I want to go into what’s now going on with Volunteers/Wanderers. It was really going on all along, but there has come a juncture in the flow of advancement where we are more seriously shifting onto this path, and anybody not on this path is going to struggle, especially Volunteers. If you don't know what we mean by "Volunteer," you should probably read this document, because you are in fact a Volunteer, as pretty much all seekers are exactly that. The path, in the context of this writeup, is described simply as “the path of purity,” thus the title "The Great Purge." With purity, I’m not talking about heaven-like things, or angels or whatever, but simply being clean in all your local bodies, including the so-called physical, as a composite of what you are.

The discussion thread for this massive topic is here.


You can’t be in this Earth system and not be toxified, from a little to a lot. It’s just part of the game and a necessary part of the experience…necessary till now, I should say. It’s time to get rid of it all. We’ve been given some extremely powerful tools to accomplish the purging of it all, and that’s what we’re going to talk about. If you know you’re toxified on all levels of your composite being, and you want to skip the story element to explain it, the whys and hows, feel free to jump to The SOLUTION below. But I promise you, the next few pages are a fun read because it will tell you exactly what you’ve been doing all this time, through these multiple embodiments. It will explain everything, or almost.

In the clearest manner possible, the Gang Upstairs, Merlin and Saint Germain included, have told me that it’s time to accomplish a most important task. That task can be stated this way:

“It’s time to show the Volunteers how to ace this being human thing. Mastering the being human thing is really just the act of finding perfect balance, wellness and unfettered joy in being in this body at this time. It’s far and away the most important undertaking we’ve tasked you with in the current visit. Mastering the being human thing is conceptually simple, yet possibly quite difficult in the effort itself. Many of them want out of these bodies, of course, but that won’t help the project in the least. The more Volunteers in bodies we have, the easier the transition of the project itself.”

To make this writeup as short as possible, I’m going to put it in story form, and of course a lot of this has been set down elsewhere on this website. It just became time to clarify and summarize and put into actions, mainly so you can understand the alchemies Merlin’s crowd is downloading now and in the future. I was “on the phone” with them recently, and I thought it was funny and lovely that they were thanking me for continuing to let them flow stuff into this world through me.

The Big Story. There was a time when a call for help erupted from Earth. It happened when they set off the atom bombs. The call went out to all corners of Creation. Many beings on many levels were assembled to manage this experience. Volunteers were solicited. Let's pretend the message that went out soliciting help contained a writeup on what was needed, and what Volunteers could expect. Maybe you’ve seen this, but there’s a famous ad posted by Ernest Shackleton for a famous trip to Antarctica in the early 1900s. It’s one of the most harrowing stories in history. The ad said: Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success. That’s not far off of the ad you as a Volunteer saw on the cosmic board of needed Volunteers. Let’s just pretend for a few minutes and go into what the rest of the brochure said:

There is a beautiful planet that needs your help. It needs you to be a vessel, a portal, through which to flow higher frequencies, codes and knowledge into the collective consciousness grids of this world. It needs you to help elevate it out of darkness. The body-personality you’ll inhabit in that world won’t know that you’re present. It will very likely stay in a state of amnesia, but it’s possible, with your help, that it could awaken. It won’t know that you’re flowing in all that higher information unless and/or until it begins to remember what you are, that you are present, and this eventuality might not even happen. So, be prepared for that. The body-personality might experience an entire lifecycle there and not remember anything at all. It’s one of the most profoundly powerful experiential elements of this world. This amnesia can’t be avoided. It’s a part of how that planetary system works. That means the body-personality you’ll inhabit will believe in concepts like danger. There’ll be survival instincts built it.  You’ll learn of something they call evil. That will be a difficult concept for you to grasp, but please understand we’re sending you to classes and orientations. The beings there are not very far along, but are using the concepts of bad, and evil, and right and wrong, to better understand how to move into and manage as a collective their next step in an important evolutionary process. You’ve perhaps read about The Great DNA Merger in Sector 7 in the Universal Archives?

