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This is a short one, used here to draw a parallel. A lady on a busy urban street watches a child get hit and then stuck under a bus. As the news story went, she walks over and lifts the bus off the child. If you were to have talked to her afterwards, she’d have been a little hazy on the details, and the reason for that is that her conscious mind, the self which is programmed to believe that a bus is heavy, had to step aside so that an unprogrammed self, one incapable of relating to the concept of weight, or heavy, or even gravity, could come to prominence in her body and do what needed doing in a slightly different reality still perceivable within our sense domain.

Please understand that the child didn’t need saving. That isn’t what this was about nor what was needed. That’s completely beside the point, not the least reason being, as stated previously in all info about the unreality of reality, that it didn’t really happen to begin with. The being occupying the child’s body volunteered for the simulated activity so that yet another impossible event would make it into the news and further expand the minds of readers to ever greater potentials of what is possible, while at the same time placing somewhere into the backs of their minds that all of this isn’t even real.

When the waking conscious self is set aside, this is often called dissociation, even in psychiatric circles. It happens with the best and most gifted psychics, or seers. They’ll either be a little hazy, or even more forgetful, on whatever they see or bring through. If they’re not, they’re probably just story-tellers. They have to set themselves aside to do what they do, or otherwise the information will be tainted with their own conscious programming.

This one is brought up to illustrate a point. Let’s compare the Huna lady with this lady who hoisted the bus. In your own estimation, what is the difference between them? The answer is simple, the Huna lady is doing things like this consciously, deliberately, because the unprogrammed self, the self that has transcended beyond programmed limitation, has come permanently into prominence in her body.

This is what we want to do with you: to bring the self not limited by belief permanently to the surface of your system of being within this 3rd density dream.

Let’s bake your noodle good with this next one.

After Yeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus, had completed his first seven years of training at Qumran, he went on sojourn to various places in Northern Africa and the Near and Far East to add completion, nuance, and greater comprehensive range to his tool belt. The hallmarks of Yeshua’s personality was his open curiosity and astonishing facility for comprehension. When you consider that he became a Wanderer from 4th density experience, where the mysteries were actually elementary education, his facility for comprehension is less astonishing, as the plan was to set him up in every way to be able to quickly recover the memories. If memory serves, he’d known Mariam the Magdala since childhood, and I think it’s possible that they knew at a pretty young age they were going to be together at some point.

He was a ginger, a strawberry blond with light complexion and freckles (yes, this is how much cultural cross-fertilization took place between the Druids and Middle East). She was a dark haired and brown-eyed beauty. Both were cognizant of their respective missions early on and were thus clued in that lives of personal desire were beside the point, but the small stuff of personal desire could nevertheless be interlaced with a strong sense of Cosmic duty, thus also making it all fun. As adults, they would get together and make holy love, practicing sacred sexuality. Mariam, or Mary Magdalene (like Magdala, “Magdalene” was a designation of lineage), was a high adept at these sexual magical practices, which is why she wore a serpent arm-band on her upper arm. In fact “mary” as a word was something of a designation and finds it’s provenance in the ancient word for sea, or mer.

Her lineage, she well knew, dated back some 14,000 years, to the matriarchal cultures of Southern France, and she could open portals and conjure and commune with those adept sisters/ancestors at any time. For her, time didn’t exist, and she knew full well the Magdalenian Culture was still in existence in her time, just as it still is now. We have been in touch with them on more than one occasion, and they are fabulous women. Their hair! Oh Em Gee! But that’s a story for another day.

They were both users of alchemical preparations made by either themselves or their groups, and at Qumran, when Yeshua was with the Essenes, there were some very advanced alchemical methods using Dead Sea Salts. They also made a potent iridium and rhodium combination from a certain kind of tree, the recipe for which was passed to me early on in my alchemical experience, and were in fact responsible for making me aware that I was surrounded by teachers.

It was Mary who was Yeshua’s teacher in the tantric branch of the High Adeptic Arts, and because of her lineage this was the reason that, as an example, the Knights Templars venerated her on much higher a pedestal than they did Jesus. To them, Jesus was just too recent a phenomena to even care about, which is part of how the Pope and King of France were able to assemble charges of heresy against them and actually prove it in tribunal court. Their highest inner circle of adepts could do everything Jesus could do, or almost, and therefore their frame of reference, their point of emphasis, had more to with the coming global trend of awakening the Universal Feminine, which is why all the old goddesses, especially Isis and Mariam of Magdala, figured so prominently in their iconography and worship. They were perfectly aware the Universal Feminine was expressing through people. So were the troubadours, the romantic poets.

