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JD Aliix

Welcome to The Superbeings

So the way things look around here, and the tone, and maybe even some of the language, might suggest this was all built by a teenager or something, which is true in some respects (smile).

But I am very serious about our mission, and what we have going on here is now and will continue to build in power, for the group and its individuals. On the face of it, the mission is simple: to dissolve all artificially constructed barriers between levels of mind, from surface consciousness of the small and fictitious self all the way to metaconsciousness.

While simple, the complexities of the individual deep psyche and its relationship to the collective psyche make the pathways somewhat complex. However, we've made them as simple as we possibly can given our present tool-kit.

The place to get started is in the alchemy, which you can look into here:


and with the reading material, which you can find here:


Almost as importantly, we're about FUN! The reason for this is that fun is JOY, and joy is one of the most important emotions/experiences for the world right now and on into the distant future. Those living in joy are expanding faster than anybody else anywhere.

The only thing I can promise is that if you engage with us in what we're doing around here, you will grow exponentially, gain a VERY valuable extrasensory skill in the Awareness Bilocation System (look under Mastery) and wind up, quite probably, blown away with the aspects of it that we can't talk about without actually spoiling your training.

Thanks for visiting.

-- Jason (aka Blah Yada)

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JD Aliix replied to Mary Betts's discussion Movies/TV that rocked your world and enriched your life?
"Good point, Nancy. That it's on Netflix. I wonder how popular it is?"
Jan 7
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"He's one of the insider whistleblowers, all planned, of course. That disclosure is being managed by both the light and the dark. Mary and I have been following the larger story of this for some time. Mary's a regular expert. You can also…"
Jan 6
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"Thanks so much, Dr. Lewis. Let's make 2020 an enormous shift, even if the "manipulators" get us into war."
Jan 5
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"There is some way interesting stuff in there. It's easily possible it's just all bunk, but if so, it's GREAT bunk and delivered by someone who really does know what they're talking about. All I know is that the more expanded I…"
Jan 5
Thia Belajonas replied to JD Aliix's discussion General Questions
"Wowza..... Im loving this "Top Secret"  read... its got my heart beating and tingly energy surges happening... thanks for the share!"
Jan 3
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"Terry, here's my second gift for you for the New Year. Understand that you were born into a world where the "unworthy" pattern was installed with big-time force especially into Western Culture by the implementations of Catholicism.…"
Jan 1
Mary Betts replied to JD Aliix's discussion Alchemy Information & Experiences
"Thanks for sharing. I understand you are a pretty amazing cook and must come from a line of talented baker/kitchen wizards. I seem to recall you describing some tasty concoctions in the past...  "
Jan 1
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"Happy New Year to ALL! Abundance and prosperity flows in 2020!"
Jan 1
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"Thanks Everyone, and Brilliant Beautiful New Year"
Dec 31
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"Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year, many Blessings to you all"
Dec 31
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Dec 31
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"Inspiring and good fuel for the flame this New Year's Eve. Thank you Cheryl. Deep appreciation for your words and messages Hassan. Fierce Love y'all."
Dec 31
Dennis Osseman replied to JD Aliix's discussion General Questions
"Take on the Netherlāndse government and//or the GGZ (mental health) institution, in court soon if I dont get acknowledgement.. www.KIHYMN.com"
Dec 31, 2019

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At 2:32pm on February 24, 2017, Chris said…
Hi Jason, I am new to this. I would like to start the project, or at least help out in placing the Pyraclyr stones around the globe. How can I get in touch with you?
At 2:07am on February 14, 2017, Kaloyan Matliev said…

Hello, nice to meet you. I would like to ask for your guidance and help with which ORMUS to chose for my current life period. Thank you.

At 9:18am on February 3, 2017, Michael McKinney said…

So I have a question about the; TOOLS/ SOURCE CODE

When I go there, prompt says a plug-in is needed. Yet i am not told as to what plug-in is missing.  Any ideas as to how or what I am able to install the missing Plug-in?  Thanks

At 1:31pm on December 31, 2016, Street Poet said…

let me say, that is one devilishly handsome photo, big guy!

