There was a boy of approximately ten who was crushed by a horse. His lower body detached from his main physical body while his “soul,” the “soul intelligence” of his many bodies, went to the between life place, severing all cords to the various levels of reason and sense data. The lower body then became more or less a memory imprint on underlying layers of what we mistakenly call reality. He became what we call a ghost, wandering in a barely aware state with rudimentary emotions and scant reasoning capacity. Like many ghosts, he wandered in a timeless limbo essentially looking for something that his memory told him was a family. He didn’t quite know what he was looking for, but anything that entered his attention became what he was looking for.

At the moment of the event there was a tremendous release of fear from the boy, and his father was enraged almost beyond rationality as he witnessed the event and rushed over to help, and became even angrier, more helpless and ultimately frustrated when he couldn’t save the boy. All of this expressed emotion attached to local nature elementals, who rose from slumber to slurp up the emotions, which blended as a focus of emotional content with the imprint of the boy’s lower bodyform…his “ghostly” body.

This lower body “boy imprint,” this ghost, more or less forgot about the accident, and with his quite limited reasoning capacity, began to “believe” that he was part of the family his “soul” had left behind. There wasn’t enough thinking capacity in his “head” to understand that he wasn’t just being ignored. From the point of view of his brother and two sisters, “weird” things happened around the house that they thought were being caused by their passed brother, there to remind him that he would always be with them. Because they had an intense fear of their dad, an unreasonably strict and angry country Christian, himself the sum and product of a long chain of abuse, they kept these weird happenings to themselves.

Sometimes the boy’s ghost would be too near to who was once its father when an outburst of anger would flash out from this father-like man and more of it would get attracted to the imprint/elemental combination. When the boy’s ghost would pass through walls it would spread the angry energy into the structure of the home, into the walls and framing and fixtures. The only place the ghost imprint would find even a small measure of what it could sense as familiarity was in the basement, where he seemed to belong, completely unaware that this was a figurative underworld, where the energies below the surface of the ground were more accommodating to his energetic spectra.

The ghost was of course living outside our spacetime continuum, and so as the linear flow advanced forward in our 3rd density perceptual plane, his siblings grew up, but to him they stayed exactly the same throughout that ten to twelve year period. Eventually, the children grown and the parents passed, several successive families moved in and out over the years. The little boy ghost just saw them as his family, not equipped with the needed sensing equipment to assemble a difference in his limited capacity awareness. More and more houses sprung up nearby on all the sold and converted farmland, so there were many newer and newer homes nearby. But these would only be knowable from our perceptual framework, while for the ghost imprint everything remained exactly the same as the day this part was severed from the other parts of what was once a boy.

Then one day a new family moved in. It was only then that the limited awareness specter was able to cognize that the house had even been empty for quite some time. This was a nice event, the return of its family, who had already taken on their appearance. From our perspective, there was an additional boy in this family, but since its limited perception was so fixed on the “way it had been” it was unable to even perceive the fourth child.

Because it was essentially fueled and formed by emotional content as the “thought-flesh” on a framework of an idea, some of that content was converted to excitement. This was expressed in things moving around, especially the fixtures his energies had over the years attached to, but it only worked around the children. There was a small measure of realization that it could absorb energy from “his” “sister,” and started doing that on a regular basis. From our perspective, she was becoming ill, but he was completely unaware of that as even ideation or possibility. This additional energy attracted more energy, and the blueprint of this boy imprint began moving more towards the realm of 3rd density sense data. There was an additional bit of information that dawned on its awareness, that it all worked better according to a certain rhythm he didn’t understand, but what in 3rd density would be night-time. But it was difficult to comprehend this gestalt of energy ideation, and the added emotional energy was causing an awareness that it was actually never being seen before by its “family” until now. Well, at least one of them. And with that awareness came a changing in the appearance of “his” “family.”

It/he couldn’t have known about “night” because for it/him it was perpetually day, but there were rhythms which began to be cognized where the energies were different. It/he, like pretty much everyone in Western Culture, couldn’t have known that without the Sun’s rays filtering through the various protective spheres, the quality of the energy, especially in our Fall, would become more angularly aligned to reveal different congealed superpositions of overlapping layers of self-aware form data in forms recognizable to our programming...namely all things typically paranormal, all of which emanates from the collective mind of the people of this planet.

Some quantities of the emotional energy then began being changed to fear, fear borne of not understanding what was actually happening, and from fear feedback from the family. And then anger started to intensify, because in the limited reasoning capacity it could only objectify the simplistic thought that this usurper family had done something with “his” “family.”

The children started feeling as though something bad was living in the house, and the youngest told her mother that a boy was in her bedroom last night. Her mother told her she was imagining it, and that she should stop and be a big girl, that Jesus was watching out for her and no harm could come to her. Then one day, while the other kids were at school, her mother heard the youngest talking to someone. She went to investigate, and her daughter was communicating with someone who simply wasn’t there.

This triggered an enormous flash of fear from her mother, but of course the mother had absolutely no idea that emotion is as real as a 3rd density volcano on 4th density astral planes and got slurped up by the increasingly dense boy imprint. Since everything reflects what it absorbs, the fear began to build on itself, and as the boy imprint’s increasing densification continued, the fear energy grew and the increasing reasoning capacity started to also produce anger because there was a growing cognition that these stranger parents were denying his existence, and making his children “friends” feel isolated, lonely, afraid, and increasingly fearful of him. This caused something in the emotional mass he was only vaguely familiar with…pain, and that too started to radiate.