Together, Mariam and Yeshua would build the internal sexual fire over time, to multiply it and compress it into the storage centers, and with high level expertise bring each other to climax simultaneously. Then, with their intent and visualization, especially on her part since that was her job, shoot that energy into Yeshua’s electroplasmic body, one that we all have and which are still used in the engineering of the next humanesque form to be used for the coming continuum. We call this entity the translucent symbiotic twin, or TST, and in fact use and direct them all the time.

In doing this, they were taking part in a plan, both fully apprised of what they were doing and why. Both were trained in the ancient mysteries. They knew full well that Yeshua was to die in a public setting that would make quite a splash, and they were in fact preparing him for that event. They were using their knowledge to endow this electroplasmic body into which he could, with intent, seat his consciousness upon relinquishing the 3rd density mortal form. This electroplasmic body needed to be endowed with as much mental capability, and memory, as possible in order to help it to navigate the astral – or dream – realms without getting forgetfully hung up in them, and it was of paramount importance that this body retain all of the experience and knowledge Yeshua had attained prior to his transfiguration.

This level of sacred sexual practice is also so highly technical, detailed, and even dangerous, that it once again is impractical for your average Volunteer/Wanderer reading this document. So all of the end result functions of the practices have been replaced, for our project, by the Helios Alchemies.

The reason they were to do this, both of them in full knowledge of it, was so that he could use his will, his visualization, and this electroplasmic twin to cross the boundaries between dreams and reappear in the 3rd density in a form that looked precisely like the one he’d left on the cross, but to those with sight it glowed with an inner white light.

The reason he was to do this was to show the people of the time that they also had this power, this knowledge, inherent in themselves, that death is not true, at all, and to deposit into the world’s conscious knowledge that self-same recognition. Yeshua knew full well about the coming continuum, which is why he volunteered, and he knew that we would help in bringing it about, thus his injunction “Greater things than I have done shall ye do.” He was perfectly aware of the coming discontinuity as he had visited Egypt numerous times and was schooled by its adepts. He knew that he was to be a pivot-point upon which everything would turn, timed perfectly at the turning point from Aries to Pisces in the precession of the Equinoxes through the Zodiacal Ages. He knew that he was to help in the turning from Pisces to Aquarius, and that the codes he would fire into the collective consciousness could be accessed and utilized when the time was ripe.

He knew his job was to fire those codes into a strengthening blueprint, and that the beginning of the next age was actually beginning with him. Before graduating to 5th density experience in his own social memory complex’s evolutionary path, he asked to be a Wanderer, to “go back” a density level to introduce into the Earth system a higher and broader understanding of love, which would prepare Earth’s 3rd density evolutioners for their transition to 4th density experience, which itself is all about love and understanding.

These two extraordinary people were both perfectly aware of their place in this dream as symbols, symbols that repeat with striking exactitude, and that those symbols would repeat again and again (thus Mary and Jason today).

Mariam went on to found Mystery Schools all over Gaul (now France) and Britannia (now England). She and a boatload of other Marys, including her mother-in-law, along with a Salome and a few males (again if memory serves), and landed in what is now Marseilles. There they still have an annual celebration re-enacting the group coming ashore. The electroplasmic wonder, indistinguishable for most from a normal human body, that Yeshua had become went on to make appearances here and there around the world, responding to Cosmic need, did some teaching, further established the message, and then took off to join his “family” in the 5th density to get brought up to speed with what they’d learned in his absence.

Theirs is a beautiful and powerful story, and in so many ways continues to serve as the model for what must be done. It’s no wonder the controlling faction had to shut his message down and form a religion around the invented deity ideal instead of the message itself. In short, they killed the message…at least consciously, which is an important point.

And how about this exquisitely cool lady?

