I came across this site two years ago after reading Mg Hawking books. I started with the Alkhem and started taking the alchemy. Things got really awesome when I got Clyde my little pyramid guy. He helped me (along with the  I zero  alchemy) make a lump in my breast disappear, he is a great shield when I drive kept me from being pulled over a handful of times I always take him with me when I am not sharing him with my husband.  We usually take turns with him.  My most wild experience with the alchemy so far was when I did the surrender ceremony and out of nowhere a 100 or so black crows came to bear witness to the ceremony.  Ever since that day  and its been about a year and a half since that, I have seen a crow  or crows almost every day, they are my animal spirit totem and it seems that reality has really shifted in a lot of positive ways since I started the alchemy.  So make no mistake  its is serious stuff but also amazing with its capacity to clean, heal and balance.  I am always excited to try new alchemies as well as revisit favorites,  the innerphase and phasix were awesome and seemed to help manipulate and bend time.  I love the emotional insights it has brought to me as well.  

Perhaps my favorite experience so far is that it has really helped me to uncover and explore my druid nature more fully. I love nature, being outside and enjoying my connection to Gaia.  Last week we took Clyde to the salt flats and set him on the ground between us while we stood barefoot in the salt and really connected and grounded ourselves,  had a really awesome time after that. Once we got up to go back to the car  people immediately walked to that spot where Clyde had been and stood there  absorbing the energies it had created.   The pyramid are so amazing for the ability to transmute negative energy. I love having him with me and watching my co workers brighten up and start communicating in a positive manner.  The alchemy has really helped clear so much unnecessary things from my life. What a incredible journey it has been so far. 

My one advice to any newer people to the sites  is don't go crazy and take a ton of alchemy right at the beginning, each bottle  is a incredible experience in its own right and its worth it to not hurry it.  

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