The Arcanum A.z.f. the final initiation of fire. How I built my solar body.
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  • This line is so completely naive: If you definite spirituality as the development of your power and energy to increase your capabilities here, spirituality is not possible without semen retention, anyone who claims to be spiritual and does not practice this is delusional.

    Welcome back, Sam. It's time to wake up. My offer still stands.

  • If you know yourself well enough you can overcome this thing, I personally have had success by being fully informed of my personal triggers, the process itself unfolding in various ways,the subsequent pleasure derived from the act and finally, the consequences of this action. 

    Just weigh those things in and see whether you should or shouldn't. A common trick of the mind is to 'ease' someone in. It's much much easier to stop at the trigger moment. Getting the habit of stopping at the trigger can lead to a source of pleasure in and of itself and slowly the desire will dissipate.

    Common triggers were:  a desire for connection, a laborious and mundane day, increased food intake, being around sexually promiscuous friends, the desire to have pleasure right at that moment indespite everything else, having nothing better to do.

    Nocturnal emissions are largely an unconscious process for me, they are preceded by succibus in sexually suggestive poses in some sort of internet site while I was having the belief implanted that I was completely alone. These stopped when I did the ritual I linked below. But just in any case, be informed of kegels. I always have done them to avoid the actual ejaculation and because I'm too lazy to change clothes and clean up in the middle of the night.

    I hope this helps. :)  

  • Thanks for the book link Sam! 

    Although it was written by a monk, it retains the biases coming from that particular worldview and thus the reader should exercise discernment. Rules regarding behavioural conduct are strict to point of being unrealistic... in fact, the author exhibits a subtle contempt for humans... for indulging in human nature.

    "Do not go to the doctors. Endeavour to qualify yourself as your own
    doctor. Understand the laws of nature, the principles of hygiene and health. Do not tresspass
    against the laws of health." p.71

    Sound advice but there's not many who would heed it and even less that have got the time for it. Also, it is likely that such interest in biology will spark only after a disease, causing the patient to learn only of their disease in an attempt to cure themselves, while missing out on possible adverse effects caused by other organs who are seemingly disconnected.  There are many parts like this one, such as the pursuit of bliss and power, but I won't go on.

    However, there are healthy parts within. The author seems honest in seeking liberation and the writings are aimed for similar-minded people. Which would be other monks or prospective practitioners.

    I found the relationship of semen release and irritability to be true to my own experience. Patience is cultivated by accepting the moment where you gotta work hard in despite of the lustrous thoughts urging you to do something much more pleasurable at that time. *wink wink*

    Also, diet is a huge factor, I would suggest eating once a day and be aware of a small period where the stomach is full and the individual becomes 'heavy'.

    Pages 78 -82 are referring to nocturnal emissions and suggestion to alleviate: "Avoid cinema, novels, newspapers, bad company, evil talks. Do not look into the mirror frequently. Do not use scents or fancy clothings. Do not attend dance or music parties. Do not look at mating of animals and birds." ; Do not be rid of desire from the root, but the stimulus. An alternative is yoga, pp.93-103. I cannot vouch for the effects.

    The author believes in the power of self-restraint leading to bliss. I sincerely disagree, the person needs both exploration of indulgence and abstinence in order to find what works for them. Someone should add a disclaimer: Only upon experiencing both polarities, balance is struck.

    This is the case of all incarnational cycles, experience of polarities and eventual balance leading into virtues. Experience of a single polarity leads to deep-seated complexes and a subconscious desire to fulfil the need, which strengthens the desire's resolve. On the contrary, he who has intimately met with his/her chiefly desires knows how they operate under their duress and thus can make a fully informed choice of whether they need to experience the outcomes of action. They will be lead into what's right or wrong in all the possible ways imaginable!

    I believe enlightenment is a gradual process where the attainment of a single virtue is a small enlightenment in and of itself, accumulating into an even larger insight over time. So 'imperfections' should be accepted as The Way, in the cause of the author, the shunning of imperfection was his Way. 

    Monks tend to put a desire ontop of their desires: the desire to have no desire... Meanwhile, the key is to surrender, until the entire body understands that indulgence does not create lasting satisfaction.