It also means the body-personality you will inhabit will adopt from birth the single mind of a controlling intelligence, which contains in its program bases something they call fear, and fear rules the majority of the individual lives. Fear is a very important part of that system’s teaching mechanisms. Please understand, it’s by no means a permanent condition, and you’ll learn so much from it which can’t be learned in any other way or system. The planet is filthy, polluted, poisonous, toxic, ugly, awful, brutal, but also jaw-droppingly beautiful and magnificent, its people strong, resilient, and often good to one another. In the darkest things, places, minds and hearts, there is yet immense beauty, if you learn how to see it. It is impossible for you to enter this system and not get covered, inside and out, with its horrendous pollutants. You will be occupying what is known as a human body, and that body will be the densest, slowest, lowest frequency vessel you’ve ever tried on. It will become heavily poisoned, extremely toxified, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. There are multiple levels of consciousness associated with these vessels, by necessity, and so you will be perfectly aware of yourself, what you’re doing, your mission, but the consciousness of the body, the personality of the human, may not be aware of you. It may not listen to you, and if so there is almost nothing you can do to help it to make the choices that ease the pain and suffering it experiences. Don’t fret about this. In that system, pain and suffering carry more transformational power than any other approach for learning and advancement. But know this, what that body-personality experiences, YOU’LL ALSO EXPERIENCE, and it won’t be simply vicarious. You’ll feel it even MORE than the body-personality you’ll be riding around in. Even though you’ll revel in the power of the pain and suffering, you won’t judge it as such. You’ll see it as an immense and important experience, while the body-personality you’ll be riding around in will see it as punishment from God, or as unfair, or as an aberration, because they will not have awakened to the fact that you, a primary layer of the self-composite, chose it.

What is important to understand is that the toxicity exists on all levels of the various bodies that make up the composite individuation. Recall that we just mentioned the various levels of consciousness. This is just another way of saying “bodies.” This means that you also will be poisoned, heavily, mostly by thoughts and emotions expressed by these people over tens of thousands of years, and again, there isn’t anything that can be done about that. And you won’t be poisoned by just the body-personality you’ll be riding around in, but the entire collective of toxicity that lives in their thoughts and emotions, which are hung up in the planet’s etherosphere. We suspect the hard part of this for you to accept will be that the body-personality will have the final say-so on whether you get cleansed of it. If your messaging gets through to them, through what they call intuition, and they follow it, they will endeavor to purge their subtle bodies of all toxins, thus purging YOU of those toxins, and then the physical body, the fleshly body-personality you’ll be inhabiting, will become MUCH easier to purge and cleanse. This, in the end, you could say is the mission statement. Purging, thus purifying, is the highest imperative of our collective effort. It will become clear, in this solicitation brochure, why that is.

It’s important to understand the basics of why that world is so polluted, because it was all done by design. We have examined their records, and even though this world is a brutal, harsh, trying, and terrifying place, we clearly see why it is such an effective classroom for the experiment they’re carrying out on behalf of their entire galaxy. It’s momentous, beautiful, and will send waves of implications through all of Creation on all levels.

This planet contains many elements, set forth on what they call a “periodic chart,” specifically designed to define the nature and extent of the experience this classroom is intended to provide. The way the experiment was set up was ingenious, if we don’t say so ourselves. Indeed, we are thinking of adopting a similar class of experiment for similar reasons in systems all over the cosmos, as this one has proved to be so effective. The elements were installed by passing comets, asteroids, the densification of certain classes of gases, the makeup of their primordial star. They are designed to lower the frequency of the system itself, and therefore the bodies to be used. This was done to create one of the densest vessels ever attempted in any embodiment experiment anywhere, and it has succeeded, fabulously. These body-personalities actually do believe they are separate entities, which is a crucial element of the experiment. Indeed, it is monumentally difficult for them to see how untrue that is. We know how hard that is to believe, but you also have already matriculated through a similar process, even if you’ve forgotten.

They have elements such as cadmium, aluminum, mercury, and many others, and these are being put to use in a variety of ways to introduce them into the bodies. It’s in the air, water and foods of the entire system, and there is no way to take them out of the system itself. There will be factions of these humans who will blame others for poisoning them. They will accuse these “poisoners” of being evil (about which you’ll learn in classes, should you elect to help out), but they fail to understand that the system itself requires those who plan and implement the poisoning, as they are integrated with the experience and the necessity of its features.

These elements are designed to 1) assist in more complete amnesia, 2) to put a null zone buffer between the bodies and knowledge of higher worlds, 3) to insulate their vegetable bodies, otherwise known as nervous systems, from reaching into the cosmic neural network, 4) to limit certain organs in the bodies’ heads from apprehending the full scope of realities raging all around them at all times. This was very important to maintain the illusion of separation, which itself is very important for the experience.

