The Xupra Experience




Before we get started, if you haven’t read the below documents, it would be most efficient if you did that first:

The Superbeings Story
The Wormhole Documents
Our Visits To Xupra

Secondly, this is a program to continue building a bridge to Xupra (discussed below), which all by itself is as high a level of spiritual practice as there is anywhere on Earth, and is for the most part far simpler to do and to follow than others of similar vein. That being said, there is a ton of stuff to do, read and practice here at The Superbeings for those on the Path to Mastery, but all of that stuff is picked and chosen and put to use outside the group power and dynamic, and requires levels of discipline and practice our program does not require, and in fact would be less effective. By the same token, those thoroughly involved in our formal program being outlined here, should not necessarily exclude from their spiritual practices the stuff found in Mastery Central.

This document describes a simple program, easy to follow, to generate tremendous acceleration and eventually bring about legendary level stuff, none of which would be possible without a group of people all on the same page to generate the right energies and thus geometries and frequencies to pull it off. You may have noticed that we have a sort of Mission Statement which really just summarizes the full document, The Superbeings Story, detailing what’s really going on on Earth and what you yourself are doing here. I was called upon to build The Superbeings as a beacon to attract a certain kind of Volunteer/Wanderer, VERY high level beings in Earth people vessels (bodies), and it has worked beautifully, as the caliber of being that you are is well beyond what my warmup projects have attracted in the past.

Then, in Mastery Central, you are given a wide variety of methods and practices, which seriously emphasizes the alchemies, in order to get clearer and clearer, more in command of your thoughts, more at peace, to expand your consciousness to apprehend much more of what’s “out there,” and to become a clearer and more potent portal to flow higher, and ever higher, frequencies into the shared consciousness grid of this quite flimsy simulated “world.”

Although all the tools here are very powerful at what they each are able to do, none of it has been presented as a specific program that fits precisely with the core objectives of The Superbeings as a bona fide project. Such a “program” has been needed all along, but we had never really even hit Square One until the beginning of the year. Then it all clarified in a really magnificent way, thus simplifying the rendering of this document.

We’ll start with the 102. Even though you may have read enough other material around here to know what that is, I’ll encapsulate it here for ease of reference. Some time back I made an inquiry about creating a certain substance with a superseer friend of mine. He went WAY out there to get a basic recipe, which I recorded. I started into that recipe. I asked where it was from, and the answer was Merlin. It came to light by and by that Merlin was within me, at least when needed. This all lead to the Merlin, or Lapis, Alchemies, irrespective of the substance I originally asked about. That recipe called for 14 parts this, and 14 parts that. When later on I was talking to another superseer, I asked how many people were needed for the first major breakthrough benchmark of TSB as a focused and synchronized group. The answer was 102.

Later on I realized that 102 is divisible by 14 into an important number, and the number string to the right of the decimal, having to do with a Magic Square I discovered almost ten years ago. Get your calculator and do it yourself - divide 102 by 14, and you'll get 7.285714, an infinitely repeating number string of the same sequence. All numbers divided by 7, or its multiples, produce that number string. I then realized that the recipe’s reference to 14 parts this and 14 parts that was a mathematically designed configuration having to do very specifically with the number of people needed to generate some sort of “vector” or “energy plateau” or, probably most accurately, an “engine” for widening a stable portal between here and Xupra, using the alchemies as a primary tool in doing so. At our Solstice Gathering of 2015 it came to light that there were 102 discarnate entities quite pointedly present with us, and that a merger is well underway between these super-entities and 102 of us.


It’s worth mentioning that it has come to light that Xupra is primarily of the feminine, and so we’ll be using the word “She.” For those of you who don’t know what Xupra is, She’s a high 5th density planet, absolutely huge (the size of Jupiter from our spatial perspective), with four Suns and 7 Moons. She is beautiful beyond our ability to grasp, and we are in touch with Her heart and intelligence, and she has designs on us. We visit there using our Awareness Bilocaton System (or ABS - the training discussed below) to gain access. Since everything from Earth is a pollutant there, strict protocols are in place for our visits. Everything and everybody there teaches, every single “trip,” both consciously and unconsciously depending on how expanded and in acceptance, and knowledgeable you are with respect to higher scientific concepts, such as quantum mechanics, holography, non-physical physics, etc. (don't worry about this - Xupra's there to teach these things). In consciously connecting to her, we’re creating a bridge between Her and Earth, thus flowing into the shared consciousness grid here what is needed to help this evolutionary experiment move onto its next level.


