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Things Are Not What They Seem, But In A Way, They Are

Started Jan 3 0 Replies

Separation is THE lie, I am you and you are me, the question is what you do with Truth. You can continue to focus on preaching and proselytize, or you can BE the One of Many that elevates it All to…Continue

Digging In!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Terry Jackson Dec 19, 2018. 3 Replies

What your take on the idea of Digging In? Some concepts off the top of my head that relate are runner's high, turning the other cheek, maybe even non judgment? Depth, wormholes, rabbit hole,…Continue


Started this discussion. Last reply by Calvin Jan 5. 28 Replies

Music is so important wonder what sort of soundtrack JD Aliix's movie/series would have?I wonder…Continue

Conquerer's Confidence

Started this discussion. Last reply by Calvin Dec 3, 2018. 7 Replies

Hey Special FamilyFelt like making a thread that would actually make a difference in people's livesWhat are some little or moderate or BIG (if you're ready) things that you could do to make your life…Continue

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"Let relaxation inspire deep creativity"
Calvin replied to Theo's discussion SELF MASTERY
"I don't know about sexual ankhing or any like, magickal stuff regarding that. But I do know you do lose minerals when you ejaculate and that can put a constant drain on you. You also have to consider how long your body takes to refill itself…"
Calvin replied to Street Poet's discussion Dreams, Channelings, Signal Line Transmissions
"It's cool that the sensation was like urinating. I remember when I was little my eldest aunt would get really mad if I peed myself. One day just a dribble came out and I was so afraid I was crying and apologizing and they were just laughing…"
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"What a strange but beautiful dream.The power of words.The power of love.Murder, theft, fear, inevitability.The struggle between desire and oppression.Just what do I deserve?What does anyone deserve?Just who decides?Who are the real oppressors?Does…"
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"Stunning, Powerful"
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"To the fledgling self (JD) and Merlin, if I'm not mistaken, Great Work with this community! True, Joyous, Critical, Transformative. With relentless love and gratitude, Kalki and (Calvin), onward we go into experience! To all and your…"
Jan 6
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" Mozart Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K. 331"
Jan 5

As of 1/01/2019, Calvin has stepped aside and Kalki has stepped in.

Here are some things he has to say.

Meditation is the practice of being responsible for your thoughts. Care to realize the difference between accountability and responsibility.

Love is One is All-Inclusive. You could say, I love you despite your flaws, but I love you suffices, no?

What is the difference between solidarity and togetherness?

On the night of 1/09/2019, Calvin thought of Mary's post that included speaking to Aumakua and her own limbic system. He tried something similar. I was glad to help him through it by telling him to think of love, he thought of his granduncle and the power of it made him cry. I told him that his grievances make sense, and we, closer to Aumakua look upon him lovingly. In fact, I, Kalki, only volunteered for this because of how painfully epic it would be. I extend this to anyone reading this. Know that your grievances are legitimate. Don't mentally beat yourself into submission. We are here for you, we love you. We are you, after the worst of it.

What many of you call The Butterfly Effect, cannot be controlled. Another name for it is the eventuality of Chaos. If you were able to control it, it would cease to be an effect. It would be like controlling unconscious actions, like controlled sleep walking. It would cease to be sleepwalking.

The closest you can come to this is controlling your relaxed states with what is known now as GABA. The practice of inhibition can bring you into dream states.

Is the first morning bird's song profound and awe-inspiring or just a chirp in an ocean of tweets?

My purpose is to show the fledgling self Love.

Think of Laughter as a technology.

That technology is defined by your ability to cease antagonizing yourself and others.

People are going to antagonize you. Don't let that throw you off.

vv Calvin's stuff

I found Jason in late 2008, I was nudged here by a guy named Joseph, from a conspiracy forum called godlikeproductions, after posting in a thread about "Lightworkers". I did salvia divinorum and it basically instantly made me ultraspiritual. I believe that I saw Indra's Net while on it. I also had a strange experience with cannabis before that, where my thoughts unlimited themselves. Maybe it was just deep anxiety. I was pretty clueless in my early 20s. Even now in my late 20s, I'm pretty clueless. Before, the emphasis was on pretty, now it's on clueless, though.

I mean, from the get-go I had doubts, and my way of trying to test them was to dive in. So I binged. There are people who like subdued experiences and people who like balls-to-the-walls no-holds-barred action. I like both. So I tested the stuff here, both ways; meditation, fasting, as subdued, magick, mania, as expressed. Honestly the latter would be more like paranoia and toxicity. The former might be denial and meekness. When I think about it now, I want to put all of that in the context of purging and detoxification but I think the reality is more like programs and addictions being hacked. In a good way. The alchemy is good. Jason is good. Perfect? Yes, but, decide for yourself.

My recent learnings involve the mess that is self-righteousness. Everyone wants to be right all the time and be a teacher all the time. But when you find a group of people you have solidarity with...

Let's have fun.

Contact me for any reason at all.

