Despite the advent of the internet, I still occasionally get religious people who approach me with the intent of converting me into a Known Bad and cramming me into the bottom of their crazy Pyramid Scheme.  Here's how to shut that down.

Look them square in the eye, establish a mental connection and say with sincerity and concern, but also just loudly enough for others to hear, "I'm asking YOU this personally.  Do YOU, yes YOU.  Do YOU rape children... or ... or ... do YOU just give money and power to people who do?"  Give it just a second to soak in and then continue while gently shaking your head in disbelief, "Because honestly, either way, MY conscious just would not allow ME to be PERSONALLY involved in something so disgusting."  Then, before they can even formulate a response, give them your best shame-on-you, I-think-you-just-farted-and-it-smells-really-bad face and walk away.

For someone so tired of living in a sub-standard society that is fueled by LIES, it seems like a simple way to create a positive change in the world.  If nothing else it moves YOU from EFFECT to CAUSE.

Should work wonders on the "Merry Christmas" crowd as well!

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Comment by Molly Helene on August 30, 2018 at 9:13am

MD - I concur with Street Poet and will add a few more considerations. You are a very intelligent person who has obviously (and admirably) focused an intent to understand the whys and whats of life and to expand consciousness. You are now at a precipice of either staying safely on what seems the solid footing of this 3rd density polarity consciousness or to step off the abyss into freedom.

Every seeker on their journey comes to a place where the use of the mental plane falls short. Where the tools of judgement and opinion become laughably inadequate and frankly a hindrance to reaching the purity of truth. The truth that I Am the Creator of All That I Experience - and that experience includes all of the suffering that I witness as "outside" of myself. If you are seeing the horrors of the world and condemning them as outside of God's will, I challenge you to look inside your self, i.e. your own thoughts, actions, projections, stuck energies and entity attachments in your own bodies to see what you are generating from within to create an earth (an omniniverse) that is not okay for you.

This is not a suggestion to live without compassion. Rather it is a deeper knowing of compassion when we can lovingly look at the players we see in the 'world outside ourselves' and know that they are all aspects of our own energies within and how those energies dance with the field of our awareness. Any discord we witness in the world is a reflection of the discord, disharmony, toxicity and imbalance within. 

Jesus, a Great Magician, intentionally moved through many of the ancient rituals as a demonstration of what we are all possible of. Many of the stories of his life journey are actually alignments with shamanic(sorceric) rituals. For example, his dying on the cross was a magnificent example of what we are each capable of, that is consciously moving through our own death to end suffering. It is often called the Shaman's Death where one's small self of ego identity, judgement, separation, fear and pain, dies and is reborn as "Christos" or anointed one -one who can dwell in the 'space in-between' (illusionary) matter and affect change on a quantum level. This is the place where true healing takes place  because it is the state of awareness that is unity consciousness of no separation. Where good, evil, dark, light and all the shades in-between are One.

I know you know this. And I welcome you to step into the light of your own revelatory understand by first intimately exploring, knowing and loving your own shadows. Only by completely integrating one's own shadows can one defragment and reunify into Oneness.

I chose this life, this body, these parents, these circumstances as a way for this collection of souls that I am to fully understand the trappings of 3rd density separation consciousness so that I could experience growing through and assisting this collective realm of matter into and through its own growth process. It would be arrogant of me to judge other souls for the 3d experience that they have chosen as their contribution to the collective growth. It's not my business. What is my business is to not hide from that what I see in the world as unjust, cruel, etc. but to reflect upon my own inner discord that is ultimately creating this.

We Superbeings here have been on a collective journey to awaken from the illusions of separation and to truly own all that we experience. As we step into mastery and take full responsibility for whatever we experience, whether we judge it to be horrific or wonderful, we can then shift our experience thereby shifting the world we live in. 

I suggest you do your own 'shamanic' or transpersonal work. As a meditative practice you can bring your body to a deep relaxation and explore what you deem as not okay in the world as observe where it lights up in your body. Where are you tight? Where are you holding on? Where in your body do you feel wound up or have pain? These are the areas that you can learn to release and by doing so release any entity energies that have been feeding off of our 'pain body'. (Again, we are one with these entities and invited them to us. Ultimately 'they' are a tool for our own healing).

The alchemies are consciousnesses in mega-form/no-form that have asked (and continue to ask) to be brought forth to assist any who invite their use. Cutting through time and space they interact with our own megaconsciousness as well as  all of our bodies' consciousness. They are tools to fast-track development which I am grateful for as this toxic world (I created) can otherwise still have an inertia of entropic atrophy.