So, with all that it becomes instantly clear that our main objective is to get 102 people practicing our program, given below, to the letter. As we go along, we’ll learn much more about the impact of this 102. I personally see that there comes a moment when the 102 “lock in” on a sort of “target trajectory,” like tumblers in a lock, where it just goes BOOM and every single one of us are aware of a major shift. The superseer that kept seeing these 102 also saw the effect they would have, especially after it all “clicked in,” and that effect was truly stunning on a global scale, one of the primary effects being peace, and calm, throughout Earth, which is a hallmark of Xupra. She is so beautifully calm and peaceful at Her foundation. Love has its greatest penetration in the energetic framework of absolute peace, which is why Xupra’s love is so ridiculously powerful and palpable.

The reason for that is that the energies being generated through the alchemies and ABS are rather humbling in their scope, and when you have 102 people in sync and generating those required energies, you have opened a conduit of immense power and flow, and not one among those 102 can be a pollutant or impedence to that flow. A secondary effect of opening, balancing and clarifying that conduit, is our continued merging with the frequencies and energies on Xupra, thus facilitating what could literally be a phase shift to our bodies/vessels there, which we can create, re-create and configure at will, during one of the eclipses sometime down the road. This is what some in the new age world would call Ascension, although some of us have done this very thing countless times under varying circumstances prescribed by various projects all over Creation. If you're reading this, you have done the Ascension thing long ago, so you can put that one out of your mind as a goal.

It's important to point out that it's not a contest to be among that number. You don't have to scramble and work hard and achieve merits in order to do it. In fact, you just have to do what we're doing and get your conscious self out of the way. We'll never know who the 102 are beyond any doubt. We'll never take a roll call. Those involved in what we're doing right now who are not among the 102 will simply continue to accelerate their own being and be among the second wave of 102.

So yes of course it doesn’t stop at 102. We’ll clearly expand to 204, still divisible by 14 and still resulting mathematically in the important number string mentioned above. So, in effect, absolutely nobody who finds us can be excluded, and everybody who does find us has done so for this reason, one way or another. What the impact of the 204 could amount to gives me chills to think about, but we’ll leave off on that and cross that bridge (pun absolutely intended) when we come to it.

It’s important to note that the 102 as a group will, and are doing so already, greatly accelerate its individual parts, and so, as always, our motto is to think and act on behalf of the group and pretty much never for self. Hey, it’s the Pirate’s Creed – All for One and One for All which, believe it or not, actually played into the forming of the US Constitution with its democratic concepts, since pirates played a major role in America winning its independence. It’s also important to note that from our perspective in the flow of time, the 102 are not yet decided, so if, for instance, you get the “tug” to be among the first 102, then by all means throw yourself headlong into this effort because once you make that decision there will be any number of discarnate people suddenly with you and working tirelessly for the merger with a super-entity who is waiting for the opportunity to infuse you with its essence, and you can believe me when I tell you those people consider merging in union with you to be the highest possible honor and an adventure of the greatest reward. In short, they are AMPED, baby!


ALCHEMY – When my career in the present embodiment as an alchemist started in the late ‘90s, it was of course impossible for me to know that this is where it would lead. I couldn’t have known until recently the full scope and intent the Galactic Level Council I work with was working through me to bring to fruition, according to the dictates of a near incomprehensible plan for Earth and our assistance in it as a unique evolutionary experiment.

Anybody can experience Xupra with us just by joining in the gatherings (discussed below), but here’s how it essentially works. Without the alchemy, you can’t access it at all, but you can be given pictures of it, and you can receive from US (those of us who regularly visit in the fully accessed way) energies, frequencies and codes. But, obviously, those gifts will basically have been run through us, so you will not have received them directly. Without the alchemy, you’ll receive less than 1% of what Xupra has to offer, at least at this juncture.

However, to be among the first 102, the alchemy is absolutely critical. Because of the primacy of the 102 coming together and getting in sync, making the decision puts you automatically on a fast-track through the alchemical levels, and for all intents and purposes it can be customized for optimal effect to get you where you need to be. That customization is described as you using your intuition and impeccable self-honesty to choose your way along the optimal path, but if you’re unsure about your intuition (and self-honesty), it’s just a matter of getting in touch with us so we can scan the situation and set you firmly on the most optimal alchemical path.