That planet’s solar system is, as we write, heading into a higher energy zone in their galactic space. The success of the experiment is inevitable, but having something at stake is also an important element for the individual and collective experience. That higher energy zone in galactic space will make it very difficult for the bodies to continue on in any measure of wellness or balance so long as the multiple strata of bodies remain poisoned. As stated, the toxins for the physical layer are many, and were deliberately installed in the planet itself. The toxins for the subtle bodies, which includes you, are all related to emotions like guilt and shame, and unloving thoughts. These are as toxic as any physical poisons. We can’t stress enough that if the body-personality you’re riding around in decides it’s time to get clean, then cleansing the etheric bodies will lead to a much more efficient cleansing of the physical body.

There will come a time when it becomes crucial that these cleansings begin. You yourself will know this, and it will be your job to get through to the body-personality that it’s time. Flowing into the shared consciousness pool of Earth will be many tools for these cleansings/purgings, and you yourself could choose to be in on the developments and implementations. This will be an amazing epoch on that world, as your efforts will lead the way for the population you are there to help into their next evolutionary phase. The systems our kind will develop and implement, will cleanse the entire planet, eventually, and they will be able to move on and live in balance and wellness with the new energies in the 4th density for the duration of that cycle. But there’s more, and this is where it gets fun. Removing the densification elements discussed above will help the body-personalities to know and see much beyond their little world. They’ll begin to see what you’re able to see and know. Removing all these poisons and toxins, in other words, is the secret to the highest spirituality. Put another way, PURIFICATION is the secret to the highest spirituality. Something few of those people understand, however, and that the body-personality will certainly forget, is that the very pinnacle of spirituality can only be discovered and further plumbed through a physical vessel. Said another way, the highest-level spirituality IS the physical.

And finally, it’s quite possible you’ll take note of the fact that Volunteers, yourself included, will be among the least balanced and healthy people of that population. The reasons are simple. You’ll dislike, even despise, the body-personlity you’re riding around in. You’ll want out, but know now this mission is a binding contract, and there is no way out of the story you yourself will be experiencing. You’ll almost undoubtedly find yourself totally disgusted by how heavy it all is, how slow, how unconscious and uncaring the people, how unaware. All of these types of thoughts, issuing from the body-personality with or without your involvement, can become toxins for the body you’re riding around in, making them sick, and therefore making YOU sick. This is why many of our kind, the Volunteers, will be sicker than the rest of the population.

Adding to the balance and wellness difficulty is that you and other Volunteers will be processing 5, 10, 20, 100 times as much toxic “information” than will those you’re helping. You will process it out of the planet’s grids, out of your neighbors, out of your family and friends, out of everything. You’ll take on their heavy metals, discussed previously, through a quantum effect, and process it for them. Volunteers will therefore be  far more poisoned by heavy metals, and everything else, than those you’ll be helping to get to their next level.

There is another possibility to forewarn you about. You, and not just the awakening body-personality, might develop a resentment towards the people you’re helping. This resentment could well rise from you and seep into the body-personality. You will look around and see the people you’re helping will run around, carelessly toss smoldering cigarette butts into the streets, McDonald’s sacks into the landfills, letting the garbage pile up to their chins, stay unconscious, be mean, pollute everything, promote divisiveness, continuously install hate, guilt, shame, anger, all manner of ugliness, into the shared pool of consciousness, and all you will do is dutifully walk around behind them and clean up their messes, and this you will do nonstop since the day of your birth, and in every single life, while the body-personality will remain completely oblivious to this fact, unless it wakes up to it. And you will never stop cleaning up their messes until the planet and all its own subtle bodies are clean. It will be a daily grind that is beyond belief, and you won’t be thanked for it. In fact, you’ll be vilified for knowing what you know, and for doing the things you will do. But among the volunteers will also be that world’s great teachers, and service and sacrifice will be a most important attitude to adopt. Drawing from among the Volunteers, will be all the great spiritual teachers and scientists of that world.

When you get there, you will live simultaneously all of the lives in all periods that will be necessary for your orientation and acclimation, but they will erroneously call them “past lives.” Those lives, those embodiments you’ll be inhabiting, may experience unimaginable difficulty and brutality. The body-personality will be horrified, hurt, will hate, seek vengeance, express rage, and these expressions will all get on you. And they also will have to be cleared away.

Now, finally, we want you to know that there is a very bright upside to all this. You will become stronger from this experience than you can possibly imagine, and you will take these lessons, and this strength, and share it in your home worlds. For that, you will be venerated as a veteran of The Earth Experiment, like a conquering hero, and you’ll have symbols of accomplishment in your fields, and flower petals will be thrown at your feet during the parade held in your honor. You will have overcome the possibly the most momentous difficulties of your entire trillion-year existence, and you will do it just to see if you can, which is actually why every creature in all of creation does anything they do. This is why, we are confident, you will volunteer.

