Chapter Zero - One's Essence and the Source Code

Chapter Zero - One's Essence and the Source Code

 The following information is based on a coding system that I have been seeing for about a dozen years during Trataka Yoga sessions, as well as conversations I used to have with and old friend of mine, a Shaman from Romania. He had all kinds of information about this coding system that I hadn't given much thought to, and I was the one in the discussion who could actually see this code we were talking about. It was a fascinating set of discussions, and in the subsequent years I have explored this set of ideas much more on my own.

This friend of mine is also the one who first started to talk to me seriously about Alchemy. I had been interested in it to some degree prior to that, but it was those conversations that really got me thinking about this subject seriously, and seeking out people who seemed to be making real progress in the field of Alchemy, to further my understanding of it. He is also the one who shared with me a story called “The Separator”, which I put up in an earlier blog post. After the character in that story, I will call my old friend “Anonymous” from here on out, instead of referring to him as “my old friend”.

Although I described this in an earlier post on the “Nonexistence” discussion, I will copy a portion of it here, just to have it all in one place and to keep this story coherent for anyone who didn't read the other post.

“When I was in my early 20's, I got into Trataka Yoga, an eyes open style of meditation. When I do this, one of two things will happen to me, depending on how I focus my mind. Either I will begin to see electromagnetic fields emitted from humans, plants, animals, etc., or I will begin to see what looks like the coding system for a computer program.

This coding system looks the same way every time I see it. It is an ongoing field of magenta colored letters, running in all directions simultaneously behind everything around me, and they don't seem to spell any words. When I first started seeing this stuff, something would tell me that I was seeing the coding system behind this computer simulation that we are in.

When I look at biological life in the same state, particularly humans and plants (animals tend to move around too much for me to get focused), the letters are still there, but they are a bronze/copper color, instead of magenta. The bronze letter pathways tend to look more fixed on biological organisms as well, instead of moving in all directions as with the magenta ones. When I would see these bronze colored letters running through my hands, something would tell me that DNA is a type of nano-bio-technology. A type of technology designed to facilitate our experience of this computer simulation that we are in.”

When I came into contact with Anonymous, he started to talk to me about what he called the “Source Code”. I told him that I might know what he's talking to me about, and I described to him what I've been seeing over the years during my Trataka Yoga sessions. He found my experiences to be quite interesting and relevant to his own findings, and we used to have long conversations about this subject.

I didn't know this at the time he told me, but have since checked to see it for myself, this source code extends all the way up into higher Densities, and is not simply a coding system behind this 3rd Density construct. Prior to this, I was into the idea that 3rd Density was some type of computer simulation, but Anonymous extended that idea by telling me that this entire network of non-physical realms all operates on the same source code program, and it's all artificial.

Imagine that underneath all of the programs that have been encoded onto your being is what one may call one's Essence. Just like a pearl is encoded around a grain of sand, imagine that one's mind-body-spirit complex is a set of programs written around one's Essence. One's Essence being one's original true self, free from all the layers upon layers of code and programming. It is that which has no code.

Furthermore, imagine that the source code program exists to entrap one's Essence in an artificial simulation of sorts. None of this entire reality system even really exists, and perhaps the entire process of harvesting souls to a higher Density is a built in function of the source code program to give one the illusion of progress within this artificial construct.

It is written on this website that some people living on Earth at this time have already gone through this process of graduating to a higher Density long before coming to Earth. Many of them are 5th Density beings or higher, who are coming to Earth at this time to assist with the coming harvest.

What if it's even bigger than that? What if this entire system of graduating to the 4th Density, then the 5th, followed by the 6th where the polarities merge, and finally to the 7th where we reunite with the “source” of it all, is a sort of feedback loop that has been happening for an amount of time that we really can't even calculate? What if one who is from the 5th Density level right now, is really on the 5th Density on this particular round of doing the 3rd to 7th Density cycle? What if we've all done this entire loop hundreds, if not thousands of times before?

Is it possible that the desire to “return to source” is just a built in function of the source code program? Is it possible that what we perceive to be “God” is a part of that program, if not the one writing the program itself? What if we are all imprisoned, at this very moment, in a multi-density computer simulation designed to encapsulate one's Essence or True Self in this nested layer of programs?

I can't necessarily say that I even believe all of this myself, which is why most of this is phrased in the form of questions, but this is the kind of thing I think about in my free time, and when I'm seeing this source code. If this premise is at all valid, is there any way to unravel that nested layer of codes to free one's Essence from this source code based reality system altogether?

Imagine that there exists some place that isn't operating on a source code program at all. A place in which actual freedom exists, without hierarchies, polarity games, a built in illusion of “spiritual progress”, a hamster wheel of faux self realization. What if one's Essence is not just the only thing that's truly real in creation, but what if one's Essence is actually necessary for this source code program to operate? Is it possible that one's Essence acts like a battery, a power source, that actually enables this source code program to operate in the first place?

In order for this thing to keep feeding you this illusion, you've gotta be plugged into it, right? Just like a computer can be hacked to do things it's not set up to do by it's programmers, is it possible to hack this reality system, to hack into the programs keeping one's Essence trapped in this coded illusion, and actually free yourself from this construct altogether?

