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Very short guide to mindfullness

It took me years to figure out how simple it is to meditate:

Close your eyes and aim your attention at your nose. At this point, do not breathe, instead let your body breathe for you. When a thought inevitably occurs, notice that your eyes have shifted focus from your nose, simply return and attend to where your breath was left. Over time, you will…


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The Lion symbol

Made by a friend. :)

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When one considers why God of the ancients was visualized as a fiery aspect, they are brought to observe the nature of combustion:

Fire is about transmutation:

The simple action of lighting a match is basically, rubbing the surface to induce static electricity, which further along, excites the molecules of the match's head into a higher energy state which allows them to disconnect from the rest of the carbon/wood and be unified with molecules of oxygen. The warmth from the…


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All in due Time...

Time is motion:

>Empty space = no possibility of time due to lack of object relativity [paradox!]

>Objects in space but no movement = no time. Motion is required for the manifest of object granularity.

>>Moving objects in space = time

We have a linear experience of time, past; present; future: Forwards causality.

If experiential time is a series of relative motions within and without, then, thought is defined as a race within the noetical…


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Axioms of Intelligence and Wisdom

The knowledge of 'anything' implies that the 'anything' has been observed.

The levels of the observed are:

the surface level: the form of the being

and the deeper levels: the function and behaviour of the observed.

Intelligence is how deep you can peer into the phenomenology of the observed.

Wisdom is the ability to know how the observed interacts with other bodies/forces.

Intelligence is knowing how to cook a nice meal.

Wisdom is knowing not to use…


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ABS Training

Started by Andrea Mättö Johansson in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Jin Jan 19 minutes ago. 5 Replies

Hello again beautiful beings!When does the next ABS Training start? I'm very curious and drawn to do it. Seems to me like there aren't any prerequisites for starting it, right? :)Massive Love! ❤️Continue


Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Michelle 10 hours ago. 50 Replies

Apocalypse means one thing: Dissolving of the Veils. Who put the veils there to begin with? We did, and we asked an entire mental realm of beings to pretend to be evil to do it. Why did we do that?…Continue


Started by JD Aliix in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by JD Aliix 16 hours ago. 159 Replies

WELCOME TO THE GREAT AWAKENINGYes, it’s the first of a series of major awakenings coming for the denizens of this fabulous experiment. Who knew how much Dark Forces would be critical to its success?…Continue

High dose MFKZT ?

Started by Steven Rempel in GENERAL DISCUSSIONS. Last reply by Jakub Faist 21 hours ago. 15 Replies

Greetings fellow travellers,I am trying to determine my next foray into alchemy usage, as now is a time of much reform and changes taking place. I am reminded of David Hudson’s lectures on the…Continue


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