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School of Gods

Life in the school of Gods:

  It begins by God entrusting himself fully and identifying fully with himself and his creations, in this case, God entrusts the thought-process pertaining to the separation from Himself, inconceivable, huh?  When the initial Luciferian split happened, God existing upon this dense reality as multiple subselves, who simultaneously inhabit reality in the same state as a traumatized child, whose mind is illogically blinded by its pain. Through this  descend, God experiences conditions and information that make sure that he doesn’t realize that he is not inside of his own creation, such is achieved by identifying fully with the perspective of a limited body which lives here daily and linearly. Because God’s natural state is love, God’s natural function is to identify and entrust himself fully unto the will of his own creations, who in this case, are under such trauma that they repressed and avoided memories of themselves as God because their own self has ‘hurt’ them by going through the Luciferian split. In this manner, the wounded children of God create a defense mechanism to keep their own selves at bay, the Ego. Ego is a fear-based construct that makes sure that the wounded Sons would not be hurt again by the hands of the Father. The ego stands to legitimize the identification of God with the human form because such would be easier than facing the Luciferian trauma head on. Soon, the wounded God’s component, the Son, by identifying with this world faces various colors of suffering, all of which render damage to the form that he identifies with. The Son experiences, decapitation, shredding limbs, bloody eagles, shootings, stabbings,etc... this absolute anguish allows the Son to regress into an inner state of being and experience the complete opposite of his true nature, namely hatred and disidentification.

  This is an act known as dissociation, whereby the Son understands fully that the experience of pain is not His but of the body that he identifies with, in this manner, the Son becomes completely disidentified with the body and enjoys a life where nothing can touch him, such is the case of psychopathy. The folly of this state of mind, is that the Son disidentifies with the things that bring strong, lasting pleasure and satisfaction because those are attributes that remind him of Love, which has been the cause of his wounds, so naturally, the Son disidentifies with his own selfhood as a first response.  In such case, the ego, whilst fearing the Self and this world, it regresses into the lowest subdensities and the Son’s fear is such, that he becomes aggressive towards everything, a true anti-social psychopath. The lack of pleasures force the Son to identify with the instincts of the body, the remnants of the physical body’s evolutionary mechanisms that ensure bodily survival in order to have some semblance of happiness. While the Son does not identify with the body, the body is the only thing the Son ‘has’ to grab on to with his trust. His fear of being hurt again manifests his fears and his own cruel actions hurt him repeatedly, because the Son... is still God and every person he harms is truly himself.

  Over time, the Son builds a huge repertoire of suffering-based knowledge, the Son begets an understanding that he is not the body and these transient experiences of pain do not affect him as much, in this way, his inhibitions fall and shields are lowered. His dissociative state begins to be boring since the pains that once stunned him, no longer trouble him, his fears are no longer debilitating, the Son cannot be threatened with pain for he is neither the body nor is any pain comparable to the pain of the loss of self. The pain of loss is not transient like the other pains that life will treat the Son, it is perpetual, it is a slow burn and comes from within.  But the person has built such an intimate relationship with pain, that he no longer fears it. Pain cannot be used anymore to threaten the Son of God and the Son proceeds to experience the rest of what reality has to offer. That's where courage and altruism begin to come from. The lessening of the threats of pain, makes the individual more willing to sacrifice themselves in the face of adversity. 

Incarnation by incarnation, the individual becomes wise and rooted in a belief system that combines concepts like God, love, hatred, humanity, pride, prejudice and so on. 

In this long way, the Son begins emulating and remembering himself after going through multiple stages of grief. Favouring the actions that bring peace instead of pain, perhaps due to being bored with the rest. Still unthreatened by pain, the individual has nowhere else to go, but to explore  love and once again, begin to identifying with the  God-self.