Anonymous used to tell me that Alchemy was the key to this procedure. We talked a bit about Ormus and related substances, and he seemed to think that all Alchemists start off doing stuff like that, but the real goal of Alchemists of the Middle Ages and other time periods was to essentially free themselves from this illusion altogether.

The way he would describe the prized goal of the Alchemists, the so-called Philosopher's stone, sounded like something on the order of a consumable type of Merlin Stone. Imagine an Alchemical Marriage between a consumable Alchemy, and something like a Merlin Power Stone. Something that is somehow harmonically tuned to all the layers of code that every level of one's being is encoded into, but somehow has the ability to dissolve the coding programs around each level of self, thus freeing one's Essence from this program altogether.

One of the most fascinating stories Anonymous told me was about a guy in Italy who figured out how to make what I'm describing sometime in his 80's. This story takes place sometime in the 18th or 19th Century. He said that this old Alchemist consumed this substance in front of an Italian doctor, who was to be witness to what may unfold. Allegedly, this old man looked like he was in his 20's again after about a week of consuming this. He underwent a complete and total rejuvenation of his physical body, with some intellectual and spiritual enhancements as well.

After a few more days, he disappeared entirely. Anonymous said that he was able to pop back into the physical domain, but because he was no longer encoded into this reality system, he was in no way bound to it's laws. The basic impression he allegedly gave to the doctor, after returning for a brief time to visit him, was something like, “If you only knew...”

I've heard other stories of a sort of extreme nature that don't necessarily result in one completely vanishing from the source code program. In one instance, I heard that a man consumed something comparable to what I described above, but in the rejuvenation period he lost all of his teeth, hair, and nails, accompanied by his skin peeling off. It all grew back, perfect, in a short period of time and he was a new man. He too underwent some kind of renewal of the body, mind, and spirit, but was still existing in the physical domain.

There is an interesting set of books published by Peter Moon called the Transylvania series. It has nothing to do with vampires, and all the books are a bit different. The first book, “Transylvania Sunrise” has nothing to do with Alchemy, but is still a good read. It's about an ancient digital holographic library discovered beneath a mountain in Romania. Not many people know that there is a Sphinx in Romania, much older than the one in Egypt, and it sits on top of a mountain there. The Romanian Secret Services found an entrance into this ancient library, and the story is told in that book.

In the second book, “Transylvania Moonrise”, the author Radu Cinimar is introduced to a modern day Alchemist. This guy was in his 60's and looked about 30. He claimed his teacher was over 500 years old, and looked like he was in his prime. The 500+ year old teacher was initiated into Alchemy by a Magician in India about 500 years ago. He has been engaged in his Great Work ever since, and passed the tradition on to his student, the man you may read about it in the book.

These guys had some type of device that was somehow tuned to the exact frequency of their healthy physical body. As long as they stayed within a close proximity to the device on a regular basis, they would not age and would stay alive indefinitely. They could still be injured or die in an accident. As long as nothing serious happens like that, these devices would keep them alive. One described was an iridescent geometric object that the Alchemist kept in his house, one that would change color as it shifted in the light, sort of like bismuth. The other one worn by his teacher was a metal alloy, tuned to his frequency, and was worn as a necklace.

These guys claimed that whatever it was they were after in Alchemical terms required them to be alive for hundreds of years to crack the code to it. Now, I'm not sure what these guys are up to, if they are after something like what I described above, or if the Philosopher's Stone they seek is something else entirely. I can really only guess at this point, but it sure is interesting to think about.

Here's why I am interested in Jason's Alchemy... If this library of knowledge has the potential to be unlocked within our own being, if one desires to do so, then perhaps what he is doing can be of assistance in getting to a level where I can access my own libraries within, so to speak. I am very excited for the new one you are releasing soon, as it sounds like it really has the potential to do a lot in that respect.

I don't think the types of things I'm describing are very likely to be sold commercially. However, if any of this is real, it seems more probable that the use of the type of stuff being offered around here may be able to assist one in getting to a level where they can figure it own on their own. The next step would be to crack the code and make it yourself.

I still consider myself to be a bit new to your website and products, but I have had all of this information come into my life in the years prior to even finding you. I had a feeling when I first found your Blue Emerald Alchemy site that you are not some run-of-the-mill Ormus manufacturer. I think that whatever you're doing is very important, and I look forward to diving further into your products. I figure I've gotta start somewhere, and you seem like you're way further ahead in all of this than anyone else in the public domain.

I realize that a lot of what I'm saying here may not necessarily be in alignment with the views presented on this website. Whatever it is that I choose to do with my own experience is my personal business. I could very well be full of crap when it comes to this whole source code program thing, and the idea that there is a way to use some type of Alchemy to get out of this illusory construct completely. I just find the entire concept so fascinating, and was thinking about it long before I ever found you guys.

It's perfectly fine with me if people don't necessarily resonate with what I'm sharing. One can look at this as being an exercise in creative thought and writing if you have a hard time taking me seriously. I do think about these things quite a bit myself, and perhaps this writing will inspire some to think outside of the box a bit.