In ancient Egypt existed a fabulous woman who went by Kalika. You’ll be indirectly, perhaps directly, meeting her if you go through all of the suggested reading. She was a very accomplished sorceress, was intellectually brilliant, fun-loving, funny as hell, noble, truthful to a fault, very natural, beautiful and as non-materialistic in her ways and thinking as a person could possibly be. She was/is the type that would much prefer running naked through the forest with wolves than to be pampered in some pompous and cushioned golden palace, which she could materialize at will anyway if she so desired to waste the enrgy in such a way. I’m being directed to say “is” with respect to her, as of course she, and the period in which she lived, exists now and can be accessed as a second awareness level dream.

I feel very strongly that we’re working with her even now, and there will be some sort of meeting with her on the 5th density realm we’re presently visiting and bridging to here.

To offend and astonish the court priests, she would often materialize and then dematerialize animals, quite a variety, including some not even of this planet. One day, she materialized two panthers, one gold and one black. Her main lover was a woman, and together they generated extraordinarily powerful sexual energy that could be directed into the pineal gland in order to create reality bridges. These animals served as totemic implements of magical operations, and as black and gold represented the colors of the upflowing and downflowing spinal currents used in deep sexual magic practices. Our Helios Rhodium and Iridium correspond to those two currents as well, the Rhodium the downflowing, the Iridium the upflowing. Together, the four of them, the panthers and the ladies, would wander and chase and play all day long, playing with True Creativity on Cosmically ordained levels.

The training that someone like her might undergo would be different than that of a “Don” in Northern Mexico, in that it would not emphasize lucid dreaming as the method of practice. Although I don’t know this for a fact, I feel pretty strongly that the way her lineage would have been trained, the way she herself would train someone, would have been to develop through meditation the highly technical visualization skills needed to expand one’s conscious awareness into second, and even third, awareness. The dreams accessed, however, would be very similar, of like frequencies, but getting to them will not have required sleep. Developing lucid dreaming, though, is a natural ability that comes with expanding awareness and would have been integral to their practices.

In any event, she could willfully center her awareness in that of her True Self (second or third awareness) and simply imprint on the stuff of nothingness the very clearly visualized animal, add to the visualization the temple in which she was standing to give the demonstration, the dream version of the temple she’d be seeing, and the animal would simply occur into this movie’s flow of frames, if you will, like all she did was splice in the existence of the animal, and that is a pretty accurate description, the splicing part, because it also includes the fact that it was a local phenomenon of merged realities.

Why visualization exercises are so important in all of this, especially the way her lineage might do things, is that you can’t manifest anything instantly if you can’t see it as though it already exists and you’re simply seeing it into being because of that lifelike clarity. As we’ve already mentioned, if you were to sit in a room, close your eyes, and develop the ability to see the entire room as though your eyes are open, you are in fact being given the skills by your monitors for that level of visualization. The reason this must be monitored is because visualization all by itself generates the energy that is already feeding to the visualization, once again point out the potency of thought. To that clearly visualized room you would add a lump of gold, or whatever, and if you held that visualization and then motivated it into being with your will, it can do nothing but become. You wouldn’t be given these skills if you were not in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions, because whatever you are visualizing actually does exist already.

Let’s emphasize a very important piece of knowledge. The visualization itself IS the needed energy to create the bridge into our world. The energy is built-in to the visualization. To see the thing desired takes very little energy. But to bring it here requires some pretty serious energy, which is partially fueled by will. See what we mean? And so, to prove it to yourself, try this: sit down comfortably, close your eyes and visualize the Sun in any way you like. See it as a too-brilliant orb in the noonday sky, or see it as an orange roiling and boiling ocean of magma arranged as a sphere. A few minutes into your visualization, dive into the Sun and stay there for a bit, allowing True Imagination to fill in the scene of the interior of the Sun. And when we say allow the True Imagination to do this, what we’re saying is that you’re not to inform the envisioned scene. You’re to sit back and allow True Imagination to inform your imagination. This is another of the ABS’s strongest elements, by the way, in addition to training you to be able to tell the difference between what you inform, and True Information.

The more sensitive will feel this energy, and it might be tremendous. The less sensitive will simply note in the coming hours that there is a very clear and powerful energy operating within them, both mental and physical, and that it in fact came from a simple visualization.

