The past few weeks have been pretty wild. The road trip out to Salt Lake City and meeting you guys was a much needed experience for me, as well as what transpired on the remainder of the trip. After being in this shutdown of society for the past several weeks, it was really awesome to get out into the country and feel like I had some kind of temporary freedom from the burden of being out of work with everything else going on.

The trip was totally worth it, and Jason and Mary are some of the most awesome people I've met in years. I look forward to coming down to visit again sometime! I had never been to the Salt Lake area before, and if you've never been there, the whole state is just beautiful.

When I first met up with Jason, he gave me the MPS and some of the dry version of the Sri Yantra. I took 4 drops of it upon his recommendation. He asked what I was feeling maybe 15 minutes or so after taking it, and I didn't feel anything yet. About 15 minutes after that, I commented that I noticed something going on, sort of relaxing.

Probably an hour or so after taking this stuff, it started to really hit me. I didn't say what was going on, as I was enjoying our conversation, but that stuff is just incredible. I've had this sort of thing happen before, but as we were driving around talking I would see Jason become enveloped in this electromagnetic field, blue/purple in color, and he would start to disappear in this field of energy. If you've read that blog post I wrote on the Source Code, I would see those letters all over him and anything else I focused my attention on.

I'm going to mention that Source Code a few times throughout this, so some of this might sound a bit odd if you haven't read that. The first few paragraphs of that post describe what I'm talking about with this field of letters that I see. It's looks like a digital coding system for a computer program, and I see this when I meditate. That Alchemy that Jason gave me put me in a state where I could see these electromagnetic fields and this source code much more easily.

I am highly impressed with Sri Yantra, Jason. Nice work man! While we were sitting at Mary's place I was seeing the same thing happen while you were talking. You would slightly disappear in this energetic field and I would see this coding system all over you and your surroundings. It usually only happens when I stare off and focus my mind with the Trataka Yoga technique I use. But man, it just happens so naturally with this Alchemy.

The rest of the trip was just incredible. After we parted ways, I drove down the route Jason recommended, and found a spot to sleep in the middle of nowhere. For those reading this, I've got an inflatable mattress in the back of my Honda for times like this. I got up the next morning and started heading out toward Zion National Park. I took some of just about every Alchemy that I picked up from you guys, and headed out down the highway.

I'm really glad I took Jason's recommendation to go to Zion. That was absolutely the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen in my life. I thought Sedona, AZ was gorgeous, and it is, but Zion was like Sedona on steroids. I wasn't able to get any good photos, but there are probably plenty online if you've never been out there. If you ever travel to Utah, this place is totally worth driving a few hundred miles out of your way to go check out. I also lucked out on not having to pay the $35 fee due to the covid situation.

The entire journey home was almost indescribable. The state of mind that I was able to get into with all of this Alchemy in my system, and not to mention the MPS in my pocket, was really quite astounding. On my way down to Salt Lake, I took a little bit of everything in Helios, with a heavier than usual dose of Osmium. About an hour after taking the Helios stuff, I started to see those source code letters while driving down the road.

It looked like I was driving through a computer simulation, while still being able to clearly see where I am and not get distracted while driving. When I took all of that other Alchemy on the way back home, the same thing would happen. I normally have to sit down and focus to see these EM fields and the source code, but I've never seen this stuff while driving before. It was quite a trip.

As is written somewhere around here, Jason gave some Alchemy to a guy hooked up to equipment that can analyze his brainwaves. This guy went into a theta state, even though he was fully conscious and having a conversation. It's like this stuff puts you into a state of meditation even though you're not meditating. I think that's why I was able to tune into these energy fields while doing something normal like driving. I'm highly impressed with this stuff.

Everything else I had used prior to that was from the Bodylight and Helios line, as well as Alkhem or Origin. In case any readers were curious what I was taking, it was a combo of Lumin, Iphaz, Currents, Sahas, Nucleus, Vision, and the Sri Yantra. Kind of a lot to dive into at once, but I wanted to see what it could really do, so I just took a medium dose of it all. I've cooled down with it since I got back home, only doing heavier doses every few days or so, with Lumin and Purazyme as a daily thing.

I've gotta say a few things about the Merlin Power Stone as well. These objects have an energy unlike anything else I've ever been around, and it may very well be one of those things that you've gotta just experience if you feel drawn to it. Indeed, one can feel an almost tingling sensation in the palm while holding one. When I went to sleep in the back of my car, I did the classic third eye test and put it on my forehead.

I've been doing Qi Kung since I was like 13, so I'm used to feeling subtle energetic fields. Putting this Stone on my forehead was like having this electromagnetic dynamo running through my forehead. There was a tangible EM field, constantly rotating in a circular motion. The energy these things put out is just astounding, and I've found that they can fire up your other chakras as well. But man, that spot on the forehead is really something.