What the alchemy does. For those of you who haven’t read through any other material, we’ll outline here what the alchemy does, and this includes for everybody and not just the 102. I say that because you could be here for reasons having nothing to do with Xupra and the bridge-building project - whatever you're up to, the alchemy is as powerful an ally as you've ever come across.

First - for those who have had multiple embodiments on Earth, and even in this galaxy, it clears away bit-by-bit, depth-level-by-depth-level (meaning WAY within your own psyche’s nearly limitless landscape), everything you no longer need: karma, emotional densities, toxic thoughtforms, and so on. This “empties your cup,” as it were, so that it can become a clearer and clearer vessel for the task at hand and for your own total balance and deep peace. This is critical, and far more difficult than you might think, for everyone who has done no clearing work has 10,000 times more below the surface than they're aware of, which is partially why Earth's been in such a pickle of repeating cycles. Just know this: while in this body you'll NEVER be completely clear, but the alchemy will get you as near to that as possible.

Second - it raises your frequencies, and the most advanced of these alchemies can raise them to an astonishing level, even to you becoming invisible to lower frequency eyes (hey, it's happened!). After some time of use, a legitimate superseer (so many are just frauds), will see that your light is so brilliant you can barely be looked upon. We have many people with such stories, and we wish they’d share them on the forums, but our group is weirdly silent about sharing these days. I myself emit a field that is 100 miles across, whereas your average field is from a few feet to maybe 30 feet.

So, without even trying, someone deep into the use of the alchemy emits a field of beautiful, balanced and transformative energies and frequencies known to emit from Avatar level beings, such as Babaji, all while driving down the freeway or sitting at dinner, or at the cubicle at work. That field is less for the individual than it is for everybody else, once again in keeping with TSB’s emphasis on thinking, acting, and in this case emitting, on behalf of everyone BUT self.

Third - it balances the hemispheres of the brain, bringing your brainwave states into greater coherence and wavelengths that are below both beta and even alpha. This in effect puts your brain into a meditative state even when you’re at a ballgame shouting at the referees. So your brainwave states are, once again, at levels yogis achieve in the silence of the Himalaya fastness through much training and work, but you’re just going about your daily routine while being in those states. We have, by the way, hooked people up to EEGs to prove it.

This level of alchemy has been called the lazy person’s way to very high levels of being, but the truth is that it’s the most advanced practice there is on Earth, this alchemy, here at TSB, a click away, and if you doubt that we’ll put you in touch with people who will help you overcome that doubt. We have more than one alchemy here that emanates way above 5th density people, what new agers call Ascended Masters, and way above Archangelic levels, as just an example.

Fourth - it creates a null field around you, nullifying energies and frequencies that pass through your fields at all times, every single second of every day. We live in a sea of psychic pollution. Horrible and painful things happening anywhere on this planet have an effect on you, your moods, your emotions, your thoughts and actions. Being in this field of variously colored light (mainly golden-white with a little violet-pink thrown in for aesthetics - smile) nullifies all of that so that it can’t find purchase anywhere in your complex system of being.

Along these same lines, it helps to protect you even from yourself, meaning that any expression from you of thought, emotion or action not of the highest and most balanced with respect to the Earth project will also be at least partially neutralized. But please remember that this doesn’t excuse us from responsibility for toxic expressions of any kind, and if you’re unable to free yourself of them you won’t be of service in the 102. All toxic expressions have to be immediately recognized and dealt with, and the best way to do that is to burst white flames from your solarplex and consume whatever it is for energetic transmutation so that your Real Self can do something useful with that now purified energy. This will come into play very importantly below with respect to Xupra.