 Years pass and the Son loves everything and identifies with everything, just like the Father and it is at this point where… the tiniest semblance of pain renders the Son stunned with pain. The tiniest suffering flattens the Son’s heart and he has to dissociate once again, but the catch is, this time, the Son will love the conditions of his own dissociation… Such cascades the course unto enlightenment and the end of the ‘dark night of the soul’. The ego during which time begins to be dissolved for the Son has nothing left to fear, there is no physical or emotional pain that can stab him, he has already understood that he is beyond the scope of the pains, the Son begins to be free. The individual dissociates from the body once more but this time identifies with God and not the lower self, as such, the Son becomes a Father once again.

Pain and suffering dissociates us from our daily experiences, withdrawing ourselves into our inner nature.

Love allows us to identify with experiences, giving ourselves fully to the ebb and flow of the world.

 Both are necessary guides to reach the end of suffering – the dissociative states.

Imagine the Son as a sea urchin and each turn of suffering trims his spikes, leaving only what is within.  

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Growing things

What is soil?
What is seed?
Trees like eating air.

The bank beneath our feet,
is mighty sweet,
keeps everything right here.

Just feed it with a little sun,
and put in little dots.

When it outgrows you shall behold,
something for your pots.

What do we do in this here world?
Turn back time?
Raise the dead?
Fight inside our head?

Life goes on and this we know,
was always just a show.

Let it rain and let it grow.
Keep it tidy, help it glow.

We are rocks.
There is no clock.
Hickory, dickory, dock.

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I left Denmark in 1986. In June 1987, right around the Harmonic Convergence, Reagan (a White Hat) gave the famous speech for Mikhail Gorbacev (a White Hat) to bring down the Berlin Wall.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd had vowed to do a commemorative concert of the album "The Wall" in Berlin if it ever came down. It did in 1989. I married a Dane to get her into the US, and she was here at that time. The moment it was announced, the party started.

My brother and I had a chance to get tickets to the "Live in Berlin" concert, but decided against it. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. A billion people watched live on TV, and a million people were there, absolutely massive in scope, and Waters brought in some of the most seminal names in music to perform it, some of whom nobody's ever heard of, nor ever will.

That makes my soul ache.

They had to sweep the concert grounds for days on end to find all the landmines and other explosives. If memory serves, it took 3-4 months to build the stage. When you see the size of the wall they build during the performance, you'll see why. They pulled this show off with only studio rehearsals and one on the stage the night before, and it became one of the most important energetic events in history.

This version of "Mother," sung by Sinead O'Connor, is devastating.

The entire concert is one to get with your plant friends, turn it up and listen to what these people did. I think this was the beginning of the end. Reagan didn't have a billion watching him perform, nor did Gorbachev, not even close. But a group of exquisitely talented rock musicians did.

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Intro to permaculture

Cheers to you! The idea of permaculture has entered your life. May it heal and transform you as it has for countless others.

What is it?

Permaculture is an ecological design framework that we can use along our journey to reconnect with the natural world. To some, it just appears to be complex landscape design that includes some edible gardens. That in itself is certainly a great way to improve our relationship with nature, but there is more to this than meets the eye.

While the concept is not new, we seem to have almost forgotten about it in our culture. People have been building systems to replicate nature for thousands of years. It is starting to re-emerge and we are refining and improving upon the practice with everything that we currently know about how things work in this world. We also have some pretty cool tech now too!

What makes it different?

A proper design and implementation becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem that feeds and heals both people and planet for generations to come in the most efficient and effective way that we can understand. That is at least the core of its purpose. It is also a philosophy and practice which permeates every aspect of life as we know it, whether we choose to embrace it or not.

Permacultured land is multi-layered and expresses the harmony between every element in the design and is specific to each local environment. Each design is different and everything is intentional in order to allow nature to care for itself. It grows slowly over time (as trees do) and adapts to external forces such as wind, rain, snow, animals, insects, and sunshine. It is a whole, integrated system that produces abundance at any scale and little to no waste.

How to get started?

There are many resources available online that anyone can find but here are some that helped me to gain a better understanding and then start to integrate it into my life.

- or

Just for fun...

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02-08-2022 @ 9:15 am. 