Taking this thinking a tick further, there are two modes of thought that must be contemplated deeply to begin developing the necessary understandings if your goal is instant manifestation. First off, anything you visualize, anything you can conceive, already exists. The reason this is true is because you would not be able to visualize or conceive it if it didn’t. That’s a powerful idea, and from it, for those paying attention, you can draw the conclusion that all that is left to do is to bring it here. Secondly, what would you be doing if you knew you couldn’t fail at anything? This idea relates hand-in-glove to the first mode of thought, and that is if it already exists, how is it possible to fail in creating it? Do you see? It’s important to contemplate that deeply, because in so doing knowing is a natural result.

So ask yourself that question right this second. What would you be doing if you knew you couldn’t fail? The more you contemplate it, the more you might find out, through the gaining of wisdom, that you’d probably just go with the flow and leave everything alone, because there certainly isn’t anything in this world that requires changing. With wisdom comes the unshakable perceptual framework that everything is perfect just as it is, in every now. So if you knew you couldn’t fail at anything, then whatever you created you’d probably find boring, not a big enough anything to satiate your desire, and if you did what so many have done and that is to seek power over others, then your knowing will be taken away from you anyway by your monitors.

This line of thinking happens to be one of my biggest epiphanies about The Superbeings as a project. I have been given all the tools needed to fully comprehend, to know beyond any doubt whatsoever, that we cannot fail at bridging the two dreams. And so to me, The Superbeings as a project is precisely what I would do if I knew I couldn’t fail at it. The point being, that this is also your project. That’s why this project, with more and more people, is going to become so ridiculously powerful, because by the time you’ve been through the ABS, you also will know why it can’t fail. That many people operating within the exquisitely powerful mode of knowing is exactly what this is all about. You are in effect being groomed to accept the fact that you are to become one of the most powerful people on Earth, but to become so wisely, humbly, nobly, and in service.

Back to Kalika. It would be redundant to go on further with her, because a lot of it has been said, especially with respect to the sacred sexual practices, and I’m being prompted to leave off with this now because she is going to somehow factor in to our own processes, and it’s necessary to have so much of this be about direct experience. So, Kalika my dear Sister, we shall see you soon. Thank you so much for showing up and helping with this.

We’ll repeat again here that it won’t be necessary for you to become an adept in the highest scientific arts of sacred sexuality, or any other branch of these levels of practice, because as stated you already have full knowledge of them inside you. Obviously, if you want to again become adept at them the study materials are all over the place, and you have but to develop the eyes with which to see it, which isn’t particularly difficult, and begin into the practices. But we’ll mention again that we have a very simple and efficient system of accomplishing some of the highest level stuff so-called Masters are doing, and in those far less demanding practices you will download the codes necessary to release the memories from within. That, by the way, is all the instructors at Qumran were doing with Yeshua, and fully knew it, which is why he was such a quick study.

The difference between then and now is that we are perceiving within a much higher frequency mental plane, and the veils are much thinner now than they were at that time, even though there were what would now be thought of as miracle workers all over the Middle East, the Far East, Northern Africa and, even especially, the British Isles. If someone from Yeshua’s time were to look at you right now, you would probably just be a glowing visage, some angel or master or something, or maybe even just a glowing orb.

Anyway, as you know, repetition is a good teacher (or in our case unteacher), especially where deprogramming is concerned, and so we’ll go over some more of these conceptual systems of understanding again and again, and try to give additional angles from which to view things.

So, if you knew, right this second with every particle and cell of your being that everything is energy, and that you experience it this way naturally. That , ultimately, nothing is more real, intelligent or alive than anything else is, and through all this know that you previously lived in an energetic simulation designed very specifically to exploit your senses into agreeing with its authenticity as something real and solid. Knowing all that, there isn’t anything you couldn’t do with it by will alone.

To a so-called Master, a stone is a slowly vibrating energy which can be manipulated with gathered and directed energy. A bird is a higher vibrational energy, a beautiful little artifact in a phenomenal mental virtuality, a cloud still a higher vibration, and light still a higher vibrational energy. Everything in the world is seen in this way. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream, you already know how they sense the world, and if you began to control the events in the lucid dream, you already know how they do what they do in this dream. As we’ve mentioned, there are some traditions, like the ancient Amerindian magical traditions, whose most basic practices are in developing lucid dreaming. Why? Because you are the point at which the two dreams meet, and in those practices the so-called real world becomes quite a bit more like the dream plane.