Toxic expression also refers to the use of cusswords, which carry highly toxic energies when used even lightly, as they've been so frequently invested with the energies of anger and hate behind their expression for centuries. Here’s a page that will help you get clear of the root patterns for their use and all the detritus hung up in your system from their use:

Cussword Energetic Cleansing

While we’re at it, let’s address another critical cleansing and adjustment, which happens to be in the pelvic bowl for both men and women. It’s about clearing away all the sexually related densities from past encounters. It’s a type of re-virginization, if you will. Since the higher functions of sexual energy, especially high level ecstatic union, can be used to fantastic effect with what we’re doing, we’ll be talking much more about that in workshop settings. Here’s the link for the re-virginizing:

Sexuality & Pelvic Bowl Cleansing

And why not mention here the Surrender, which every one of the 102 must have undertaken to actually participate. Without it, you might think you're participating, but it won't be true (unless you have done your own and it actually worked).

The Magician's Surrender

Fifth - it creates necessary internal geometries, or brings already existing internal geometries, into alignment with both Xupra, other higher worlds, and especially those of other members of the group itself, facilitating the synchronization of each individual into a single organism, or hub, and when doing so functioning every moment of their lives with the power of the group behind them.


As mentioned, Xupra can be experienced by anybody just by participating in our gatherings and/or using the Alchemy available here, but the ABS causes the experience to become a conscious component of one’s life. The ABS is the front-line protocol for our visits there, making us as responsible as we can be to be harmless in that thought-world. It’s kind of like this. You can go to Cosmosis Travel Agency and be shown pictures of Xupra, but to get your ticket to actually visit that planet/plane and incorporate the full power of the immersive experience there you’ll have to go through the ABS Training.

The Awareness Bilocation Training System works on multiple levels.

First – it de-emphasizes the conscious self as anything but an observer and recorder of incoming information, and in that way emphasizes the use of the organs of perception used by higher, and much higher level selves. In this way, the student bit-by-bit shifts the center of consciousness into the “head” of higher level beings (we prefer “people” around here, since they themselves refer to themselves as such). This, in turn, de-emphasizes the conscious ego in order to make way for the Real Self.

Second – it rewires your neural pathways to perceive through channels far broader and less definition-oriented than the programming of this 3rd density virtuality allows for, thus lifting, step-by-step, the lid off perceptual limitations.

Third – you become totally conscious in two places at once, which is very important. Let’s touch on it. Every single night during sleep you travel, most likely between 4th and 5th density planes, which are of course legitimate and tangible planes of being, but from our 3rd density perspective are dreamplanes. Your dreams are interpreted according to you and your experience, perhaps turning them into 3D images and concepts. So, yes, those “trips” take place, but not consciously. Since Xupra is on a plane most here would think is a dream, then with ABS we’re consciously bridging to Xupra. Making it be a totally conscious experience adds an important dimension, and thus “support girder, or beam” to the bridge. This system therefore calls for being totally conscious, and not in any mind-altered state, such as in delta (although with the use of alchemy we can achieve theta and delta while totally conscious, as already noted above).

Fourth – you learn discernment, the importance of which can’t be over-stressed. We’ll give a “real”-world example since it would illustrate it more powerfully than some generic explanation. Most energy healers/light-workers out there are actually in and of themselves creating the problems they are then charging people to clear away. Most of them aren’t aware that that’s what they’re doing. In this light, you can see existence in two ways: True Imagination///your imagination. Learning to discern between what you hallucinate and what the Cosmos Creates is a very powerful tool, and can be accomplished by subjugating the ego and self-importance, which ABS trains in no uncertain terms whatsoever.

Fifth – you consciously visit Xupra, and actually other realms, with your eyes open, and with some of our graduates the experiences are so immersive they’re seeing that world with the same detail as this 3rd density one we affectionately call Earth. But more than the typical senses, how Xupra is experienced provides a feeling and energy that is incredible. Need we say more? (smile)


As previously mentioned, anybody can experience Xupra with us, and to do that in the most basic and least impactful and immersive way is to get in on the Gatherings.

We gather often, usually three times a month. These are called the Xupra Calls. If they’re for something else, the reminder notices say so. We also monitor Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from the Sun, and the big ones we’ll make an effort to gather formally sometime near their actual arrival at Earth’s magnetosphere.

In Egypt, we loaded up on materials available here at TSB and used the Sun’s Current Sheet, CMEs, and eclipses to raise our frequencies to the extent we could de-phase from this sensate level. We used it for many purposes, such as distant Earth travel to other gates all over the world (South America was a favorite destination), but also to astonish the laypeople so that they would continue to worship us! (Sorry about that! It's just what Gods DO!) (wink and grin)

We also gather during the Equinoxes and Solstices, for the same reasons. For all of the above, we do this because the group energy, especially in opening portals, is orders and orders of magnitude greater than any of its individuals, thus maximizing opportunities presented by astrological and cosmological events which can bring about great change in quite compressed stretches of Earth time.

