One of the most effective tools on Earth for illustrating, and directly experiencing, how our world really works, how reality occurs from the quantum, are a few of the online 3D interactive realms. We often meet in SecondLife, which is the reigning emperor in this technological arena. There are 12 million users and over 10,000 worlds to see in SecondLife, some of them strikingly beautiful, and offering much in the way of brilliant ideas.

Perhaps its most powerful feature is its strong social componentry, with friend requests, calling cards, text chat, voice chat, Skype-like phone calls, clickable profiles, groups, clubs and much more. You can stroll through a fantasy world while chatting with a friend who is strolling along beside you. Also, which is truly can fly. You can purchase and develop land, and then sell it, and it is our plan to purchase a large tract of land and let our Supramind membership create within it, called Zupera (related to Supra). We will also have space set aside in our "world" which will be an in-world G Space, and the little testing we've done indicates it will be very powerful. We'll have many private hang-out spots, locations for meditation, art-galleries, one of which will be an interactive gallery for Source Code, and the list goes on.

One of the largest landowners in SecondLife is IBM, which is a solid indicator of where things are going as bandwidth continues to widen and personal computing power constantly increases. There are Fortune 500 Companies who have their board meetings in special spaces in SecondLife, and others who use it for presentations, classes, conventions, and on and on.

Frequently after our weekly G Space syncups and conference calls, we switch the fun to SecondLife where we meet in a stunning Space Park and dance in-sync to wild light-shows and excellent music ranging from bass-driven tribal to ambient grooves. We'd ADORE it if you'd join us there. We have annual gatherings...just really cool parties in beautiful places, with great music and top notch people, and if we could we'd get together way more frequently. SecondLife has given us a way to "almost" get together. It's the closest thing to actually being together out there.

This is how you do it. To join in, you'll need to have speakers and a microphone on your computer, as in these worlds we can stand there in our avatars and voice chat. It's a good idea to have headphones, too.


The first thing you'll need to do is go to SecondLife and set up an account and pick a basic avatar.

Once that's done, download and install the Firestorm Viewer. For PCs, there are 32 and 64 bit versions. For Mac, there is only a 32 bit version. Once that is installed, open and login to SecondLife with it.

Once logged in, I might be inworld. If so, you can find the search function, select People, and search for JDAliix. Once you find me, you can send me an IM, or friend request, or both, and I'll send to your the group invite to access our exclusive group (to our SMP family and friends). If I'm inworld and in front of the computer, I'll get it. If I'm not, I'll be notified when I am, and handle all those things at that time.

If you go with SecondLife's viewer, after installation you'll want to set up an account. To do that, start the SecondLife Viewer. After it's opened, this screenshot shows you what to click to set up an account.


After you've set up your account and signed in, you'll have a screen similar to this, but there is just no way to know what world you will wind up in. There are over 10,000 of them. Once in, familiarize yourself with it, the movement controls, the chat, etc. Here's a another screenshot pointing out some of the first elements you'll want to get to know.


When we're all in there, all you'll have to do is find me. My Avatar is called JDAliix. You can see in the above image you can search for people, places, events, etc. Just click that and you'll be presented with the following screen, or something quite like it.


Once you've done that, something like the following will come up.


When you click my Avatar name, you're given a screen with options.


Click IM and shoot me a note, like, "Send for me?" through the text chat. You can also offer friendship, which shortcuts the operation a little. I'll see you're in world and send you a teleport offer. That offer will appear in the upper right of your viewer window. Be watching for it. When you accept, you'll be teleported to my location.

This is where things are going. As part of the upcoming project, we are going to buy a substantial piece of land here, probably a private island, and have weekly meditation meetings, MP classes, group PRISMs, etc.

For any glitches in communications, just be here in The Blue Emerald Social Place and use the chat function to convey any message you need to.

The schedule for meetings and conferences is below.



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