Hi everyone, so glad to be here! I found BlueEmerald first while searching for ormus. Had tried a few types of ormus and wasn't that impressed so I was searching heavier to see what was out there.  Then I found BlueEmerald.  I read a lot of the website and knew this was different. Received our Origin yesterday. It is not ormus.  All I can say is Wow! We (my husband & I) could feel the energy before we even got it out of the box! Felt it in the heart/head area. It was making me smile and gave me energy too, just holding it!

After a couple hours we started with just 5 drops each.  We felt a calm come over us almost immediately, and felt slightly different, not sure how yet. Right before we went to sleep last night my husband said he was seeing tons of pictures of all different things/places flashing before his eyes, almost like a download of some sort.  We both slept really really well then too.

Looking forward to this new journey and learning more. :-)

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  • Hi, Cheryl. Forgive me for taking so long to welcome you and thank you for your words of support. Welcome aboard, and let there be Awakening! 

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