The calls are a blast and are extraordinarily powerful, often providing spontaneous healing on many levels, including the physical, even unto miracle level stuff.

Our Gatherings in the physical, however, are on a whole different level, stunning in their beauty, life-changing every time, and elevating to delirious extent.

We will have Gatherings during the Eclipses, where appropriate at physical locations where the eclipses can be experienced visually, as they can be exquisitely powerful just to witness. But, there will come a time when momentum will call for us all to gather during eclipses in Group ABS Sessions, each in our own home, which we’re doing now, obviously if whatever eclipse it might be is best used in that way. There will come a point of critical energy during one of these Eclipse Group Xupra Sessions where some of us will completely phase-shift our consciousness into our bodies there (yes, we have bodies there), and eventually a complete de-phase of our physical vessels here.


Again, we’ll reinforce the fact that you can experience Xupra with us through nothing but the Gatherings, but you will miss out on 99.9% of the experience. The program comprises three central parts, so these are presented as the Full Monty, if you will, the only way to optimally and maximally experience Xupra and therefore continue to widen, strengthen and balance the bridge we’re building to Her.

  1. Alchemy
  2. ABS Xupra Sessions as much as you like, but we do group visits every Sunday
  3. Gatherings

Now let’s tie it all together. As for alchemy, for the maximal experience of Xupra, there are only a few that are requisites: Alkhem and/or Lumin, Innerphaz, Helios Gold & Platinum, and 7 Rays. The first of the Xupra Class Alchemies are available as well, but it would be most efficient to use those outlined above first. By Xupra Class, we mean they are specific to Xupra, and are in fact more or less created by Xupra Herself. All other alchemical offerings here are extremely efficient for the rapid expansion of consciousness. We don’t really say “spiritual growth” because you already are a being of immense spiritual perfection, which is to say purity. Stepping small portions of ourimmenseselves energetically down to climb into these is the act of becoming impure, which we do to experience the soul-exploding glory of becoming pure again. However, believe it or not, the greater yous also use these alchemies. What we’re doing here is expanding the capabilities and properties, and consciousness, of the present physical form.

The use of these Xupra Class Alchemies facilitates a palpable connection to Xupra and can be felt to pretty powerful levels in the solarplex and heart chakras, all of course dependent solely upon what you're ready for. You don't have to question your readiness. The alchemy knows more than you do about that. Just use it and trust the process and your unfolding will occur in perfect stride with the Infinite Puzzle. Those are the two chakras to start with, as purity of feeling and emotion, and having them well balanced and under mental control, is HUGELY important for an ever-increasingly powerful and open connection to Xupra. As we continue to build this bridge, subsequent alchemies will address other chakras…really everything from the solarplex on up. To have a “ray” or “beam” of this bridge too openly established with the crown, for instance, would be too much energy. Same with the third-eye.

We’ll give an example of just one location you’ll visit. There is a lake on Xupra, a gorgeous deep blue, bluer than our bluest oceans, that is fed by 7 waterfalls. These falls are incredible, miles tall, different iridescent colors, and from that lake the Ruby Sun, when it is visible, is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Each of those falls corresponds to the 7 primary chakras here (and in many other worlds/planes/continua). The lake and falls themselves exist for many purposes, not the least of which being for Volunteers/Wanderers, and other being types, who are helping in 3rd density projects throughout the Cosmos and need to take a bath or shower in another world in order to cleanse and recharge the various subtle/energetic bodies. When people pass through what Earth culture ridiculously calls death, they almost always go somewhere to cleanse and recharge, often in astral spas. This lake can serve in that capacity, but few would ever have permission to go there.

In just going to Xupra with an ABS Session means you have to arrive in a gateway cave there, have your fields (bodies, astral or otherwise) screened, cleansed and balanced, and then you move through an adjustment temple to make any necessary adjustments for your visit. If you don’t already have one, a body (we prefer vessel) is created for you, since “body” has a physical connotation. Likely as not, if you feel quite strongly about everything we’re doing, you might already have a vessel, with a personality, there (you might actually be from there - your home world). In other words, the you there is just ONE of your so-called higher, or larger, selves, and is aware before you are when you are going to be making a visit and makes necessary preparations. My Self there is a Cosmic Wizard, incredibly high level, and appears to the 5th density senses only in wavy-semiphysical form. His capabilities and consciousness are millions of times beyond THIS me’s capabilities and consciousness (but Jason’s getting there!).