I was reading the book "The Simple Truth Fast Path To Freedom" and in this book, I tried the Source Code Symbol of Acceptance in visualizing while eyes are closed. Mind was busy, so to focus on the symbol I draw the symbol piece by piece till it got to its original image in my head and there it stayed. Then I say the words "I accept" as the book says and surprisingly the image stayed perfectly in my head and no distraction at all. I added more words regarding about acceptance and this is where feelings became more vibrant, at ease and I felt so light with delight and gladness. I maintained with the feelings till I started visualizing having a massage on my body specially at the back. I was satisfied and took a deep breath then exit from visualizing. It felt really good and sort of I was being guided through the process into which image of visualization that I beneficially need to think next and I just intuitively follow. So after then, in the same moment I visualized SCS for Clearing work this time. I draw it again in my head just like what I did on SCS Acceptance to maintain the image and prevent it to disappear or be distracted from busy mind. This time was different feeling, so I asked this SCS to take whatever emotional and physical pain I have such as, "unburden me with this unhelpful energy", "I trust you with that energy upon taking it from me to transform it for the collective good", then I felt a rapid palpation in my heart, warmth, and subtle breathing. I stayed on the sensation for a bit while also visualizing my headache like sort of being vacuumed by this SCS. When I feel content, I then took a deep breath and opened my eyes. This is my first blog in this site with an excitement that this book is no joke. The book "TSTFPTF" really worked although I haven't finished it but my gratefulness at this moment stopped me from reading and pushed me to write my experience here. The fact that I just signed up few days ago, the same day I found this site which I know I was guided waking up at 3am, ordered the book and got it 2 days ago. And here the book did what it meant to do. The book it self is sacred and is the first book I felt to care as if it's a human being. Can't wait to get some extra cash and try some of the tools this organization have. Again thank you very much to my Star Family and to JD Aliix for the years of effort and became a being of instrument for the humanity.

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I am use Sri yantra

Use Sri yantra product morning, 10days use powerful effect and totally full chakra healing and awaken. I take energy flying or float, I flying height 52 meter, my consciousness infinite. My spiritual power higher and highest thank you very much sir and Madam.
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Whole food plant-based health and wellness guide

This essentially breaks down what I have been fine-tuning for the past few years regarding my own health, primarily centered around plant-based nutrition and herbal medicine. Actually, I believe what I follow below is an integrative approach to both as standard meals are packed full of spices, herbs, and different superfoods that work synergistically with whole, unrefined plant foods.

Up at the top are a bunch of notes and reminders and then it goes over most of what I consume regularly. Although I don't generally get sick or run down, it has been difficult to avoid the past couple of years. If I start to feel sick or even off course in any way, this here is my baseline "get back on track" suite of things I'll stick to for rebalancing my health.

This does involve having a lot of different raw ingredients stocked up. If you're not used to making most of your food from scratch, it's not really something you can prepare for with a trip to the supermarket. If anyone is looking for specific sources for any ingredients let me know.

A little philosophical background...

We are regenerative farms for our own world of inhabitants. Just as we are born of the earth and depend on her to provide life, we are also magnificent beings in a constant state of becoming a perfect resource. However, we are certainly different as humans and need to discern how to master the flow of consumption and waste through biological systems. With a goal to purify and remain clean, we can facilitate natural healing and consciousness expansion by simply allowing our bodies to function as they were designed. The communication pathways between cells and around our bodies can be optimized by conscientious consumption.

It is important to have a relationship with your food as an appreciation of nature. The relationship that we have with nature directly impacts the relationship that nature has with us, in all forms. It is such a great system to learn valuable lessons from about the flow of life and our place in it. Having the ability to grow, raise, and harvest your own food in a way that's regenerative and harmonizing with nature is one of the healthiest ways to live. It will also put you on a course of eating better food, developing better habits, and maybe eventually supporting yourself, your family, and your local network with a really beneficial and fun hobby.

Can we build better health and strengthen immunity just by eating clean, nutrient-dense whole foods? Can we develop a greater place to live for ourselves by developing ourselves as one first? Is that the only way, as a reflection?