We thank you, hand to chest, if you do.

Folks, what I just wrote is, no exaggeration, precisely what is going on, and has been from the beginning. But here’s the deal, you might not know it, but you’re carrying around more toxins, on all levels, than you think. What happens is the body acclimates to them and tricks the body into thinking that it’s perfectly healthy and balanced. This will be the case for those who are most in denial. It will catch up with them. Seekers/Volunteers who happen to be honest with themselves might in fact experience the greatest difficulty, because the toxins, intelligent entities unto themselves, know how to hide. As an example, cadmium, the most difficult of them all, tricks the body into thinking that it’s zinc. But we’ll be going more into that.

Getting free of the toxins (programs, densities, thoughts, emotions, etc.) is in fact what will elevate you out of the human drama. This is its own form of ascension, and of course I’m not referring to the popular myth of a merger with the 5th dimensional lightbody. Believe it or not, your rise along a curve of increasing physical AND etheric (often mis-termed as “spiritual”) frequency is ascension, but the best tool ever created in this neck of the galactic supercluster is the human body. That’s why the deepest secrets and esoterica are held within the human body. It is THE vessel through which a full and simultaneous operation of at least 12 strands of DNA are possible. Don’t get too excited about that. As a Volunteer, you’ll be long gone and won’t experience the full 12 strand operation, at least in a human body, which will in any event be millions of years in their future. As a Volunteer, it’s worth pointing out, you might actually be from a 12-strand continuum, or home world.

Your getting clean, pure, will help purify everything else, and it is in fact the next step in this massive project, and it’s becoming increasingly crucial with every passing day.

We’ve been taught a lot lately, and have in fact been given some extraordinarily effective tools. Let’s talk a sec about the extent, and even subtlety, of the problem. Unless you have done extensive, thorough, and deep clearing work, you have every single ad you have ever seen or heard imprinted on your DNA – radio, TV, print…it doesn’t matter. You’re carrying it. It’s in you, and it all must be purged. They are pollutants. If you’re driving down a road with billboards on the side, without even looking at them they’re imprinted on your DNA. The subliminal effort is far greater than the surface conscious effort. Every news report, every hateful thought, every negative emotion witnessed, every mean outburst…it’s all imprinted on your DNA, and not just from this lifetime. Now, granted, many Volunteers are only contracted for a few embodiments, but the truth is, you’re still processing on behalf of everyone else, and some Volunteers have done a thousand embodiments. The list of subliminal and surface pollutants of this type goes on and on and on.

Our alchemies have been working to clear people of all this subtle stuff just mentioned for 18 years, and they’re as good, or better, than anything on the planet in doing it.

You are also poisoned by all environmental pollutants, heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Heavy metals are in everything, almost without exception, and the reason for this is that they’re in the water, the soils, the air, the food…everywhere, by PLAN, as mentioned.

Being the being we REALLY are, we’re very pure, and therefore in perfect health and balance. But when we take on these polluted bodies in this polluted world, we assimilate the built-in sicknesses. You could say that if “sickness” was a finite quantity, we came in droves to divide the load up between all of us, and the more of us to share the load the better.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is at this time to get free of all Earth's built-in poisons, parasitic influences, molds, etc. Yes, they've always been an important part of the Earth human experience, entwined with the need for struggle, overcoming, difficulty, suffering, but now it's time for them to go. It is as stated the next step, and if you don't take it, you could face some serious problems as we move deeper into the higher energy zone in galactic space.

What this tells us is that we are where the bow of the ship meets the water. We’re being charged with the task of clearing our own bodies, both dense and subtle, as the means by which we show those we came to help to also do it. But we’re going to encode the collective consciousness grid with the information, how to do it, and to help build an increasing momentum to that end. What we are to become is the next step, and the DNA, now released from the programmed limitations, will undergo mutagenic growth on an unprecedented scale. So long as you stay in nobility, integrity, and remain clear, at least some of you will achieve superhuman levels of being and ability. I speak from experience on this front.

Let’s utilize information on cadmium to further illustrate what we’re facing. It’s in, once again, everything, including tap water, coffee, processed and refined foods (i.e., hydrogenated oils), and seafood. It’s very male, and it has its harshest effects on the kidneys, the cardiovascular system, brain tissues, the nervous system as a whole, and it gets caught up in bone, fascia, muscle tissue, organs, and the list goes on. It can be instrumental in causing almost the entire spectrum of disease. It’s so toxic to brain tissues, it can result in dark and violent thoughts. Absent any root-causal programs, it can cause anger for absolutely no reason or trigger. It’s behind arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, adrenal disorders, and the list goes on and on.