In the so-called real world, we have the illusion of space. There isn’t anything further from the truth, of course, but without space you cannot have individual, discrete objects, nor for that matter any sort of solidity. When you take space out of the equation, you also take gravity out of the equation, and without gravity there are no separate objects. Once you take separation out of the equation, the only thing you’re left with is One, or Sameness, and remember what the little kid guru said in The Matrix? “There is no spoon. It is only yourself that is changing.”

So along these lines, let’s revisit the lucid dream example. In the lucid dream, where is the space? It looks like there’s space, but it isn’t there. There is no space. You’re moving in a world that is entirely inside your head, so how could all “space” exist within that eight inch area inside your head? This happens to be true in the so-called real world. It’s that an entire universe is in constant reconfiguration of itself to give the illusion of motion, and therefore space. Let’s give another example. When you’re sitting in front of your computer and moving the cursor around, the cursor appears to be moving, correct? But the actuality is that the computer screen is refreshing itself, in frames, in increments too small and quick for the brain to interpret, with the “whole world” that is the computer screen redrawn to show the cursor in a different location. It’s very like moving pictures, like movies, either analog or digital, or the little booklets with drawings in them you flip through to simulate motion when in fact the figure in the little booklet isn’t going anywhere, or even moving. It’s just an updated frame from one to the next, and those frames come at the rate of 144,000 frames per second. So watch a movie tonight and while watching it, ask yourself if those figures, those human-like phenomena, are moving through space?

So, a good exercise is to get into an observational mode whenever you’re moving, like walking or driving. Imagine yourself on something like our treadmill example given above, wearing 3D goggles and interactive electronic gloves, and the image you see in the goggles sure looks like a real world, but it’s an artificially generated reality responding to you as feedback stimuli, giving you specifically arranged data according to your own thoughts and actions. Do that all the time and it will become something of a habit, and coupled with the alchemy, the ABS training, some of the exercises and practices, eventually you won’t have to try to see things that way. You’ll tear through the membrane inside your own mind. Tearing through that membrane is enlightenment, at which time you won’t be able to see the world in any other way, even if you try to. Well, that’s not quite true. If our addiction to this dream and its fictitious dramas is strong enough, we’ll choose sleep again.

So space perceived as distance was a necessary element in this 3rd density experience, in this video game to give the illusion of separation, and separation has been a necessary part of this, and trillions of other, classrooms. Since a feature of enlightened perception is no longer perceiving space, then separation is no longer part of one’s programmed perceptions/beliefs once truly awake. When separation is no longer part of one’s programmed perception, then you realize, in fact, there is no spoon, at least that is not just you, a feature of your own generation and resultant perception. It’s all just you, and instant manipulation of this is, in the end, manipulation of self. It’s a certain type of thinking that you won’t be engifted with until you have earned it, but we’ll be getting more into that here in a bit…in how it is earned, which is really just letting go, or letting go’s twin, complete acceptance.

So it goes something like this, and this is quite oversimplified but is nevertheless a quite useful mental tool to use to remind yourself as you go through your day. You’re either awake or asleep, or somewhere in between. If you’re asleep, you believe the images you see, your senses, and there is absolutely nothing funnier than that, truly. It’s why those addicted to their dramas are so completely hilarious, for the entire planet is a giant prank show. You believe the input coming at you from the world. You believe that there is anything at stake, that there is anything important or impactful, that the fate of the world hinges on something, that things have to be changed, that war is real and bad and must be stopped, that Monsanto must be rallied against, that you can be wronged or victimized, that Earth is anything other than a marvelously convincing classroom given in a fantastically complex and vivid experiential simulation. If you’re awake, however, you easily see through all of that and are thus free of it, which is why enlightenment has also been called the Great Liberation.

