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A few things I am curious about

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jakub Faist Dec 24, 2019. 29 Replies

Hello everybody, I am a freshman here so hopefully I won't offend anybody with my incompetence :-) . If anybody could give me satisfying answers to at least something that bogs me, it would help me a…Continue

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Jakub Faist replied to Mary Betts's discussion So, what is it that you want?
"Now that I`ve read it again, I realize I haven`t really understood what you were asking.To answer your real question, no, I wouldn`t change anything about this place, I love it.Discussions have incredible substance, I love chakra cuning, and puramyd…"
Jakub Faist replied to Mary Betts's discussion So, what is it that you want?
"Hi Mary, this is a thread so excellent that I cannot believe it wasn`t brought up until now, I love it!I will tell you my piece but please tell me yours as well! I am intrigued to hear your life story, and other peoples too!Five years ago, I was a…"
Jakub Faist replied to Peter Wu's discussion The Destiny Cards
"well look at that - ace of diamond is my birth cardwhat a coincidence ^^"
Feb 2
Jakub Faist replied to Peter Wu's discussion The Destiny Cards
"fascinatingthank you!"
Feb 2
Jakub Faist replied to JD Aliix's discussion AN IMMENSE WAVE IS COMING
"Jason created a catalyst for you, an opportunity for self reflection. I understand it is unpleasant for you, but if you use it wisely, you can gain tremendously.Stop belittling yourself and stop feeling so sorry for yourself.You have done this to…"
Dec 31, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to JD Aliix's discussion General Questions
"That is an excellent read Jason, thank you for sharing.The person writing it seems legit and all the answers are spot on.The timelines he/she mentions do not add up though? What happened? "
Dec 29, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to JD Aliix's discussion THE SIMPLE TRUTH - FAST PATH TO FREEDOM
"Hi Noni,I feel like all your answers stem from a single point, an idea of a discrete separate existence that you feel you are right now.I can share how I got to wrap my head around this.There are two concepts, hinduist in origin I believe, called…"
Dec 28, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to Jakub Faist's discussion A few things I am curious about
"Oh yes Mary in that case I know what Chance refers to.  I thought perhaps he meant something like various intelligence fractions with different interests or something along those lines."
Dec 24, 2019
Mary Betts replied to Jakub Faist's discussion A few things I am curious about
"I could be wrong but I am thinking Chance might be referring to what your purpose is- or maybe in relation to a natural gift in how you are helping out here on the planet. And it should be known that many of us are helping on levels that are we are…"
Dec 23, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to Jakub Faist's discussion A few things I am curious about
"Hi Chance!I've come across this thread after almost 4 years and I've gotta say, I understood your responses to a certain degree back then.. but now, it's different.  Wow.I guess it was time to do a full circle and come back to it…"
Dec 22, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to Gayle's discussion Not much being discussed currently
"Hi Gayle, what do you mean by current stuff?If information is what you are after, I suggest you go through wormhole documentshttps://thesuperbeings.net/page/wormhole-docsAlso if there are topics that you have special interest in, you can start your…"
Dec 22, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to Jade Morgan's discussion Adventures with alchemy
"Yeah you are probably right, it would take decades..I mean there are many stories about masters with ability to emanate multiple bodies, but these were people who dedicated their whole life to cultivation and even then they probably achieved it over…"
Nov 15, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to Jade Morgan's discussion Adventures with alchemy
"Jason, physical bilocation is basically yang shen emanation as taoists know it, right?Meanwhile bilocation of the mind alone should be yin shen emanation.What I am trying to say is that Jade wouldn't need to go to a jungle but maybe practice…"
Nov 15, 2019
Jakub Faist and Jan Mikeš are now friends
Sep 18, 2019
Jakub Faist replied to JD Aliix's discussion AN IMMENSE WAVE IS COMING
"how i feel right now"
Sep 2, 2019

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At 10:05am on October 10, 2017, Calvin said…
At 1:30pm on December 21, 2015, Mary Betts said…

