2020 Half Year Review by Astrologer Bill Attride


Transcript of Radio Show: 2020 Half-Year Review – Where are we now?

I thought it would be useful as we reach the middle of 2020, to look back at what we have experienced and learned about our world and ourselves. I am sure all of you will agree that this year will stand out in the timeline of history. We have witnessed a series of events and crises that shattered many old certainties into what they were, half-truths and illusions.

Being a student of history and humanity, and guided by the Ancient Wisdom and Astrology, I choose to look at our present situation as a chapter in a very long story, a brief moment in the circuitous path humans have followed for many years. We humans have always struggled to lift our awareness, and our way of living, from darkness into the light, from fear and selfishness to love and selflessness.

For me and for those who follow the many teachings that are rooted in the Ancient Wisdom, this present time was expected to be a critical juncture, a turning for humanity and the planet. But it was not “destined” to be this way; the exact content of our challenge was not pre-determined. No, we humans are the creators/destroyers on the planet now, and we humans made choices long ago, and running up to this very day, and it is those choices and those actions that have made “what” we are faced with. As I have said before, the stars and planets did not bring about the Pandemic; if you want to know what the cause of that is, we only need to look in the mirror. And of course, that is even more true with regards to our inhumanity to our fellow humans.

But make no mistake, the timing of the crisis, and the deeper themes that are being addressed here, the planets can very much help us understand why now, and what it is for.

I feel like a very broken record sometimes, but what is true remains true. Though we often get captivated and even enthralled by the phenomena of the events in this world, if you really want to know what is going on, you need to move beyond the play of shadows and lights, you must seek for the noumena that encompasses and explains our more limited reality. So, as before I will begin with Pluto.

The End of an Age
Pluto’s journey around our Sun takes about 245 years. As Pluto travels through each sign, it signals a transformational restructuring of the energy-forms for that Sign. From 2008 to 2024, Pluto is moving through the Sign of Capricorn, which in Mundane or Worldly Astrology rules the Institutional order for any entity. What does this mean; why does it happen?

If we consider Pluto’s previous passages, 1762-1778 and 1516-1532 and even before 1269-1287, each of those periods marked the end of a “way of life” and the emergence of a new way. A new way of what? Well, we are concerned with us, with we humans, so it is all about meeting human needs. We have for many thousands of years, created institutionalized structures and roles within those structures to meet our needs for water, food, shelter, clothing, etc.

But behind all of Creation is the one driving principle of Spirit, and that principle is for all of Creation to become, to grow, to expand, to move into new forms and new realms; and if all of Creation is here to grow, it will also ceaselessly change too.

This is why and what happens when Pluto moves through Capricorn; the Institutions that were formed in the previous period of Pluto in Capricorn (which for us was 1762-1778, and the following Aquarian Period of 1778-1798) are no longer adequate to meeting the changes in the nature of the world. The very “problems” that the old hierarchy of reality-forms solved, the very ways and means by which those Institutions met human needs, those crystallized forms have become the very obstacle to meeting our needs now. The old order got us to here, but it cannot take us to there.

Not only do the means to meet our needs have to change because the conditions of the world have changed (and much of that before but certainly dramatically now, those changes in the nature of the world have been caused by us), but we are also different humans. The humans of the 1500s, became the quite different humans of the 1700s, and we here in the 2000s are a vastly different type of human than either of those. We can see elements of each still living on in us, but what we dream of, what we aspire to, what we want would be hardly understandable to someone from the 1700s and even less so to someone from the 1500s.

What happens in each period, (and we certainly are experiencing this dramatically this year), is that the institutional order becomes increasingly unable to fulfill its function to meet our needs. Increasingly from 2008 onwards, in a whole range of institutions, whether local, regional, state, national, or corporate entities, here and around the world, the very instruments we made to make possible our lives and livelihoods, that were created to meet our needs have become less and less viable to the point of becoming hopeless failures fueling mounting crises. The systems fail us; the holders of authority and power fail us; and we realize that the way we wish to live is becoming more impossible to have, or is already lost.

More and more, in all spheres of our society and cultures, people have become disappointed, confused, bitter, angry, and fearful, as the world that was no longer works. Some retreat or wish to turn back to an imagined “golden era”; some want to create a brand new world. Some will fix their aims and actions upon tearing it all down, while others seek to reform and make viable what is failing, and many others look to the making and dawning of a brand-new way.

At times of great crises, at the end of an age which we are in, you will see in stark relief the three primal forces weaving the warp and woof of the universe: The Creators, The Preservers, and the Destroyers. It has always been so; it will always be so.

In simple terms, and looking to Europe and the United States of America, we could say the political-economic-cultural order and type of human in the 1500s was the move from Feudalism to Monarchies; and the orders of institutions we created in the 1700s was the move from Monarchies to Parliamentary Democracies and a world of Nation States. That very system is what is failing now, and the solutions it was built upon to meet our needs is what is destroying the beautiful hierarchies of life-forms, bringing our world to its next great extinction event. Only this time a life-form on this planet is to blame, us. And, since we depend upon all those so-called lesser life-forms for our lives, we face the prospect of creating our own extinction as well.

Fortunately, but I say that with great irony, humility, and sadness, we have created the perfect storm in this world-wide pandemic of Covid-19. Because we are self-aware, because we know that we live in mortal bodies, nothing grabs the attention of humans more than the imminent prospect of death. Mother nature has our attention now! Once again, our institutions have seemingly failed us; and our leaders have abandoned their posts. Once again, we face not a choice but a certainty; we must change our ways, or our ways will continue to destroy us.

But the change we must make is not to find a cure for Covid-19, (though that is certainly a necessity). This pandemic is just the latest warning sign of a world out of balance, a delicate balance that we have massively disrupted and broken.