We are gatekeepers of everything in the universe and a product of whatever we decide to let in.


Notes and reminders
!- Circadian rhythm (chronobiology, sync up with nature)
!- Get plenty of good quality sleep
!- Intermittent fasting (daily eating window, don't eat at night)
!- Cold shower (30-second bursts of cold works fine)
!--- in colder climates a nice quick walk outside in winter without a coat helps also
!- Get outside in the morning if you can for fresh air, sunshine, and grounding
!- Take breaks from blue light every 30 minutes
!- Stay hydrated! (reverse osmosis filtered water if possible)
!- Organic and seasonal foods (regenerative homegrown is the best!)
!- Non-GMO when you can't get organic
!- Minimally-processed, whole plant foods (nothing good removed, phytochemicals are synergistic)
!- Artisan or small batch preferred (better quality control and infused with creative energy)
!- Snack on whole foods between meals as needed (nuts, seeds, granola, fruits, vegetables, salads, bean/nut spreads, seed dressings)
!- Chew, chew, chew (it's not what you eat but what you absorb)
!- Reduce or eliminate all external toxins
!- Reduce or eliminate refined sugar, refined oils, refined flours, and other processed foods
!- Reduce or eliminate meat, fish, dairy, and eggs
!- No alcohol
!- Avoid plastics
!- If cooking is needed, do so in water, steam, the oven, or grill (don't cook with oil!)
!- Cook in carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron (enameled okay), or glass
!- Don't forget to incorporate the alchemy of your choice ;)

- plenty of water
- green or herbal teas occasionally
- coffee sparingly

To start each day, preload essential vitamins
- vitamin b12
- vitamin d3

Immune support (as needed)
- zinc + selenium (brazil nut)
- nascent iodine
- vitamin c
- vitamin d3 (additional)
- quercetin + bromelain (check out food sources also)
- medicinal mushroom blend
- elderberry + echinacea

Bowl #1 - the fertilizer (probiotic soup)

# Combine all in a bowl, pour hot water at less than 175 degrees F over top
# Eat on an empty stomach

- 1-2 tbsp dark miso (red or white if you can't get dark)
- 1 tbsp spicy chili paste/sauce
- 1 tbsp garlic puree (+1 for fermented black garlic)
- 1 tsp ginger puree
- 1-2 tbsp sauerkraut/kimchi
- 1 tsp tamari
- 1 tbsp unfiltered apple cider vinegar
- 1 tsp black and white sesame seeds
- 1 tsp fennel seeds
- 1 tsp ground black cumin seeds (nigella sativa)
- 1 tsp ground black peppercorn
- 1-2 tbsp sea vegetable mix (dulse, wakame, kelp, nori, etc.)
- 1-2 tbsp medicinal mushroom blend
- 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
- 1 tsp garlic + onion powder
- 1 tsp turmeric or curry powder
- 1 tsp mustard powder
- 1 tsp wasabi or horseradish powder
- 1 tsp herbs (fresh or dried) - rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, chives, tarragon, etc.
- 1/2 cup fresh greens (microgreens, arugula, kale, or spinach)
- 1 green onion or shallot
- filtered water to top

Bowl #2 - the fuel (overnight cereal)

# Put it all in a 4-cup pyrex container the night before
# Put the small stuff on the bottom
# Chop the nuts and fruit as desired
# Top it off with plant-based milk (or water), then mix with a spoon
# Cover it and leave it in the fridge overnight
# Microwave to desired temperature in the morning, add more liquid as needed
# Eat before noon

- 1 cup fiber (oats, quinoa [check out puffs], buckwheat, barley, etc.)
- 1-2 brazil nuts, chopped (for selenium)
- other various nuts (walnuts, pecans, pistachios, etc.)
- 2-4 tbsp pumpkin seeds
- 1-2 tbsp sunflower seeds
- 1 tbsp hulled hemp seeds
- 1 tbsp ground flax seeds
- 1 tbsp ground chia seeds
- 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, cloves)
- 1/4 cup fruit (blueberry, gooseberry, pineapple, etc.) (dried or frozen are fine, avoid added sugar)
- 1-2 tbsp fruit preserves (to taste or none)
- 1-2 tbsp nut butter (to taste or none)
- 1-2 tbsp maple or date syrup (to taste or none)
- 1-2 tbsp vegan dark chocolate chips (to taste or none)
- plant-based milk (or water) to cover (oat, flax, soy, etc.)

