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2020 is going to be a pivotal year in so many ways. This year is about hitting the reset button, refreshing the screen of your life. It's also about getting methods of financial prosperity in the works and moving along, getting the right nudge. It could also be just a rearranging of everything in order to simplify, streamline, and prepare for what I see as some fairly prominent global upheavals across the board. This coming Spring Equinox will be a powerful springboard for all kinds of things, and it really just boils down to what you intend for yourself.

We'll be assailing your Inbox with announcements over the 10 days, so I thought I'd build this page to be a reference point.

To help how and where we can, here is a list of everything we're working on for this month. 

PHASIX ON SALE // Phasix is going on sale for the Spring Equinox, which is right around the corner, and it would be a very good thing to have Phasix for that, if you're drawn to it. It's still the top one or two highest level alchemies I make. One gram units are available at a 45% discount, 1/2 gram units at a 25% discount. To take advantage, go here.

LIVING CRYSTALS - We'll be introducing a product associated with a method within the next few days. It will be potent for setting intents and firing those into the creative matrix for manifestation. This product will be in the form of alchemical crystals that I will grow, and which will be sent to you so that the completion of their transformation takes place in your fields. So watch for that announcement some time in the next 10 or so days.

TESTIMONIALS - We're told we need to update everything about everything we're doing, so we need testimonials (I stopped publishing them 12-13 years ago) for our consumable alchemical products. Send me your testimonial to jason@ez3mail.com and we'll send you back whatever alchemy you want, if it's in stock.

TUN-ENERGY - We're in the final development cycle of a new mental and physical energy product designed for everybody, and not just seekers. It's totally NOT alchemical, all physical. Great for tonifying and amping up the central nervous system and metabolic processes and the efficient use of energy. Very cutting edge, and it delivers. Mental clarity and focus, get-after-itness. Sustained physical energy for the entire waking hours of the day.


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