The New Year – Part 5 – Donald Trump (January 2018)

Donald Trump

In considering the influences in any individual’s chart, there is a hierarchy or degree of opportunity and/or challenge that will be elicited by the unfolding planetary positions in the solar system. What is often more consequential is when any significant transiting planet aligns with a particularly important planet in that chart; and, even more significant is when that planetary influence “triggers” a planetary pattern within the chart.

In 2017, the principle transits to Trump’s chart were, 1) Pluto square his Jupiter; and, 2) Uranus square his Saturn.

For the Pluto transit, I wrote that 2017 would be one of the greatest tests of power in his life. The exercise of power is, of course, one of the most sacred and challenging tests for we humans. Power, of any type or level, is held in trust by those who are to wield it, whether as the head of a family, corporation or country. The “Test of Power” will remind the wielder that the such power is never “yours” to use as you will; the exercise of power must be aligned to its source and serve it’s ends. If you bend the power that was given in trust to you, and you instead make it serve you, you will fail, and you will fall eventually.

The transit of Uranus over Saturn in 2017 elicited/excited the fundamental root of Trump’s persona, which is his Uranian nature, which propels him into his role as an iconoclast and shatter of Institutions and Norms. But given its doubled influence in his chart, (on his Sun and opposite his Moon), Trump is by nature unstable, unpredictable and incapable of focus. Looking back on this past year, there would be ample evidence that he was most certainly an agent of change, but also someone whose consistent inconsistency sabotaged, and will continue to sabotage, his own agenda.

In 2018, Trump will experience a double-transit of, 1) Saturn squaring his Neptune, 2) while Saturn opposes his Mercury. This is because one of the most revealing aspects in Trump’s chart, (and which I analyzed as one of his three principal challenges when I examined his chart for the 2017 forecast, which you can read here), is that he was born with Mercury square Neptune. I characterized Trump as someone who could literally say one thing and then say the total opposite without any problem (for him). As I wrote then, “Trump will say anything, and mean nothing”. He will be a fabulist, who will tell stories, make up stories and basically lie to anyone, (and perhaps even to himself).

This toxic relationship, or non-relationship, to the truth is what will be put to the test in 2018. Trump’s mind (Mercury) will feel the opposition of Saturn as his thoughts and words are tested by agents of Reality (Saturn). Meanwhile, the dreams and visions that dance through his head, (Neptune) will also be brought into confrontation with these same agents of Reality (Saturn).

The last time this exact aspect occurred in Trump’s chart was 1989, and this was period when Trump’s bluffing and self-promotional debt bubble began to burst. He bought the Eastern Airlines Shuttle, re-branding it the Trump Shuttle, only to have it go bankrupt. It was a period when the excesses of the “go-go 80’s” was catching up for many individuals and corporations, especially those whose empires were built on easy money and lots of debt, and many of them would now experience their very own “reversal of fortune”.

Trump’s empire of casinos and real estate went through bankruptcies, and only by massive infusions of monies was he able to avoid total collapse. This is indeed the time that reports point to Trump receiving unusual and very questionable loans from the very banks he owed his debt to, (such as Deutsche Bank, and when bankers were asked is this normal, to give money to a person who is a bad credit risk, they emphatically answered “No!”). And, so began the whispers of sweetheart deals and foreign (Russian) monies being funneled by various shell corporations to prop up the Trump brand. Then as now, there is only one central consideration to focus upon; as in any scandal of the modern era, the prosecutorial mantra will always be, “Follow the Money”.

Spiritually however, the question will forever be, “Did you learn from your mistakes, did you make your amends”? Given the on-going investigations into Trump’s presidential campaign, and the many indications that investigators are “following the money”, it would not be far-fetched to imagine that the wheel of karma is turning once again, and Reality/Saturn is coming once more to pop the web of lies and illusions spun by Trump’s Mercury/Neptune square.

It is more than likely that the various congressional and FBI investigations will reveal not only streams of “dark monies” coming into the 2016 campaign, (both for the Presidential and other campaigns), but that these shadow money flows and sweetheart deals have long been part of Trump, the corrupt core of brand “Trump” from the very beginning.

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Comment by Jene on January 22, 2018 at 4:00pm

this link takes you to the original 2017 post he refers to in the post above.  For some reason nothing is working as intended today...


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