All for fun and fun for all

As of 1/11/2019 the final draft is complete.

green onion* | bell pepper* | onion* | bean sprout** | tomato* | garlic* | wood ear mushroom** | corn** | golden needle mushroom** | oden hard boiled egg | oden daikon | oden kinchaku | oden chikuwa | oden hanpen | oden konyaku | raw egg
*thinly sliced and raw **blanched
medium-boiled marinated egg
spicy umami ball
pork belly (1)
arabiki wiener (2)
grandma's rice
large (1) or small (2) oxtails
roast asparagus, eggplant, zucchini or tomato with romesco
shrimp wonton (3)
tempura eggplant (2)
tempura asparagus (3)
tempura zucchini (2)
tempura onion (3)
tempura shrimp (2)
tempura fish (2)
garlic butter poppy seed spaghetti
taiwanese braised pork rice
karaage chicken (5)
karaage squid
seared scallops (3) with romesco
garlic stir-fried cabbage, ong choi, chives or yam leaves +$2 add pork belly or shrimp
vietnamese spring rolls (3) +$1 pate spread
pesto or sun-dried tomato spaghetti
takoyaki (6)
taiwanese pork intestine, pork blood, pork belly, bamboo stew with rice
sundubu +$2 per short rib, pork belly, mussels (2) and shrimp (1)
pho tai bo vien +$1 per meat fatty flank, brisket, tendon, tripe +$2 double noodle
katsu pork or beef
banh xeo
meat sauce spaghetti
korean cheese pancake +$3 seafood version
omelette fried rice
kimchi, chicken bouillon, mushroom, beef, meatball, pork intestine noodle
tonkotsu ramen +$2.50 double noodle
creamy mentaiko spaghetti +$5 scallop (1) and mussel (2)
taiwanese beef noodle +$2.50 double noodle
mozzarella basil stuffed chicken breast
16 oz pork chop
14 oz short rib
16 oz ny steak
18 oz ribeye
14 oz filet

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At 6:18pm on September 21, 2018, Michael McKinney said…

G'Day Calvin;  I have read I think, all of your thoughtful post here on TSB and your pictures are interesting to view, a very wide rage of interest. From what I have read your journey has started in earnest, I look forward to reading how you are Transcending/Converting from a 3 D soul to yet another "Superbeing" which will step into the coming Blessed Electrons of the Sacred White Fire Electronic Light from God. Keep Grounded Calvin

G'Day and Blessed Journey    Mihael/Michael

At 10:28am on September 21, 2018, Molly Helene said…

eternal friends made official.

At 7:03am on August 26, 2018, Aj Jerome said…
Hey Calvin. Thanks for rolling out the welcome mat!
At 4:16am on July 29, 2018, Z said…

Entaro Adun!(the avatar icon)

At 5:11pm on October 18, 2017, Mary Betts said…

Thanks sooo much for that feedback. Going to watch that David Eagleman video about senses looks intriguing.

At 5:45pm on September 18, 2017, Michael McKinney said…

Hey there Calvin    I am Michael    WELCOME

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Calvin's Blog

Gautama's Lessons To Maitreya and Kalki

Posted on October 10, 2018 at 10:37am 0 Comments

After 24 days meditating under a tree, Gautama became enlightened.

His senses sharpened to the point of perceiving all of Samsara.

Maitreya and Kalkin's young pure spiritual essences sat in a spaceless space, awaiting his instruction.

Gautama made a localized image of himself with them, sitting with legs folded, hands atop the side of his knees. Eyes closed.

Maitreya: Master, your arrival enblissens us.



Business Idea

Posted on August 23, 2018 at 4:29pm 4 Comments

My business idea.

I would like to create a restaurant and entertainment hub where you can find: Asian soul food, Chef specialties, popular global foods, 12 mid-tier PCs, a few high-tier VR dedicated PCs, low-tier PCs for card gaming, browsing and school work, depending on the level of simplicity game creation has reached by its fruition; maybe an ultra-high end workstation, four console areas with couches for console gaming and movies, two ping pong tables,…


The Supreme and Sublime Buddha

Posted on June 13, 2018 at 10:54am 0 Comments

Buddha visited me, in an invisible, silent, supernatural space ship.

Outside my window, it seemed time was slowed down.

He reminded me of the feeling of enjoying yourself.

He showed me some songs and movies and games.

He's seen all of history, and is actually a really hip and cool guy.

He sat in his space ship as I meditated, just hanging out, a friendly guardian, prompting peace.

He left in two days, but before he left, he performed a powerful…


Meditation Story

Posted on June 8, 2018 at 12:00pm 2 Comments

Yesterday I had a very intense meditation where I discovered forgotten "blocks" within my unconscious. It began with sitting and being present and then trying to find symmetry in the body, a gentle dance of finding muscles that don't get used and stimulating them. The scene in the Matrix where Neo's atrophied muscles are being punctured came to mind, along with the thought that just one stimulation of a forgotten muscle, with enough gusto, could instantly bring it back online. The first step…




Started by Theo in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Calvin on Monday. 62 Replies

This section is about reading the mastery and Wormhole documents, and putting them into practice.  Please share your insights, practice and experiences.Continue


Started by Street Poet in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Street Poet Jan 11. 2 Replies

in a time long ago, there was a migthy crack whence sprang the legions. their civilizations prospered and spread. over time, curiosity became conquest. much war was brought to our memory, endless…Continue

Gathering in March

Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Cheryl Jan 11. 2 Replies

I'd like some feedback on a gathering in March. Let's call it a poll.1.…Continue


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