At 5:35am on August 26, 2016, Brenda Teagarden said…
Hi Jason,
Thank you for responding to my interest in ABS. I have been to your site a few times over the last 1 1/2 years and actually ordered Alkhem and Juva. I have moved a couple of times in the last 1 1/2 and packed them up in a box and then recently found the Alkhem. I'm not sure how much of the powder I take in a day or when bc I lost the instructions. Can you please provide that again. I still haven't found the Juva. I will be ordering the Helios gold and platinum next week. I am happy to be here and I do know the seriousness of this project so rest assured I will not give this link to anyone. I have been disillusioned with the new age movement for a long time and have been calling out for something much deeper and broader, I love alchemy and have looked into it over the years but was disenchanted with what I found till I came back to your site and began reading everything on it. So, here I am ready to begin in earnest.

Thank you with blessings,
Brenda Teagarden
At 5:30pm on June 8, 2016, Pseudo said…
Jason. I would be interested in having a conference call w you or second life or whatever to discuss what I bumped into on Friday last week. Maybe one of these nights preferably later on weekend day maybe 11 or 12 pm eastern. I would love to know more about what you have going on as well as you celebrate a few things off of you. Let me know when your stars can align w mine :)
At 3:32pm on May 12, 2016, Katie said…
Hi Jason :)
Nice to meet you. I found Blue Emerald via Barry Carters list of Ormus sources, and I recall Barry mentioning your work when I took his workshop here in SLC. (I actually worked for Zeropoint for a while after Eric bought it) I've respected your work since trying the first batch of Shift you sent over. It's good to find others in the area on the Alchemical path :)
Many Blessings
At 10:49pm on February 1, 2016, Denise Catherine Wiens said…
Jason, just wanted to thank you so much again for your help during today's call. I felt a shift where my hands and legs started to tingle and buzz directly after you sent me the energy, and then I became super aware of my surroundings, but have been in a haze since then, kinda like being stoned. I am having trouble remembering what you told me on the call. I do remember you telling me about water, and how the water I will now be in contact with, will be infused or programmed with healing, or something to that nature. I am also to stay vigilant in being aware every time I am around water, that it is infused with this love, so I can foster my relationship with it. I would like clarification on this again, and who is facilitating this....my understanding is that it is you and another ascended master? I know we are all one, but for the 3D in me, I would like to send my gratitude to the appropriate address. I understood what you were telling me at the time, but now my conscious memory has slipped a little.

Speaking of "slipped", I have been having some very interesting issues with dimensions, since I have been taking the Merlin alchemies. Not distressing, just confusing, as I feel like I am slipping in and out of a past life from the Age of Enlightenment. It feels like I am living it now, then I slip back into this life, and then sometimes I can't tell the difference, like I am living them simultaneously. Is this a common thing that can happen during the dissolving? It is kinda cool, but sometimes I don't feel very grounded, and wonder if I am losing my mind, or if that is what I am suppose to do...lose my mind.It can happen while I am driving, or pushing a shopping cart, or any time at all. Sometimes it is just a brief in and out, other times it seems longer, and I lose track of time, and my watch stops, so I can't even check. I wonder if there is some unfinished business I need to take care of. The illusions are very clear and detailed, with full feeling. I just surrender to the moment, and so far, I keep coming back. I contacted Mary and now you, as I have nobody else to talk to about this. Thought I would share, as you had mentioned previously that your alchemy users have been strangely silent.

I thank you again for your invaluable help. I am so honored to be part of this mission. Love D
At 1:41pm on January 12, 2016, Tammy said…
Hi Jason,

Your site focus is intriguing and right on "time"; the emergence is underway. If you need help with the website design and setup let me know; I have some experience working with ning.

Living in the Light of Love,
At 9:55pm on July 20, 2015, Jessica Chandler said…
Hello Jason! Just thought I would let you know I really like the sight & hope to learn more!


Uplifting and Fun Stuff

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Movies/TV that rocked your world and enriched your life?

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General Questions

Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by JD Aliix Jan 5. 724 Replies

This thread is for any questions you have about anything we're doing.Continue

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