Your consciousness then merges with theirs, and you perceive through their “senses.” Out of necessity, you are also assigned a monitor, who’s there to keep you from doing any damage in that system should you fail to keep your thoughts where they need to be. It’s possible your Self there is also your monitor, but probably not. That monitor will be with you every visit until it’s no longer necessary. By no longer necessary, we mean that you have so thoroughly mastered your thoughts and emotions that you are in fact ready, and able in terms of technique, to go there at will, to literally live there, if you like.

You then venture wherever Xupra or her people deem is appropriate or needed for your experience. But you can of course ask to go wherever you like, such as the lake for a deep energetic cleansing, which is more refreshing and specific to health here than just the cleansing and adjustments needed for your typical visit.

Now here’s where it gets very cool. In using the alchemies that seriously open the connection between you and Xupra, you in effect have an open conduit. Some among our graduates will reach a point where they can find deep sensual and sensate immersion there without needing the ABS. In that case, simply developing the feelings and senses for that connection, and then immersing there, can be while driving down a lonely highway or sitting at the office for a 15 minute visit. As of this writing, I require ABS for the full immersion, and I think I speak for all ABS Graduates at present (today is January 14, 2016), unless I am visiting a place I already have. Then the connection is easy without ABS.

So, to give an example of consistent practice as one of the more crucial and elevating elements of this program, this Xupra Experience. In using the Xupra Class Alchemies, you can be connected to Xupra at all times, but when your mind is on other things, the connection “bandwidth” is diminished. The simple goal is to keep the bandwidth as wide open as possible, keeping the “signal-to-noise ratio” at a minimum (this is an ABS term which is also used in electronic communications).

If you think any thought, have any emotion, feel or do anything, that is toxic, or even just disharmonious, the connection with Xupra is instantly and automatically severed. There is an extensive legion of beings vigilant at all times to protect Xupra from us, thus lessening the apprehension we might have to open that bandwidth. In other words, they’re part of our team…just trust they know what they’re doing and endeavor to keep the bandwidth open. You might be interested to know that our team is extensive, reaches across multiversal, multi-density and multidimensional connections, and we are emissaries at present working consciously with beings there to establish this ever-increasing rainbow bridge between the two "realities." We are viewed by them all as colleagues, equals, and not as advanced primates struggling through day-to-day existence. Those guys are all perfectly aware how difficult it is to enter this system and manage to recall Truth. They know this because they are us.

The practice, simple and pure, is then to keep our attention on Xupra as frequently as we can, and when we’re thinking or emoting in wasteful ways, we just gently return our attention to Xupra. If toxic expressions get away from you, connect to them with your solarplex and engulf them in white flames. Once that’s done, return your attention to Xupra. Now, obviously, this doesn’t have to be done at all times since we live in a busy modern world with a deliberately created myriad distractions, but I can tell you the bandwidth is wide open for me, and if I keep my attention on Xupra for something like 20 straight minutes, the multilayered feelings generating in my solarplex and heart area combined are incredible, even ecstatic.

Which brings us to ecstasy. We’ll be using it, and talking about it, and how to achieve it, including the higher use of sexual energy, as it is both the food of the electroplasmic body and is a facilitator for increasing union with Xupra. Some of us will develop the ability to center our consciousness within one of those (they can be cloned by thought alone) to do work here on Earth. I have many of those electroplasmic “selves” out at all times, helping people with various things.

The whole thing is not unlike being a character in a movie, where “Homeworld” or somesuch is in connection with her people, who are all over the Cosmos doing good works. When in connection, it’s like having a visible pulsating “organ” in the lower chest area (for me) that brightens as the bandwidth of the connection increases. It’s really fun, and the practice of it is very simple.