It’s also completely integrated with designed aging, and is behind the shortening of telomeres. Telomeres are caps that protect DNA and its information, and as they shorten, degrade, biological aging happens. Why? Because Earth is a planet where aging is part of the needed experiences for the success of the experiment. But, guys, that’s going to start changing, and we’re being shown some fundamentals on not just stopping it, but reversing it.

Cadmium so closely resembles zinc, structurally, it tricks the body into thinking it has plenty of it. It can also do this with magnesium, manganese, selenium and calcium. In that respect, it’s like a virus, where it debilitates its host, yet lets it live, and can actually give feelings that the health is perfect and all is good. It’s very stubborn, and continues with its tricks the minute you start detoxing it. In this way, it behaves as a crutch, and while tricking the body in this way, it boosts adrenal activity, placing it squarely behind adrenal disorders, panic attacks, elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and again the list goes on.

In a more metaphysical way, it’s directly involved in grounding us in physical life. As stated, it’s very male. Grounding often includes diseases and physical symptoms. Of the many characteristics and properties needed for the Earth DNA experiment, the presence of cadmium was an important one. It’s expressly one of the reasons Earth was chosen. Without my own physical problems, I’d have never been present enough in my body to be fully effective at what I do. Cadmium, all by itself, is the most important of the pervasive toxic elements helping to keep godsparks “asleep,” feeling separate, dense, and therefore unready to transcend the host, as it were.



Now to practical issues. What to do about all this. Once we started to pursue effective heavy metals detoxification, more and more information began crossing our path. One such piece of information has to do with our new product, Purazyme. What we wanted to do more than anything was to find a consumable that could effectively "reduce" heavy metals and purge them from the body. The reason we were investigating this so vigorously is because we realize not everyone can afford a Premier IonCleanse footbath, which is far and away the most effective way to detoxify heavy metals. If there is a clear winner in the second-best method, it's Purazyme, the product available through us. For me, it accelerated the purge of the heavy metals from about 60% of my starting-point toxification to 10% over the course of 6 weeks, bearing in mind I was also using the IonCleanse footbath.

Our system of detox works incredibly well, especially on heavy metals. From October of last year (2017) to now (July 9), I went from extremely poisoned to 90% clear. You must understand that getting clear of heavy metals, which actually help hold in other toxins, can take 3-5 years with dogged discipline of both sticking with protocols and not taking in more of the metals in everyday living. Cadmium is the major problem. Not even mercury and aluminum are as harmful in normal toxification quantities. Our superseer, in talking to the Gang Upstairs, said detoxifying cadmium was like chipping away at marble with a butter knife.

It helps, hugely, to have a lighter "physical" body, which is to say a higher quotient of photonic communication in our various cell types. Our alchemies are designed for exactly this, and they help in wholesale purgation of toxins on all levels, including emotional, thought, astral connections, old contracts, etc. Because our alchemies are so effective at "lightening" the physical body, moving it more towards a type of "etheric" condition, the toxins are far more easily released. This adds to the efficiency of our suggested processes. We say this because the below table will make more sense. In addition, the alchemies will clear you of all “ads,” “news” and other types of DNA imprintings, and will do so more effectively than anything that can be consumed. The huge advantage to using the alchemies is that they also protect you, utterly, from taking on any more of the subtle, thought-level, pollutants, including those that emanate from you.

To give an idea what we're dealing with, we'll give a rough outline on detox durations. Keep in mind that these times assume you are NOT taking in more of the toxins, or at least very little. Also, these are obviously very approximate, as everybody's bodies function differently. Those who have used much of our alchemy can reduce the detox duration by 60% or more. So, the below table could also be expressed as 3 times faster, or 2 times faster, etc.

  • Standard herbal and chelation methods alone: 3-5 years
  • Purazyme alone: 2-3 years
  • IonCleanse alone: 1.5-2 years
  • IonCleanse & Purazyme: 1-1.5 years
  • Our Method - I did it in 8 months, and as an alchemist I was likely significantly more poisoned than you


PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to get a Premier IonCleanse, we get a $250 referral fee after the 60-day guarantee passes by the company who makes these. If you get on any sort of payment plan, it must be paid off first. Be sure to let us know that you've made the purchase, so we can keep our records straight. We can pay you the money, or you can opt to leave it as a store credit or add it to your PPA, or you can choose to donate it to the cause.