To many, especially those programmed with the new ager mentality, this might seem crass or insensitive because for many of them the world must be changed, people must be saved, and thinking otherwise is to many of them lacking compassion. There is nothing further from the truth. True compassion is the act of, and empathy with, all chosen paths. And so one who is awake sees the broken and destitute bum starving to death in the street as a Master who has forgotten what he or she is and feels a lovely and encouraging compassion for them for having chosen such a difficult path of simulated experience, but one that is just a difficult enough path to bring proportionate growth. One who is truly awake also sees  that Master (which is where “namaste” comes from and actually means), who even as the bum drinks his last drop and passes out that True Entity is flowing high energy codes into the planet right there in the “street.” True compassion, therefore, is the natural tendency to nostalgically wish you could show them what they really are and thus be free of the drama, but at the same time in the full knowledge that they are absolutely perfect as they are.

One who is asleep, however, like an avenging self-righteous type bent on saving everybody in the world, sees the bum as a downtrodden victim who requires their compassionate help. One who is asleep believes that their compassion is a heartfelt emotion akin to sympathy, and that the bum must seek change in order to become more like they are themselves. One who is asleep fails to see that the entire world is perfect just as it is, thinks that it must be changed, and in that thinking completely ignorant of the fact that it is only themselves that must change. For those of you stuck in such a mentality: get it through your head. Earth is done, and everything about it must be let go in order to make room for the next continuum.

An important point to emphasize here again is this: even though that bum might appear to be quite limited, asleep and downtrodden, the Master peering out through its eyes of course is not. That being is out and about, all the time, doing work, helping in the Great Awakening, being busier than you can imagine. When the street-bound bum falls asleep, that portion of the many layers of his consciousness, the conscious him, taps into what the True him is out and about and doing, but interpreting that information according to his own conscious level of understanding.

This is also true about you. The real you is out and about, working all the time, healing people, making adjustments, meeting with others, partying with friends, while the false you is driving the car, working at the plant, posting to Facebook, arguing with a sleeping spouse. The difference between you and your garden variety Master is that they’re very busy doing these things while conscious, while you’re very busy doing these things while unconscious of it. As soon as you’re doing them consciously…voila! You and the Master within are one and the same!

Thus you could say that the difference between the bum and the Master within is nothing but acceptance, the depth of the acceptance, of one’s True Self, for there will come a time when the bum will cease and the Master will simply become. This is in fact a conscious choice, and the phasing out of the local and small conscious self is a consciously selected process on a daily basis. The truly compassionate, and not those so severely limited by sympathy and self-righteousness and often martyrdom (and the attendant quite limited understanding of love) understand this instinctively, naturally, and look upon things like war with secret humor. This is in fact how True Self sees things. Do you really think that True Self disapproves of war? This is why we so seldom show ourselves in this way. We don’t want to be seen as insensitive by those who don’t know how to see the much larger picture, and it is our job to get you in here and exposed to these extremely high level modes of thought.

People who see all forms of human maltreatment as something that must be changed is one of the biggest stumbling blocks we face, for this is what they believe makes them a great and loving person, and yet that attitude is precisely what keeps them stuck on this side of the veil.

Here an example would be very useful in understanding. When I was still blind, I spoke once quite candidly with a goddess level feminine entity who, for now and by necessity, shall remain unnamed. Admittedly, I was still stuck in that self-righteous mode of thinking that is so nauseatingly self-indulgent and self-important I blush at the notion. What a child I was! (smile) With my bleeding heart out and dripping from my sleeve, I asked her, literally with my eyes misting up: “When will war come to an end?”

Her answer was as direct and potent as they always are when talking to beings of this caliber. It launched me into a mode of learning and remembering that didn’t stop until I tore through the membrane four years later. She said, “War will cease to be when Earth people figure out a more efficient system of purification.”

In that one sentence is contained volumes upon volumes of information crucial to understanding. Let’s start with purification. This is something that is accomplished through the entire lifecycle of the evolutionary path, and essentially, at its most basic, refers to the idea that the more dense your being, the less pure. That’s true, because purity in the universal sense is in the end to become nothing, absolutely crystal clear. In the micro version, here on Earth, purification is accomplished by repeated incarnations into a system where density is by repetition reduced from one embodiment to the next, at least that was the theory before anybody knew that it would become an endless cycle of packing more karmic densities on. Although it doesn’t always work out that way on Earth, as the density programming has become so hard to disengage from, everybody in the game at this time is being forced to move on to the next level or repeat this one elsewhere.