Part of the reason I've been absent from the site is a combination of adjusting to these new energies, and finding myself a bit bummed out being back home. This shutdown of society has been rough on all of us. Having that alchemical adventure was exactly what I needed, but going straight back into lock down mode after that trip was borderline depressing. I mean, I still go out and live my life as usual, but this BS has gone on for too long, and I can't wait for things to go back to normal.

So yeah, I've kind of been lost in my own world since I got back home. I get in these moods from time to time where I just don't really want to be around people or communicate with anyone. It usually happens during Mercury Retrograde periods, but this had more to due with the nature of my life circumstances.

I've had a few realizations in the past couple weeks though. I realized that I've been living with this subtle fear beneath the surface of my life since I started to learn about these Illuminati groups. It's like I've been afraid to take action in certain areas of my life out of fear of potential consequences. For example, I've been hesitant to go more public with my music out of fear of these people trying to recruit me for some reason.

I've been coming to terms with that, and have been noticing these fears simply dissipating. I've done a couple things that I never thought I'd do. I made some YouTube videos the other day, while kind of fired up about this whole shutdown situation. I had this idea that these Dark polarity types wrecking havoc in the world actually want people to be angry at them. They're playing a polarity game, and the whole point is to get a rise out of us.

I had this idea that something that might actually shift the energy, is if people were laughing at them as opposed to giving them the reaction they want. Imagine that. Instead of being pissed off at them for their crimes against humanity, actually laughing at how pathetic they are. So, I made some musical comedy videos about these scumbags. I'm going to warn you guys though, if you are easily offended, don't even bother with this stuff. It's pretty raunchy.

I won't provide direct links, as it leaves an electronic “paper trail” to the site here, but if you look up “Flaming Freddy” on YouTube, that's my channel. I have one subscriber, and only two videos. If you watch the first one, “This Old Man”, and are put off by the style of humor, just know that the other one, “Bill & Hillary” is about five times worse. If this stuff is too inappropriate to even mention here, I apologize, and just let me know and I will never mention it again.

While I understand that this stuff is not everyone's style of humor, I'm sharing it because it has helped me have a laugh about this whole situation during these stressful times. I reluctantly made a Twitter account and shared some of these videos with guys from the Q crowd, and actually got some decent responses. It was also a way for me to combine my interest in music, comedy, and research into one cohesive unit. I plan on doing more stuff in the future, and I'm not likely to post links here, so you can subscribe to the channel if you like this stuff.

On top of that, I've been working on an idea for some clothing designs and other artwork. There is a site where I can upload designs onto t-shirts, posters, mugs and such. While getting this stuff ready, one of my ex-girlfriends called me up, and she works with a lot of social media for promotion purposes. She offered to help me out when it's all ready to go, so that was a nice timing of events. I figure this is something art related that I can do to generate some side cash for the next phase of my music project, which is what I really want to be doing. Plus, when that's up and running, I will already have an art and clothing line to release merchandise for the record company.

I'll post a link when it's up and running in the next couple weeks, with another disclaimer. While some of the designs are Buddhist and Tantra themed, some of them are borderline erotic. My Ascendant sign is Scorpio, so what what do you expect? It's the kind of stuff I'm into, so I might as well develop some artwork ideas out of themes that are in alignment with my current incarnation's energies.

So in the midst of working on that stuff during these stressful times, I've been having some further breakthroughs with the Alchemy and MPS since I got back. Yesterday I had stuff happen that was bordering on an LSD trip, and I didn't even take a heavy dose. I was able to enter into controlled hallucinatory states, with my eyes either open or closed. It was really quite intense.

While some of the visions were so rapidly changing so as to render them indescribable, I had some notable things happen that I've never seen before. While looking at this source code with my eyes closed, I would see full color photographs, about 1000 images per minute. They would rapidly flicker from image to image, full color pictures mostly of people. It was like being plugged into some computer program that would just show me all of these images, and I could somehow understand it despite it's rapidly changing state.

While the past couple weeks have been a little intense adjusting to all of this stuff, this is really exactly the type of thing I was hoping to get out of the MPS and Alchemy. I've been looking for years for a means to access altered states without the use of marijuana and other visionary plants. This stuff seems to bring out more of whatever potential lay dormant within you, and enhance your already existing capabilities.

I think everyone's experience with the Alchemy and MPS would be a little different, sort of tailored to their own experience and energies. I had already been doing some type of visionary work with that Trataka Yoga stuff, but this stuff brings it to a whole other level. And that's on top of having increased chakra activation and other tangible EM field activity.

I could keep writing on about how impressed I am, but I'm gonna wrap this up. I'll close with a picture of me that I found the other day on a friend's website. I saw this and thought, “What the hell? Am I smoking a cigarette?” I think I just lit one up for a friend, as I don't really smoke cigarettes, though I do enjoy tobacco in other forms sometimes. The reason why this stuck out to me is because for some reason I bought a pack of American Spirit cigarettes on my way out to Utah. Tobacco can indeed put one in the zone when used in the right setting, and for some reason it was appropriate for me to smoke on that road trip. Indeed, the buzz would deepen these states I was already in. But yeah, it was kind of funny to see this picture after just smoking a pack out of nowhere.