Our suggested method includes zinc, selenium, magnesium and possibly calcium supplementation. The body habituates itself to "thinking" that cadmium is zinc, as their metallic lattice structure is very similar. In using zinc, you're reminding your body what zinc really is, and it begins to release cadmium from the kidneys first, then the blood and other organs. Selenium supports the zinc, and also helps release cadmium from brain tissue. Magnesium serves a host of functions in this process, but keeping the body calm through the shock of realizing it had been inappropriately using cadmium for all those years is at the top of the list.

Our method also uses:

  • Premier IonCleanse, the only footbath method we endorse. In fact, we discourage the use of any other, because they can mess with the body's energetics.
  • Our Alchemical Products, especially AlkhemLuminGold and Platinum.
  • Purazyme, which includes Lumin
  • Puramyd and/or Merlin Power Stones
  • Meridian Matrix – used to scour, cleanse and energize the meridians during the entire process of toxin purgation. This one surprised me. I had no idea Merlin had this in mind when he/they told me to make it.
  • Zinc, selenium, magnesium, and calcium supplementation. The only critical one of these is zinc, but I used them all.

PLEASE NOTE: There are ways for you to find out just how toxified you are. The method we use is called Asyra Testing. It gives a pretty comprehensive view of your "wellness index," as it were, and lists causes. Frankly, I don't think it detects as much of the heavy metals as at least some of its practitioners believe it does. In other words, I don't think it sees, and that the practitioners therefore sense, the degree and urgency of the problem, especially with heavy metal toxicity. There might be a practitioner in your area. Look around for naturopaths or other types of non-traditional healers (although many MDs are beginning to use the system), call and ask them if they use Asyra, or a similar testing/scanning technology. If you're unable to find someone, we can scan you remotely, but our feedback won't be as detailed. Perhaps you don't think the detail is necessary. We can get a baseline for you for the presence of heavy metals, and then we can periodically check you for progress. This we can do under the Wellness Services we offer.

Before we get to what this Purazyme is made of, and does, it's extremely important to know that a powerful revolution is seeing a groundswell in wellness and human potential movements. Generically, you could call it the psychobiotic revolution, and what it's doing is educating the public on the gut/brain connection, and how the flora and parasitic presences in our digestive tracts from the gut down, and then spread to systemic, are responsible for many conditions, many of which being related to psychological well-being. Good reading is The Psychobiotic Revolution, which you can find on Amazon.

Now for what Purazyme is. We don't make one of the components of this product. That component is made by a high-level adept in spagyrics. I've known of this guy for at least 10 years, and he's the real deal when it comes to understanding what the human microbiome requires. We combine his product with Lumin, which is on a whole new level of late, to make Purazyme. The enzyme component is made from a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, and archaea from ground, soil, grass-fed cow’s milk, and various forms of decomposing vegetation. They have been bred on specific foods to the human biome sets to replicate the human diet and have been allowed to evolve into symbiotic cultures over time. The Mother Culture is then fed on a blended solution of soil, food-based ingredients, living plant material, honey, molasses, and more. It ferments, settles out, and is quadruple filtered. It all comes together, with Lumin, to make an awesome symbiosis on our comprehensive microbiome.

In cleaning mountain streams of heavy metals, such as around mining operations, a substance is used to "reduce" the metals from subtle, flowing, and nanoparticle forms, such as colloidal. They drop out and become harmless in those streams. They're used in reclamation projects all over the world. Purazyme functions in a similar way within the human microbiome of all systems and tissues. It brings literally everything that must go together into larger particulate form, then purges 90% of it through the skin. The other 10% is purged through normal elimination means. Obviously, it helps to work up a sweat some way or another as frequently as possible, and hot baths, especially with Meridian Matrix in them, works wonders.

One of the most important aspects of Purazyme is its ability to break down the toxins that we absorb in our body from myriad sources and reduce it to inert elements. These include molds and fungi. Something to note is that many of the foods we eat are contaminated by pesticides and these are massive interrupters of the endocrine and systems of elimination in the body. Did you know that the bacteria in your gut are responsible for the synthesis of over 90% of the serotonin in your body? So, if you're eating conventional produce sprayed with toxic herbicide/insecticide/ fungicide cocktails, you are definitely disrupting the endocrine system. And if you suffer from depression, insomnia, IBS, adrenal fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, diabetes (Types 1 and 2), thyroid issues, etc., then you may indeed have an endocrine disorder. Purazyme also helps break down mycotoxins and neurotoxins in the body, which is incredible as these substances are nearly impossible to detoxify and can usually only be effectively removed with binders like clay or activated charcoal over long periods of time.