At the very least, I hope you have enjoyed my writings! I look forward to any commentary or discussion that may come!

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Comment by Mary Betts on May 4, 2020 at 9:50pm

That was fabulous Tyler. I like your questioning and it was really fun meeting you in person. 

I want to play with the questions and explore those.

You asked a question  "What if we've all done this entire loop hundreds, if not thousands of times before?" I absolutely think it's true that we have but I also sense in this question the assumption from you that this could somehow be bad thing? Or an unwanted thing? 

Or maybe this movie has gotten a little tiresome? 

What does freedom mean to you? The ability to exit the dream at will? Teleport? Time travel? Astral travel to anywhere anytime? Is that what your character is here to do? 

If it is then nothing can stop you. 

When we would play Second Life, which is a alternative reality world where you use little cartoon avatars to explore hundreds of beautiful artitist worlds, it's a wonderful tool bc you understand with the avatar and moving them about how it must be for any more primary selves to feel on those levels of moving us about on the game board. I imagine, that one day my avatar achieves self awareness within the game, turns to me and looks me square in the eye and gives me the finger and then she walks off to clothe herself as she likes and goes where she likes.

But if that happens, where would those preferences originate?  Does it issue forth from the essence? Is the essence in charge always no matter what? If it's whole and can't be harmed, does it look upon my life as a truly incredible great experience even if or especially if I am brutally murdered? Does that just make it more interesting like a movie to be watched with great interest and empathy? Do they feel through us the incredible texture of human emotion like love and loss and fear and separation and warm fuzzies and falling in love? Do they feel at all? i say "they" but it's really just It? 

You said:

"What if we are all imprisoned, at this very moment, in a multi-density computer simulation designed to encapsulate one's Essence or True Self in this nested layer of programs?"

By what I wonder?  Maybe some Ai? True Self?  What could possibly imprison True Self other than true self? Mmmmm... Maybe True Self built a version where True Self gets imprisoned? That sounds like something True Self would do totally. :)

Did it do that as a game and give ourself amnesia to make it truly thrilling and then somehow forget to exit the game as well? 

My mind is dizzy with the endless versions of possibilities in every color and flavor and shade.What does freedom mean to you?

Is it seeking freedom to choose whatever you want in total control and volition in the dream (that seems impossible since everything is always driving the volition of everything including your desire to want to exit the game?) or are you seeking freedom from bondage within the dream itself? Meaning, you find you can move about the dream with total mind control and self mastery? Is it just having pure manifestation power? Is it being free from any perceived perceptual prison that could hinder your experience whether it be anything like money, government, surveillance fears, patterns, programming, health issues etc

Meaning right now, no matter what's in your bank account or whether or not they have a microchip with your name on it you ready to go, you choose to be free, travel as you please in ease and grace and let no thoughtform whether abstract or perceived flesh control your emotional state and thus your perceptual awareness?  Even in prison, you still operate with clarity, power, agency and joy in total unity with your purpose? 

Perhaps you got that already and you just want to know how to blip out? I think alchemy has always been a back door.  An escape hatch but the thing is, I don't know that I care about exiting. At least not yet. Even if I could. I am here now. Is it because I can't leave?

And if so, how do I find freedom within the prison? 

How do those shamans tunnel through snow? Is it just their programming to do so? Not by their own volition but simply being what they were designed to do? 

Is it just a matter of acceptance in the fullest sense of the word? Is that the secret to the upleveling? Can't be done unless it's sincere. I know that much. Can't surrender to gain something. 

Is the next conclusion that freedom from the loop or maybe some ultimate nirvana is somehow more interesting than this? I don't know the answer, but it seems like we have done that as well, perhaps decided might as well get back in after basking in the eternity of bliss and freedom. 

The thought I come to is about Only thing. Only thing is all that exists and is always trying to solve the riddle or mystery of of its existence. If it does, then it won't exist anymore? 

I think when you are eternal you endlessly play games. Build video games and insert yourself into it. I don't know the bigger picture. Seems there is always a bigger picture or nesting doll. 

Teetering on the edge of that uncertainty and infinity has always brought me vertigo. They say ( well Jason told me) that at the end of everything, that there is a pair of lips Rolling Stone lips and it's laughing and that feels dead on. 

Comment by Sam Singer on May 3, 2020 at 3:04pm

I had a similar experience when I did a dark room meditation for 13 days. Barely any food (eating once every 3 or 4 days). No light whatsoever, I closed myself in my bathroom and sealed all door creases so i was in total darkness. Had my mom bring me water from the filter. About the 10th day I was able to see the material objects in the bathroom but they were in black and white and were vibrating and moving, Same data codes u saw but only they weren't as vibrant as u describe. This is while I was smoking and eating fast-food so my perceptive faculties were sub-human. However I correlated the experience to my pineal gland the movie the matrix and Elon Musk talking about simulation theory. Once u get a taste of the "mystical" you never can stop, It's the constant desire for the infinite which is driving you, just most people are going about achieving infinity through material means which is not possible because the very definition of matter constitutes a quantity. Now im just implementing spiritual knowledge and riding the illusion of time til my mission is complete.


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