The Inquisitor


In one of Dolores Cannon’s books I was completely struck by one of her subject’s stories because it illustrated so thoroughly how irrelevent this simulation is, which is why it so needs dissolving. Even more to the point about that is the level of mind we use to perceive it. IT’s the problem. Every single day of your life you are interacting with a simulation, thinking it’s real, and therefore participating in its drama, thus reinforcing the “reality” of it for you and for everybody else.

Our surface conscious minds are completely the problem here. Why? Because this is all perception, period, and nothing more. To get over on all this, we need to switch our will and center of awareness to a wholly different level of perception, which is already there and is just so seldom seen by the you you see in the mirror. Another you lives there at all times, and that you is working at all times to get through to this you.

I’ll give a brief example before we get on with this slick little tale. Barack Obama’s most important accomplishments in this embodiment are to gain a balanced disposition with some karmic ties and higher level agreements. He designed much of what would be his personal relationships in order to get over a past hatred with his father, where he was belittled to the point of serious psychological abuse. The position of power he placed himself within was just his way of saying “I’ll show him.” That he is President, however, is completely beside the point. His Presidency isn’t what he’s doing at all. What he’s really doing is taking place on a more authentic level of mind.

Right. Now for the story. One of Dolores Cannon’s hypnotic subjects recalled a past-life. In the present one she’s a woman. The being she really is and where she came from, if memory serves, had no gender distinction. She came here to help, after 1945 when the huge Soul Call went out to Creation for HELP! As did so many of us, she inserted herself into multiple lives all at once and experienced them simultaneously. This was the most efficient way to gain the needed experience to be truly helpful in this endlessly recursive movie.

In one of those lives it, the inhabiting spirit intelligence, got so caught up in the simulation that it completely forgot what it came to do. I’ll refer to her as she so that we can keep the context associated with the woman in Dolores Cannon’s office. In that life, she was a male involved in the Inquisition. So ruthless was he, he graduated up through the ranks to become a High Inquisitor. So drunk with power had he become that he would indiscriminately kill anyone, man, woman, child, a dog, a donkey or two…it didn’t matter. He recalled the Pope’s injunction where the Pope behind the Cathar Crusade said to his Captains, “Kill them all! God will know his own!”

As some point, if memory serves, he became ill and died. He was at peace. Fully expecting to be issued into the golden hands of a bejeweled and infinitely beneficent Father in Heaven, he was instead met by a group of people. They didn’t seem very happy. He was confused. They said, “Come with us.”

“Where are we going?”

“To the place of flames.”

He thought in stark panic, I’m being taken to hell? I did everything God asked me to do!

And they were like, “No, silly. Just come with us,” and they took him to a place of flames and explained, basically, “We’re gonna clean you up and recharge you and send you back in. C’mon, wake up! You’re not the man whose body you just left. Wake UP! There you are. You starting to remember who you are? Cool. You’re with family now.”

And so it was with family - they were from its home planet. “You forgot what you came to Earth to do. You got caught up in it, despite all the classes you were sent to to help you to remember. But anyway, you have a contract to fulfill, and you will fulfill it. So get in those flames and get clean and get ready. You’re going back in! Will you try harder to remember this time?”

“I will try, but that place is tough!”

“Right. We told you it was. We’ll drop some stuff here and there to help you to find your way back out of that mental maze to recollection. We’ll also add a thought splinter to go off at the right time. That’ll help. Now off you go!”

[It’s worth noting that in one of our trips to the White Fountain Mary was directed by that magnificent intelligence to visit an upper plane university, if you will, which is what many of you did before coming here. Schooling in the way of Earth was critical for this job’s success.]

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