What is Gspace


G Space stands for Group Space, and is a meeting "place" for our group gatherings. Sometimes we'll spontaneously get together and meditate. 

If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel it, and it is powerful, beautiful, and immersive. Some have a palpable sense of being in a space together, where they strongly sense the presences of other G Space sharers. It's also a very healing experience, and purging, with potent releases where needed and where such energies are appropriate.

You could say it's a virtual space, or even place, in a higher vibe of mind, free of our personal visualizations, intents or anything else we seek to generate individually, none of which is necessary. This is about letting something beyond the scope of our personal conscious level of being happen or come through, or whatever your preferred words are.

Here we get open and empty together, nourishing each other on many levels, which remains constant with the purpose of this project, and allowing the energy to flow. Nothing about our G Space time together is about anything anybody wants other than to bring the best out of every other sharer. In this way, the group is constantly blossoming, like a flower with as many petals as there are sharers, becoming an ever-increasingly potent transmitter of the unity ideal.

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  • Arya, by orientation, I meant the pictures are sideways. 

  • Hi Jason!  I put the experiences in the correct order.  I hope this explains the connections to your Initiation better:


    Sat., 9/17 - arrive Medford, Oregon.

    Sun., 9/18 - Shasta City, Heart Light shop, other shops/artists, met Darius/shaman and scheduled ceremony at vortices on Mt. Shasta. We told him we were going to hike/find a spot for ceremony and he told us that he knew of 2 strong vortices.  He told us he would like to do his first ever "goddess ceremony" for us and we felt his evergy was pure/sincere so we did.  

    Mon., 9/19 - Crater Lake/tree creatures (very grounding, energy felt physically strenghtening.  Both peaceful (at the lake) and dancing-like energy by the tree creatures.

    Tues., 9/20 - Mt. Shasta ceremony with Darius/shaman, (2 vortices: large vortex/entrance to Telos with connecting to nature spirits/elementals, small vortex with goddess ceremony. Pulled the Queen card before 2nd vortex "planting" ceremony). Also meditation at Grandfather Rock at the Native American meeting circle.

    Wed., 9/21 - Lava Beds, caves and pictographs (profound electrifying connection to cave pictographs, received powerful strengthening energy from Star people. (That is what I was taught to call them by an Ojibwe elder).

    Thurs., 9/22 - Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park (mysterious tree pictures and joyous/playful energy encountered) and Harris Beach State Park for a dip in the Pacific Ocean (very freeing).

    Fri., 9/23 - Shasta City and Heart Light Shop for a light language meditation. (Google shop to see photos - Wayne conducting light language meditation). Letting Go and Gratitude at Burney Falls.  Another hike close to the snow line at Mt. Shasta, close communion with Nature. Seemed very solemn and humbling - serious message received that big changes were coming and to step up my healing work with people and the Earth in general.

    Sat., 9/24 - fly home.

    I'm feeling all of you and sharing prayers/intentions for strength, illumination, love, purity, peace, unity and transformation 💖✨🥰

  • Hi, Arya. I'd sure like to see these pics in the correct orientation.

  • The next day we (myself and two lady friends) experienced the most amazing ceremony - our feet (roots) were planted in the ground of a vortex on Mt. Shasta.  We were left to meditate/contemplate/integrate the electrifying energy and etheric images.  After more ceremony, the shaman loving washed our feet (roots) and told us that we are queens who must walk with great responsibility from that moment on. 💖✨ Fast forward to Jason's initiation - he also told us that nobility walks with great responsibility!!!  MInd blown!  


  • This is the reading that accompanied the card.  Notice it states that ..."every person possesses the energy of this archetypal Queen within them".  That is us, noble comrades!



  • We unintentionally ran in to a shaman.  He had us pull a card and mine was A Queen Be. This was the start of my initiation and Jason qualified it by giving me a crown and scepter!



  • Reminds me of Siren 


  • Trees and more trees - the majesty of the giant redwoods blew me away.  What else is going on in this pic?



  • More pictographs - stars, pods (?) 😁


  • Pictographs at Lava Beds National Monument


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