As 3rd density time wore on, activity around the home increased. Soon, the parents were no longer able to deny that something was going on. They hung crosses on the walls of the children’s bedrooms and over doors. The boy imprint at first didn’t even know what these were, but he was absorbing their emotional content and was therefore becoming something else, something that seemed to be in-formation from their thoughts and emotions. It/he could actually see pictures pouring out of their minds and bodies, and sparks of fear of those images would fly off of him. Little could it/he have known, but they were turning this emotional imprint into a demon more than 100 years after his “true self fragment,” his “soul,” had vacated the three main self-cognizant bodies.

Matters were reaching something of a crescendo, because the thoughts of the parents were fleshing out a full-blown demon, hooves and horns and all, according to their own beliefs and perceptual output. The boy imprint was the same as he’d always been but for the added awareness through densification, but there were thought and emotion expressions that it/he had no control over, as it was all coming from those horrible usurper parents who did nothing but heap fear, hate, pain and anger on its/his emotional engine. This was helplessness personified as there was nothing it/he could do, and nowhere it/he could go.

Soon they got in touch with a paranormal group who came to investigate. One of them was a psychic medium who walked through the house “feeling the energies” and giving a narrative of her experience.

“There is a very dark and angry energy here,” she declared almost immediately, of course completely oblivious to the fact that most of it was being produced by the adults who’d called her. Then, in the basement, with her “sight” (ahem) she was frightened out of her mind to discover a demon inhabited the basement. Clearly there was a portal to Hell there, and true to this thought expression a portal accommodated her output, doing what the universe always does…producing what you choose to see. She fled in horror and cried “This house has a demon! It needs an exorcism!”

The boy imprint followed because there were powerful energetic currents coming from this creature, and it/he slurped them up with fervor and satisfaction. There were spontaneous bursts coming from him he could not even understand, and it was causing the cupboards to open and slam and stuff to fly around. Naturally there was no way for it/him to comprehend that his (more a “him” than an “it” now) energy was the energy in the cupboards and flying stuff. From his perspective all he could see were energy currents that had some effect on energy-matter templates in it/his vicinity. He could only perceive that all that moving stuff matched what it felt like to be him.

Two days later the psychic medium was back in the house, sprinkling water from a small container here and there and praying from some book. To his sight, the book was absolutely dead, devoid of energy. With her were the usurper parents, also nearly shouting some unintelligible noise-turned-emotional reports of reverberating sound. The boy imprint followed them around and watched, with his limited level of humor, as this bizarre exercise continued. From the 3rd density perspective of the medium the demon was fighting and snarling and responding to the special water, again just giving her precisely what she was herself producing.

The psychic medium had reached such an emotional high, a truly inspiring buzz of chemicals and power and glory, shouting, “The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!” while the little boy imprint didn’t even comprehend what was meant by “Christ.”

But from her perspective the demon, the demon she herself had helped to create, was weakening and she commanded that it reveal its name. In such a “weakened” state, It snarled to her what she most wanted to hear: “We are Legion, and we will never leave! You will all die!” These sentences are of course among the most popular in this formulaic scenario.

It’s odd how Legion’s proclamations never actually come true, but ok, we can set that on the back-burner for now.

And then, in the Grand Finale of this magnificent stage act, she commanded that Archangel Michael stand beside her and fight fight FIGHT for goodness, for God, and send this demon, trembling before the power of God, back to Hell!

When the discarnate observers of this particular experiment had seen all they needed, collected all the information and sent it to a central processing realm, one of them broke off, went to the boy imprint and disaggregated all the emotional energy constructs and matching visual data, took it up in white flames and sent it to undifferentiated consciousness. Then it beamed to the boy imprint that it/he was deeply loved and supported, and then it/he saw coming towards him an enlarging focus of beautiful golden-white light.

Then he too was absorbed into undifferentiated consciousness.

The psychic medium declared, flushed, relieved and completely buoyed by her victory, “We have sent the demon back to Hell, never to return! Our faith has triumphed! With Christ and Archangel Michael’s help, we have done God’s work! Hosanna! And praise be unto Jesus! Amen!”

The parents’ faith was immeasurably strengthened. They now saw how they could overcome anything with faith and courage. The youngest daughter, napping upstairs, watched in her dream as the being of light came to her friend and took him to a beautiful place. She was never actually able to see the demon and couldn’t even begin to comprehend the commotion going on down there. This remained as a splinter memory in her mind, consciously forgotten but most certainly there, and when she went through the chemical changes of puberty eight years later, her brain’s, and mind’s, wiring was rerouted and she mentally shunned Christianity and turned her attention towards her “friends” in nature.

Six years later she told her parents that Christianity had invented both Hell and the Devil, which is why there are more of them in and around the Vatican than anywhere on Earth. They disowned her.

She is now an accomplished ghost-whisperer, doing most of her work to free structural spaces of persistent semi-aware thought and emotion imprints from her altar room in Connecticut. A semi-awake producer had got wind of her work and wanted to put her on TV as a counterpoint to all the religioustitious ridiculousness out there, but she declined, knowing that the spotlight would severely diminish her power.

She has yet to find a mate who sees and feels enough to be her – at least temporary – counterpart, and she’s perfect with this.

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