Hello, I am called to make this post summarizing the hundreds of hours of research and self-testing I have done to find out what is real and what is fake. I stumbled a lot into traps and other lies and have came through them wiser to the other side where I have a more complete take on health and what really works. My goal posting here is to help you and for you to help others. I am not selling anything or profiting in anyway. I don't care about money, I believe you should take what I say and double check it. After you double check it try it. After you try it see how you feel. I will give you only claims and remedies that are backed by research. All research can be found online if that's your way. Okay lets start.

I will be brief, reason being it shouldn't be that hard to remain in good health, and the underlying concepts are quite simple.

Lets start with this simple idea. If you can keep toxic materials out of your body, and nourish it with the things that it needs you will always be healthy without exception no matter what. Now this is simpler said than done.

We are bombarded from every angle with poisons especially in city centers and highly populated areas.

So what's a good idea? Move out of the metropolis and go to a more remote area with fresh air! Yes this is a big first step. If you cant move right now whatever, there are still ways we can fight back.

Lets start with Nano. The only way we have discovered so far to remove the Nano "smart dust" and synthetic polymers which are magnetically attracted to the pineal gland are with the AMD machine Jason has talked about before. Or building the Nano device yourself for much cheaper.


What should I eat? Short answer: Everything! 

Long answer: In the year 2021 it is no longer what you eat but where it comes from. EVERY SINGLE THING you will ever buy at the supermarket will have some degree of nano-particle and glyphosate and GMO poisoning. In the USA the organic standard is a joke. It means nothing, absolutely nothing and don't be mislead to think otherwise. However there are certain products which are exceptions. Fermented dairy is one. Mineral salt is another. You are pretty safe to buy Kefir, Sour Cream and Yogurt as long as it is full bodied(full fat) and does not contain fruit or anything else. Just plain old whole milk. Even though it is pasteurized (killing everything good inside) it still contains ferments and enzymes that are AMAZING for your body and launch many many different enzymatic reactions.

Two: some of you will disagree with this and that's fine. All drugs are bad period. Weed, LSD, Mushrooms(exceptions), Ayahuasca etc. I have tried the first three In fact there are very few drugs I have not tried in my lifetime(Not bragging, I am nodding my head in shame) This "fake enlightened" agenda is being pushed down your throats. Weed was never used by the original Rastas only as a medicine they would put in their smoothies and food and eaten(NEVER smoked) as it turns a healthy plant toxic. Do you see the deception? (Instead of telling people to eat the herb to cure cancer, they tell you to smoke it to cause cancer)



Weed smoke especially with the stuff they spray it with in dispensaries is almost as bad as cigarette smoke. Mushrooms from my research can be used to treat a lot of different ailments. But in fractional doses, not enough to cause hallucinations as this will fry your nervous system.

Lets sum up the drugs. If you open your third eye you will be able to trip naturally for as long as you want forever. So those of you who feel they need dope to meditate or be spiritual clean the rocks out of the center of your head.(Don't worry Ill tell you how) You probably have nano-particle/fluoride/glyphosate/aluminum in your pineal and that's why you are dependent on these substances.

Next point how to clean the rocks out of your brain?

Step 1( Clean your gut from the GMO and toxic buildup so that the toxins can leave your body easily)

Don't ignore step 1, you will have detox reactions that are VERY unpleasant when this poison starts to leave your body with the next methods I will talk about. This stuff is some of the most toxic known to man and it is important to have a good elimination route.



How? Sodium thiosulfate and ascorbic acid. Watch this here(there are other ways and they are very slow and ineffective) 

Step 2: Borax and magnesium. You really want me to eat laundry detergent Sam? No I'm not crazy, borax is the antidote to fluoride and chemtrails borax will clean your chakras and remove calcium buildup. Which is why it is ILLEGAL in some countries. Mix 1/8 of a teaspoon in water and drink it. Buy some ancient minerals magnesium and spray it all over your body and rub it in. They work together in the body! Ding ding ding you are a winner!



Step 3: Lugols Iodine. start with 1-2 drops and work your way up. Iodine displaces fluoride from the thyroid. Iodine increases sex hormones. Iodine regenerates your body. Iodine raises IQ. Enough said. Make sure you take selenium as well as they work together in the body.



Step 4: Copper and Zinc for supporting the adrenals. This is the copper I use. Do you take Zinc? if so, good. If you aren't taking copper while taking zinc you are highly deficient in copper. Most important, copper regenerates the brain synapses as well as supports the adrenals as the toxic waste is flushed from your cells. Copper kills parasites, mold and viruses. Copper prevents Alzheimer's and dementia. Copper cures arthritis (along with borax) This is very important. What I use


(contains no fillers just copper)

more in depth on copper


Step 5: Don't be lazy, go find a farmer. Buy almost everything from them Do it. You will avoid a lot of the poisons that are sprayed on every single crop in the USA.

Step 6: Drink distilled water. But my minerals? what about my minerals? That's a load of donkey dung. All minerals your body need will be from the food you get at step 5. Distilled water is the purest water you will ever find anywhere. Buy your own distiller don't buy it from the store as plastic in the containers from the store leech into water. (Synthetic estrogens and endocrine blockers, sounds great huh?). If you live outside the city and have a well that is fine.(test it to make sure) Anyone who tells you that distilled water is bad has no idea what they are talking about. Spring water is full of chemtrails and other poison's. End of story.