Purifying all of the bodies associated with your composite being is in fact your next step, and it doesn’t matter how clean you think you are, unless you have done EXTENSIVE work, and not taken any more in, over the course of years and years, if not decades.

After achieving a higher degree of purity, all of the alchemies then take on a more powerful role, because they can do more of what they were designed for from the very beginning. But what might be the most exciting part about that, is that Merlin promises there are alchemies being designed to download to me that will take us to a whole other level, but getting clean is a pre-requisite for their use. It’s interesting to note that in Egypt, what we’d do is everything in our power to STAY clean, especially among the priest/ess classes and royalty. Then we’d use alchemies very like all the ones I make in order to perform superhuman abilities. I know those so-called superhuman abilities are coming, because I do them now, but I’m also being shown the path to even more powerful ones.

Finally, we want you to know that the thalamus gland is actually more principle in perceiving higher worlds. It’s the gland which has the base programming, the switches, which determine how much, and what, of all of the associated “realms” Earth is associated with is allowed through. Cleansing the thalamus is tantamount to what many new agers call Ascension, but what’s happening isn’t anything other than realizing, and using, more and more of the realities that exist right where we stand, in these bodies.

Please, for the sake of your body-mind, your brain-mind, and your multiple inner selves, get clean and clear. If you don't utilize our system, which is as good or better than any Earth, do SOMETHING.

It’s all very exciting, and we’re grateful, and honored, to have an opportunity to develop and implement such incredibly effective systems for the safe and balanced purging/cleansing that has become absolutely critical at this time.



Cleaning up your diet is a great idea as well. It's always about what you do or don't do every day. Overcoming chronic conditions requires discipline (worth it) and education, but you can totally transform your system inside out and by addressing the root causes, fix a ton of things along the way. There is no need to be too limiting or punishing with special diets but if you can help it, when you clean up your diet your entire palette for fresh and healthy becomes the new craving. Pinterest is so excellent for recipes and gathering up a plan and there are a ton of blogs about how to eat healthy without it taking up too much of your life, and how fit it into your budget. That there is so much out there professing the types of diets which adhere to what these new energies require should be a clear enough indication that it’s where everything is going.

Clean Foods: None of this is that difficult, or a strain on the wallet. You just have to become conscious of everything you put into your body. This means no junk food, period. Get it out of your life. No processed foods of any kind. This means whole foods, preferably certified organic, or if not organic, at least minimally processed, hopefully cleansed of pesticides, anti- biotic free, gluten-free, high-fructose corn syrup free, and free of genetic modifications. If you soak your fruits and veggies in a bath of baking soda for 10 minutes, it can help remove the pesticides on the surface. Simply washing them under tap water just doesn’t quite get it done.

Purazyme can mitigate the toxins you are taking in on a less than ideal diet and help replenish the healthy bacteria of the gut disrupted by toxins. Some people may need to go vegetarian or vegan or raw vegan. Or for that matter, ketogenic or paleo or water fasting or whatever you need to do. Going full vegan at least for a while might be a good idea if you are a pretty heavy meat-eater, or had a long term fast food habit. Going all vegetarian is not right for some bodies, and we don't subscribe to the a one-size-fits-all vegan Nazism a large movement of new agers are talking about to achieve a high vibration. If that works for your body, more power to you, but for Mary, and others like her, it's downright damaging. She can raise the vibe of anything she puts in her body. By necessity, she is less strict when traveling but she eats this way because it's proven to support her system and heal her gut. She eats organic meat for protein, but NO PORK (it has parasites) sourced from small clean family farms and that works well for her. Almost all fish has high mercury content, and so neither of us eat it. We don't believe there is a one size fits all diet as all constitutions require different things for health. All things can be either poison or medicine depending on amount and application.