There are many here who, if you ask, can assist you on your healing journey by providing you the wisdom of our own awakening and healing experiences. You may also find it is beneficial to have body work done to help release bound up physical energies.  Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other energetic flow practices are also beautifully beneficial. And of course, detoxing your physical from heavy metals and low-vibe food and practices.

I thank you. =i=

Comment by Street Poet on August 29, 2018 at 9:26pm

Hey, MD.

We're all one team, a family here. I've casually perused your recent writings, and your recent comments have cajoled me out of my self imposed sequestration.

It's important to remember that this site will challenge you and that on the deepest, truest levels of yourself you've been brought here for precisely that. We're all in on this together. The earth experience, The SuperBeings, the puppet show universe.

Simply being here, as strange as it may seem, will stir up issues and expose old wounds, hang-ups and traumas you either didn't know you had, or conveniently erased from your conscious waking memory. Though, the impact of those traumas was not, also, buried and forgotten.

Here are some observations, I think you need to know. Infact, these are observations you want us to point out, and that it is you on deeper levels that has orchestrated an opportunity to have certain things expressed.

Just feeling out your presence and state of mind, here's what I sense: You're experiencing a kind of mental short circuit combined with some dark attachments. I feel something like a parasite writhing within you attempting to spit and lash out against the purifying force that this community and website has inundated you within. Your psyche feels corrupted. You are currently in a defensively posturing from something embedded in the deeper mind. Obviously, your communications are an attack. But, also, there is a wound that you do not yet understand or accept or know how to express. Like a raw nerve aching and enpained, seeking to release the pressure bearing down upon it. 

Have an open mind. Nothing is as it seems. And don't get hung up on the meanings, its a trap. A pointless game. Because, if anything we are saying, that disturbs you, is true, than it doesn't matter. It was always that way, even before you were made aware of it. The point is that you have been given an insight into the truth. Nothing has changed, except your perception of the world around you.

No one is asking you to become a monster, and why should you assume that truth, as unbearable as it is at first, in having exposed the lies and deceptions of this experience of life, that the truth would lead to becoming anything but more balanced and fair and compassionate and loving? This is the fear programming, and the programming, itself that you are experiencing.

What does transform is not the details and narrative of the world, the plot of the great earth story,  but you. You now have a choice to walk a path of freedom, of liberation, or a better term, purity.

Which leads to some pretty amazing things. Consider it. If you choose to unlearn all that you know, you will only become more humane. And if that seems absurd to you, to say that, then you are starting to get a good idea of just how successful the programming of this world really is.

Comment by JD Aliix on August 29, 2018 at 4:50pm

Calvin, to ace the being human thing is simple: to achieve wellness, well-being, balance, and bubbling happiness in these dense, slow-moving, toxic, heavily poisoned costumes we wear. The volunteers have more trouble with this than the 3Ders we're here to help, often by far. There is no disease condition that isn't a feature of psychology, personality, and thus mind. So once again, it's about purification.

The disclosures in your post below I would call courageous, but I'm definitely seeing how much more open you are to experience as experience, with less and less need to judge or condemn it. Maybe it did take a little courage, I don't know, but I'm glad you're unburdening. If you're still grappling with morality and suffering, that's understandable. If you were taken to the level of mind where everyone chooses everything, including how they are to be wronged, or hurt, or killed, you'd see morality as a concept has no basis whatsoever on levels of perception above the drama layer.

I plan to take up the discussion in your new thread as soon as I can. Let's pick up the Snowden thing there.

Comment by Calvin on August 29, 2018 at 3:44pm

Also just to add something random, is what Edward Snowden revealed actually a bad thing? If it isn't, then are VPNs bad things?

