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We understand not everybody relates to alchemy as a potentially comprehensive approach to health and wellness, so to continue rounding out our products and services we have developed a very effective system for remote healing, balance and wellness work.

We also understand that even for those who have used alchemies for these purposes, it's sometimes not focused enough work, especially when the precise focus of it could be done by one of us. The energy and capability of the alchemy is there, yes, and powerfully, but sometimes it needs someone to tell it exactly what to do. More often than not, what truly needs to be addressed doesn't necessarily line up with what a lot of folks feel the issue is or is related to. That's the hardest part, getting to the root, either on a physiological, emotional or energetic level. Thus this service.

Our services in these areas are based on a holistic approach, which can be roughly defined as a system which seeks to identify obstacles, deficiencies and damage (or ODD – which is kinda fun). Although we have always offered healing services, we have never addressed this area from the specificity of identifying root, and chain reaction, causes.

Since recognition is 75-80% of addressing any difficulty in balanced wellness, this is the thrust of the holistic approach. The result is balanced systems, on energetic, and thus (almost always) physiological levels, leading to high level health and wellness, realizing that all physiological processes can take time and for that we all need patience. It’s important to note that ultimately you are the only “thing” that can stand in the way of, or undo, this work, through thinking, stress, fears, habits, and so on, and so we try to help you by way of guidance in those areas as well.

I myself am a high-level shaman and alchemist, but my own sensing capacity for precision in identifying root, secondary and tertiary causes is limited, thus the need to develop the system which lends itself to the recognition of a given issue. The reason recognition is so important is because knowing what to deal with means that a given issue can be dealt with specifically, by priority, and can itself be used to trigger healing chain reactions in energy and physiology.

Another reason to develop the recognition element is because the moment we know what the issue is, is the same moment we begin to put our attention on a given issue just by knowing what it is. Our attention can begin the necessary preliminary work for the more powerful healing thrust when it is time to begin flowing the healing stuff.

As a high-level shaman, I have never been able to charge for my healing work. It’s sort of against a higher code, and can also to some extent or other interfere with the effectiveness of my work. This isn't true for all healers, just some of us. And so this part of what we have occasionally offered has always been on a donation basis, despite the fact that it requires direct verbal contact, time and work to perform.

In implementing a system for recognition, we have in effect implemented a very effective system for which we can, fairly and reasonably, charge. Once we know where to start in the remote work, which involves energy, frequencies, codes, inversions, clearings, etc. that work remains by donation.

Although the system of isolation and identification can be significantly more detailed than this, we do an initial probe of these below systems in every case, unless an issue can be strongly identified before completing the more detailed probing processes:

  • Morphogenetic & Ancillary Fields
  • Psychological & Mental
  • Endocrine
  • Brain & Neurography
  • Cellular & Molecular
  • Blood
  • Metabolic & Organs
  • Immune

We’ll then follow that analysis with a direct conversation with you to go into any more detail that might be necessary. We might also need to be in touch for whatever reason before we start our probing.

The way to get started is to get the analysis itself, and then we’ll take it from there. It’s worth noting we’re already busy with this and so the sooner you’re in the queue, the sooner we can begin elevating your quality of life.

Thanks so much!


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