I LOVE FUNNY. Don't get me wrong. It's bizzare cause something about the picture just set me me off. IIt was like- I just felt like it was insincere somehow like you are more than just a middle finger and I felt offended by it. It was like hey -we deserve more than a facebook mentality. We aren't them. Let down your mask. But I do get it at the same time cause I love nothing more than laughing with my friends and find no subject taboo at the same time. Facehook IS truly one of the most absurd things and can bring out a reaction to that absurdity of yeah F it all- this is insane.  But somehow it did not belong here and I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING. I get the whole anarchic punk mentality of let's push people's buttons but we are just WAAAAY beyond that in maturity level. My friend Landon does this all time posts purposely offensive pics he deems "just a joke god Mary" - he does not really mean it but there is another layer he is missing about it. To me it's like WHy would you go out of your way to create antagonism where there was peace before?  To what end does it acheive to bring about a feeling of great now I am angry like this person is?  Thanks for infecting me with your sardonic attitude and I think I just spent so much time hanging out with people who had lost all sense of feeling okay with themselves and world and everything is crap that I just want to preserve a corner of my life free of that. Whatever I am overanalyzing it. You just posted a funny to you pic. It rubbed me the wrong way.

But the reality is If you hung out with us JAson and I we are hilarious and pretty much find everything funny that most people think is serious and they would probably call us sick minded! :)

BUT this year something happened and weridly enough profanity on every level has become repugnant to me. I can't say it. I cringe when I hear it. It's not a prude thing.  I engage in humor that occasionally references crude bodily functions. I am not offended by sex or the body. However when it comes to expression of profanity something changed in me. 

 I FEEL IT. I feel the words and the symbolism. They are just words right? NO.  There is too much history imbuing the symbolism of it with an energy of emotion. A storm of psychic energy.

It's not you making the bird. IT's you and everyone who has ever made the bird on top of it. Your intent of lightheartedness is not known and lost in the symbolism. It's like now I have to take ultimate responsibility for tany hose expressions if I say them. Alchemy does this thing where it makes everything unmasked and both detaches you and yet also reveals to you layers of texture of feeling of EVERYTHING.   If I cuss I am leaving a mess behind in the atmosphere end of story. That is kind of what happens with the alchemy.  You reach a point where you cannot ignore your inner truth ( me telling it bugged me ) and you feel everything you do and whether its integrous. Now you would say - hey it's just words lighten up already but words are thoughts and thoughts are things. They now exist hanging in the air fouling it up.  anyway let's kill this it's done. AND In any event you are a good looking man and I prefer beauty over sarcasm anyday. :)  In any event I do truly welcome you and thanks for changing your picture. I just wanted to explain more of where I am coming from. 

I hate the idea of censorship though. So I am sorry for being hardass about it. I hope you find some answers here- and if you have questions PLEASE post them under the SOCIAL tab in DISCUSSION section. I am dying to talk to someone who feels like having an intelligent conversation. You seem to be. we have many intelligent people here who just don't seem to have any questions or use the forums for discussion and I would love to discuss. Ask away if you dare. Pondering is fun.

At 9:36am on December 20, 2015, Mary Betts said…



So, what is it that you want?

Started by Mary Betts in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Mary Betts yesterday. 4 Replies

Hey Everyone.I am truly curious. I would like to know... what do you desire these days? I think that the answer may be different than it was 5 years ago.  Usually, when people find a group like this,…Continue

Does anyone else have ringing in the ears, or tinnitus during these times?

Started by Peter Wu in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Peter Wu Feb 6. 6 Replies

With all the discussions on energy waves hitting our planet, ascension, and we feel most of them, does anyone else have the ringing in their ears as a symptom? Is that a symptom of getting upgrades?…Continue

Tags: tinitus, ears, in, ringing

Movies/TV that rocked your world and enriched your life?

Started by Mary Betts in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by JD Aliix Feb 4. 133 Replies

I am starting a discussion right here centered around the medium of movies!Please share here in this thread the films that really rocked you to your core or shifted your perception. I am not talking…Continue

General Questions

Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Tammie Feb 4. 729 Replies

This thread is for any questions you have about anything we're doing.Continue

Tags: faq, questions, general


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