Need all the assistance by way of prayers and healing energies to help locate my lost puramyd. On Saturday I did a healing session with one of my sister in-law and next day heard she was feeling very upbeat and wanting to move freely without her walker aiding her. Then on Sunday another sister in-law who has had more that 15 surgeries and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia was very happy and noticing instant shifts in her pain body.Monday morning I left to drive my grandson to his school and when I got back I can't recall if I dropped the puramyd in the car or floor in my backyard and whether someone found it.I was very sad before finding out it was missing as if my subconscious mind was trying to tell me something. My wife noticed me and did a closed eye session and saw me on the ground being attacked by a Lion or Tiger.

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Comment by Luis R. Peterson on April 11, 2018 at 7:02pm

Hi Mary,

I did look all over both cars I rode that morning in the back yard.. The only hope is that someone from my neighbor's tenants that she rents space to might have found it.Tomorrow I will place a note because we share the open driveway and maybe one of those people might have found it.I'm so heartbroken and even my wife seems affected by it and that's big for me because she is not too supportive of my time and resources spent doing energy work. Lol. Yet she is such an amazing intuitive and this tool seems to have made a believer in a big way after her sisters showed such palpable results.Thanks for the support and I will keep you all posted.

Comment by Mary Betts on April 11, 2018 at 11:50am

Hi Luis,

It's happened to many of us. I have lost my puramyds before but have been lucky to locate them. We had one person to lose theirs only to find it in the driveway a year later ( that might have been their MPS btw and another person found theirs in the yard maybe a month later.  It may help to have someone or yourself dowse for it. Or use those diving rods. Think of all the places it could be and then retrace your steps. Do you think it fell out of a pocket? I am sure you have combed your vehicle right? They can get into the creases between the seats. I hope you find it and I am pleased to hear its been helpful for your family's health. :)


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