Comment by Calvin on August 29, 2018 at 3:37pm

After the announcement of the Merlin Stones, I reaaaally lost it. How could anyone be so insolent?? I think it a post about a burger wrapper as some kind of alchemy or something. At the time I was highly religiously syncretic, someone asked me what religion I identified as. I answered all of them. They've all got truth, they've all got lies, why can't we just learn the good things and drop the bad things? Anyways, I actually went to jail for attacking my parents not long after that I think. My mom, who I had slashed on the face with a kitchen knife, still called and said I was suicidal, getting me put in a cell for the mentally ill. There was an older guy in there with Tourette's that was constantly swinging his arm and saying expletives under his breath. I was incredibly regretful, drunk, there were some other people in there who seemed normal. Anyways, after I got out, I tried to... be more down-to-earth. Still really, selfish, and, set in my ways. That is, gaming addiction, escapism. Still totally me by the way. Never wanting to help anyone REALLY, just chugging along, using isolation and abandonment as some kind of ace up my sleeve. Eventually I learned about Pizzagate and I thought back to this place wondering what everyone knew, what everyone was talking about behind the scenes. Actually it was a hijacking of my desire. If I could just expose this or have a part in this perfect justice I could get rewarded handsomely or at least recognized maybe find a girlfriend. I mean, last year, I really thought Ashton Kutcher and John McCain were doing some dark stuff. Confirmation bias and all that. JD helped set me straight, I mean, even back in the day he was trying to do that. I remember one session he just told me to get in a warrior stance. That really is so important. How this body is meant to be used, the sedentary culture is not the way for unfettered joy (although video games are preeetty fun, especially with a group). It's one thing to say kill all the pedophiles and child molesters. It's another to actually think about the context. Informed consent and all that and the idea that kids can't be sexual beings. I mean, I didn't know what sex was till I was 11. But even since 6 or 7 I was attracted to females.

What is the context of that dash infants against rocks passage by the way?

I mean, when you think about it, what's wrong with teaching kids about sex? Having sex with them is kind of, a radical idea that in any "civilized" person would instantly draw disgust. But that's just the way for some cultures. From the book Sex Matters: The Sexuality and Society Reader, "For instance, the Sambian tribe, located in the eastern mountain of Papua New Guinea, believed as late as the 1970s that the fellated semen of an older male "masculinizes" a prepubescent boy, allowing the boy to mature into a fierce warrior." "On Kolepom, an island located on the south coast of Irian Jaya/West Papua, a prepubescent girl of the Kiman Papuan would engage in sexual intercourse with multiple men as part of an elaborate semen-centered ritual. The semen produced by the intercourse would be collected in a banana leaf and rubbed on the girl's future husband, himself either prepubescent or pubescent. The cultural meaning of this custom was two-fold: ...test the girl's suitability for marriage, and the rubbing of the semen helped facilitate the boy's entrance into manhood." "On the Polynesian island of Mangaia, boys and girls both would be initiated into adulthood through explicit instruction and practical experience in how to sexually satisfy the opposite sex. A pubescent boy, for example, would first be instructed by an older man on such techniques as cunnilingus and how to achieve simultaneous mutual orgasm with a female partner. This formal instruction would be followed by a practical application in which the boy would have sex with a mature, sexually experienced woman."

At the same time, a gang who, kidnaps or buys a girl from a poor family and makes her a sex slave... I mean, my own aunt on my dad's side, was pimped by her own mother, my grandma. I've deviated from any sort of point.

Maybe my point is, it's really easy to get riled up about your beliefs. Ace being human, like, what does that mean? Be kind? I don't know. Freedom? Consent? Probably. Responsibility? It seems compatibility between free will and determinism is a trend now. But maybe there really is no choice whatsoever, that is, the leaf in the river cannot thrash, it cannot alter its course in any way. Those bestowed with "morals" were just born into more resources.

Comment by Shelly Merk on August 29, 2018 at 2:10pm

This is an interesting but tough conversation.  Without getting into the whole Bible truth/untruth let me offer my thoughts to the topic at hand.

I've been hanging around this group for 8 years.  I have taken every alchemy offered, used all the short followed all protocols set forth.  In so doing the dross, heaviness, judgements, name calling, anger, accusations against others etc....has fallen away.  I've come to realize none of what's happening is about me or my beliefs.  To think otherwise only limits or stalls the path to mastery.  Everything.....Everything....Everything is unfolding exactly as it should.  The world stage is a wonderful, heartbreaking, sometimes confusing drama being played out for the sole purpose of the evolution of consciousness.  

When something horrific happens I always ask and wonder.....what did this do in regard to the big picture?  The suffering and loss may have been just what those parents needed when their children were murdered by a mad man.  The children agreed before coming to get shot...either for their own benefit or benefit of the parents.  Perhaps the murderer could now see his evil and move past it.  Or maybe he just chose that role to help those he killed and the ones left behind to grieve.  I don't know so how can I possibly condemn the whole situation?  I hate there has to be so much suffering, enslavement an sadness here.  But my compassion and love cannot be selective anymore.  I have seen my own evil.  Do you think you have never been that which you condemn?

As for magic....I don't use uses me.  There is never an intent or agenda on my part.  It just happens.  The result mostly hidden from my view.  Sometimes I'm given a small glimpse.  

