Time is motion:
>Empty space = no possibility of time due to lack of object relativity [paradox!]
>Objects in space but no movement = no time. Motion is required for the manifest of object granularity.
>>Moving objects in space = time
We have linear experience of time, past; present; future

Linear time is perceived to accelerate or slow down according to the amount of motions the focal point keeps track of.
Therefore, the level of engrossment in an activity dictates the perception of time.
If time is indeed relative motion, then, thought itself, must be motion across the noetical dimension(s).
Thus, thoughts have different retrieval speeds due to requiring the formulation of a constituent series of thoughts prior to the desired 'insight'.
The decreased retrieval speeds through subsequent recollections, hint that less motions are occuring.
Thus, the presence of a more direct pathway, implies a level of disengagement from the pre-requisite thoughts.
Thus, the nature of thought is retroductive // constant simplification.

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Comment by Sam Singer on January 5, 2021 at 2:50am

Also wanted to mention that I'm not refuting what you are saying because I have no experience of that. Although it is quite an intriguing thought experiment, maybe I just haven't realized what you are saying is true. In which case time will tell :) I really don't believe or argue with anything I haven't experienced first hand in meditation or dreams or random OBE's because I don't know.  I will ask god for some deeper insight into that.

Comment by Sam Singer on January 5, 2021 at 2:40am

I see where you are coming from but while god is experiencing itself through us while we are in physical form we have choices based off of our prior experience and existence. This is our entire purpose to learn so that god can learn through us each iterance of each being just another quantum possibility to expand and evolve this hologram we are stuck in forever. Its fun though :) Better than not existing at all... I think?

Comment by Paisios Papapavlou on January 4, 2021 at 3:34pm

@Sam Singer

I believe that what is being alluded to here, is that it's within the nature of co-depended origination to sprout causality beyond the exact time of action. The eternal and immutable being experiencing all reality simultaneously from all possible perspectives and iterations is a self-propelled beingness in whose mind everything is transmuted to the best case scenario. Whatever we can conceive of, the being thinks of also and adapts the entire reality accordingly. Therefore, nothing is of true excess. It's all a series of causes and effects spanning across time, influencing whoever and whatever necessary. 

Beings occupying linear time such as ourselves... are bounded to a myopic perspective of time, never seeing the grand scheme. 

A computational model of a super-consciousness like the capital G - GOD is... beyond us. But we may perceive a seemingly large portion of it once we get rid of what we are not. We are it after all.... at some morphic field. This way, one can maintain a larger perspective on spatio-temporality itself...which is what Jesus, probably Tesla (who loved Isis deeply!) and all sages across time had attained.  

Comment by Sam Singer on January 4, 2021 at 2:34pm

I meant failure more as not being able to to fulfil their entire vision. Yes you are right they didn't actually fail, they did what they needed to do.

Comment by Jakub Faist on January 4, 2021 at 5:37am

Old systems are dying right now Sam and making space for new ones that are being born right at this moment..
Jesus didnt fail, nor did Tesla. Failure is a human construct..
How can there be a failure if all levels are controlled.
The "bad" guys ... they work hand in hand with the "good" guys... they are usually not aware of it on this level, but thats the point of this level.

Comment by Sam Singer on January 3, 2021 at 4:00pm

Glad you guys know about it already I just wasn't sure from your initial comments. Einstein was certainly a genius in his own regard, it takes a lot to create a theory that  is near impossible to  prove or disprove as well as fool so many people into taking it as a given. Although a few have completely disproved his theories but they aren't published for reasons you can already deduce. The ether is in fact the missing key as well as non physical phenomena :) We are trying to understand other dimensional concepts within the tiny limitations of our logical minds and the hologram of physical reality. It is impossible. However we can experience theses things and "download" them if we have given the conditions of our body to do so.(Respecting the seed of life and eating nutritious foods etc..) I'm sure you already know about Ramanujan and how he had no math education whatsoever. He just connected to the all and found out everything he wanted to know. He knew the advanced math of black holes before anyone knew they existed.

lol and people think we are flesh sacks bound for ethereal sleep upon death. How funny :)

@Paisios Papavlou Its true the pineal gland is key :) However, the current way the system operates it is essential that there are slaves. Imagine if everyone had an open third eye? Who would work at McDonalds? Who would sell you anti-depressants? Who would make money and get power hungry? Sure we could try to do it given our current system. But we would be swiftly taken over by foreign powers. We need soldiers just as much as we need criminals to give free labor in prisons. The only way this can be implemented successfully without other countries bullying the "weaker" more peaceful places is a "New World Order" or a unified government implementing these changes all at once in every country. At least this is the globalist theory.

My idea is that once the Schumann resonance gets high enough we wont need a governing body to do this. We will activate our genetic code and these concepts will expand unilaterally across all species of life on this planet. We have to realize that the fate of this planet is already decided and has been written out long ago we as humans cant change the course of history before it is the appropriate time in the stars. Many have tried all have failed. From Jesus to Tesla. 

