Hello, I am called to make this post summarizing the hundreds of hours of research and self-testing I have done to find out what is real and what is fake. I stumbled a lot into traps and other lies and have came through them wiser to the other side where I have a more complete take on health and what really works. My goal posting here is to help you and for you to help others. I am not selling anything or profiting in anyway. I don't care about money, I believe you should take what I say and double check it. After you double check it try it. After you try it see how you feel. I will give you only claims and remedies that are backed by research. All research can be found online if that's your way. Okay lets start.

I will be brief, reason being it shouldn't be that hard to remain in good health, and the underlying concepts are quite simple.

Lets start with this simple idea. If you can keep toxic materials out of your body, and nourish it with the things that it needs you will always be healthy without exception no matter what. Now this is simpler said than done.

We are bombarded from every angle with poisons especially in city centers and highly populated areas.

So what's a good idea? Move out of the metropolis and go to a more remote area with fresh air! Yes this is a big first step. If you cant move right now whatever, there are still ways we can fight back.

Lets start with Nano. The only way we have discovered so far to remove the Nano "smart dust" and synthetic polymers which are magnetically attracted to the pineal gland are with the AMD machine Jason has talked about before. Or building the Nano device yourself for much cheaper.


What should I eat? Short answer: Everything! 

Long answer: In the year 2021 it is no longer what you eat but where it comes from. EVERY SINGLE THING you will ever buy at the supermarket will have some degree of nano-particle and glyphosate and GMO poisoning. In the USA the organic standard is a joke. It means nothing, absolutely nothing and don't be mislead to think otherwise. However there are certain products which are exceptions. Fermented dairy is one. Mineral salt is another. You are pretty safe to buy Kefir, Sour Cream and Yogurt as long as it is full bodied(full fat) and does not contain fruit or anything else. Just plain old whole milk. Even though it is pasteurized (killing everything good inside) it still contains ferments and enzymes that are AMAZING for your body and launch many many different enzymatic reactions.

Two: some of you will disagree with this and that's fine. All drugs are bad period. Weed, LSD, Mushrooms(exceptions), Ayahuasca etc. I have tried the first three In fact there are very few drugs I have not tried in my lifetime(Not bragging, I am nodding my head in shame) This "fake enlightened" agenda is being pushed down your throats. Weed was never used by the original Rastas only as a medicine they would put in their smoothies and food and eaten(NEVER smoked) as it turns a healthy plant toxic. Do you see the deception? (Instead of telling people to eat the herb to cure cancer, they tell you to smoke it to cause cancer)



Weed smoke especially with the stuff they spray it with in dispensaries is almost as bad as cigarette smoke. Mushrooms from my research can be used to treat a lot of different ailments. But in fractional doses, not enough to cause hallucinations as this will fry your nervous system.

Lets sum up the drugs. If you open your third eye you will be able to trip naturally for as long as you want forever. So those of you who feel they need dope to meditate or be spiritual clean the rocks out of the center of your head.(Don't worry Ill tell you how) You probably have nano-particle/fluoride/glyphosate/aluminum in your pineal and that's why you are dependent on these substances.

Next point how to clean the rocks out of your brain?

Step 1( Clean your gut from the GMO and toxic buildup so that the toxins can leave your body easily)

Don't ignore step 1, you will have detox reactions that are VERY unpleasant when this poison starts to leave your body with the next methods I will talk about. This stuff is some of the most toxic known to man and it is important to have a good elimination route.



How? Sodium thiosulfate and ascorbic acid. Watch this here(there are other ways and they are very slow and ineffective) 

Step 2: Borax and magnesium. You really want me to eat laundry detergent Sam? No I'm not crazy, borax is the antidote to fluoride and chemtrails borax will clean your chakras and remove calcium buildup. Which is why it is ILLEGAL in some countries. Mix 1/8 of a teaspoon in water and drink it. Buy some ancient minerals magnesium and spray it all over your body and rub it in. They work together in the body! Ding ding ding you are a winner!



Step 3: Lugols Iodine. start with 1-2 drops and work your way up. Iodine displaces fluoride from the thyroid. Iodine increases sex hormones. Iodine regenerates your body. Iodine raises IQ. Enough said. Make sure you take selenium as well as they work together in the body.



Step 4: Copper and Zinc for supporting the adrenals. This is the copper I use. Do you take Zinc? if so, good. If you aren't taking copper while taking zinc you are highly deficient in copper. Most important, copper regenerates the brain synapses as well as supports the adrenals as the toxic waste is flushed from your cells. Copper kills parasites, mold and viruses. Copper prevents Alzheimer's and dementia. Copper cures arthritis (along with borax) This is very important. What I use


(contains no fillers just copper)

more in depth on copper


Step 5: Don't be lazy, go find a farmer. Buy almost everything from them Do it. You will avoid a lot of the poisons that are sprayed on every single crop in the USA.