    Also, @Jakub, the author states that it's not the fluid itself, but a subtle form of semen that gets distributed along. Sperm is costly and t would make sense for the body to conserve its resources by breaking up and recycling. Now, whether it is the panacea it is claimed to be... Time will show...It's definitely a key agent in well-being though. :)

    Here's a TL;DR: Simply look away from the illusion and meditate, do yoga and avoid release.

  • An abstract from the book you mentioned Sam

    "Do not be too familiar with anybody. Familiarity breeds contempt. Do not multiply friends. Do not court friendship with women. Do not also be very familiar with them. Familiarity with women will eventually end in your destruction. Never, never forget this point. Friends are your real foes."


    Im happy to see you back Sam, but this is just bs

  • Hey Sam...the fluid definitely doesnt travel up the spine. Semen travelling up the spine would most probably hurt you badly. The energy travels, sure. Prostate fluid with sperm in it, no no no.
    And spiritual progress is not about power, from my point of view anyway.
    Its about getting clearer and being the truest expression of your self. All these powers and abilities are just another ego trap. Another smoke screen. Stop caring about them is the best advice I can give you.

  • That does not mean that pure and service to others mentality people have not been involved in the religion. 

  • Yes, Kami Ryu, I'm sorry as well for hijacking your blog. Paisios, be all that as it may, every religion on the planet, most especially Christianity, was founded by reptilian satanists. Christianity started as the world hub for child sexual exploitation, and continued unabated until Pope Francis' arrest (he may still be awaiting Tribunal, I don't know) and the confiscation of the trillions in Vatican wealth. They all started dark, hid their dark, and worked their dark through them from Day One. Being a learned kinda guy, I think you'd like "The Murder of Reality" by Pierre Sabak. Mary has read it; I haven't. I just kinda know intrinsically what it contains. It's incredibly well researched and technically presented. You might also track down some of his interviews and whatnot. I don't mean to presume, but you don't seem to be aware of a few things I think you'd like to be aware of.

    Kami, I won't hijack your blog from here forward.

  • Kami Ryu, I wanted to recommend exactly the same book 'the Perfect Matrimony' by Samuel Aun Weor! I am half way through and love it, the first book I read of him was Dream Yoga

  • If you want to deeply study the esoteric science of this subject I reccomend reading "The perfect Matrimony" by Samael Aun Weor. In fact... I'm a student of all his works after having an experience with him in the internal worlds. 

    I found this out after he came to me in the dream and touched me and cured me of an addiction to the flesh I was struggling with. On my 9th month of sustained seminal retention a process happened that I later read about that was my experience and is as follows ..... 

    Here's what I found: Sameal Aun Weor was an incarnation of the Angel of fire. He was born I. The 1960s to write over 60 books regarding this subject. When a student under takes his work in the great Arcanum A.Z.F. , the student can invoke his assistance by activating the NOUS atoms in the left heart ventrical. 

    This the final stage of the adept goes through in building the solar body. After 12 years of sustained retention, the 1eth cranial nerve is born. All the rays of the chakras are transmuted from the seven deadly sins to the seven virtues and  the 144,000 chakras are opened. 

    When the semen is retained the Kundalini starts climbing up the 33 vertebrea very slowly until it reaches the top. When you spill the seed the Kundalini falls back down and one has to start over. 

  • I speak only of the perspective of Orthodox Christianity by the way...


    Christianity has been under heavy attack because its powerful for the purposes of the planet.

    It has maintained esoteric traditions behind closed doors and these teachings are distributed by rites of passage and direct experience from monk to monk; dragging a neophyte into an Astral projection,etc.

    It has undergone simplifications and the main interpreting force has no idea about the metaphysical implications behind certain teachings, but this religion is aiming for quantity rather than quality.

    It aims to get an older soul accustomed to 'non-attachment' in preparation of enlightenment.

    Believing that the human is essentially an own class of Archangels and thus can be informed of the Archangelic workings in order to mould creation in accordance to the individual's divine Will. This can be healing and so on...


    Apologies to Kami Ruy for derailing the thread.

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