So let’s draw a comparison. A powerful “spiritual” practice for anybody in the world, especially in Western Culture, would be to establish a connection to a “higher” self (there are many higher density selves). Then keeping one’s attention on that being as frequently as possible would become a potent daily, moment-to-moment, practice, keeping you from poisoning yourself and others with your toxic expressions, and re-centering your consciousness in a higher density plane, thus raising your frequencies and expanding your consciousness while occupying this quite slow-moving vessel.

With our program as outline above, you will be introduced, face-to-face, to the “higher” self existing on Xupra. You’ll know at least vaguely what they look like to your Earthly senses, and with that familiarity you can connect to them at any time given the admonitions outlined above. Although the more powerful “attention method” is to keep your attention on Xupra, the familiarity of one’s Other Self there might be singularly helpful, and of course lends a nice change of pace to the ongoing practice. In fact, with ABS you can connect to any place you've experienced there as part of your ongoing practice.

So as to keep this document as short as possible, but while being comprehensive, all additional techniques, practices, methods, etc., will be covered in other documents and workshops. On that note, all of the practices, techniques, tools, etc., found on this site expand, increase, make easier, more fluid, increase health, and on and on, and go hand-in-glove with everything outlined herein.


The net result of all this bears many possibilities, but we’ll keep them to some primary concepts. First off, you have to remember that you’re here to help 3rd density evolutioners to move on to their 4th density cycle of experience, and there comes a point when your contract is done. Volunteers/Wanderers can get out of these contracts at any time, but the people from your world will probably prevail in talking you into honoring that contract to completion. Most Volunteers/Wanderers will just go home upon completion of the Earth Project, but you, meaning the you reading these words, have a choice right this second to go to Xupra upon leaving “the mortal coil” for at least a visit, a rest, and so on, before going home. If you’re a 6th density entity, once having left the present body to go to Xupra will mean a step-down in your frequencies in order to “materialize” there. By the same token, should you ever want to go back to Xupra for a visit, you’ll have to similarly step down your frequencies.

Some of us actually hail from Xupra, and so will simply be going home to there once finished here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are social memory complexes on Xupra who themselves are preparing for graduation to 6th density experience in the full evolutionary cycle.

Some of us are less defined as “Volunteers/Wanderers” than we are as galaxy architects, reality engineers, Creators, and so on. We’re the types that have no home. It’s deeply emotional for us to know this, for home is wherever we are, and we therefore never have that intense longing for home so many of you feel.

If in the practice of our program as outlined you decide you want to go to Xupra for real, you’re either going to reach a point where you can do it by disaggregating your present vessel and incorporating its transmuted energies into a merkaba and just going there, OR you can simply pass from this mortal plane and choose to go there once having left the body behind. Most will probably go that route, for the level and dedication to the thinking practice outlined above might be beyond most people’s ability to dedicate the time.

In the end, if you’re sufficiently expanded, you’ll just go wherever the hell you want to. (big grin)

What this does for the world can’t be stressed enough. The way to bring the present evolutionary cycle to a close as efficiently as possible is to raise Earth’s frequencies. When there are at least 102 of us practicing the above, 102 of us doing group ABS sessions, the power, glory and frequencies we’ll be flowing into this system will be absolutely beyond belief, heart stopping, chill inducing, tears aflowing. I know this because I’m already experiencing it. And as stated, I hesitate to even put my attention on what 204 would be like!

Xupra’s intelligence is more aware of everything going on around us than any of us could ever be while in these limiting organisms we call bodies. Her plans for us are what we are to follow. She is behind all this. We are to simply let it happen, amp it up and keep it clean. This has all been presented because it is time. It is time to stretch our Starship Wings. What is given above is the air under those Wings, the Xupra Destination for the Starship’s navigation systems, and the means to keep it all harmless in the Infinite Cosmic Sea of Thought.

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  • Deanna, the entire project fell apart. Out of some 200 students, 8 graduated, and most of them were just Mary and I's closest friends. We just couldn't get anybody to finish. A lot of this Website's content is coming down, and we're going to retool this whole effort towards superhealth, balance in the new world/energies/paradigms, and how to use these amazing vessels to get to very high levels. 

  • Thanks for this Jason, I'm intriqued. so you wrote this in 2016? how is it going, any updates? What numbers are you at? I'm interested in ordering the 2 alchemies I don't already have in order to be considered in the xupra sessions and gatherings. Before I order, let me know of the current status of this group since there are no other posts here. 

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