Hope you guys enjoyed this story!

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Comment by Sam Singer on May 26, 2020 at 12:53pm

I had my first astral projection this night! It was awesome! I saw my body as I separated from it and started flying around my neighborhood. I was then observing other people in physical form and realized how it must feel for these other dimensional beings to observe us while most people are incapable of seeing or hearing them! Kind of frustrating! but nonetheless they are there and helping us along the way whether we know it or not. Very awesome! Also visited other planets and saw very weird fractals and all sorts of portals very trippy. Also got some insight that 5G towers are going to be everywhere in the near future and that they were neither a good or bad thing yet, that is still to be decided by whoever gains control of them. I'm voting for the alliance!

Comment by Tyler C. on May 20, 2020 at 12:13am

Good to know Jason! I'll have to conserve what you gave me in that case. I used the leftover money from the PPA order I made and got the gel and powder Sri Yantra. I'm looking forward to adding that into the mix. Yeah, every time I take a heavier dose of Alchemy I'm having very notable experiences. Last night I did a session with that Trataka Yoga I do, but sometimes I will use a mirror instead of a Yantra or Mandala. I was looking at myself in a mirror and couldn't even see myself. I've had this happen before, but as I said in my post, it just happens so naturally with this Alchemy use. I will see myself one minute, then literally see myself completely disappear in these EM fields. Of course, I'm not actually physically vanishing, though that would be pretty awesome. Every time I use it, there's something to be learned and experienced. Once again, nice work on the Alchemy!

Comment by JD Aliix on May 19, 2020 at 3:50pm

Just for the record, the powder I gave you right at first was one we have yet to release. It was made using the Lightforce technique, but I'm not sure the best name for it is Lightforce, since it's primary purpose is all psi abilities, organs, glands, functions, brain centers, and so on. It's the most powerful brain food I've ever used.

I guess if a bunch of our family here are chomping at the bit to get at it, I'll make it available on a limited basis or something. I'd truthfully like to get everyone through a month of Sri Yantra before starting on it, but then many of you are already ready for it. PLUS, we have to help Mary get caught up and give her a few hours off! She's been a freakin' machine through this. Amazing job.

Comment by Michelle on May 18, 2020 at 9:16am
Hi Mary - the link works, but every time I try it from my phone, I get an error message that says “this connection is not private”. I probably just need to try from my computer or a different browser.
Comment by Lisa on May 18, 2020 at 12:23am

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey! 

Comment by Tyler C. on May 17, 2020 at 9:52pm

Hey Mary, the link worked for me.

Michelle, thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! As for the Merlin Power Stones, if you feel pulled toward them, just go for it. About the problems accessing the site, I had a similar issue with the Blue Emerald site at one point. I thought the website was down, but it was an issue with my version of Firefox. Look up the error code that pops up on the site, and see if you can fix it with the instructions that po up on different sites.

Thanks for your comments as well Sam. I agree with what you're saying. What's your YouTube channel called? I'm curious to see your video.

Comment by Mary Betts on May 17, 2020 at 9:29pm
Comment by Michelle on May 17, 2020 at 12:47am
Wow, what an incredible experience! Thanks for sharing! I just received the Sri Yantra Gel & Powder last week, but haven’t taken it yet...I am fairly new to the alchemy here, and only started taking Lumin & Phasix, and felt like I should also begin taking Purazyme to prepare. So it’s really cool to hear such a detailed account. I already know that it will obviously be working with me in a very different way, on different levels, but it is very cool to hear your story! I will have to check out the Merlin Power Stones - I align powerfully with crystals, so these really pique my curiosity (however, I understand that it’s something different entirely) but...every time I try to follow the link, I receive an error message, so I suppose the timing isn’t quite right at this juncture.
It sounds like you have been able to “alchemize” the energetic patterns of your fear, by dissolving them - followed by a reconfiguration of that energy, into a flow of creativity that is more in alignment with the truth of who you are. Thanks again for sharing!
Comment by Sam Singer on May 16, 2020 at 9:08pm

Also wanted to add I recently posted a video on YouTube a couple days ago about the vaccination topic and how they are manipulating people, it got quite a few views. I was having emotional though process along the lines of "if they do kill me or lock me up for posting this video i'll just go back home and im super tired of this place anyway so it would be an honor to go down with a bang." Never had those thoughts before just fear and survival mostly for the longest time.

Comment by Sam Singer on May 16, 2020 at 9:03pm

Right on man! Getting high on your own supply is the way to go. Narcotic plants are good for beginners but any narcotic is temporary and hinders your progress toward natural and more powerful hallucinations.


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