Step 6: Drink distilled water. But my minerals? what about my minerals? That's a load of donkey dung. All minerals your body need will be from the food you get at step 5. Distilled water is the purest water you will ever find anywhere. Buy your own distiller don't buy it from the store as plastic in the containers from the store leech into water. (Synthetic estrogens and endocrine blockers, sounds great huh?). If you live outside the city and have a well that is fine.(test it to make sure) Anyone who tells you that distilled water is bad has no idea what they are talking about. Spring water is full of chemtrails and other poison's. End of story.

So if I drink clean water and eat clean food I will be healthy and strong? Yes. It really is that simple. 

Last thing: any diet is garbage, eat everything if you can find it clean. Wild caught fish eat it, wild grass fed meat from a farmer not from the store eat it. Unpasteurized milk drink it.( avoid regular milk at the store like the plague it is poison) Drink kefir instead. Vegetables and fruits from your local farmer there you go!

The reason why so many vegetarians get sick is because of the nano-tech sprayed on every single commercial crop in the USA. In fact one who practices a lot of yoga should stay on a diet of mainly vegetables this is done to steer the energy from digestion to evolution. However if these vegetables are from the store you will die very fast. You have been warned.

Any questions. Send me a message, anything I missed or you disagree with comment or send me a message. All I ask is you keep an open-mind and free yourself from the prison you call your assumptions and programming.

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Comment by Sam Singer on Tuesday

No not bugging me at all I enjoy helping people because so many people don't care and that's fine. The ones who don't care will not be along for much longer, you want to try to get the metals and nano out before they turn the 5G on for real and turn everyone into a microwave who will cook themselves from the inside out in a matter of months, "COVID" lol. Just a heads up. 


A simple google or duckduckgo search will bring you more answers.

Comment by Mary Betts on Tuesday

Sam, I truly appreciate you taking the time to share this stuff. It rang a bell and so I am trying it out and I think it will be beneficial. If I am not bugging you with these questions I would love to know how you can turn glutathione into a lipsomal version or point me to a source who knows. 

Comment by Sam Singer on Tuesday

No performance lab does not. CoreMed does, however you can also make your own for a lot cheaper.

Comment by Sam Singer on Tuesday

Sauna is critical, its more sweating which is necessary. High intensity exercise can do the trick but yes sweating is very important. I take the charcoal about 40 minutes after I take the niacin, in that time I run around the block and sit in the sauna for 20-30 minutes in high heat. But yeah if you just take charcoal or some other binder about 40 minutes after the niacin you should be fine. Sweating is just helping your body get the stuff out of your blood, if you wipe down the walls after the niacin sauna you will notice they are black or dark blue. So that should tell you a lot. Unless you are in desolate wilderness there should be a sauna of some sort around. Even then building one is possible out there using a wood burning stove. Saunas have been used to revive the dead out of hibernation. Why do you think we cremate people and bury them so deep? Why did they put bells in coffins, you really think they couldn't tell if someone was dead?

Comment by Mary Betts on Tuesday

Also did you say performance lab makes a lipsomal glutathione? 

Comment by Mary Betts on Tuesday

After the flushing starts about when do you take the activate charcoal? I took some Niacin and then started flushing, worked out and noticed my brain felt thick and foggy. The flush starts at the brain and then comes down the length of the body. I see after doing some research that a sauna is recommended but I don't have one. In your opinion do you think a sauna is that important? I had forgot to take the binder until you mentioned it and even though it was hours later I did notice that it helped. 

Comment by Sam Singer on Monday

lol. Yeah what's happening is its mobilizing deep stores of drugs and poisons and throwing them into the blood to be filtered by the kidneys and liver. Also dilating blood vessels where toxins are trapped as well. Niacin will explode fat cells that contain toxins, when you see your brain is 60% fat and it is the most highly targeted part of the body it makes sense why there are cognitive benefits. I would give it at least a week or 2 before you notice big improvements. Also sauna and activated coconut charcoal or hardwood if its organic to bind to these things coming out, last thing you want is for it to redistribute back to the brain.

Comment by Mary Betts on Monday

Warning! OMG. Niacin makes me itch like crazy. I got a real strong flush today ( milder ones at lower doses) as I slowly upped to 300 mg and I want to scratch my skin off! I have not noticed any major brain effects but maybe that's at a higher dose. I feel both cold and hot at the same time. I would not take this stuff before a work meeting or going out. :) 

Comment by Sam Singer on February 20, 2021 at 1:10pm

@Jakob Just wait til you can no longer tell reality from dream they become one and the same. Sleep is no longer a thing, 24 hours a day you are awake and alive and you literally have to pinch yourself to know if you are dreaming. Yes this is an actual thing, way better than any drug in my opinion.

Comment by Sam Singer on February 20, 2021 at 1:05pm

For those of you who don't know what the limitless pill its like this. Except it takes 2-3 days and it may not be that profound in the start but in some time it will be.



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