per request, i thought i'd drop a quick line just to fill in some details, as to my secondary level self, the beingness that is, playing the character that is playing the actor that is playing the group essence that is me, that is, who i am, animating the vessel of this physical human presence known, among other things, as chance.

in that essence, i am heavily involved in the Gray, or Zeta plans and machinations involving the earth project. these include the widespread experimentations on the various levels of the great mind that involve the human species. they are a vital and necessary component of the various galactic aims the success of which, the 'importance of the earth project', simply cannot do with out.

one could say that the Grays are not experimenting on humanity, but only on themselves. Humanity is as much their children as they are a distinct variety of Homo-Sapien culled from the galactic genomic strains. It is impossible to separate what is their contribution to the species and still have anything that resembles what we currently know as human.

The history of the Gray is well covered in the book, "the Prism of Lyra," by Lyssa Royal, so i'll not go too into detail as to what their agenda and intentions are and how those factor into the project at hand.

They are a beautiful if not odd race. And to me, are as dear as kith and kin. I suppose if one were to attempt to qualify how they might appear in the galactic community, they might stand apart much in the same way that autistic children can stand out in a room. their minds are elsewhere having fused to such a degree the organic and the mechanical computerized sentience of their awareness that they have accomplished a perfect melding of perspectives that offers a unique technological advantage to better perfect the 'bilocating' or transporter like transmission of awareness of self across the continuum and inseminate one's presence into worlds. in this way, among the many other ways that are far too long to list here, they, our family, add substantially to the arsenal of our collective ingenuity and versatility to our prowess.

Their war was our war. their devastated world, our devastated world, and their scars we all carry. and too, their healing and revelation.

The Zeta adapted to the harsh radioactive conditions of their apocalyptic world. going deep into the cavernous domains of their planet, still hospitable to life. two factions had emerged, as always there is, when the mind is still exploring duality, for there is a moment where the investigation of duality is something a social memory complex does evolve beyond. though it assists all those still in the trials of such evolution.

there was a so called light and a dark faction. both serve. both are necessary.

They used their knowledge of genetics to change their appearance to maximize their new living conditions and also to exterminate aspects of their emotional and mental range they found to be causative in the lead up and inevitable decimation of their world. these attributes were removed. and it hindered them to such an extent that it has hobbled them since.

though all did not agree to course of action, over time, the complexity and nuance of dissent was manipulated out of the genome. to create a perfect hybrid hive mind.

when after a thousand years they emerged from their caves they awoke in horror of the world that had been laid waste. and that had literally, through their thoughts and technology warped and been transported to another region of the galaxy.

their world and the people they once were now entirely were extinct. now the task at hand was redemption. great ships were erected and the two warring factions left to serve the end game of their species. in the one, a mind to save themselves, in the other, an aim to redeem all they had done. in the end, the work and mission ahead was the same. the restoration of the genome to its full emotive and compassionate capacity. for while they had achieved perfect hive mind, they had too, lost their capacity to love. they could only accept what is.

essentially they had become more machine than organics. if you need an example, think of the star trek character, spock. and the vulcans. this fictional species and the war and split of logic and emotion as evidenced with the romulans, their brothers who leave the planet to continue their ancient traditions, is a nod to the Zeta plight. logic and reason had triumphed over love and compassion, emotion.

The answer, as is evidenced in the spock character was a hybrid. a half human half- zeta species. one that could embrace and embody, but more importantly, bridge two worlds. that needed each other, more than they could possibly know. for the earth project united many warring strains, or branches of the same one family tree. and so creation has been in witness of a massive family feud for millions of generations. a game of thrones that we must, in a sense, move on from.

i have incarnated a number of times as the king or the leader of one of the armadas of Zeta pods where these experimentations have been conducted. They have a queen, and she is beyond glory, all gem encrusted beauty, benevolence and grace!

It is important to remember this, that to achieve the work of the earth experiment, in the broader sense, means to separate the mind into layers, the conscious level becomes a dense and rigid strata. where decisions made on the higher and more fluidic and gaseous forms of mind are made, the dense conscious layer forgets. this is an intentional forgetting and is the secrete variable that makes this experiment and all 3rd density worlds, possible. allowing experimentation with free will. or, at the least, the simulation of such. still, an authentic simulation that is frankly as good as we're going to get.

so, everyone who is 'experimented on' has agreed, on higher levels of mind, to serve the zeta project, and by default the earth project. The zeta have certain traits that make resolving the conflict within the genetic strains possible, they are also incredibly gifted at designing body vessels and are lead project designers and consultants for this work as we move the humans into their new 4th density bodies.

they have other exquisite technologies that allows our true forms to more successfully inculcate and process through the rudimentary forms of the human vessel in such a way that has truly not been possible before. imagine the old black and white tv and the new ultra high definition tv. we're talking of a qualitative expansion of data transmission on the likes of a comparison many times that.

evil. and good are human words. they are accurate in how they are inaccurate. the game and the story here is more than we have been told and can assume. the levels of genius and intellect employed are beyond comprehension. everything serves the will of one.

and in the great galactic congress, the confederacy of worlds that we all come from, regardless of where or by whom, or through what, we are all ONE PEOPLE.

but, i understand if there are fears and questions. please. ask and comment away!


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Comment by Blair on April 29, 2016 at 6:01pm
Access is enabled through 5-Meo DMT, although brief.


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