were going to start and grow a new religion and thus save Rome, they would have to appeal to the widest possible audience, which would include Jews and Pagans (of all persuasions). For that appeal, they would have to borrow many of the icons, festivals and concepts from all the religions that came before. For instance, they held a famous vote on Jesus' divinity, and the measure having narrowly passed decided to arbitrarily make a figurehead of him and declare him to be the Son of God. This was the Council of Nicaea, where that decision triggered a rewriting of the New Testament to reflect Jesus’ newly legislated deity status. They got this from basically all Sun-based religions leading up to that time, but then decided also that he should be the “only begotten son of God,” thus demoting all previous “Sons of God/Sun” to the ranks of pagan devils, heathens and heretics. His fictionalized birthdate, December 25, was borrowed because it is the 3rd day following the Winter Solstice, the holy Rebirth of the Sun/Son Day. But you all know the basics of the Christian fairytale. This was also about the same time these same men invented Hell in order to exert even more control.

Well, since time immemorial, the Sun Kings were all thought of as Sons of God, because God was best represented by the Sun. This is a fairly well-known reference to the Sun Kings, of which Jesus was just one in a very long line, though having remained officially uncrowned. And like the founding fathers of Christianity, the ancients were extremely smart and resourceful themselves. They knew that the Sun was a local representation of God, which is the giver of life, and because our own Sun regulates women's fertility cycles, they could, and did, literally build a science around when to conceive. Indeed, early Judaic law as rigidly practiced by adherents at that time actually prescribed when women could give themselves to the potential of conception for this very reason. They were in effect deciding what type of woman they wanted to bear what type of child according to Sun Sign Astrology. It was through this science that Jesus’ birth was planned by people, who were in fact the adepts of that time.

When these royals reached a very high level of initiation, they would have become the Sun/Son, or sometimes the Son of the Sun, or full circle back to Son of God. All of the Pharaohs were Sons of the Sun/God. An ancient teacher in the Americas, completely unknown now, was called Great Sun/Son. Jesus himself may have designed and built the grail cup that was found in the UK, and that cup had all the geometry, symbolism and coding of someone who was a high-level adept in the Science of the Sun.

This, allegorically, is what we're doing. The Superbeings are going to rise and rise to the surface of these physical bodies, dissolving the consciousness partitions, and become, according to the ancients, Sons and Daughters of the Sun. History repeats itself with incredible accuracy and coherence, and we're just being opportunistic on which repetition we most want to take advantage of! (smile)

No matter how you dress up the information, or assign to it metaphors or myths or twisted and encoded allegory, its truth, its math, its method, is hard-wired into the Cosmos, and so its Truth, plumbed with sincerity, openness, acceptance, nobility, is unshakable and unchangeable and is only hidden to the closed mind.


Although we have many potent tools currently on our Website which all do precisely what we're talking about, the core objective of The Superbeings is built around the Awareness Bilocation System (ABS), under Mastery in the navigation above. In short, it is a system which trains the practitioner to be completely conscious, aware, in two different continua.

If you found yourself stumbling into a Mystery School in the Himalaya somewhere, and you were a typical Earth human, your foundational disciplines would involve 1) freeing your lower self, the subconscious, of all programs, complexes, embedded beliefs, emotional densities, and so on; and 2) at about the same time, they would begin disabusing you of all your conscious complexes, programs, beliefs, emotional hangups, and so on. The world as it is, with distance, matter and time, is only here because of collective belief. If you want see beyond it, you have to dismantle the belief in it as being what the senses lie to you about.

This foundational and preparatory level could go on for years, and in some modern Hermetic Mystery programs this phase is five years. Now imagine how long it would take if you weren’t consciously working on it every day. It could take lifetimes, and has in fact done just that for almost everyone. This is where the alchemy comes in. It removes all that stuff, from one progression to the next, and does so without you even needing to know about it. So, you could sit and meditate and practice for years to free yourself of it, or just use these alchemies and be done with it inside a year. But we digress (of necessity!).

Once you were deeply into the de-programming phase, they’d then carefully get you started on the disciplines and techniques necessary to get you to understand the world around you as intelligent energy. To sense it that way requires certain practices which lead to those recognitions and understandings. Sensing it that way leads to a full on tear through into a state of being that has been referred to as enlightenment, and I myself have experienced it, and I’ve been walking around in a lucid dream ever since. This is about mind-sight and awareness disciplines and techniques designed to teach you to stop thinking from the level of the programmed mind and start thinking from the level of the mind that perceives everything as intelligent energy, with yourself as a self-sentient, self-cognizant entity within the flow of that energy.