Is this what is meant by the shift of consciousness? The second coming of Christ in the book of revelations? (Happening before our very eyes btw) Are these concepts about how society  has operated and functioned in the old era going to erode and be laughed at as fairy tales of the distant past? I don't know. However from my fractal visions I see a metaphorical tidal wave sweeping over the entire world however there is no fear when the tidal wave is approaching, people choose to accept their fate all rejoice at the time of a new beginning. The wave will take many down with it, but the result is a very clean place where everything is in harmony.

I can imagine a timeline where we turn to empowering each and every human being where selfless love and service to oneself prevails and every person is given the conditions to function at their full potential. The human race would take off and prosper and begin a new phase of learning a phase some say we have already entered. I'm still waiting to see:)

Comment by Jakub Faist on January 3, 2021 at 7:49am

Yes, as the guy in the video i posted says, there is a lot of inertia to these old ways of doing things and outdated theories, academic fields are very rusty and unable to adapt. It is also very painful to abandon something you have worked on for years, because you begin to identify with it and in a way, you become it. Also as a scientist, you usually live around grants and that makes it even more difficult to move on. It gets to a point where the persons ego literally prevents the mind from seeing contradicting evidence. Just like archeologists refuse to acknowledge these massive discrepancies there are in their timelines. 
These holes, they can see them, but if they were to acknowledge them as real, their whole existence would just shatter. Its much easier to believe even the craziest explanation like that the entire nation spent a decade to build a massive tomb for their leader (lmao). Also lets not forget that they would be standing against the herd, as you put it. And most people are so dependent on the matrix, they will do anything to protect it. Its hilarious if you ask me.

I wouldnt go as far as to say im an arahant, lol. But sure we can talk anytime.
We can skype - iamfaist
or you can mail me at iamfaist@gmail.com

Comment by Paisios Papapavlou on January 3, 2021 at 7:03am

Jakub Faist 

You said it yourself, the sciences are far astray and the need to keep things in neat little categories does the most harm. A physicist cannot have opinion in the matters of biology and so on... it's ridiculous...but, the new incarnates will be polymaths without a doubt.

I'm a student presently, and I'm slightly rustled when authors write 200 pages on something that can be expressed in its entirety, in 10 pages. That being said, assignments also require pointless pontification in order to satisfy a certain word count.... Academia no longer cares to create thinkers with worthwhile ideas and there's a serious level of misdirection going around. Isolation is the driving force to excellence...when someone does not see themselves reflected in the outside world, they are drawn to look within...

Furthermore, I'm somewhat convinced of this, but human beings are operating as a herd. We could use this to our advantage at some point. I believe the true point of herd-separation and individuation lies at the opening of one's pineal gland, in the absence of pineal input, the person simply follows whoever seems to know what's going on. 

"In the world of the blind, the single-eyed person reigns"

P.S: I didn't realize you were an arahant! I would like to ask you some questions if you'd kindly provide me with your correspondence... I'm also trying to deconstruct beingness!

Cheers to an interesting future! It's exciting that there's a lot of like-minded individuals gathering here. :)  

Comment by Jakub Faist on January 3, 2021 at 6:12am

It kinda is spherical and kinda isnt, its a very strange place to visit, quite literally ungraspable for the logical mind.
For the longest time, I thought that nothingness is where it ends, the emptiness, the Tao. Because what more could there be than infinite potential of nothing that can become everything?
And also, if there would be something beyond this emptiness, would it still really be empty?

You have to go there and see it yourself. Its like a wall of light that isnt light. A wall that is a sphere and at the same time has no dimension or shape. It is The Awareness of The Mind. The Meta Mind they like to call it around here.

As I said its very difficult to describe or even observe as its a place of no time and no space and that is very confusing to the human mind.

The quantum model doesnt work, string theory got too complicated, humans tried to make them work for decades now to no avail. The circles that call themselves scientific, they love to talk in their jargon, partly because it makes it even more difficult to understand their overly complicated thought constructs, it makes them feel special. Very much like philosophers like Sartre or others from that period. Describing the simplest of things that were known for literally milenia in their own way and acting like they discovered sliced bread. 

The biggest problem of todays physics is that they need a particle, they need a culprit in the 3D to make it real and possible for them. They think that this density is where everything originates and that axiom leads them inevitably astray. This density is a mere shadow of upper realms.
This might interest you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJi3_znm7ZE

Comment by Paisios Papapavlou on January 3, 2021 at 6:05am

@Sam Singer
There is a long history of informational repression and a person is called to think for themselves. Eventually, we will be armed with strong enough discernment to find who stood justly in the course of history.

Einstein's Special Relativity is erroneous, if there are always two perspectives/two reference frames over the temporal outcomes of thought expirements, then which one can be assumed to be correct and which grounds, this means that there are ALWAYS two answers on S.R's equations, each one is viable and this brings about a paradox. (Clock paradox)
Einstein has also removed the aether medium and in its place we have photons waving. The problem is that photons are seen as light carriers themselves which is equally inexplicable, because the photons needed to *already* occupy the same space that they were called to fill through the waving of their gradient... if photons are of dual nature, then the particles receive differing degrees of energy in order to 'wave'. In this manner, the double slit expirement is problematic because the source of light always pumps out the same amounts of photons, thus, the difference in photonic excitation is unfounded.

Nikola Tesla has understood something we do not regarding the nature of magnetism. Granted.



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