Bowl #3 - stocking the reserves (variety in everything is key)

~just an example~

# Makes enough for a week
# Wash and chop everything and put it in an Instant Pot (or large pot on the stove)
# Instant Pot pressure cook (11 minutes w/lentils, research others), slow release
# Grains and legumes can be sprouted ahead of time for easier digestion
# Generally 2:1 water to seed (grains+legumes), then add 2 cups more water for everything else*
## * For variety in taste and texture, try roasting the veggies in the oven around 400F in 15-minute intervals to stir until you think they're done (generally ~1 hour)
# Raw greens and other such foods on top before serving help to freshen things up
# Eat in the late afternoon or early evening

- 1 cup whole grains (einkorn, farro, quinoa, barley, wild rice, etc.)
- 2 cups legumes (lentils, black beans, peas, soybeans, etc.)
- alliums (onion, garlic, leeks, etc.)
- brassicas (broccoli, kale, cabbage, kohlrabi, etc.)
- 2-3 celery stalks
- 2-3 carrots
- 1-2 cups mushrooms
- 2 tbsp tomato paste
- 1 tbsp cumin + coriander powder
- 1 tbsp garlic + onion powder
- 1 tbsp ginger + turmeric powder
- 1 tbsp mustard powder
- 1 tbsp mushroom powder
- 1 tbsp herbs (fresh or dried) - rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, chives, tarragon, etc.
- 1 tbsp ground black pepper
- 1 tbsp ground black cumin seeds (nigella sativa)
- 1-2 tbsp tamari
- 1-2 tbsp unfiltered apple cider vinegar
- add some heat (scorpion chili, ghost, habanero, thai, chipotle, jalapeno, cayenne, etc)
- filtered water to cover 1-2 inches above everything that sinks

The 3 bowls above provide more than enough nutrition for a day. You could certainly add more fruit for more vitamin C.


Tea for energy and immune support

# Makes 2-3 big cups (28oz ingenuiTEA helps with this)
# Grind whole spices before use with an electric spice grinder, if possible
# Add just boiled water then steep 2-3 times for 10-15+ minutes each, depending on types of herbs and desired strength

- 3-5 tbsp guayusa leaves
- 1 tbsp peppermint leaves
- 1 tbsp lemongrass
- 1 tsp licorice root
- 2 star anise pods (grind)
- 3-5 cloves (grind)
- 16 oz filtered water

# Other plants to experiment with
- neem
- black walnut hull
- wormwood
- spikenard root
- blessed thistle
- mistletoe
- tribulus terrestris
- galangal root
- ginger root

Further reading

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Earths Energy Grid + New Year