The Mary Diet: In my diet I have almost eliminated all processed sugar, corn syrup, alcohol, grains and stick with fresh vegetables making up at least 50% of it. If I consume anything sweet I avoid the harshness of sugar (even honey or natural cane sugar) and stick with stevia, agave or maple syrup in SMALL amounts. Alright, I will come clean. Maybe once a month, I will have a little chocolate square and that might have a tiny bit of sugar in it. I eat soaked (in a mild salt solution) sprouted almonds or cashews for snacks, which I roast myself. There are so many ways to safely sweeten things in baked goods, for example, that it's totally unnecessary to eat sugar now. I eat root vegetables for starches, or just veggies raw in salads or steamed or sautéed. I eat specifically yams, sweet taters, beets, all squashes, for starch with occasional pressure-cooked quinoa, occasional rice or potatoes but I am trying to limit those. I eat healthy fats for gut healing like REAL butter, and use a clean beef tallow for cooking. I eat avocados and if I eat dairy it's Greek yogurt, organic or raw milk or raw milk cheese. I don't even overdo fruit anymore as that too can be a sugar source that feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. I eat all available berries with my meal as they are so antioxidant and good for you and the protein buffers the sweetness of the berries. This is what I have figured out works for me. I eat wheat once in a blue moon and do OK but my body does not like GMO wheat and that's what you get nowadays. It's not just the gluten in grains that people are allergic to, it's also glyphosate in the pesticides which damages the gut. Again, Purazyme to the rescue!

PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION/HELP: If you feel like you need more support with your detoxification, and you can afford it, it's a not a bad idea at all to get some professional supervision. Most people, to some extent, have parasites, SIBO, systemic candida, or have chronic Lymes and co-infections, and this can be behind so many issues. Believe it or not, 80-90% of the population has some form of or co-infection of Lymes. In the next few years, we’ll probably be finding out that it’s airborne and is communicative through many kinds of contact. Also, and significantly, it can in fact make detoxification of metals harder, and vice versa. They serve each other very well, and their implementation was beautifully diabolical. Another source of inflammation is mold in your living environment. These can have a HUGELY devastating effect on your immune and limbic system which makes healing very challenging, as you can get stuck in a highly functional fight-or-flight or freeze pattern without even really being aware of it.

The limbic system is in fact the home of a layer of our many selves. It’s associated with Freud’s id, with the Huna psychological system’s unipihili. It’s the “body” of the inner child. It’s where old guilts, shames, traumas of all kinds, get hung up, and each of those is basically a self. The limbic is a tricky system because the powers that be focused on it for installation of their limiting programs, mainly because almost nobody knows what’s in there. Almost everything in it is unknown to the conscious self, and yet it drives many of our choices and emotional triggers and motivations through obsolete patterning. There is a highly esoteric relationship between it and gut health. It’s counterintuitive that there would be a relationship, but they’re related. In a paragraph below, Mary talks a bit about the book “The Psychobiotic Revolution.” Insofar as the limbic system is concerned, I can help energetically with it. I’ll be introducing a tool very soon, for use by subscription (very inexpensive), that will be extremely powerful for deprogramming, and subsequently reprogramming, the limbic system. And for that matter, other discrete systems.

Don’t forget clays, charcoals for quick cleanups and mop-ups for unhealthy indulgences (hey – we’re human!), and anything to support lymph drainage, such as Burbur/Pinella tinctures. Lymph drainage is critical, and exercise, just walking while flapping your arms, helps with it. Obviously, Epsom salt baths are excellent, and if you had Meridian Matrix to it, it’s amazing. Saunas and steam rooms help a ton, and if you can find a local wellness facility or spa with an infrared sauna, you’ll make strides in this process. If you can find a trampoline to bounce on, go for it. That works very well.

Mary: I wanted to mention that I am reading the book “The Psychobiotic Revolution,” and it's so fascinating! It's all about gut health, which is so essential because, of course, it’s where all the intaken energy begins its processing. It’s about empowering yourself to have a flourishing jungle of happy beneficial microflora in your body! You may be struggling with sugar addiction or certain food cravings and it's not a character flaw in you, but an actual directive given by a billions-year-old and intelligent complex network of bacteria that are using your SECOND BRAIN (nervous system wrapped around your gut) to manipulate your chemistry! They can send you chemical signals in the form of POWERFUL cravings that are demanding you give it sugar and bad fats and can withhold positive mood states until you give it what it wants. This is hard science. They can hijack your moods and brain health without you ever knowing what's happening, but the good news is that knowledge in this case IS power and our state of health is dynamic, and so real change is possible and you are not AT ALL doomed to your genes or the destructive whims of your microbiome running amok! You can quite quickly and effectively multiply your beneficial bacteria and eliminate many health issues driven by those nasty bacteria, both mental and physical at the same time.

What’s important is that we share our experiences, what we learn, how it’s tied to our entire astrological imprint and image. Dietary requirements are in fact tied to our signs. Together we can plumb the depths of the esoterica of these marvelous machines, and put together more comprehensive programs to share with TSB members, and perhaps even have published self-help authors among our ranks.

Get with the program. Count on it – we’ll keep hassling you until you do.


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