So if I drink clean water and eat clean food I will be healthy and strong? Yes. It really is that simple. 

Last thing: any diet is garbage, eat everything if you can find it clean. Wild caught fish eat it, wild grass fed meat from a farmer not from the store eat it. Unpasteurized milk drink it.( avoid regular milk at the store like the plague it is poison) Drink kefir instead. Vegetables and fruits from your local farmer there you go!

The reason why so many vegetarians get sick is because of the nano-tech sprayed on every single commercial crop in the USA. In fact one who practices a lot of yoga should stay on a diet of mainly vegetables this is done to steer the energy from digestion to evolution. However if these vegetables are from the store you will die very fast. You have been warned.

Any questions. Send me a message, anything I missed or you disagree with comment or send me a message. All I ask is you keep an open-mind and free yourself from the prison you call your assumptions and programming.

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Comment by JD Aliix 4 hours ago

So this adviser is basically saying that we should delete what you've written? If you're endangered, we're even more endangered.

Comment by Sam Singer 5 hours ago

I was also advised last night not to post anymore about this stuff as it can get me in trouble. Lets just say it was very VERY clear. So I can leave what I have already and that's it. :) Hope its enough

Comment by Sam Singer 6 hours ago

lol same. I have a hard time holding back when I should already, more testosterone and I'll be in a fit of roid rage.

Comment by Jakub Faist 19 hours ago

yeah i bet the levels vary..
but i trust my guidance..i was told i can benefit from lugols and vitamin c, so i got it, the rest was a no and im not really gonna argue with these shiny boys anymore

honestly if i increased my T any more, I would go crazy..sometimes I pop a tribulus terestris pill if I feel like a very heavy workout/yoga session and it works wonders.

its funny you mention iodine/vitamin c work together, when i was ordering lugols, i just browsed the shop for a bit and got vitamin c package for no apparent reason...now i see what the reason was hehe

Comment by Sam Singer 22 hours ago

It's also important to note that Iodine and hydrogen peroxide are your bodys strongest NATURAL oxidants, this is not a bad thing as your body needs oxidants just as much as it needs anti-oxidants. The key here is you should take anti-oxidants as well during an iodine protocol (ascorbic acid aka vitamin c). Or you will get oxidative-stress and fatigue. The salt works wonders as well.

Comment by Sam Singer yesterday

@Jakub Faist Yes, but they tested selenium levels in brazil nuts and it ranges greatly. It is crucial that the soil contains selenium in it or the nuts will have none. The plants have it in their genome to absorb as much as they can from the ground but if the ground has none.... That gets back to where you got the nuts, what kind of soil were they in? Codex alimentris prohibits all nutrients in food to exceed a certain level (commercial food). The USA is afflicted with this as well as Canada and some of the EU. I would look into the Czech republic and see if they participate.

Comment by Sam Singer yesterday

In my experience Borax drives my testosterone through the roof. That's just me. Everyone is different. I think the problem with borax or with a lot of other methods is a backed up colon, I tried borax a year ago and fell asleep with a migraine in the middle of the day and woke up the next evening. Now it gives me energy.... 

Also MSM and ascorbic acid(vitamin c) cure cancer (by raising oxygen levels in tissues), chelating calcium phosphate(pineal gland blocker) and dissolving calcium in soft tissues. Also raise glutathione levels greatly. Glutathione is how your body detoxifies chemicals and metals as well (this is the secret guys). Without a MSM supplement these cleansing processes slow down as MSM allows for cell wall permeability, this means the cells will release toxins only when MSM is in sufficiency. And yes you are deficient, unless you live on a farm and drink unpasteurized milk everyday. The one that I linked works for me

Another very short but important read.




Ascorbic Acid


There is a lot of stuff circulating in my brain so I may update with future recollections. :)

Comment by Mary Betts yesterday

The salt water flush can be done for 3 days. Otherwise the Iodine can make you feel toxic and it's not the Iodine doing it, it's the Bromine coming out of your body. 

Comment by Mary Betts yesterday

I want to add this. Doing Iodine can cause Bromine toxicity in your body as your body will start to replace the accumulated Bromine with Iodine. To counter this process you go through at first please do a salt water flush. 1/2 tsp of sea salt in half cup of warm water followed by 12 oz of pure water after that. I would titer up to the dose for lugols gradually. 

Also, as I am doing the Iodine I am noticing my sleep pattern is disturbed. I am awake far more than I usually am and I dont know if that is normal at first. Be warned that can happen to some of us. 

#2 For those ladies with Fibroids/cysts and those with man boobs from hormone imbalance do not use Borax. It can cause your dominant estrogen to go bonkers and that's the last thing you want to put in your body. You can defloride your pineal other ways that are far safer like using Tamarind juice or rat fish oil etc.

If you are menopausal or low on estrogren however Borox is probably a good thing for you.

Not everyone needs Copper.

I would muscle test or dowse for the appropriateness of all supplements and or get supervision from a holistic doc to be sure. 

Otherwise nice post. Thanks!  

Comment by Jakub Faist yesterday

Thanks Sam,
I already have Lugols on the way because of your previous post.

I might add that if you can source your minerals naturally (like selen from brazil nuts) you should.

Ill let you know how iodine works out for me



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