This life is as real/unreal as the dream I had last night.  Look around and observe all of it.  From Trump to tidal all has it's place of importance.  We came to assist the choice...service to self or service to others then sweep up the mess.  

That is what I have come to know.  It's liberation.  I thank an honor Jason for the products and tools that have been handed down for eons. It's how it's always been done. 

Comment by JD Aliix on August 29, 2018 at 2:06pm

Of course the outer child doesn't want to die. Nobody wants to die (well, there are many of us who are free from caring about that concept). Nobody wants to go down in flames in a plane crash. Nobody wants to get swamped by a tsunami, and yet they choose the circumstances in which it will happen. This hallucination's strongest ruse is to leverage your emotions as the means to keep you blind. The plight of children are among its most potent implements. But if Jesus, Buddha, or any other sage of greatly expanded consciousness were standing right in front of you this minute, he or she would say, "That child is not a child, just as your parents are not your parents." // this is a true story

The indwelling person, the authentic one, chooses to die as a child. End of story. If you don't know that absolutely nothing can happen to anyone without their direct involvement and design of the event, you haven't really reached Square One. It's why experiential labs are set up all over the cosmos ad infinitum. 

The inner you, the real you, brought you here in hopes that it could get you to an expanded level of perception, partly for your sake, and partly for its sake. It wants you to know your self-righteousness has become nauseating. It wants you to know that you have murdered, raped, tortured and used black magic, and all of those events still live in you, and the real you wants it gone because it engenders seemingly sourceless guilt. In short, in many ways you're an impediment to its work. So, in deference to the real you, I'll ask this just once: Can you become open and teachable?

You've reached a decision point. We don't require your proselytizing. For us, it's hackneyed, yesterday's stale news. The only thing anybody here wants from you is to let the false self go so that you may be free of your own programmed mind and elevate to a possibly drastically expanded state of consciousness.

Do you want that? If yes, it had better be sincere. And if it is, all you have to do is say "yes" and the work will start. The alchemy will help a ton, and so would a Puramyd. 

If you don't want that, then move along. Maybe you can start your own Website to promulgate your ideas. We have to cleanse this site of your vitriol and projected root patterns no matter what, and so your decision sooner than later is greatly appreciated.

Comment by Andre on August 29, 2018 at 1:48pm

Munus Deus, if I may.....

from my understanding it’s not the child deciding to die. The higher self that is using the body of a child for however long that child vessel was here for whatever purpose it was here chose  how and when to leave that vessel(die) before the vessel was even created here on this plane. Our body is nothing but a vehicle. Think higher.

Comment by Munus Deus on August 29, 2018 at 1:24pm

You’re correct Mary, I don’t know Jason and I apologize for saying that. For all I know, he may be a great and friendly person seeking to help individuals unwind the strings of emotion that cause their suffering and break free of conditioned thought patterns. I suppose I have a sensitivity to certain mentalities and unresolved emotions regarding the death of children... I think I prefer a more balanced approach to the teachings with respect to good and bad, right and wronged, free will and determinism and find it difficult to embrace an idea that any child would choose to die. I completely understand that a true sign of 'enlightenment' if you will, is what is seemingly paradox, and the things I’m seeing as hypocrisy may stem from a profound perspective rooted in the nature of things. You ask if I believe in the devil or just think it’s a metaphor, it’s both. The devil is a force if you will, manifesting in our lives, not through 'darkness' (I’ve never been too fond of the use of darkness/light metaphors for God/Devil etc.) but rather ignorance, selfishness, deceit, evil...I think the devil is a (metaphor) product of humans just as much as it’s an actual (function) entity manifesting from perhaps what you would call a 'social memory complex'? When I hear somebody say children have chose to die I can’t help but feel this evil radiating from that idea...Satan is known as the do we know we aren’t being deceived when somebody tells us it was these children’s will and not that of the evils humans cause? No child wants to die, it goes against our human nature. God gives us free will (I think this statement holds correct on many levels of thought..). It just seems to me like something 'Satan' would do; putting a pre-deterministic twist on a tragic event like that.

Comment by Mary Betts on August 29, 2018 at 11:01am

If I thought that a website's content creater was a "piece of !@#$"  psychopathic or whatever then I would not stick around. I could use my energy towards other things.  You have your beliefs about Jason from a few sentences on a website but you don't know him. You have never hung with him,and the truth is you don't know him and you don't see him. And if you think he is a piece of !@#$ then you think others here are too as we share the beleifs here. It's not new knowledge Munus Deus. We did not make it up ourselves. A lot of them already knew the information here before finding this website. 


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