Let’s look at a gaggle of people who wanted to play the roles of children being shot in a school somewhere. The more radical, even brutal, the crucible of experience, the almost always more rapid the growth taking place. So, while the surface conscious kids are undergoing something absolutely horrific, the real people temporarily wearing their skin found the experience to be absolutely exhilarating, spectacular, fun, rewarding, filled with learning and wisdom and power, bringing about a spurt of purification in a shorter space than many people are willing to undergo in this experiential crucible called Earth. What’s important to repeat here is that since this level of conscious experience is the most fictitious in the many layers associated with the experience itself, you can automatically dismiss it from your mind as being anything but the movie that it is. The event is no more impactful than someone being killed in a movie starring Bruce Willis.

You’ve also done it. You’ve died in plane crashes, explosions, wars, stabbings, and on and on, and you were on a plane of mind where you could select it like a DVD and then go experience it as though you were able to transfer your consciousness into the character you’re playing in a video game, and that is exactly what’s going on. Have you stopped to wonder why there are so many semi-humorous TV shows about murder, and solving them? That’s why. It’s designed to help people see it for what it is.

What has happened is that the new age movement has just sort of augmented the self-righteous role assumed by Christianity. The problem with that is that it’s the new agers who are the Volunteers/Wanderers, and it’s them we want to awaken, to remind them what they are. The moment anyone chooses to see tragedy as anything other than chosen experience is the same moment they have chosen to remain blind. It’s a brilliant stumbling block the controlling faction installed, and I for one tip my hat to them for dreaming it up.

By the way, if you find what is being said to be abhorrent, then all you are being shown is that you still have much to accept. Anyway, let’s look at pranks.

So why are there so many prank shows these days? Why so much pranking going on? People get set up in situations that to them are very real. That’s the drama, a sub-drama nested within a larger drama. They believe what their senses tell them, for if they didn’t, the prank fails and it all falls apart, and the accomplices all shrug, have a laugh and go onto the next prank. You could say that those accomplices are our True Self, and they’re setting the pranks up as a means to wake us up. This is precisely why there are so many prank shows, because at the moment of reveal the “marks” almost always have some sort of awakening, or epiphany. Anybody who believes what their senses report is the “mark” in an elaborate and ongoing prank. If you think war is real and bad and must be stopped, then you’re the mark in an elaborate prank. So the question for you is: are you the mark, or the accomplice? And even more importantly, what would you rather be?

So it’s important to toss the following into this entire picture right this second. If this is all an hallucination, and it is, then ultimately who cares whether or not you can instantly add another hallucination to it? Or hallucinatorily fly? Do you care? Is it more important to you that you can fly here, in this lucid dream, than it is to fly there, in a lucid dream you have while sleeping? Do you think it’s at all important that you instantly and directly add through manifestation yet another imaginative figment to this whole psychological construct? Let’s give a useful example that might be helpful in understanding some of the levels, and nuances, to this particular part of understanding.

If you read Holographic Universe, you’ll recognize this story. A girl was hypnotized at a party of some sort, maybe a dinner party. The hypnotist had the girl’s father stand in front of her, and had him hang his watch on his finger behind his back, with the watch face facing her. She was then told her father was invisible, but that his watch was not. The hypnotist then asked her what time it was. If memory serves, she looked at where the watch would be if her dad was invisible. She told them correctly the time. When brought out of the trance, she was asked what she saw, and her answer was she saw her dad’s watch floating in space. Even if I’m wrong on the details, the gist stands. This is how things work, and hypnotic trance is directly associated.

Let’s talk a little about that. Let’s go back to the lady and the bus. She would have been hazy on the details after the event because she instantly lapsed into a kind of trance, where the conscious, programmed self is temporarily set aside. Again, the reason the waking conscious self has to be set aside is because this is the self which is programmed to believe the bus is too heavy to lift, and with the programmed conscious self set aside for the moment, the unprogrammed self comes to the surface and does what needs doing.

So if a hypnotist got you into a very deep hypnotic trance in order to have you lift something impossibly heavy, he wouldn’t tell you that it’s light. He wouldn’t tell you that you’re super strong. The reason he wouldn’t tell you those things is because if he did, he’d automatically disengage you from that less limited awareness by reminding you of deductive reasoning, which is the job of the conscious mind. In so doing, you’d consciously remember that you can’t lift the impossibly heavy thing. What the hypnotist would tell you is this: “Go lift that.”