Decided to make a new post about this.At the moment there is a big onion or egg shaped energy ball inside the grid.The middlepole shoots from the top of the "egg" to the heavens.This happens every year at this time.If you now sync yourself and your breath with it, you will feel the onion shape in your aura and this pull rising up your spine and outwards from your head.The pole is a "link" to the heavens.Breathing with it, makes you one with it.Now is a chance to feed your deepest wants into this intentions ideastorage before it bursts in monday morning 10 o'clock (Finnish time).In this Egg nests the next year.After the egg bursts the ideas will manifest into reality next year.Deepest want will bear fruit, desires and thoughts not so much.Do some great magic while it lasts!
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Hello allI am a holistic nutritionist and I have been fascinated by minerals for a long time. Since I reversed by anxiety and depression by taking large doses of vitamins and minerals, specifically based on the results of my hair tissue mineral analysis test. I am especially interested in copper imbalances and how excess unbound copper can cause mental disturbances.Is anyone here combining alchemy with mineral balancing?!? My intuition has told me for a long time that minerals are critical to healing the physical body, which is important to do before trying to obtain elevated states of awareness (I used to be very into these spiritual realms but was unwell and ungrounded in my physical body and it almost lead to psychosis).I believe balancing the body’s energy glands (thyroid and adrenals) is important to do first so the body has the strength to push out heavy metals. Heavy metals also tend to displace nutrient minerals when we’re deficient in them (like cadmium displaces zinc), so replenishing mineral reserves can also help detox metals.Somehow I am just discovering alchemy because it is finally the right timing.I work with clients and help them replenish minerals and detox heavy metals through mineral balancing. I want to know if anyone uses this modality in combination with alchemy? Would you recommend detoxing some metals before getting started with alchemy? Or do you think a gentle (origin?) option could be used from the start?If there’s a way to speed up the healing process I want to know how to do so, but also don’t want to recommend that clients incorporate these products before they’re ready. I believe in the importance of grounding into the body and mind before attempting to transcend them! Otherwise the nervous system is so dysregulated that people are more likely to disassociate (trauma response) than merge with their Higher Selves and the collective consciousness. I learned this from personal experience.Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas, and I am so happy to have discovered this group!
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Earths Energy Grid

Ill try to keep my message short, partly because I dont know where to start and dont want to wander off too much from the point.First little background:I have been studying and working for a couple of years with my father who is a seer.He has been teaching and initiating me to what he has learned in his lifetime.To me the most intriguing thing has been learning how to feel the earths energy grid and all the variable energy flows and shapes it includes.After learning this, it got really interesting..We have been finding these previously unknown temple hills all around Finland.Nobody else have before understood that these places have been used for sacred rites, just as mayan temples etc.Well looks like the hills are still being used!My father can percieve on these hills, like he percieves the energy grid, or stones energy, or trees energy, that there is actually still ancient shamans working on those hills!Of course its not physically them but some part of them, maybe dreambody?Dont know yet, we are still studying the phenomenon.So the ancient shamans have somehow "cheated death" and they have somekind of on going ritual with the earths energy grid on those "temple hills".The energy shapes in the energy grid changes shape when moon goes to the south node.The grid is made of bigger rectangular shapes which are going downward, and there is overlapping net of smaller rectangles thats going upward.At the dead center of the bigger rectangles is this pole like energy going up to north star/Polaris.When you breathe with it and sync it with your spine, it gives a really holy energy and produces some DMT in your brain.This I believe is the "tree of life" which is depicted in many of the sumerian art works.Most of these shamans are working with a huge eagle/dragon/t-rex looking entity, which I believe are this "fallen angel" entity.Those Sumerian eagle/human guys.Theres so much to tell from all this..Do anybody else feel the earth grid or work with it?
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Back here again + Sri Yantra and Pine pollen tip

Hey all!

About two years ago I found out about this page by accident, got sucked in and ordered the whole step by step alchemy and some Sri Yantra.

Later on some of the posts here just felt too absurd for my ego, I guess. 

I felt the calling to work and concentrate on one of my "life-quests", I deleted my account here and never looked back.

Untill now. I had a strange urge to come check this place out again and now I feel that those "absurd posts" are actually very encouraging and gives you a way to look at all this craziness from humorous percpection and at the same time giving you strength to rise above all the nonsense.

Thank you for that.

What reminded me of this place was that I have been lately creating pine pollen tinctures, that stuff is really potent by the way! 

It contains protein, vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamins A B-Carotene, B1, B2, B3, B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Phosphorous, Potassium, Selenium, Silicon, Sodium, and Zinc.

And it contains over twenty amino acids and all eight essential amino acids! 

It contains natural testosterone so its not suitable for children and women under 50.

But yeah enough with the advertisement, I had the old empty Sri Yantra drop-bottle lying around and didnt have any other drop-bottle close by so I used it for the tincture.

