Decided to make a new post about this.
At the moment there is a big onion or egg shaped energy ball inside the grid.
The middlepole shoots from the top of the "egg" to the heavens.
This happens every year at this time.
If you now sync yourself and your breath with it, you will feel the onion shape in your aura and this pull rising up your spine and outwards from your head.
The pole is a "link" to the heavens.
Breathing with it, makes you one with it.
Now is a chance to feed your deepest wants into this intentions ideastorage before it bursts in monday morning 10 o'clock (Finnish time).
In this Egg nests the next year.
After the egg bursts the ideas will manifest into reality next year.
Deepest want will bear fruit, desires and thoughts not so much.
Do some great magic while it lasts!

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Comment by Tataka on December 18, 2021 at 3:02pm
When breathing with the "Egg", you can help yourself feel it by moving your hands insync. Start drawing this onion shape with your both hands while you breathe in.
At the top put your hands together like giving yourself a high five, hold your breath in for a moment and feel the pole coming out of your head, rising to the heights. Feel it and take it in.
When you breathe out, you should feel the power descending to the grids borders.
The borders are the downward going energyline "walls".


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