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Why Do We Need Challenges?

Photo by Sean Sandoval from …


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Saturn Enters Aquarius~~~Bill Attride


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Feeling Stuck? What Is Holding You Back?

Whether you are in touch with your emotions or not, you can probably relate to one of the following situations. Do you think you deserve a promotion at work but nothing is happening? You would like to make your relationship work but it’s not getting better. You want to make a change in your life but the simple thought of making…


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New ASK JASON Series


I'm a wellness entrepreneur passionate about exploring the mystery of our human experience. We just started the ASK Jason series on the IMAGI blog, which will be published here too.

My goal as the editor of this series is to bring the most relevant and useful bits of wisdom for our time… by asking Jason. The…


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Political PSA

Just a quick PSA to keep people above the noise or “morality play” that is American politics.

There’s an old saying: Brilliant people talk about ideas, Smart people talk about things, Dumb people talk about other people. What’s the state of the political discussion in your house? Are you talking about why we have a two party system, how…


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Further Thoughts on Coronavirus, and What One Can Do About It...

Further Thoughts on Coronavirus, and What One Can Do About It...

After an earlier correspondence with another SuperBeings member, and some deep thought on the matter, I thought it might be useful to some people to provide some information about this Coronavirus, and what one can do about it in their own lives, being that it's probably in the back of everyone's mind, if not at the forefront of it.…


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The New Year Part 1 January 2020 by Bill Attride


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immortality for mediums,pshycics i am the pharaoh king arthur 2nd

the sorcery book of the most powerful avatar god ever existed

this book lists powerful gods, and a avatar system.

the avatar of god is always immortal.

eden 1 is the name of this world.

i just recently discovered.

5 months ago i was on eden 10....

i can not die.....

and i am 22 billion years old....

my mom travels…


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Sun Meditation with a Hitch...

I've been doing the Sun Meditation on and off for about two weeks now, and it is always incredible, powerful but gentle, and amazing. 

This morning, as I was parked, waiting for the contractors to arrive at the apartment complex they are currently working on, I decided to do the Sun Meditation.

I start by seeing Helios in the sky, bright and powerful. I greet him, and he smiles down at me. 

I feel myself fly up and out to him, and in a moment I am right up next to him,…


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Astrological Musings-Where are we now. Bill Attride


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how i became king arthur

eva just joined me.....

and the aliens in the universe had made machines to experiment on my ENERGY.

eva said marco i am becoming THE 4 HORSEMAN OF APOCALYPS the universe needs to die.

all matter became burning gass clouds seas.....

then i realized i needed to safe the star systems that have a pharaoh.

migwenti =oracle of the universes.

so i called god.


when we  where…


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leaving the holy land

after 11 years in the holy land,


i did not want this, so i decided to head for paris.

I was in belgum and it was raining i got a lift and free beer from friendly people.


i left it was raining.....

i took the road back my nirvana state was telling me this road to take.

it was raining a white car stopped THE GUY TOOK ME TO RAILWAY…


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Astrological Musings

Astrological Musings – Where are we now? The Path of Light (June 2, 2019)

Be-the-Light -of-a-New-Age

I thought it might be useful to post a written version of my BlogTalk radio show of Saturday June 1. Here is, more or less, a transcript of my talk:

I thought it would be helpful to pause at…


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power stone vs ouramyd

which should i purchase power stone or puramyd, do they do different things

Added by thomas shelton on May 28, 2019 at 11:29pm — 3 Comments

Red Sphere Meditation Visualization

Sit comfortably, I am sitting cross-legged, feet tucked. You can sit any way you want as long as you can erect your lower spine.

Place your palms facing up on your inner thighs, interlock your fingers with left pinky on the bottom, right index on top, put all your fingertips together to the corresponding fingertip.

Straighten your spine, take a breath in the mouth and out the mouth, feeling the mucosal tissue benefit, now breathe at a healthful pace however you will most benefit and…


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Imagination For A Purpose

I sat up last night and tried to focus, been watching a lot of Jiddu Krishnamurti lately, I asked what is the place before fear. Or it might have been pain. Kept asking that like a mantra, and all these different versions of pain showed up. Then I got to thinking of a relationship between that time before pain, maybe you could call it love, and how it becomes something else with the realization of it. That is, love becomes pleasure, becomes addiction, becomes fear. Then I thought, what is…


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 I would like to share a story of an experience I had back in January of 2006. I went with my spiritual brother to a place called Medicine Lake located in Jasper Alberta. I went there with the purpose of doing a spiritual fast. In my culture a spiritual fast is completely void of food or anything to drink. I was out to fast for four days and four nights and yes in January in Jasper Alberta Canada. I had on my 3rd night what we call a vision. I could not make sense of it, how it could…


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 I have read the simple truth. I have read the wormhole documents. It is very difficult to fully engage everything in an ongoing manner with all the various levels of pollution and toxins in this dream. I will continue to adhere, learn and grow with the aid of the alchemies which I have many. Also with the aid of my puramyd, and mps. I have come to a point where the world appears a waking dream. I am not sure if I am ready for ABS training yet or not. I do know I will be very soon.

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Call 2/13 worksheet


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The New Year - Part 5


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You guys know us. You know the last thing in the world we want to do is add to the fear. The second-to-last thing we want to do is be exploitative OF those fears. So, please know that's not what…Continue

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Temple of the White Fountain Experiences

Started by Molly Helene in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Molly Helene yesterday. 10 Replies

We invite you to share your experiences journeying to, from and within the…Continue

Annoying Question of The Week

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I admire people who tell it like it is. So don't tell me what I want to hear. You're already such immensely great liars, you'd do yourself a disservice to merely parrot back what you think the…Continue


Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Jong Choi on Wednesday. 23 Replies

The event horizon I've been feeling-seeing for a few years is not what I expected it to be. So here's what it is, guys and gals. It's the coming quantum internet as discussed by Austin Steinbart.…Continue


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