The Pandemic is a warning. Yes, and one of its signature features is that many will succumb because they cannot breathe. But if we continue to destroy the life-forms that sustain our ability to breathe, from the smallest of life-forms in the oceans to the trees in the forests, we will face a world where no one can breathe.

And the same goes for how we live sustainably in meeting our needs for water, food, shelter, clothing, well, literally everything is or should be addressed and our ways changed. Or the world we will leave for those who come after us will be more and more unlivable. That is just the plain truth; and the truth is we did this. How did we do this?

We through our intelligence and craftiness, figured out how to release the power of energy-forms that had been stored and locked away for millions of years, in coal, oil, gas and nuclear. And we unleashed it all in the blink of an eye in geological terms, so that now some 200+ years later we see what we missed. We did not think of consequences; we had intelligence, but we lacked Wisdom; we had ambition, but we lacked Humility. And now we are being humbled. The lesson we have re-learned is that we all need to become humbler and wiser; we need to be more loving towards our planet and towards one another too.

Our Blind Spot: Social Justice – Neptune and Compassion
Yes, we have divided ourselves, separated ourselves from the natural world, from our fellow life-forms on this planet; and we have equally divided ourselves from one another too. The same blind spot that is at the root of the pandemic and climate change is also the cause of our inhumanity to our fellow humans. That root cause is our failure to consider each one of us as part of every other. The truth is that all humans for one another, and truly all humans with all life-forms on this planet, we are all part of the Family of Earth. And for this consideration, we can turn to the next planet, (of the three outer planets ruling long-wave developments), the planet Neptune.

Neptune orbits around the Sun every 164 years, spending a little over 13 years in each Sign. Astrology holds that Neptune rules the Sign of Pisces, and Neptune is in Pisces now from 2011 to 2026. I like to say that Neptune rules the Spiritual Truth of Oneness, “that there is but One Life, that there is but One Spirit”. For each of us personally and collectively it rules our Dreams, it is our most signature spiritual gift, the Gift of Imagination. However, when we are not aligned within ourselves, when we lack self-control and fundamental truth to guide us, those Neptunian energy-forms, those meanings, and messages can be misunderstood or misapplied. That is why Neptune is also said to rule our illusions, delusions, and nightmares too.

The crises in our society with regards to injustice, inequality of opportunity, inequality of education, inequality in healthcare, and the basic denial for many to have true freedom and happiness, all of these are the manifest signs of a great Spiritual Crisis here and around the world. For me, all crises ultimately can be understood as spiritual. But that means they are also the signal for an epiphany, that we are experiencing a leavening of Consciousness, we are here at the dawn of a Spiritual Awakening too.

When we look back to the most recent time of Neptune’s stay in Pisces from 1848-1862, we can discern some patterns that are strikingly familiar to our own. Both periods witnessed the growth of spiritual movements brought about by the dissolving of boundaries within various forms of social, cultural, artistic, and spiritual realms; and for many, personal experiences of the veil between worlds becoming thinner and more permeable became much more evident.

There is now as there was then, a growing awareness of the injustices of the age, and an earnest seeking for a new vision and practices to make a more perfect, equal, and just world. For what is our real purpose here anyways? Many wise ones over the course of centuries have pondered this. According to the Ancient Wisdom it simply can be said to this:

What is our Purpose
What is our purpose on Earth? It is that every human is here to become a whole or complete human. Like the entirety of Creation, we humans are ever becoming something more, reaching inwardly and outwardly to understand and fulfill our full potential. We advance over time to a greater understanding of ourselves and of our world too, for they cannot be separated or understood as separate after all. As it is said, “As above, so below”. So, whether you move deeper into the heart of yourself, or you move further outwardly to unveil the mysteries of the Universe, you will find the same Truth in both realms. Whether you follow the path of Faith, or peel back the veil of the cosmos by Reason and Science, you will come to the same understanding. All these roads lead to the same, to the One.

Spiritually, the Truth that will set you free will also make you understand that all you ever wanted or needed was to be loved, and when you awaken you will know that you always were! Because that is what you are made of, that is what you were made for. You were made from Unconditional Love; and you are here to live by Unconditional love. All the wise ones know this; all the wise ones live this way too. Follow the examples of the Teachers; they came to show us the way.

To that end, and in truth, the real promised land we are striving to reach cannot be found or made “out there”. First, it is and must be made in each of us, in each one’s heart and mind. Yet equally, because we are human, because we are made by the quality and character of our relationships with one another, we are also the means for one another to become fully conscious and living embodiments of the unconditional love that resides in each individual’s spark of the Divine. You can be self-awakened, but your Consciousness is formed by all with whom you journey. Again, there is no separation; that is the Illusion we must constantly dissolve by our love.

What we face now is what we have always faced; we are here to understand our journey and the route we have taken so far. What we must do is what is stay mindful and alert; take responsibility for what we do next. We cannot change the past; and we cannot know the future, because it is still being formed by us here and now.

The only place you can be the living spirit is in the “Eternal Now”. The three great Avatars point the way, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

By Uranus, we are here to move increasingly towards ever Freer Minds. We are to expand our understanding by freeing ourselves from unreason and fear. We form our awareness and consciousness together, as that very word Consciousness means “Knowing-Together”.

By Neptune, we are to live by Unconditional Love. We are to feel and know that whoever is before me is my relation, “That we are all related”. Therefore, without Equality and without Justice there is no true Love.

And by Pluto, we are to use our Will to stay Centered in our Sacred Space; and to know equally that we are never to violate the Sacred Space of any other. As it is said, “Thou shall not Trespass”, for whatever you do to any other, you do to yourself, and to the One.

May the Light of Truth, Love and Understanding guide our path to the dawning of this New Age.

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