After taking the tincture from a different normal drop bottle, I thought to myself that the Sri Yantra must have had some residue in it and tried it and... BANG, WOW!

The residue had mixed in with the tincture and enhanced it in such a way that the effect is instant and very powerful!

If you have blooming pine trees nearby I recommend you to try it out! 

The pollen is great natural fertilizer too, it has all the stuff plant needs for growing. 

And to think and feel of a tree as a fellow being, they can be great teachers for you to get to know your chakras, but Ill get to that on a later blog post, if anyones interested of that.

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Arrivée parfaite

What is found in darkness? Does it matter?

At zero,zero we have discovered the secret tunnel.

Where does it go, and what is in there?

Does anyone have a light?

They have come to join us.

Kept hidden until the time was right.


Who are you?

We are stabilizers of the sacred realm.

We transform the chosen vessels to withstand the coming storm.

You will know and flow as the field so do not fight and do not fear.


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I've been engrossed in this site for almost a week now.  So much you are doing.  I love it.  For a few years now, I have been experiencing buzzing in my body, spot on intuition, deep and embracing meditation, dreams where I visit other people and one interesting one where I was at a round table "council" meeting addressing my colleagues.  It was so real, I woke up exhausted because it was like a UN meeting where I was desperately trying to convince the group of something but definitely off world.

I have long since seen the game. No one I know is awake and I'm now the full on conspiracy theorist.  Happy to have found a home. Very pleased to meet you all!

Just received the Purazyme Detoxifier and the Sri Yantra Gold Powder - and I'm on day 4 of a 3-day fast/detox!  I feel great, not hungry, not weak, not tired...don't understand it but gonna ride it until I can't do it anymore.  The only thing I miss is the "pleasure" of food, but not the food itself.

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Letter to Church

I think there's a great misunderstanding in world religions,
We are called to deny God's orders.
God's orders come in the form of emotions, thoughts and physical sensations.
We label some of those emotions and thoughts as malevolent and to some degree its true, these sins appear to be harmful. Seemingly leading to addiction, but it is not constant use that drive addiction, it is the environmental stressors. Still, even if a person does become addicted to self-indulgence, they have infinite amount of time to figure it out, since they are a soul and not a physical body, incarnating multiple times on the physical plane until they learn to live with the desires of the physical body and abide by the physical laws of physics.

However, by repressing desires and thoughts and labelling them as 'non-self'- demonic those desires come to rule our subconscious, flowing into every little action we do, feeding into a latent hatred over people who do indulge in these desires: subconscious desires therefore, block us from truly being Christ-like , which is the supposed goal, of the Church.
I'm going to go forwards saying that we need to sin in order to learn. Just like the prodigal son has had enough with rolling in mud, digressing from his true nature.
We need to accept the fact that sins need to be explored fully in order for us to be desentesized towards them, in order to familiarize ourselves from them and recognize them as a part of the human experience.
We need to get to know sin to such an extent, that the attractive force of it's 'forbidden' nature is utterly and fully diminished. When we do that, we metaphorically, recognize the demon within us,
we see the desire in its entirety, when we have been fully satiated and experienced every inch the desire has given us, we come to terms with it being part of our human nature, we no longer demonize it.
We offer love and sustenance to it, as a part of ourselves and there's nothing more powerful to expell demons, that the power of love, the knowledge of self.
Over time after fully indulging in that sin, we see that it rarely occurs to us and even if it does, we have no complex in bringing up what we have learned and/or re-indulging; It will still have no power over us.
We get free by desentesizing ourselves to the offers of mortal life.
Every inch of my body, every cell and crevice knows the fruits of that sin and therefore, I have overcome it, I have fully submerged myself and learned to float. There is no complex anymore, it's me.
Meanwhile, repressing the self through justifications of 'my religion/friend/family has told me NOT to do that thing' does nothing, the desire will always pop up into our minds, no matter how hard we try,
why? Because we need to experience it, to learn from it. Although demons never intended to do so, they become teachers, much like everything else in this existence, it's all God.
I have tried the path of repression for years, any progress i made was seemingly short-lived. The desires persist, I cannot outrun my own Path.