The ability to perform instant miracles, which was standard operating procedure at the time of Jesus for a stunning number of adepts, is pretty much just gaining the responsibility, and therefore the understanding, of how to manipulate the hallucination in order to add a another hallucinatory piece to the larger hallucination. Yes, it’s an hallucination made of energy, but an hallucination nonetheless.

Most of these disciplines are designed to stretch your awareness well beyond your five or six senses, and can take years of practice to master. But our Awareness Bilocation System is remarkably effective at compressing such recognitions down to as little as a few months, saving much time and energy along the way.

So, we have two of the most important foundational elements in moving towards supernormal capabilities already built in to The Superbeings, the first being the purging of all densities, programs and belief patterns, and the other being a powerful training system that circumvents, for the purposes of our objectives, such rigorous and dedicated practice needed to see beyond the pale of this hallucination.

The preparation for an ABS session all by itself puts you in a low alpha state, and then the session itself immerses you deeper into the quantum level where space-as-distance, meaning separation, doesn't exist. Now you're in a theta level of brain frequency, where vastly larger volumes of information are available for perception and processing in a more efficient and holographic way.

Through this method, we are doing things some might find hard to believe, but it doesn't change the quantifiable facts. One such session type puts our deeper consciousness in touch with a temple that exists on inner planes of universal mind, and that temple's intelligence then connects our consciousness with any of what has thus far been a dozen or more worlds. This temple (and we do have an official name for it but which is not prudent to disclose in this document) therefore in effect scans the practitioner for what is needed, and then provides a connection to the experience, like an experiential clearinghouse.

Sometimes these experiences are actual "past" lives experienced in any of what could be millions of realms, or continua, and the reason the connection was made was for releasing something karmic. Sometimes these experiences are with pure intelligent energy. Sometimes they can be the perception of 4th density substructural template "worlds." In all cases, the experiences are widening the bandwidth between multiple levels of experiential continua. In other words, the ABS provides direct conscious contact, and is practicable by anyone because it is a system that can be learned, followed and employed by anyone.

Why this has such potential impact is simple: if we had, say, 3000 simultaneous users of the ABS all in contact with the same non-terrestrial realm, which we can do, we would be very near to bringing that realm into our own conscious experience. That’s how powerful the ABS is set to become, according to a plan we're only a small part in forming. We could literally choose a day for 10,000 people to “show up” in a world we’re already well familiar with, and through that bring much of that world into this one.


There are no objects, just processes. There is nothing solid, just consciousness become objectified as energy, and energy condensed to the appearance of strongly enough perceived mental forms to provide for a shared hallucination. There is no objective world, or even universe, that you can enter and thus experience, but only subjectively experience according to programmed parameters in how energy information is processed, all projected against a sensible screen inside your brain. All is Mind.

These are all axioms that everyone has read many times, but very seldom do they sink in and do what they need to do, and that is to get you to know the truth of them with every fiber and cell of your being. If you understood this completely, what would you be doing? Once it has sunk in and is perceived with every molecule of your being, you know that nothing matters, at all, because it’s all a dream, a mental construct that adheres to your own chosen modes of sensing it and with that sensing responding to it in an endless feedback loop. The only difference between a thought you have in your head, an image, and any image available to your eyes, is the ones you believe to be in the world require more energy to be objectified in shared experience. In other words, the images in what we think of as the real world simply require more energy to cause them to be part of everyone else’s hallucination. That’s what manifestation actually is. The creation of an hallucination within the larger hallucination.

This ultimately means that the project itself is pointless, because there is no point in all of Creation apart from the experiences we create world stages to accommodate and then step into them to experience our own games, and we’ve done it forever, and will continue to do it forever. This isn’t about reaching a phase of consciousness within this body that sees the Infinite and Eternal in their present and agreed upon conceptual frameworks. The Infinite isn’t so much a boundless tract of space with unfathomable distances, but is about spacelessness, for distance is one of the most handy devices to convince the mind of the hallucination of separation, for when you travel, you’re not actually moving. Instead, the whole Earth Virtuality itself is reconfiguring itself in “frames” to give the illusion of motion. The Eternal isn’t so much an endless arrow of time, with no beginning and no end, so much as it is absolute timelessness, the eternal now. In that state of mind, of being, freedom is assured, and for all intents and purposes, nothing then matters. Think about it. If there really was space and time, with solid objects and distances between them, neither the Infinite nor the Eternal could even be possible. Those two concepts can only be possible in a Mind. This is in fact what makes all thoughtforms so precious, and there isn’t anything that isn’t a thoughtform.

