I sat up last night and tried to focus, been watching a lot of Jiddu Krishnamurti lately, I asked what is the place before fear. Or it might have been pain. Kept asking that like a mantra, and all these different versions of pain showed up. Then I got to thinking of a relationship between that time before pain, maybe you could call it love, and how it becomes something else with the realization of it. That is, love becomes pleasure, becomes addiction, becomes fear. Then I thought, what is fear? As I was thinking earlier and the different versions of pain appeared to me, I feel like fear is the imagination without direction. I might be taking a leap here, feel free to fill in any blanks, but then I thought, isn't imagination, simulation, dreaming, perhaps the best way to cure an addiction? You may think dreaming or imagination doesn't have a consequence, but it does, doesn't it? It sates addiction without the negative effect. Then I imagined, and dreamt, for hours, and I came across a sequel to a previous dream, I had promised to buy a sweatshirt for a girl, for her birthday, and totally forgotten about it and she was hurt! It was startling to consider that dream people have emotions too.

Something else, while I was asking about the feeling before pain, I felt that keeping my eyes open was important, and that images and thoughts of fear would appear more clearly if I kept my eyes open. Anyways, it seems that going into it yourself is important, you can't just witness something and that's it I get it, thank you Master. You have to be guided and learn what it means to you and dissect it yourself completely.

TLDR: we are love, but differentiate love into pleasure, which becomes addiction and fear and pain. Imagination is the cure. Nobody can imagine for you.

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