Feeling Stuck? What Is Holding You Back?

Whether you are in touch with your emotions or not, you can probably relate to one of the following situations. Do you think you deserve a promotion at work but nothing is happening? You would like to make your relationship work but it’s not getting better. You want to make a change in your life but the simple thought of making that change paralyzes you. If this is you, you probably got a little stuck.

So, why do we get stuck and how can we get out of a rut?


I’d like to start by saying that we are energy swimming in a sea of energy. What makes us distinct and unique is our frequency and the properties and characteristics of our ego, just like the routines and subroutines of a software program. Our ego is what keeps us from being the same as everybody else. It is also what maintains our illusion of separation, whether we are talking about a separate object or being. But everything is made of the same energy, what some people call One. Our brain and senses, along with our will and personality, are designed to receive and interpret energy, and then encode and emit the energy we ourselves have modified. We are all doing this every single second, which means that we can choose how to actually shape energy. Now, all energy is intelligent and self-aware, even if what contains that energy is not. A stone on the ground might not be self-aware, but the energy of which it is composed is self-aware. That energy is the Essence of the stone. The stone’s job is to be a stone. The energy’s job is to be a distinct, but complementary, energy in an endless sea of it. So, we swim around in this sea of energy that is aware of us, awaiting the moment we become aware, and sufficiently qualified, to command it. This needs to be understood before addressing almost any questions.

Now, back to your question. Our external world or reality is a perfect reflection of our internal world, what’s going on with our emotions. So, when we get stuck, it’s an opportunity to look at what’s driving us inside. It may be the superconscious part of us asking us to address something to become more whole, closer to our true potential, irrespective of what’s going on in our so-called reality. One person sees it as stuck. Another person sees it as an opportunity to discover something about themselves. As soon as you choose to see it as an opportunity, you pretty much instantly “unstick” yourself. It might not be apparent at first, but if you maintain that attitude, you’ll get unstuck. Be open about that opportunity. Be watchful. Pay attention. This is one of the meanings of conscious living. If you need help, you can try hypnosis. You may find stuff that’s pretty mind-blowing, as if it was right out of a movie. You can also find a truly good psychic. Or you can discuss with friends what it might be. As you know, people can be surprisingly incisive sometimes.

Another reason (and I don’t pretend to know them all), is that you just might be on the wrong path. Even though our ego/personality, the layer of self we see in the mirror, has beliefs, or desires, regarding our life, it doesn’t mean those personality-driven beliefs or desires are actually true, or are a part of our True Path. Almost all beliefs and desires are conditioned, meaning we’ve been trained to believe, or desire them, much like Pavlov’s Dog. So, if you are on the wrong path, but are doggedly determined to stay on it, or are oblivious to the signs pointing the way off of it, then your superconscious self is going to bar anything from happening further along that wrong path.

How to get out of the rut? The first step is to acknowledge that clearly you know nothing about what you truly need, but that some part of you does know what you need. So, as the adage goes, get out of your own way. Say to the Universe, “I get it. I’ve tried and tried, and it’s just not working. Show me the way.” If you’re sincere about that, and not just using it as a manipulation, or as leverage to get something, Intelligent Energy will rush with astonishing haste to clear what must go to get you on the right path.

This is also true of the first reason for being stuck, so what you’d say to the Universe: “I get it. I’m not seeing something. I now understand all my striving has built a wall around my subtle information reception centers, so that nothing else can get through. I give up. I’m going to stop trying. Show me what I need to see. Now it’s on YOU, Infinite Mind. Don’t blow it.”

We hope you found this inspiring and useful. If so, please share it or leave a comment below. In our next article, we’ll look into why we get challenges. 

Brigitte Mouchet is a wellness entrepreneur passionate about exploring the mystery of our human experience. My goal as the editor of this blog series is to bring you the most relevant and useful bits of wisdom for our time… by asking Jason.

This article was first published on the IMAGI blog on Feb 21, 2020.

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