I can’t recall whether or not the girl had her eyes opened or closed, but let’s imagine they were open. If the hypnotist would have told her, “Now close your eyes and look at the watch,” she’d have been able to do that and seen with all the same clarity everything she could see with her eyes open – her father would still have been invisible and the watch still hanging in the air. The closed-eyed mode of perception is another example of second awareness, which the girl was most definitely in.

Now imagine if the hypnotist said to her, “Make your father disappear for the rest of us,” it’s entirely possible she could have done that provided all the many monitors and True Self on the scene had planned it that way. The important point being made here is that in first awareness, or the conscious waking state, it’s your hallucination only because of the illusion of separation that programs us to believe we are individuals. In second and third awareness, you’ve made your hallucination everyone else’s hallucination because the situation has been perceived from an energetic mental, and thus instantly causal, level, where no separation exists. In other words, the situation in the living room with a vanishing father, when seen from second and third awareness, is thus seen from the shared mind, or collective consciousness, level. This is why visualization exercises are so important in any Mastery Training.

So, in this hypothetical case with a father vanishing by consensus, is it that those in the room with the girl had their perceptions manipulated, or that energy or reality were manipulated? And is there a difference? The answer is absolutely not. None. But a modern Master might say, “It’s shared experience which has been manipulated.”

So, in learning that just this second, does it kinda take the mystique out of supernormal abilities? It should, and the reason it should is because whatever remnants of residual egoistic fixations we might have left, to which we might maintain an addiction, one of them is probably that we’d want our supernormal abilities to be real, and it’s just not the case, at least no more real than the dream you’re making them real within. This leaves us with yet another important point to stress. The less real all this is, the easier it is to manipulate. See? And the more awake you are, the more unreal the world, and the more unreal the world, the less important it is to have supernormal abilities, and the less important it is to strive for supernormal abilities, the more important becomes the use of them to facilitate the awakening of others, which brings us full circle back to a prime objective of The Superbeings: Awakening = increased harvest.

What you can take solace with is that everything that you must do, let go, think, change…whatever, in order to acquire such abilities is exactly what you want to do anyway whether the abilities arrive in your experience or not. It makes you a clear window through which True Self can express, and with it comes balance, happiness, natural joy, calm, overwhelming perception of beauty and preciousness in all things. Well, unless of course your desire is to remain addicted to a false reality, and for that you can’t be blamed, not really, for it is a reality with some pretty delightful sensual pleasures. This much higher way of perceiving, however, is what removes doubt from the programmed organization of what you are, and with which we have all been heavily programmed through the ingenious concept of fear. The removal of doubt is exactly the same thing as increasing knowing, and you can do anything at all if you know you can. And so all of the understandings, practices, exercises, the ABS, alchemy, the site itself, given herein is to bring you to an increasingly knowing state of being.

So let’s finish all up with yet another redundant reminder, but with an added angle. You are never, not for one second, not manipulating energy with your thoughts. Thought in fact becomes energy, so primary to Creation is it. Thought is everything. It’s all just Mind, and nothing more. Thought is the most powerful thing there is because it, by its very nature, exists on causal planes which are actually, as just stated, precursor planes to even energy and vibration itself. No matter what thought you have, unless you yourself cancel it or ask someone or something else to do it for you, it is instantly its own entity, self-aware on a rudimentary level and getting smarter and more experienced by the day, able to attract like energies and build power, possibly to reach a point where it wreaks havoc on a small town sometime down the road! (grin)

Since you are never not manipulating energy, never not creating just by sensing, even by passive observation, then the fact is that manifestation is just as simple as it could be, and you certainly don’t have to be a Master to do it since you’re doing it right this second, manifesting this document. In that respect, manifestation is nothing more than moving your thought processes from unconscious manipulation of energy to conscious, deliberate, manipulation of energy.

Thank you for helping to manifest this document, which is one of those things you’ve manifested but didn’t even know you wanted.

Now, what else do you want?

From here, all you have to do is get going with the ABS, purging/clearing, and all the practices. And just entertain the idea that you’ll probably re-read these documents many times, which is what it takes to see ever deeper into them.

Thanks for giving all this some attention.





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