This size of mind is available through everything we’re already doing. You just have to be willing to let it happen. It’s as easy as falling asleep. This means that we as a group are coming together for reasons of joy, creativity, re-learning new ways to interact with intelligent energy, and so on, and with this state of mind, create a timeflow splice in which a phase shift into the next continuum can occur for those we came to assist. And as far out there as that may seem, it’s actually a quite factual expression. Meanwhile, how much fun is that? How cool and amazing an experience! No wonder we do this all of the time all over Creation!

The essential axiomatic understanding can be put into two different sentences, both of which are questions, the first passive and the second active: 1) if you came to understand with every particle of your being that absolutely nothing in all of Creation actually mattered, at all, what would you be doing? and 2) if you knew that you could not fail at anything, what would you be doing? Contemplate those questions deeply, because the wiser you get, the more you realize there is no answer that can be couched within the strictures of this world, nor within anything you could create here. Your thinking would go well beyond this place.  

The unwise would say something like, “Well, I would just leave.” And that’s all right, but eventually, through wisdom, that person would discover there is nowhere else to go, and because this is your universe, there are no answers to your questions to be found anywhere outside yourself, because the entire universe is in your head.

In the ultimate analysis, the answer is “I would get clear, empty, open, receptive and ready to express into being the Infinite Creativity of Infinite Mind, thus keeping my own limitations of personality, wants and desires, perception and belief programming from adding to the individually created confusion of this dream. Then my doing is the doing of the Infinite. My thoughts are the thoughts of the Infinite. My will is the will of the Infinite.”

That is in fact Mastery.


Even though it might appear that we're here just to help and be done with it, we are also in this thing for the experience, and to use it all in the name of what is sacred, and that is to create. It just adds knowledge to the Great Knowledge Pool. What we do with the discontinuity, for ourselves as explorers from all over Creation, is up to us, because the discontinuity is if nothing else a massive opportunity, and those biological and spiritual technologies are coming to the surface.

The possibilities resemble those attributed to what are affectionately called Ascended Masters, who are in reality 5th density evolutioners involved in their own evolutionary path as a social memory complex, here to help out however they're asked. Jesus himself is in the 5th density working through those lessons, and helping out here when asked.

Think about that. It's a pretty powerful realization. Those who have been dubbed "Ascended Masters" are on a lower level than the level many reading this came from, and there are of course many of them in bodies at this time, just as awake, or asleep, as any other Wanderer/Volunteer.



The following reading sources are where you can get all the fun and juicy details for what is really happening on Earth. There are many out there, but these are the best by far that we have found.

These are the books that describe what is REALLY happening on Earth better than any written sources we have found.

This series by Lyssa Royal, and the one following it, are to find out what the latest 75.000 year evolutionary path is for, where it's going on why it must go that way:

The Prism of Lyra, by Lyssa Royal - this gives one of the most succinct and accurate accounts of the history of humanoid development in our galaxy. This is important because it's going to become very important for everyone to understand what is really going on with Earth and WHY

Preparing for Contact - by Lyssa Royal - a ton more excellent information on the hows and whys

Visitors From Within - also by Lyssa Royal, and is free as an e-book all over the place, but DO NOT start with this one - it won't help

This material gives great info on the scope of these experiments, and gives a glimpse into the mind of a 6th density social memory complex, which is the density many of you reading this are from.

The Ra Material - - important to understand why this Earth cycle is just a blip on the radar of the larger cycles, and how the New Age movement has been steered, for many, in a controlled direction

Dolores Cannon - An excellent one to start with by this author is The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. Much of her material is important to understand because the Volunteers, or according to Ra (or Solima, the collective that contacted me) the Wanderers, are not OF the 3D to 4D shift. That is a multitude of beings here to HELP 3D humans along the way. There are a surprisingly small percentage of people on this planet wearing the human costume who ARE of the 3D to 4D shift.

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