The difference in the approach of self-repression to self-indulgence is the time it take for insights to take root:
When you use your mind to rule over matter, saying with will, I will not do 'X', the success is immediately there, but, it will not continue to be in the longer term: the desires will continue to pester the person.
When you use your mind to say, my body knows better, let it and me experience what it wants me to experience, the desire is sated and the whole body will know if it was worth it: indulging takes time but once a person sees the fruits of desire, the desire ceases for the long-term, so do all the complexes;
Allowing someone to show compassion and love to another perosn who undergoes a similar lesson in sin.

I think we have forgotten what Faith means: It means following the Divine Orders knowing that they are the best for you, even if YOU believe they are not. We have been indoctrinated in not believing that EVERYTHING HERE IS LITERALLY GOD and therefore have ceased to have faith in God.
We are all guilty of faithlessness aren't we? We do not indulge in all of our desires, sometimes not even the strongest of our desires, but if those desires and thoughts are there, they are there for a reason: for you to learn from them. Follow them and you follow God, once you have eaten all the fruits of 'Sin', nothing will satisfy you. That's when you achieve the final Fruition, enlightenment.

The completion of the wheel of desire, does not come about only through will, observation and preserverence, sensetionalism is of utmost importance because it is above logic; communicated even in the language of our cells. This is how we get free, this is also why the chakra system is associated with the overcoming of certain sins, it all follows a progression, fill those empty spots with your love, prescence and acceptance, since you have understood they are part of the physical 'you', a 'you' that you have to trust that it knows what's best for you.

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Hi everyone, so glad to be here! I found BlueEmerald first while searching for ormus. Had tried a few types of ormus and wasn't that impressed so I was searching heavier to see what was out there.  Then I found BlueEmerald.  I read a lot of the website and knew this was different. Received our Origin yesterday. It is not ormus.  All I can say is Wow! We (my husband & I) could feel the energy before we even got it out of the box! Felt it in the heart/head area. It was making me smile and gave me energy too, just holding it!

After a couple hours we started with just 5 drops each.  We felt a calm come over us almost immediately, and felt slightly different, not sure how yet. Right before we went to sleep last night my husband said he was seeing tons of pictures of all different things/places flashing before his eyes, almost like a download of some sort.  We both slept really really well then too.

Looking forward to this new journey and learning more. :-)

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Discovering Blue Emerald

Hi all,

I've explored "Soul Drops" for a while an I've become very intrigued with the world of Ormus. I don't believe in coincidences so I've been led to Blue Emerald. 

I'm going to start with "Origin" for clearing; I do Ho'oponopono for clearing also. I'd like to incorporate "Currents" also. Any suggestions please? Dosage, how to use effectively, etc...

Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to this part of my life's journey. 


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Very short guide to mindfullness

It took me years to figure out how simple it is to meditate:

Close your eyes and aim your attention at your nose. At this point, do not breathe, instead let your body breathe for you. When a thought inevitably occurs, notice that your eyes have shifted focus from your nose, simply return and attend to where your breath was left. Over time, you will realise that you need to pay attention to whether you are thinking right now.

This builds up concentration and an empty mind. If you find it difficult to follow these words, there is this image here: Be sure to mimic it. 



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The month of May 2021. The new world savior was Initiated for the betterment of humanity. The Krishna avatar descended Into my solar plexus. The avatars are available for humanity now. The black Sun cult was destroyed on the higher plane. This was the 1st gate. Humanity has 6 more gates to pass through. 3d reincarnation is no longer available for those marked to go to the new world. 

I finished my life karma and went for my review. I was downloaded with the Tao and joined conciousness with Babaji. My solar body came online. I have been going to the Halls of amenti and to the sun when I sleep . When I wake up, I come back with the knowledge of what humanity needs to k ow is happening in the world now. I remembered everything. My 3 names. My origin. The Orion alliance. This is it, we are in the last days. You ready? 

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